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That's the way nature that normal muscles of the uterus of a pregnant woman are in a relaxed state, and their active reduction begins only at the time of delivery. So she is preparing for the expulsion of the fetus. But if the uterus becomes active during pregnancy, and long before it is completed, it is a pathology that can threaten miscarriage, premature birth or a missed abortion. The tone of the uterus during pregnancy may be due to several reasons.
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Reasons tone

The tone of the uterus may occur at different stages of pregnancy.

This may occur in early pregnancy, and in the middle, and end. Introduced tone of the uterus during pregnancy has many causes both functional and hormonal. The reason for its occurrence in early pregnancy is most often a violation of hormonal expectant mother. As a result, the body decreases the production of progesterone, which is the main hormone responsible for the pregnancy and safe for her. In determining the normal development of the fetus by ultrasound, doctors prescribe antispasmodics reception, progesterone and a reduction of physical activity to maintain pregnancy.

Progesterone reduces the excitability of the uterus, protects the fetus from infection control and helps the proper development of the placenta, as well as to pregnant was relaxed and calm, calming effect on the nervous system. Normally, it takes up to 16-18 weeks, and ends when the placenta is completely formed.

The tone of the uterus during pregnancy at 16-17 weeks there, due to the fact that the uterus is greatly increased in size, and puts pressure on the bladder, cervix, and other organs. Also appearing pain and back pain. In this case, you must wear a prenatal bandage which helps relieve the load on the spine and spread it around the abdomen.
If the tone of the uterus during pregnancy, starting at 34-35 weeks, appears occasionally, it can be harbingers of labor. It is a kind of training the body before the forthcoming birth.

 Consultation with gynecologist
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Diagnosis and prevention

There are several ways to diagnose uterine hypertonus. Often, it can be seen even with a simple gynecological examination. But the most common method of diagnosis is ultrasound. It shows the status of the uterine muscles. That ultrasound can reveal the pathology such as uterine tone on the front or back wall 1 or 2 degrees.

Increased tone of the uterus and can be measured by special devices, but they do not have a large spread, since diagnosis of the problem is not too difficult. Determine the cause of the tone is much more complicated.

Prevention hyper is very easy. Most importantly, the need to avoid unnecessary stress and physical exertion. You also need to eat right and to respect the day: about the same time to go to bed and wake up. At this time is very important healthy sleep and good rest.

Separately, we must mention the various harmful habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol, which can also be the cause of the tone. As you know, both causing an increased tone of the uterus, and other pathologies, even more unpleasant. Therefore it is better even before you become pregnant to give up tobacco and alcohol.

For the prevention and timely detection are important constant supervision by a doctor and pass all related studies: UZI, analyzes, examinations, and other specialists.
If you still have an increased tone, the most important - less worry. The tone of the uterus during pregnancy is not a sentence, because in most cases, pregnancy can not save and minimize the consequences for the child. And the excitement will only worsen the condition of the pregnant woman.

 Symptoms and treatment of uterine tone
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Symptoms and Treatment

If any symptoms of pregnancy uterine tone should be under the supervision of a doctor, despite the fact that in most cases a serious threat to the tone of the uterine mother and child can not be held, and does not need treatment. Therefore, it is imperative to talk to him about any unusual changes in health.
Without medical attention should not be left one small thing, since the woman is often difficult to properly assess their condition on their own.

If signs of uterine tone does not go dormant, appeared unusual discharge or pain in the abdomen, pulling back, then it is necessary to see a doctor. Always pay attention to the unusual behavior of the child, if it was quiet unusual, or, conversely, too worried.
If the tone appear irregular cramping, you need to see a doctor, to the threat of interruption of pregnancy has been ruled out.

The doctor will examine you, if necessary, make ultrasound, listen to the heartbeat of the fetus and prescribe treatment drugs that relax the muscles of the uterus. If the test shows threat of miscarriage, and offers to go to the hospital, do not give up, because it affects the health and life of the unborn child, since hypertonia uterus compresses the blood vessels of the placenta and cause the baby to suffer from lack of oxygen and nutrients in utero.

Along with the painful and prolonged contractions of the uterus in the second trimester ultrasound can show a tendency to dilatation of the cervix and its shortening. To remove the tone and preservation of pregnancy in this case the need for strict bed rest and treatment in a hospital. With the development of the tone in the 3 trimester due to the preparation of the cervix for labor and changes in hormonal levels scrum can become generic.

In this case, need urgent medical care in hospital. Begun in time it allows treatment of uterine tone is almost always extend it as long as possible to the child's lungs finally formed, at least until 34-35 weeks.

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Removal tone at home

The best way - is to exercise to relieve uterine tone. For example, the activity "cat": get up on all fours, raise the head and flex the back, standing in this position a few seconds and then slowly return to starting position. You must repeat this exercise several times and then lie down for an hour.

It has long been observed that the relaxation of the facial muscles helps to relax the muscles of the uterus. Therefore, the second exercise, which is recommended when a tone of the uterus, is connected with the person. Lowers his head, and as relaxing all the muscles of the face and neck. When it is running you need to breathe only a mouth.

To get rid of the symptoms of hyper and appeared discomfort, sometimes simply get up on all fours, with emphasis on the elbows, in the so-called "Bozeman" pose.

Combining this simple set of exercises with antispasmodic and sedative, you can pretty quickly remove uterine tone. However, we must not forget that it is important to not only remove the tone of the uterus, but also eliminate the cause. It is very important for this strictly observe all instructions of the attending physician. If this condition can not be removed, or the discomfort increases, have yet to agree to hospitalization.

