causes toxemia during pregnancy


  • Why is this phenomenon accompanies pregnancy?
  • Toxemia, and early gestation
  • The manifestation of toxicity at a late stage of pregnancy
  • Features of toxicity in the first weeks of pregnancy
  • How to treat morning sickness?
  • Is there a chance to prevent the occurrence of toxicity?

Toxemia - is exactly the phenomenon that actively pursues every other pregnant woman.

When does morning sickness during pregnancy? Every woman is different. There are occasions when an expectant mother, he was never seen.

There are early and late toxemia of pregnancy (second name - preeclampsia). It should stop in more detail on each.
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Why is this phenomenon accompanies pregnancy?

When does morning sickness in pregnant women? Get the answer to this question wishes to every woman who is attentive to pregnancy. What are the causes of such phenomena as toxemia of pregnancy, what to do? As is known, formation of the placenta terminates not earlier than 16 weeks. Until that moment, the placenta does not have a sufficient degree of protection to preserve the integrity of a woman's body from the products of metabolism, which identifies the child. There is such a picture: a result of the falling of these substances in the blood is the development of intoxication. Outwardly, it appears as follows: nausea, vomiting, etc.

The second reason, which must be said - is elevated levels of hCG in a pregnant woman. He is the motivating factor for the formation of significant for pregnancy hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. If everything is at the right level, in the future production of hormones mentioned will placenta.

Another reason - is hormonal changes. Their presence is the cause of the excitability of the centers of smell, touch. As a result, there is a pregnant woman that is absolutely not previously observed: nausea, vomiting, rejection of a variety of odors.

There is a point of view on the causes of toxicity in pregnant women, according to which the occurrence of toxicity affects the hereditary factor. The essence of this opinion are as follows: if the mother of a pregnant woman, there were no signs of toxicity, and the daughter they will not be marked.

 nausea and vomiting during pregnancy
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Toxemia, and early gestation

Currently, very little is found of pregnant women who have no complaints about vomiting in the first trimester. First of all, it should be divided vomiting as an indication of pregnancy and vomiting during toxicosis. Regular vomiting occurs in the morning, often no more than 2-3 times before eating. Significantly different in its manifestation of toxicity in the early stages. During this period, vomiting is not associated with any period. It occurs regardless of food intake, seizures differ sufficient frequency and regularity. At the very future mother toxemia of pregnancy has some influence: there is a weakness, in some cases there is significant weight loss, there is a change in perception of different odors and tastes.

There are slight degree of preeclampsia (toxemia of pregnancy). During this period, pregnant at notes of nausea and vomiting. Its frequency - not less than 4-5 times per day. There is a decrease in efficiency. In some cases, there is even a rapid pulse. To overcome this toxicosis may well be at home, but with the advice of the attending gynecologist.

More severe consequences has moderate vomiting. Seizures occur up to 10 times a day. In some cases, this occurs much more frequently. This point is accompanied by a noticeable weakness and significant salivation. The result is a loss of large amounts of fluid. The woman appears ketoacidosis. The skin becomes pale pregnant, there is increased heart rate, lowering blood pressure. Pregnant complains of constant thirst and severe dry mouth. In rare cases, there is the development of anemia. If you checked at the listed symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

Severe morning sickness in pregnant women with excessive vomiting is very rare. Frequency of vomiting - not less than 20 times per day. The nausea is constantly present. This state is very hard to affect the feelings of women. It may appear dizziness, severe headaches. In some cases, even developing a state of euphoria. There is a slight reduction in weight. It allowed the development of exhaustion. In severe morning sickness is necessary to pay special attention and to begin immediate treatment because of the risk of abortion.

 elevated levels of hCG in pregnancy
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The manifestation of toxicity at a late stage of pregnancy

In late pregnancy toxemia as such by all the laws of medicine should be absent. If, however, there is vomiting and nausea, and it all happens quite frequently and regularly, you can safely talk about the complication, called preeclampsia. Its symptoms are: at delivery of analyzes revealed a significant content of protein in the urine, swelling appear, there is a weight gain of pregnancy (more than 400 g per week), blood pressure and high enough (at least 130/100). It should be understood that the presence of excessive amounts of these symptoms suggests a rather grave condition of the pregnant woman.

