plastic female genitalia


  • And why increased labia?
  • How is resection of the labia?
  • Existing methods of correction
  • Preoperative
  • The postoperative period

For hypertrophic labia characterized by an uneven increase in the size of small relative to large labia. Labia reduction, rejuvenation of them is done by a special operation called labiaplasty.

The operation has one goal - to improve the appearance of the genitals in women. The form of genital aesthetically improved without any negative impact effects on the body, and this operation will allow the woman to bring back to normal the anatomical condition of the genitals.

Reduction of labia for aesthetic reasons operable by the first was produced in 1983. Technological improvements and modification operations were performed not long ago: in 1998 and 2005 These innovations allowed to prevent the development of complications, getting a good result from the cosmetic point of view.

 preoperative preparation
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And why increased labia?

There are many factors that contribute to the labia minora. It happens that a woman is born with this anomaly, the other is acquired with age.

Increased labia may occur after vaginal delivery, for example, formed as a result of hematomas. Labia piercing can also lead to asymmetry of the lips.

Unique operation - labiaplasty, which is aimed at correcting the sizes and shapes, as described above, appeared relatively recently. However, religious circumcision has been for many hundreds of years of practice in some Arab countries.

Opting for surgery should be taken by women themselves. The main reasons for resectable intervention include the following factors:

  • heredity. Excessive skin occurs during puberty, and the teenager comes to the conclusion that the genitals are different in shape from the norm. Often it turns out that small enlarged labia like "peep" from the large, making it almost impossible to narrow wearing underwear. In addition, many girls begin to complex, experiencing fear of intimacy, refusing access to the public baths or swimming pools.
  • acquired anomaly due to mechanical damage and age-related changes. Basically, it manifested after birth at break and strains of the birth canal (vagina is reduced, returning to its original size, and the skin of the lips is slack).

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How is resection of the labia?

How to reduce the labia? The form may be corrected under general or local anesthesia. As a rule, the operation lasts less than an hour. Type of anesthesia chosen individually, depending on the complexity of the operation, the general condition of the patient and individual preferences. Although general anesthesia even if hospital treatment is required.

Labia may decrease the traditional method of using a scalpel or more new tools, such as a laser or radionozh. Each method has its advantages, and the choice is characterized by the structure and condition of the tissues of the lips. When planning an intimate plastics better to focus on the selection of a good doctor, as the success mainly depends on the degree of training of the surgeon. Examining the patient during the consultation, the doctor himself will advise the best way to resolve problems.

 methods of correction of the labia
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Existing methods of correction

  1. Resection of the central triangle. This method allows you to get pretty good results. During the operation, the triangular portion removed labia. Benefits include the preservation of natural forms and corrugated outer edge. Among the shortcomings highlighted the violation of innervation of the genital, loss or impairment of sensitivity, which manifests itself in numbness of the labia.
  2. Amputation. Old and very bad method in which a small lips cut off. They may be deleted entirely or partially. Partial removal may be a violation of natural species due to the lack of corrugated edge, deterioration of sensitivity genital nerve damage Turned condition inside of the labia minora. Complete removal is absolutely unacceptable, because it leads to a severe impairment of the structure of the genitalia, their functioning, disruption of intimate life and sensitivity, loss of erogenous zones, vaginal dryness.
  3. Laser plastic. This procedure is considered to be one of the most progressive.
  4. The most widely used method in recent years. Perhaps achieving complete symmetry of the labia minora. There has been no violation of innervation. The result is able to meet almost any patient.
  5. De-epithelialization. This method is described in detail in 2000. It is based on the removal of the epithelium of the outer and inner part of the labia minora. The operation can be performed with a laser. Among the shortcomings can be identified sizeable increase in the width of the labia majora.
  6. The combination of plastic clitoris with a reduction of the labia minora. This method is used in hypertrophy of the labia minora, which is combined with thickening of the skin located over the clitoris, which leads to difficulties during its stimulation of intimacy and as a result - a reduction gets positive emotions. Correction of the labia and the clitoris of plastic - the most acceptable way out of this situation.

 postoperative period

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Any intervention is operable as resection of the labia, requires a number of procedures:

  • approval time and date of the transaction. It is necessary to carry out at least 10 days before the start of menstruation;
  • delivery of the clinical analysis of blood and urine tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis (a doctor if necessary, may designate additional or other tests);
  • not taking water and food for 12 hours before surgery (especially important for general anesthesia);
  • body cleansing using enemas the night before and the morning before surgery.