 Pregnancy: all about the tone of the uterus

 pregnancy test


  • True signals
  • It is worth considering
  • Signs of pregnancy before menstruation
  • Pressure Relief

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first few days may be more likely to notice a woman, I have been in a similar situation, since it knows these feelings and changes in the body.

In the case of first pregnancy, most often when these changes occur, they are left unattended, even if a woman waits for this joyful moment - feel like a pregnant woman.

There are signs of early pregnancy absolutely everyone differently. I just do not understand it all. One woman decides that the changes and feelings, which she drew attention related to the upcoming menstrual cycle. Other allude to the nerves ... There are the first changes in the female body, allowing the subconscious to suspect pregnancy. These are the signs of pregnancy in the first few days and introduced women in thought.

Naturally, various symptoms in women in the first day of pregnancy individual, however, the most faithful signal of pregnancy is the menstrual cycle.

Some women may notice the first signs of the next day after conception. Others may experience these symptoms for several weeks, and it also happens that the process is so easy runs, and that women do not notice any changes in your body.

 Breast Enlargement
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True signals

The surest signal to the first days of pregnancy by women breast. Enlarge it can not at once, but only after a delay of the menstrual cycle, but increased its sensitivity, in some cases, even painful, speaks of himself in a week after ovulation. With this symptom in the first days of pregnancy face more than 70% of women. However, many women have this sensation occurs before each menstruation. The difference is that during pregnancy, breast tenderness rises considerably and painful sensations stronger than before menstruation.

Manifested early pregnancy can increase the temperature and a slight fever. If you watch the changes in basal body temperature, you may notice that before monthly instead of reducing the temperature rises. But this increase is accompanied and ectopic pregnancy. In addition, there is often, and general malaise. In the early stages of fever up to 37 ° C 2 can also indicate pregnancy. But you should not rejoice in advance - this may be the beginning of a simple cold.

Most of the women listed the first signs of pregnancy in its early days, mentions increased sleepiness and fatigue. This is a natural and normal process, because at this point there is an abrupt hormonal changes the body, which runs only to the end of the first trimester. Furthermore, drowsiness can be caused by iodine deficiency in the diet. But if suddenly appeared excessive fatigue, sleepiness, it is worth considering whether you are pregnant.

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It is worth considering

From the first day there is another symptom of pregnancy in the early days - frequent urination, especially at night. Manifested pregnancy and traditional ways: podtashnivaniet morning, changed eating habits, all the smells become more tangible. It so happens that even the smell of the soap begins to cause an unpleasant feeling. But these unpleasant moments tend to occur by the seventh week of pregnancy, after a couple of weeks after a missed period.

Delayed menstruation is almost a must signal pregnancy. But quite often the case that in the coming month period and a pregnant woman has no idea that she might have been 4 weeks of pregnancy. Gynecologists believe bleeding that women are taking over the month, a bad sign, indicating the risk of miscarriage. But in practice, 5% of women will learn about pregnancy later because of bleeding. Then quietly nurturing children without the threat of miscarriage and treatment.

Possible minor manifestation of precipitates in the form of minor bleeding or a few drops of brown, and "yellowish traces" on toilet paper. This is one of the earliest signs. After 10 days after conception occur planting of an embryo at the uterine wall. In some cases in women, this process is accompanied by bleeding, but, basically, no discharge occurs at all. In addition, minor release can also reappear in the days when the fertilized egg in the uterine wall "get used to" more actively.

Such allocation of creamy, pink or yellow hue. If they show up after a delay, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as in this case, can be a threat vkidysha. Such isolation characteristic and cervical erosion, which intensified with the onset of pregnancy.
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Signs of pregnancy before menstruation

Swells and becomes very sensitive breasts - this feature may become a regular in the first week after conception. The woman has a breast varies greatly in response to every touch, pain, and sometimes it is practically impossible to touch her. But these feelings do not concern every woman. There pregnant women who do not have such feelings. In addition, very marked sign of pregnancy is a darkening of the skin around the nipples.

Pregnant significantly increases blood flow, especially noticeable in the pelvic organs, since at this point the uterus gradually increases. Most pregnant women feel their uterus from the first day of implantation, and also referred to the feeling the first signs. Less pleasant, but manifested in all pregnant sign - the appearance of hemorrhoids. Most hemorrhoids occurs in the second half of pregnancy, but some less lucky, and expectant mothers suffer from this unpleasant problem and in early pregnancy.

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Pressure Relief

Quite often pregnant women with low blood pressure. The result is that there is a weakness, fainting, dizziness, headache. Can worsen state of health for a long distance, taking a hot bath, a long stay in a stuffy, poorly ventilated areas, and malnutrition. Pregnant with hypotonic problem is particularly important to observe the mode of the day, which is a dream in the night (10 hours), in addition, required daily sleep (1-2 hours).

During pregnancy, many women dramatically change eating habits, there is a craving for certain foods. In addition, there may be a so-called zhor.

Unpleasant feature is also a manifestation of the discharge associated with the occurrence of yeast infections in pregnant women.

Some lucky women do not feel the all the "joys" of nausea. However, an aversion to smells and vomiting in early pregnancy, or simply nausea occurs in 50% of women. Vomiting during pregnancy, some moms happens several times a day, combined with nausea and drooling.

Vomiting is accompanied by a change in taste and olfactory aggravation.

Whatever it was, at the first sign of pregnancy is best, without delay, consult your doctor. It is he who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and to monitor the proper development of the fetus and the general state of the expectant mother.

 The first signs of pregnancy