Timely access to a doctor will help prevent negative consequences. Treatment of preeclampsia shall be based on severity. Do not be amiss to note that the cause of preeclampsia is none other than the management of the pregnant poor lifestyle: excessive use salt rather negative effect on the kidneys and unlimited consumption of sweet - on your weight. The pressure increase is the result obtained by the body extra kilos, which, of course, you must supply the blood. The result - an increase in the load on the various organs and vascular spasms.

If the expectant mother adheres to proper nutrition, weight monitors and complies with all recommendations of the doctor, the late toxicosis she nestrashen. The presence of the disease in the first pregnancy does not speak about its manifestations in future.

 diet for toxemia during pregnancy
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Features of toxicity in the first weeks of pregnancy

Experts recommend a patient to treat signs of toxicity at the beginning of pregnancy. If you still pregnant pretty hard with them to co-exist, the attending doctor will prescribe special preparations with plant composition. Due to their toxicity significantly reduced. These drugs have a negative impact on the body of a child. The use of drugs should be regular, otherwise the symptoms re-make themselves known, and toxemia imminent return.

As soon as the pass 16 weeks, the state of the future mother is completely stabilized. Observe the following picture: regulated hormones, the placenta has the ability to fully protect the organism future mother from the products of metabolism of the child. When morning sickness does not differ over-sharpness, you can take advantage of some fairly successful and good folk remedies. Some pregnant noted that morning started with breakfast in bed, does not end the unpleasant nausea. As a means of facilitating it is possible to use salted crackers and sweet hot tea. Even the water with a lemon can significantly alleviate the suffering.

 Consultation with a doctor
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How to treat morning sickness?

Most pregnant women are very concerned about the issue, when will the morning sickness and how it lasts. Any woman must clearly understand and realize that such an important matter as the treatment of toxemia, is obliged to deal exclusively with the specialist. If you engage in self, the result can be very poor. Causes toxicity is known to be quite different. Any doctor before you assign any medications, will seek the causes. Cure toxicity appoints only doctor.

In order to completely get rid of mild toxicity, it is necessary to radically change the rhythm of life of the pregnant woman. An excellent tool that is used to treat is a guard of the future mother of negative emotions and unpleasant external stimuli. Eating should be done frequently and in small portions. Meals can be quite varied, but special attention should be given to easy food. Thus, the treatment will have a positive impact. An indication for abortion in early toxicosis is a three-day unceasing vomiting.

What medicines and used in gestosis? This list is very diverse and extensive. In this situation, the future mother is assigned to a special diet. It very small amount of salt and water. Actively use different sedatives. We are talking about motherwort and valerian tincture. In a situation where the patient's condition during the late gestosis not be stabilization and improvement is not observed, the best option is the only delivery cesarean delivery (term of 35-36 weeks). Treatment toxicity is performed in a hospital, if the disease has a high degree of severity.

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Is there a chance to prevent the occurrence of toxicity?

In order for you not to bother this disease, you must comply with certain recommendations even before the pregnancy. First of all, try to get rid of all the diseases that are present in your body at this time. Completely eliminate all negative habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, coffee, and even strong tea. No doubt, do it in a moment very difficult. Pay particular attention to those products, which are present in your diet. Carbonated water, various canned products, spices and flavoring products, dyes - all this will be detrimental to the state of your future.

Do not forget to do exercises every day. Physical activity will only benefit you. As a result, your metabolism will get an incentive to work, and cardiovascular system to improve their work. Remember that a healthy and restful sleep - is the key to health. Adherence of the day is a must.

Toxemia - a phenomenon briefly. After some time it will end. With the advent of the long-awaited baby you always forget about it, because in your hands is a real treasure.

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