Planning pregnancy after missed abortion


  • Causes of missed abortion
  • Preparing for pregnancy

Missed abortion - a serious shock to the woman who was planning to become a mother. But do not despair too much - only one failure does not mean that you can never become a mother. The main thing - to approach this issue responsibly - proper planning in most cases allows after never encounter this problem.

A single failure does not mean absolutely nothing - in most cases, missed abortion never happen again. The diagnosis of "habitual miscarriage" is made only in the case of three unsuccessful attempts to have a baby. But, of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to let things take their course. But let's look at the first.

First we need to understand what a missed abortion. Very often, women confuse it with miscarriage, but it is not. Missed abortion is called in when, for whatever reasons, the development of the fetus is terminated. And miscarriage can be a consequence of this phenomenon, but not always - often doctors have to remove the ovum by scraping the uterine cavity.

In most cases fade pregnancy occurs in the first few weeks of pregnancy - in the first trimester. However, in more rare cases, it is also possible at a later date. In this situation, doctors will introduce the woman special drugs that stimulate the beginning of premature birth, the fetus died after be expelled from the uterus, not to start a blood infection and / or inflammation.

Starting this pregnancy is perfectly normal - fertilization of the egg, it begins to move through the pipes and reaches the uterus, it is implanted in the mucosa. Women have all the signs of pregnancy - nagrubayut breasts, menstruation stops, the uterus grows in size. In short, pregnancy is totally normal.

Although we can not say that sometimes there is a different phenomenon. The egg is fertilized and implanted, but the development does not start - only the membranes are formed. This phenomenon is known as "blighted ovum". This can be called a non-viable pregnancy only conditionally, because the embryo did not exist at all. Although, of course, the woman that does not help - she was planning to become a mother!

Doctors believe that there are time intervals in which the fetus is most vulnerable - it is the fourth, tenth and sixteenth week of pregnancy. A particularly dangerous eighth week - that it accounts for the largest number of fade and its spontaneous pregnancy interruption. At this time there is a tab organs and systems of the future baby and her mother radical hormonal changes.

 How to prepare for pregnancy after missed abortion

Causes of missed abortion

Of course, the first time a woman learn about that froze her pregnancy will not be to determine the causes. However, after the first emotions calm down, surely a woman would want to know why it happened. Unfortunately, the vast majority of doctors and can not understand why the pregnancy stopped. However, if the next pregnancy and freezes, to find the cause of a lot easier.

The reasons for such a lot, so we will focus only on the most common ones:

  • Hormonal disorders

The most common reason for discontinuation of the fetus - it's all kinds of hormonal disorders. It is in the first trimester of pregnancy in a woman's hormonal changes going on rough, so there is always a risk that something will go wrong. Most often, there is an acute shortage of the hormone progesterone, which entails stopping the development of the embryo.

In addition, frequent and cases where there is a strong increase in the level of male hormones. As you can guess, the course of pregnancy these hormones affect negatively. Either the fruit ceases to develop or start a spontaneous miscarriage.

Most often, these abnormalities can be detected in advance, at the planning stage of pregnancy. Make it quite easy - just take a blood test that will determine the status of hormonal women.

  • Genetic disorders

In second place are genetic anomalies - they provoke the cessation of development of the fetus in about half of all cases. The single is the termination of pregnancy should not cause fear - from accidental "damage" genes no one is immune. But if you missed abortion again - this is cause for alarm. And, most importantly, seek the advice of a physician-geneticist.

  • Bacterial infection

Approximately 30% of all cases of non-viable pregnancy is due to the presence in the body of various infections. And during pregnancy, alas, bacteria and viruses enter the body of the future mother is particularly easy, as her immune system is weakened. This phenomenon is perfectly normal - if not weaken the immune system, she simply could not bear a child.

  • Artificial insemination

Medical statistics says that the pregnancy was the result of IVF, interrupted more frequently than in all other cases. Therefore, such mums need to be especially careful and attentive to his condition. But do not immediately frightened - it's just a probability, not more.

  • Wrong way of life

Lifestyle expectant mother also greatly affects the development of the pregnancy. Stress, overexertion, poor diet and lack of fresh air, coffee and cigarettes - all of which can lead to a very sad end. But even if you manage to avoid a missed abortion, or your health or the health of your baby a positive way of life is not affected.

 Planning pregnancy after missed abortion advice

Preparing for pregnancy

So, you have decided on a second attempt to have a child after a missed abortion. The most important thing that you need - it's peace of mind and confidence that you will succeed. If you're pre-configured to fail, it is very likely that it is this very failure.

  • Visit your gynecologist

Be sure to go to the doctor - a gynecologist you should carefully examine it. After that mandatory will be assigned a number of examinations - smears, urine and blood samples, ultrasound. Only after that the doctor will be able to realistically assess the state of your health, and if necessary, appropriate treatment. You can only get pregnant if your doctor does not find any contraindications.

  • Send to the doctor's wife

In almost all cases, after missed abortion to a doctor it would be nice to go and the future pope. Firstly, if the cause of the last failure was any infection should be treated not only women but also men. And as long as you're not sure about your health, make a decision, "we plan another pregnancy" would be extremely ill-advised.

  • Visit genetics

Both prospective parents after missed abortion should go to the doctor-genetics. The doctor will evaluate the situation and determine whether there is a repeated threat. And, by the way, will help to prepare for pregnancy.

  • Pay attention to your diet

Yes, do not be surprised, it is on the menu. If you want to get ready for pregnancy, you need to properly and, most importantly, fully fed. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements - planning the diet is very important. And do not put off until later - after may be too late. The sooner you start to eat, the stronger will be your body.

  • Lifestyle

Once you are running is their food, proceed to the next stage - Organize your lifestyle. As much as possible to be outdoors, avoid nervous shock, do not overdo it, get enough sleep - do not go to sleep after midnight, and at least 10-11 hours in the evening. Yes, and in the afternoon for an hour of rest will not be superfluous. A good idea would be the careful planning of your routine - remember, as a child? The first few days will, of course, is not easy, but after you and will enjoy the most correct way of life.

  • Bad habits

On the bad habits we would like to talk separately. And on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes and we did not speak. But believe me - after a few cups of coffee and a couple of hours spent at the computer, you will feel cheerful certainly will not. So take a minute you're an apple and go for a walk. At least in the nearest park - see for yourself that after walking health, as well as mood, at times improve.

As you can see, to prepare for pregnancy is not too difficult. Of course, it is necessary by something to give and something to sacrifice, but proper planning will ensure the birth of a charming toddler. And very soon you will become a happy mom and dad!

 Planning pregnancy after missed abortion. What you need to know?

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