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Ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui in recent years increasingly popularized far beyond their homeland. And in our country, many people today are trying to equip their residential and office buildings in accordance with its fundamental laws. We are trying to bring good luck and prosperity by placing statues of frogs in the house, money trees, aquariums with a certain amount of fish, and so on. We try to visualize their desires, making special cards are eliminating piles of rubbish to make room for the free circulation of energy flows properly placed furniture and mirrors to create harmony around you.

We can say we are doing everything possible to bring in their own lives for the missing elements of harmony and happiness, hoping that it will help the Feng Shui in this. Indeed, many people are happy to notice a positive change in their own destiny, but do not forget that just moving the cabinet from one corner to another or change of a small mirror on the one in which you will be reflected in the full-length, count for a lot not worth. Chinese philosophy permeated the main idea: it is important not so much the external transformation of living space, many internal rethinking itself, getting rid of negativity and so on. You need to put things in order, not only in the apartment or house, but also in the head.

In an attempt to follow throughout the Feng Shui we, as a result of its own ignorance in the peculiarities of another culture or philosophy of the people, we can make serious mistakes. Therefore, any action necessary to reinforce the knowledge, and not mindlessly buy in stores all sorts of talismans. After all, sometimes we are not even aware of how dangerous these Chinese characters can be for us and others. On one such talisman, or rather how to properly use it, and will be discussed in this article.

 Bagua Mirror

What is the Bagua mirror?

So, what is a mirror-defense Bagua? To begin to deal with unknown simple layman, not particularly versed in the philosophy of Feng Shui, in a word. It consists of two concepts: BA - which means eight and Gua - trigram (the symbol of the three lines). In practice, this ancient Chinese talisman is an octagon, which represent all sectors of the major parties of the existence of man and the world in general.

Because each of them has its own color, light side, a natural element, and the number, the Bagua is considered to be a kind of a map or a compass for the organization of the inner world of man and the space around. Activating using a number of methods each zone of the symbol of Feng Shui, we can positively influence one or another part of our lives.

Therefore, bagua mirror - it is nothing like octagon coated with each sector trigrams and a small round mirror in the center. And it can be done in one of three options: a flat, concave or convex. In the first case it is believed that this type of surface reflect any energy, in the second - absorbs it, and the third - circulate around. There is another interpretation of the latter two types of the mirror surface in the mascot of feng shui. The concave center if to send it to an object of evil, as it were, turns it upside down, stripped of its power. The convex surface attracts negative energy, absorbs and using trigrams gives her get out, thereby defeating the evil hostile force.

It would seem that everything is simple! Urgently go to a specialty store with the esoteric Chinese mascots, buy Bagua mirror all three species, and quickly hung around the apartment. Everything we achieved super-protection of any negativity, any number of enemies can envy, intrigue and otherwise try to ruin lives, but they did not come. Here lies the main error and a great danger!

Feng shui - the science is very ambiguous, it is hidden a lot of "gotchas." It's no wonder many people who seem to adhere to all of its basic principles, do not get the desired result. "It does not work, it's all nonsense! "- Say they are wrong. It is likely a number of reasons the main wisdom of Feng Shui is simply beyond superficial perception of her person.

And with Chinese amulets, among which there are those who are able not only to defend, but to destroy. In fact, the octagon with a mirror in the center and trigrams - a very powerful talisman. Improper usage, according to the Chinese, can spoil the karma master. It is recommended to be used only in extreme cases, if you can not otherwise protect themselves from external negative.

 feng shui bagua mirror

How to use the Bagua-defense?

To ward with a mirror in the center and trigrams served in your favor, became a reliable barrier to negative energies from the outside and at the same time not destroy the positive flows around, you should be able to place it correctly. To do this, there are a number of recommendations that you would have to comply strictly with, otherwise this talisman will bring substantial harm rather than serve as a protection. It is also important to consider that protect against external evil can only ward-based Bagua yin, so exactly how he is able to reflect negative energy.