If there is any excitement, you can ask a doctor to make an appointment as a mild sedative, which is compatible with the anesthesia.
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The postoperative period

The recovery period in the favorable outcome of the operation is typically 7-11 days. During this time must exactly comply with all medical prescriptions and carefully follow the hygiene, otherwise it may be a manifestation of inflammatory processes.

Intimacy is not valid for 20-30 days after surgery. The whole process of reduction of the labia is safe. With proper care, serious complications and long-term disability is not observed.

 Plastic female genitalia

 causes warts


  • Why and when there are warts?
  • How to avoid the appearance of warts and their transformation into tumor?
  • Laser wart removal

In modern cosmetology laser wart removal is very popular, this method is suitable even for children.

On the cause and location of such entities, and their removal via laser will be discussed in this article.
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Why and when there are warts?

There are growths on the skin is in contact with the human body papillomavirus. For example, more than 60 varieties of the virus can trigger their appearance. The virus is transmitted through a handshake, touch, through any household items after the infected contact with them.

When the virus enters the skin, it is through microcracks on it enters the body and settles in nerve tissue, which explains the frequent appearance of warts after the period of stress and depression, disorders and nervous tension. Often on the soles of the feet warts appear due to wear low-quality footwear, provoking excessive sweating.

Warts are always associated with uncleanliness and dirt, causing disgust in others. With such tumors necessarily have to fight, because, besides the fact that they spoil the appearance of the skin, some species can develop into malignant tumors. Most appear during the weakening of immunity, experiences, but there are people-carriers of the virus who have warts on lifelong learning is not being felt.

To avoid infection, you need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water after a walk on the street, after touching the rail public transport and door handles.

 Laser wart removal
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How to avoid the appearance of warts and their transformation into tumor?

Before giving advice on the prevention of warts, you need to tell what they are, depending on where they occur.

  1. common warts or benign, most often appear on the hands, especially on the fingers. Basically, these warts occur in childhood. Thus, the wart can get out one or the whole cluster.
  2. warts on the soles of the feet look a little different than on the hands: they are flat and can be difficult to distinguish from calluses.
  3. on the face often appear thread-like warts, they are narrow and long. Favorite place for their education are the eyelids, neck and lips.
  4. On the neck, scalp, usually appear irregularly shaped wart. They may be on a narrow stalk, and oblong.
  5. on the external genitals warts, warts appear. Externally, they resemble a large red and pink bubbles than common warts.

In order not to provoke the appearance of warts, their growth and regeneration of the tumor, should ensure the hygiene of the body to avoid moisture and sweating. It is also very important to follow the scratches and cuts: they "facilitate" entry papilloma virus in the body tenfold.

If there was a body of any entity in any case it is impossible to dig and remove yourself: it will provoke, or its further growth, or it will be elsewhere. In addition, due to the risk of mechanical damage to the degeneration of cancer is greatly increased.

 laser wart removal procedure
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Laser wart removal

Today there are many ways to remove skin formations: it is a special plaster and removing liquid nitrogen and traditional methods. Removal of skin formations traditional methods almost always brings the desired result: the warts occur again soon. Moreover, this can cause them to self-accelerated growth and reproduction. The most effective way to remove warts is laser. Removal of skin formations laser - the most safe and effective method. Its benefits include:

  • absolutely painless procedure: a special nozzle, built-in laser, cool place its effects on the skin. The maximum that can be felt - a slight tingling.
  • The laser beam penetrates to a predetermined depth of a specialist, so the surface is removed not only education, but also its root. This is a very important point: the risk of further occurrence of formations on the skin is reduced to a minimum.
  • The laser acts directly on the wart itself, without damaging surrounding skin. After the procedure does not leave any scars or white spots, and just pure beautiful skin.

There is a procedure for removing this: on the spine and the wart itself affects the laser beam and coagulate protein structures. All living cells are killed warts, and a week later she falls off.

If you encounter this problem, do not delay treatment: warts can deliver not only uncomfortable with their appearance, but also bring pain in the future (especially plantar).

It is important not just come in the beauty parlor, which has all the necessary equipment, but also to get to the skilled artisan that properly assess the situation and eliminate the warts forever.

 How to get rid of warts with a laser?