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Interestingly, many women are unaware of their pregnancy even before the moment when the test shows clearly two stripes. However, every woman's body is different, some are experiencing unusual changes in the body, some are not, but at the moment when suspicions were confirmed, each of us strives to give the unborn child is the only good.

A useful companion and helper of all your "interesting" period will be the calendar by week pregnancy. In many cases, women can not be called up from the date of conception, so doctors usually conduct a report from the date of LMP. The anticipated date of birth can be obtained by the following method: to a date when the LMP, should add 280 days, or else by that date to add 7 days and subtract three months. Of course, a little hard to take that information at the hearing, so often offers a convenient interactive pregnancy calendar. Sometimes called a pregnancy calculator.

The calendar is easy to see how the baby is developing every week happens to him a lot of amazing things from the little cell forty weeks of getting the best that can be in the life of every mother - child. In addition, it is worth remembering that pregnancy - it's really hard work, but also very responsible, so much easier to go through this difficult period fully prepared and know exactly what is going on and how in your body.

 Pregnancy Calendar - loyal assistant and tour guide

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 coitus interruptus

Modern medicine and pharmacology offers a lot of variety of contraceptives - rings, candles, condoms, birth control pills. Almost any woman can choose exactly a contraceptive that will suit her. But, nevertheless, it is still one of the most common means of protection against unwanted pregnancy is coitus interruptus.

Why he has such widespread popularity? It is due to various reasons. These reasons include:

  • The availability of this method

In order to use this method of protection, it does not need absolutely no training, even a trip to the pharmacy. In addition, almost anyone familiar with this situation, in which the desire is so great that only stop because of a lack of contraception does not want to. Here to the aid of the pair and comes coitus interruptus - in fact it is even safe enough, but still significantly reduces the chances of unintended pregnancy process.

  • Sensitive barrier

Too many couples to explain their choice of such means of protection in such a way that preserves the natural feeling during intercourse. And use any - or other barrier contraceptives greatly reduce the naturalness and thrill during intercourse.

  • The absence of contraindications

This factor is also often a plus in favor of the interrupted sexual intercourse. For example, setting an intrauterine device often leads to an increase in the duration of menstruation, which are much more abundant and painful, and sometimes can occur even uterine bleeding.

Hormonal drugs are also not so safe. More precisely, hormonal birth control pills will not bring any harm to the female body only if they are picked up by a physician. And to ensure that the doctor could not figure out what kind of contraceptive hormonal agent approaches a particular woman, he needs to see the results of her blood test for hormones. Agree - very few women so carefully in choosing suitable products for protection.

  • Understanding the mode of action

The peculiarity of the human mind is such that he is afraid of anything that he does not understand. And, despite the fact that now a lot of information available about how the acts or otherwise prevented. However, there is still a lot of people for whom the effect of hormonal pills is unclear Oh and IUD, and does seem some kind of instrument of the Inquisition. That is why these people prefer to use coitus interruptus, the mechanism of action which it is very clear and understandable.

Disadvantages of Withdrawal

However, doctors say that the interrupted sexual intercourse, there are a number of fairly weighty drawbacks. And all these disadvantages eloquent testimony to the fact that this method of contraception is not very far from what the ideal, but even just from a reliable. By cons Withdrawal include:

  • High risk of pregnancy

Contrary to popular opinion, the likelihood that the pregnancy did occur, is very high. Doctors believe that the absence of pregnancy in couples, which for years prevented by the interrupted sexual intercourse, shows the potential of infertility. The reason is very simple - the sperm contained not only directly in the semen, but also to the lubricant that stands out from the men since the beginning of the excitation. It means only that the penetration of sperm into the uterus, and then into the fallopian tubes and may even without ejaculating into a woman's vagina.

  • Lack of protection against infections, sexually transmitted infections

Remember also that coitus interruptus is in no way can not protect you from infections that are sexually transmitted.   This fact does not make sense, and explain, because it is clear - if such intercourse occurs direct contact of mucous membrane of the vagina and the penis. Of course, this information is not relevant for a stable, well-established couples who believe in each other's health. But the rest of you must be aware of this nuance. You should not unnecessarily risk their health.

  • Male sexual dysfunction

Regular and prolonged use Withdrawal may negatively affect the sexual function of men. First, a man should always keep all your emotions and feelings under control, in order not to miss the moment of ejaculation. As a result, sexual intercourse cease to be a man full enjoyment, he has experience various psychological problems.

In addition, numerous observations of doctors - gynecologists, about 70% of men who over the years and more were protected by the interrupted sexual intercourse, sooner or later develops a nasty disease as prostatitis.

In addition, very often the main cause of male infertility is such a prevention method as coitus interruptus. It is true, many experts believe that as a result of an interrupted sexual intercourse there are certain pathological changes in the reproductive organs of men. And the longer a man practices coitus interruptus, the stronger the tone of blood vessels lose his genitals. It is this reason and leads at first to a deterioration of erection in men.

If, after the first couple of anxiety symptoms do not change the method of protection, and the man will continue to practice coitus interruptus, pathological changes in the reproductive organs will continue. These lesions affect the posterior urethra, the seminal colliculus, the prostate gland. And a very important role in the course of this pathological process is played by the fact that the cavernous calf during ejaculation exempt not fully. And it knocks certain signals in the brain center of the men responsible for instituting, erection and ejaculation. And in the end the man initially develops premature ejaculation, and after all, and impotence.

However, in the early stages of the process is almost completely reversible. In order to get rid of existing problems and prevent the deterioration of the situation and the development of other complications, a man must observe two main conditions:

  • Discontinue use as a method of contraception coitus interruptus.
  • To seek help from a doctor - urologist.

That this paragraph a bit more complicated. A lot of men are very sensitive to all that relates to their sexual health. And as a result, the man is not shy about what to ask for help from a doctor, but just talking about it. A man is easier to pretend that this problem does not exist, than to admit in the first place to himself that he needed medical care. And then a lot depends on this woman - she should exercise the utmost consistency, tact, understanding and helpfulness. The only thing you should not do - is to feel sorry for the man. Pity is also a powerful blow to his ego.

Briefly summarize the above, it becomes clear that the method of protection through the use of an interrupted sexual intercourse is still very long time will remain quite in demand and popular, mainly because of the ease of use and convenience. But, nevertheless, in spite of all the convenience, this method of protection is not very reliable, and all dangerous when it comes to casual sex. That is why coitus interruptus can be used only in those couples who have been together for a long time.

 Coitus interruptus. Yes or no?

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