plastic labia

Some women are able to really suffer from the fact that their body does not match lightly laden with canons of beauty. Moreover, a flaw that prevents a woman resting, can be hidden away from prying eyes, but its very existence could stop her to establish privacy. If you dig deeper into the issue, you can find out what kind of woman for her sexual organs are often no less important than for men. So there were a variety of intimate tattoo, piercing, intimate haircut different, and later it is time for intimate surgery.

That plastic surgeons can help you to reduce or enlarge the labia, because it is the size of the skin folds depends not only on the aesthetics of your body, and health. If the issue is relevant to you, but you still have not decided on surgery, see photos of girls before and after surgery.

The most important function of the labia majora, which are located on the edges of the genital slit, is to protect the vagina from penetration of infection or some injury. In addition, the labia are helping to maintain the same temperature and hold a special moisturizing secret.

Too small or, conversely, the large value of the labia can greatly interfere with normal functioning of the body. Because this can cause discomfort, and sometimes even the disease of the reproductive system. Intimate plastic - it's not a difficult operation, but of course requires precision and fine feeling of a professional surgeon, so ask around before you decide on an operation such as plastic labia reviews patients who was handling this doctor. Recommendations of grateful women and girls will help you decide on this unusual step. It is unlikely that there will be disgruntled patient, past the operation.

Like any other surgery to labiaplasty has a number of contraindications. The operation can not be performed in the presence of inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system. It is unacceptable to carry out the operation, if there is a sexually transmitted disease or if the patient is pregnant. All of these circumstances, it is necessary to tell the doctor at the preliminary examination.

Before intimate labial in any clinic you will have to undergo a series of examinations. They include urinalysis, blood tests for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, etc. At home, before going to surgery, it is necessary to shave the pubic hair in the area of ​​the labia. The operation will be performed under local or general anesthesia, according to your wishes.

Before the procedure, the doctor will make a snapshot of your labia to surgery when the swelling subsides, you can compare the before and after photos, and evaluate the result. After the plastic surgery of the labia intimate photos sure you will enjoy.

Plastics of the labia minora

It features plastic surgeons women resorted previously only for medical purposes and in connection with the age-related changes. Today, plastic surgery has ceased to be an elite means of preserving and restoring the beauty, and women began to use it even to increase sexual attractiveness.

Most often women are not satisfied with the appearance of the labia minora. Those who decided on plastic surgery intimate labia minora are usually good reviews.

By its nature, the labia are rarely symmetrical, and with age, with violent sexual activity occurs so-called elongation or elongation of the labia minora. Operation of the labia minora plastic help achieve almost perfect anatomical symmetry.

Want neat labia, which would be completely hidden behind large, it appears in many women, and in this case, comes to the rescue operation to reduce them. In some cases the problem can be solved by increasing the labia majora by a special biopolymer gel. Thus, there is a painless increase of the labia majora, and the size of them will remain for 2-3 years. Then, the manipulation necessary to be repeated. But more often, to achieve a result, we have to do surgery on the labia lips. Skilled surgeons removed the excess fabric to form a small lip of the shape and size that corresponds to the patient's aesthetic ideas. The extra tissue are cut V-shaped or linear, with the natural folds of the labia at the edges disappear, or preserve the natural folds.

Despite the fact that most clients are willing to carry out an operation to reduce the labia, in some cases, the client request can carry out the procedure aimed at increasing the labia minora. Such operations are carried out very often, because of the aesthetic result can argue, but how many people - so many opinions. Some women like it a look of their genitalia. In this case, the best way - to enter into the bottom of the labia biopolymer gel, which increases skin folds.

The operation to reduce the labia minora, is quite simple and can be performed even under local anesthesia .  At the same anesthetic solution must be entered directly into the tissue of the labia .  But you can choose general anesthesia, which will select the specific type of the doctor himself, according to your health, preferences and peculiarities .  Also, the choice of anesthesia depends on how severe will the operation .  When plastic labia minora, labia majora to the area overlap joints bioresorbable threads in order to avoid unpleasant procedure of removal of sutures .  Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for the prevention of inflammation and infection prevention .  In the postoperative period, after the intimate plastic labia minora, you must constantly carry out processing of the field joints .  At first, the better to give it to the professionals in a medical facility, and then check with the nurse all seams processing instructions and field operations can be carried out the procedure at home alone .  After the plastic surgery of the labia minora a photo that will make the doctor, will demonstrate to you how much the look of your labia .  It will be enough just to compare it with the photograph taken prior to surgery .

Of course the first time you will feel a little pain, but they, as well as swelling in most cases disappear by the end of the first week after surgery. An increase in the volume of transactions, the swelling may be stronger and will remain for about two weeks after surgery.

It is best to carry out the operation immediately after menstruation. During the first 6-7 days postoperatively sit less desirable to a faster recovery time.

 plastic labia photo

Plastics of the labia majora

Sometimes you need to hold the plastic of the labia majora. This operation is usually directly related to the direct appointment of the labia majora. Their purpose is to cover the labia, to maintain the desired temperature conditions and prevent the penetration of genital infections in the vagina. There are a number of medical indications for plastic labia, for example, the magnitude of excessive laxity or as a result of their birth, or simply due to age-related changes. In the area of ​​the labia majora can also be made to increase or decrease in skin folds, depending on the wishes of the client.

To increase the labia using your own fat tissue and a small amount of biopolymer gel. If the size of the labia wants more than the patient, the situation is somewhat more complicated. The excess fatty tissue in the labia are removed by liposuction - using a large needle, the surgeon makes a small puncture in the skin through which, with the help of special devices, the doctor removes fat deposits. See plastic surgery before labia majora photos of girls before and after the procedure to be thought about the result of the operation.

If after childbirth or due to aging labia sag, it is necessary to remove excess skin and even then adjust the shape. Lip will help you gain confidence in their own attractiveness.

The postoperative period and the effects of operations

Any of these procedures (surgery of the labia reduction or increase them) takes about 40 minutes, no more. Can be discharged from the hospital on the first day after surgery, but in a few days you will have to stay in the hospital. Within 4-5 days you will have to take antibiotics, possible slight discomfort, swelling, pain when moving or small hemorrhages. A week later, you have to appear at a scheduled scan to a doctor. For the next 2-3 weeks, you will have to give up the saunas, swimming pools, gyms and sports facilities, as well as sexual activity. Scars after surgery to heal fairly quickly, thanks to a good blood circulation in this area.
Fully wound will heal within 3-4 weeks, and the final appearance of the labia you will appreciate for the past two months.

But as you know, even the most simple operation carries a risk of complications, but it happens very rarely. One possible complication is the soft tissue swelling in the area of ​​the labia majora, or just a small hematoma discomfort.

Among the possible complications after plastic labia, it may be noted dyspareunia - painful sexual intercourse due to the narrowing of the vaginal opening, a small asymmetry of the labia, constantly open entrance to the vagina. These complications are rare and can be eliminated.

When choosing a method for labial crucial individual approach to the patient as close to the aesthetic ideas of the beautiful body. Sometimes the cause of treatment to the doctor can be a discomfort when wearing underwear or sports. It is now becoming more and more women who did plastic labia, and were pleased with the results. You should not hesitate to deal with this problem to the doctor. You are sure to help you feel more sexy and attractive due to the simple and relatively inexpensive operation. In addition, you can significantly improve the quality of sexual life, will disappear because mechanical difficulties due to the excessive length of the labia minora.

 Plastic labia

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