plucking eyebrows thread


  • Step by step technique of the procedure
  • Useful tips

Eyebrows as the eyes can safely be called the mirror of the soul. After all, they give a person the originality and charm make him gloomy and morose, or, on the contrary, added openness and joie de vivre. Every woman is watching her appearance, always pays attention to the shape of the eyebrows. Some use the services of the master, some on their own, "ennoble" the person using the available tools. And if you belong to the latter category, then you need to know exactly what form eyebrows suits your face type.

It does not pass the blind method of selection, and focus on the appearance of celebrities, too, not worth it. Perhaps some form of glamor attached to Demi Moore, for example, or Nicole Kidman. But on your face, it would look ridiculous and absurd. Determine the desired shape eyebrows will help you master. Only knowing exactly what you want, you can manually adjust the eyebrows and pluck. Today we talk about the correction of eyebrows thread. In principle, nothing complicated, this procedure does not, but some skills still come in handy.

Step by step technique of the procedure

  • The first thing you need - a tonic for the face. Wipe them the skin, paying particular attention to the area of ​​the eyebrows. So you take away from the face of dirt and dust, minimizing the penetration of infection;
  • Now take a cotton thread of good quality. Be sure to check its strength - it should not break at the slightest tension;
  • Cut a piece of yarn about 60 centimeters, wrap it around both hands;
  • If you push the little fingers should get a rectangle of thread;
  • Then the thread is twisted in the middle, enough 10-12 times;
  • As a result, you should get a letter "X", which consists of twisted threads;
  • Now we need to prepare our "tool" to work. To do this, move the plumb beam to the right. Narrowing the fingers on his right hand, and extending to the left;
  • Then perform this procedure in the opposite direction;
  • "Conjuring" as long as the beam begins to move freely and easily;
  • Now you can pull out. Overcrowding of the thread is brought to the eyebrows, slowly and carefully start to move it along the area where you want to pull out his eyebrows;
  • Once you feel that the hair under a thread, make a sharp and clear movement;
  • After the procedure, adjust eyebrow tweezers in those places where the thread was not able to pull out hairs.

 how to pluck eyebrows thread

Useful tips

  • In order to work out a little bit, try to hold on plucking the string section legs;
  • Experts advise to tweeze eyebrows thread, starting from the area between the eyebrows. Then move to the top, in the last instance to process lower;
  • Just before you start to pull out excess hair, it would be good to spend contrast washing, as the skin pores will unfold better and less painful plucking pass;
  • And you can freeze the skin slightly, wiping her ice cubes. By the way, it is good to use for this is not just water, and iced infusion of chamomile and calendula. These fine herbs soothe irritation and inflammation;
  • After the procedure, a good wash and lubricate the skin around the eyebrows any face cream.

Plucking eyebrows thread leaves little redness on the skin. Do not worry, they will fall in 1-2 hours. But you'll notice how changed the face - eyebrows become more expressive and look more open. And do not worry if you suddenly remove excess hair - it's not terrible, it is possible to correct a flaw in pencil. And the next time you certainly will, because in this procedure, the main thing - a skill, and, of course, the desire to please, like herself, and others!

 Plucking eyebrows thread - create a perfect image!

 ingrown hair treatment


  • Causes of ingrown hairs
  • Ways to get rid of ingrown hairs
  • Preventive measures

At the fair sex in the reserve are many tricks, tricks and techniques through which you can make any man lose his head. Smooth Satin Skin - virtually trouble-free means to become a goddess for her lover. With this purpose, various methods girls use hair removal in those areas where they are not desired: it razor, and wax, and various depilatory. Unpleasant side effects to achieve such perfection can become unsightly ingrown hairs on the body, causing quite a tangible physical pain, which is aggravated by the mental torments.

Causes of ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are able to deliver a lot of trouble and cause many complexes. Not being able to grow through the upper layer of the skin, such hairs begin to grow beneath it, like a foreign body, forming around him some red nodules or small seals. The duration of the inflammatory process can lead to swelling, itching and even festering hair shaft. The presence of ingrown hair requires to abandon treatments hair removal or waxing for the duration of the treatment.

Basically, the problem of ingrown hair occurs when skin injury caused by improper waxing or epilation. Depilation - the removal of the visible part of the hair with a razor or a special cream. Hair Removal - hair removal with the hair bulb, that is the root, using different technologies. As a result of such damage regular, follicle epidermis with recovering unevenly, resulting mikroutolscheniyu skin at these locations. This, in turn, prevents the normal output of hairs on the surface.

 treatment of ingrown hairs

Ways to get rid of ingrown hairs

Treatment of ingrown hair is possible only by its removal, preferably in specialized institutions. It is not necessary to self-medicate, because the wrong approach could lead to even more serious consequences.


The most expensive with a long-term effect - electrolysis method. The hair follicle is punctured with a needle with an electric voltage, so that the root of the hair dies. The disadvantage can be considered that the result of a series of sustainable procedures must be continuous and on-site intervention may cause burns or age spots.


Thermolysis - quite a painful procedure similar to electrolysis, only with the use of high frequency currents. During unprofessional approach, this procedure can also cause burns and scars on the body. So you should only go to salons tested. Plus method is quite substantial. Chief among them - this is the minimum time-consuming procedure. In a hair need work no more than two seconds.

Laser method

This method involves damage to the hair follicle and stop its growth momentum with cold. It provides the absence of hair in this place for a long period of time;


Using the method of hair removal (phototherapy) in addition to the removal of ingrown hairs can be achieved and eliminate the negative effects and complications caused by increased sensitivity of the skin or hair removal session failed. Effect on melanin leads to a complete disappearance of age spots and evening out skin color in general.

 the problem of ingrown hairs

Preventive measures

In this case, the situation is better to prevent than to cure. To the problem of ingrown hair does not become your problem, aiming to comply with the following precautions: during the waxing well moisturizes and softens the skin, carries shaving or hair removal only in the direction of hair growth, do not use dull blades.

During shaving, do not apply too much effort to come into contact with the skin of the machine, be the most delicate and slowly. There are special cosmetic products in the form of lotions, sprays to be rubbed immediately after data hygiene procedures, they cool the skin, eliminate irritation and redness.

Local application of different peelings, scrubs and other exfoliants as prophylactic possible only if the signs on the body have ingrowth. In inflammatory changes in the structure of the skin the use of this type of techniques is absolutely contraindicated.

If it so happened that ingrown hairs could not be avoided, do not self-medicate, hurry to take measures preventing the inflammation of hair follicles and infection of the affected areas.

 Ingrown hair - treatment and prevention issues

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