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  • Why is hormonal failure
  • Hormonal failure or pregnancy: similar and different symptoms
  • How to determine pregnancy

Already there is a delay that day, you feel sick, dizzy, sore breasts? Do not immediately enjoy (or panic), for the absence of menstruation and related listed above symptoms do not always indicate that you are in an interesting position. You could just happen hormonal failure. And after some time, if all the new normal, critical days will go again. If it does not have to go to the hospital to identify the cause. After all, the delay may be a sign of pregnancy, as well as a symptom of a serious disease.

Why is hormonal failure

You should first determine why it happened to you. Agree, it is easier once to remove the cause than to constantly deal with the consequences. So, there are several factors that could affect the occurrence of hormonal failure. Among them are distinguished:

  • Infectious diseases

Very often in the body of the fair sex hormonal failure occurs after infection and treatment of infectious diseases. This may be chlamydia, thrush, cystitis, trichomoniasis, syphilis, and so the list goes on. By the way, if you have recently faced similar disease, the first six months it is better not to plan children. Initially, we are treated, hand over analyzes, and then - to have a child.

  • Immunosuppression

This occurs most often in the fall and winter when the lack of vitamins and minerals especially felt by our weakened by frost, cold and rain by the body. Exacerbate the problem and may also have respiratory diseases, influenza, SARS, etc.

  • Tumor

Whether it is malignant or benign tumor, its presence is still a negative effect on our health. The body as if trying to signal that something is not right. So if you have yet occurred hormonal failure, the first thing should be fully examined in the clinic.

Note: the last time the fair sex are increasingly faced with cysts and breast cancer, polycystic ovaries, uterine cancer and other women's diseases. That is why you should not neglect the campaigns to the gynecologist. Visit a specialist you should not less than once a quarter. Young girls once a year must attend mammalogy. Ladies, which is already far over 30, will always have to be screened in a special apparatus that detects a tumor in the breast.

In the early stages, you can remove the tumor, but if you wait until the last, nothing good is not over. In advanced cases, chemotherapy is not even help. Unfortunately, in our time we have not yet learned how to stop the development of cancerous tumors. And even if she will take the full treatment in the future she can happen relapse.

  • Problems with the endocrine system

If the endocrine system ceases to function properly, the body of the fair sex could begin serious changes. It can finish all sad until death. Therefore, it is important not to run the illness. Issues to be found in the adrenal glands, thyroid and pancreas.

  • Operations

If you have recently had surgery, even the most insignificant, you may be the first time is bad. It will take some time before normal hormones. Yet, if the symptoms are too obvious, it is best to consult with a specialist.

  • Abortion

So, the woman became pregnant. Her body began to be changes, the body is prepared for a long period of gestation of the baby. Provided special hormone that is responsible for the development of the fetus. And then the lady decides to abortion, ie abortion. The embryo is no longer, but for a while the body continues to operate in the same direction. As a result - hormonal failure.

After these interventions should receive long-term treatment. Plus, do not forget to be tested, to eliminate the risk of infection or of any abnormalities. Even after a year may occur arising from the operation of this disease, so it is better to pre-think, to weigh the pros and cons.

  • Hormone pills

On sale in pharmacies drugs can be found that the people called the ambulance when torn condom. If within the first 48 (12, 24) hours to take a pill, you can not be afraid of unplanned pregnancy. In fact, play with such "miraculous" drugs are not worth it, because it is dangerous to health.

Even after one time can have serious consequences, including sterility. And some of the fair sex are experimenting almost every month. And then they wonder why they can not have children. By the way, some time after taking the pill you really will be bad: begin nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lost appetite. Some ladies even fall into a swoon.

  • Phytohormones in the diet

Women should not drink beer. And the point. Not only because it contains alcohol. Daily consumption of this drink with serious consequences. We'll begin to grow a mustache, the hair on the body, the shoulders are broad, both in men. Review your diet. And if there are too many products, which contain plant hormones, try to at least temporarily abandon them.

  • Genetic predisposition

Unfortunately, parents are not we take only the good. Most of the diseases that have been our mothers and fathers, are transmitted to children. Therefore, if your mother is also observed similar violations and anomalies immediately report it to their doctor. In this case, you have to be under constant supervision of specialists.

  • Stress

All illnesses - from nerves. Try to remember whether there was on the eve of something that, because of what you're really worried, nervous, worried. This can be both negative and positive emotions. The forthcoming conference, family illness, marriage proposals - all of this could lead to a hormonal crash.

 how to determine pregnancy or hormonal failure

Hormonal failure or pregnancy: similar and different symptoms

The first thing that catches your eye - a dramatic weight loss of the fair sex. This lady can absorb food in unlimited quantities, eating, as they say, for two. Frequently immoderate appetite ladies just taken as a sign of pregnancy. But we need to talk logically. In the first month the fetus is fixed, slowly developing. He does not need so many nutrients in the second and third trimesters. Therefore, if you are constantly experiencing hunger, you eat a lot, but losing weight, immediately go to the doctor.