But it should be noted that this talisman is made in accordance with the procedure Prednebesnym, that is the ideal that existed before the creation of the universe and beyond its borders. This means that it belongs to the world of the dead, so has tremendous power. Distinguish mirror bagua yin is quite simple - you need only to look at the location of the trigrams: Qian (Heaven) should be on the south, and the Kun (earth) - in the north.

The danger of this mascot is that it makes no distinction between the good and the evil energy, and both of its kind perceived them as a threat, which instantly destroyed. So the first rule about how to use this ancient Chinese talisman, says: people under any circumstances should not look in the mirror bagua. This can lead to tragic consequences (quarrel, illness, injury, etc.).

Because it is simply impossible to place the mascot of the world of the dead among the living, in any case, do not neglect the second rule: you can not hang a guardian in a place where there are people. It does not matter that they do not live permanently, but only working, shopping, suggest the beauty that is there temporarily. Mirror Bagua Yin can only be installed outside of these objects. Otherwise, you risk incurring his environment and a lot of negativity. Can start conflicts, quarrels, constant explanation of the relationship and other unpleasant situations. Above it is a happy family suddenly hovering threat of divorce, and the firm may well understand the ruin and bankruptcy.

The third rule says the following: you can not send the mascot of feng shui on the front door neighbor's apartment, homes and similar facilities across the street. You can hurt people who did not wish you evil and just happen to be in the line of mirror. Remember that the damage will return a hundredfold. Therefore it is better to place this amulet to protect from negative energy hazards: highway, sharp corners of buildings and so on. That's about it and says Feng Shui: talismans of the dead should be directed at the destruction of evil coming from inanimate objects. And to protect the human negativity can more secure Chinese amulet - a turtle.

Another important point is the fact that these rules apply only to the true mirror of Bagua, ie octagon with a reflective surface in the center and on the perimeter of trigrams. After all, it is often confused with conventional mirrors in the shape of a polyhedron similar, but without the appropriate symbols. These items are very popular in China, but they do not have the power described talisman.

Simple octagonal mirrors are also considered talismans and work well if it is located in apartments, houses and offices. They have less power, but can not destroy. It is important to know the basic rules of their placement in this case. You can not hang a mirror over the bed, in front of the housing or in front of the toilet. This will contribute to the fact that the flow of good energy will not be able to spread throughout the room and leave it immediately. Since this talisman Feng Shui is able to double what it reflects, then try to make it were good, positive things.

The corridor should be installed only large mirror, where you will see yourself in full view. Octagonal amulet is able to restore the balance in the apartment, the layout of which excludes the presence of one of the zones of Bagua. It is known that the Chinese try to avoid sharp corners in the interior of the home. But it is impossible to imagine a completely rounded edges at all, without exception, furniture. Therefore, an octagon-reflector can take over "sharp" energy, if properly place. Try as much as possible to wipe reflective surfaces that you sort of peel them from the negative.

Note one more important point: any mirror must be an integer, without cracks and chips. Immediately discard broken, changing them with new ones. It is believed that the mirror of the human soul lives, which is reflected in it. So break it means to harm himself. So tell us Feng Shui. But if all this trouble occurred, the following tips, which itself suggests the ancient Chinese wisdom. Carefully collect all the pieces and rinse them under running water. So you wash away to mirror your inner reflection. Now, the broken pieces can be simply thrown away and not think about anything bad.

As you can see, it is not so simple. So before you hang around the house a variety of Chinese figurines and amulets, do not be lazy to learn from reliable sources that they represent, and how to use them properly. After all, any phenomenon, things, objects, and even thought there is always two sides - positive and negative. And often we catch intuition is one that we need. But from mistakes no one is immune, especially when immersed in a foreign culture and philosophy. Therefore, improving their knowledge, and then any talismans will bring you only good luck!

 Powerful and dangerous mascot Bagua mirrors negativity

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