Also, there may be a completely opposite one effect when the lady does not eat almost anything, but at the same time much better. This is often accompanied by constipation, poor skin condition (dryness, acne), general weakness, problems with hair. People say that if a woman is losing her looks, therefore - she is pregnant. But do not forget that the excess or lack of hormones results in exactly the same consequences.

The second sign of a hormonal failure - the temperature that lasts more than a week. This can be observed, and problems with the heart, rapid pulse, sweating high, even if the woman is in a cool place, increased nervousness. Unfortunately, some of the symptoms are inherent in pregnancy. This is especially true of nervousness and sleep problems. Ladies who are in a position often sleep poorly at night and during the day feeling light drowsiness.

Next, what happens when you fail - sexual dysfunction. Women do not want intimacy, they are more difficult to be excited, they do not reach orgasm. But during pregnancy in the first months of the libido of the fair sex does not deteriorate.

Another difference, which helps determine pregnancy or hormonal failure in women - the presence pucheglazija. If a woman in a position similar to the anomaly she observed. But in the second case, the patient looked as if she is constantly surprised by something: his eyes wide open, visible unnatural brilliance (like at a high temperature), proteins perform a little forward.

The absence of menstruation - the first sign of pregnancy. This is known to all women of childbearing age. But, unfortunately, when health problems may be delayed. Moreover, the problem may lie not only in the hormonal failure, but also in certain women's diseases (infection, tumors, etc.). Therefore, relying on the symptom and not worth it.

Plus, and in fact, and in another case, may begin to grow hair on the body, appear dark spots, stretch marks on the skin, worse appearance, begin eye problems, skin, teeth. Sometimes ladies headaches, nausea, dizziness, becomes more frequent urination. Pregnancy is it? Relying on the listed features may be, but if they do not appear on the next day after the delay and after at least three weeks.

Thus, as you see the symptoms of pregnancy and hormonal failure is almost identical. But there are differences that will help you figure out what you have. Still, you should not play doctor, read the tea leaves, buy tons of pharmaceutical tests and wait until the belly will. That may not happen, but the problem, because of which there was such a boom would be more serious. And then it has to be treated for several months.

 pregnancy or hormonal failure in girls

How to determine pregnancy

So, you have a few days delay? We go to the gynecologist, after taking with him a special set. It is sold in regular pharmacies. The first thing a doctor will examine you, surveys and direct you to the delivery of the analysis. Do not panic! In the early stages it is difficult to determine whether the woman is pregnant. You will need to do more and ultrasound, to give blood for HCG.

  • Pregnancy test: the accuracy of the results

Many of the ladies, as soon as they have a delay, immediately buy a pregnancy test. Cheers - two strips. So, it will soon become a mother! But not so easy as it seems at first glance. If the result is positive, not necessarily a girl pregnant. Elevated hormone levels and may indicate that it has serious health problems.

Plus, trust strip or joyful "yes" still not worth it. Yes, the accuracy rate is always great - at least 90%. But very often the ladies get the wrong result because of what they do not all of the instructions or if they bought too cheap, expired products, etc. Therefore, if you are waiting for the second week of the onset of menstruation, and it still is not, make an appointment to the doctor.

  • Visit Dr.

Somewhere in 5 weeks, the doctor will be able to ascertain whether or not the woman is pregnant. Often, the fair sex is tolerated month, and then decides to go to a specialist. Thus, a woman who is in a position to increase the size of the uterus, changing texture, color and envelope the cervix. But you can not notice it in the first day after fertilization, as you know.

  • A blood test for hormone levels

It is quite a complicated method for determining the pregnancy, but it gives almost perfect result. You are taking blood from a vein, it is sent to the laboratory, where they will hold all the necessary research. After a couple of days to come the results. But in this case, there is one thing. After the start delay must pass a minimum of 10-15 days, otherwise the test can not show anything.

  • Ultrasonography

The girl who may be pregnant, smeared with a special gel belly, then his drive unit. On the monitor, the doctor at this time see whether or not there is an embryo inside. In the early stages there may be errors. It is recommended to abdominal ultrasonography (transabdominal) 3-4 weeks after the delay.

If you need to find out exactly whether you're in position, you can go through transvaginal ultrasound, when the sensor (in the form of a tube extending to the end) is inserted into a woman's vagina. It is more accurate. However, in this case, expectant mothers at risk of losing much of the child. The fact is that in the early stages it can cause miscarriage. Therefore, do not resort to such methods just.

Thus, if you are in doubt whether you are in a position, go to the hospital. If you have health problems, it quickly put you right diagnosis and arrange treatment. And then, six months or a year, will be able to start planning for the child.

Those who do not like to be treated and go to the doctors, will have hard times. Infertility, cancers, diabetes, heart problems (stroke, heart attack), fibro-cystic masses in the breast - this is just a small list of what will have to face the fair sex. So do not risk your health and happiness.

 Pregnancy or hormonal failure: what happens to your body?