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  • Traditional pilaf with lamb and chickpeas
  • Uzbek pilaf
  • Nourishing vegetable pilaf with dried plums and chickpeas

Chickpeas, also called Nahata and shishem the Russian market appeared relatively recently. However, in eastern cuisine it is used from time immemorial: chickpeas put in Arab dishes like hummus and falafel in, eventually it became popular and the North African, North American and Asian chefs. The product contains a large amount of protein, through which, according to its nutritional properties, it is easy to replace the meat with the fat content of foods is greatly reduced.

Garbanzo beans - is another of the many names of chickpeas - are added to salads, canned food, snacks and even pastries. But we suggest to use it for other purposes - make pilaf with chickpeas. This is perfect for a large company - guests will be fat and happy. Each recipe has its own advantages and nuances. Therefore we suggest to study cooking instructions listed below and select the appropriate, prepare a delicious pilaf with chickpeas. We are sure you will be satisfied!

 pilaf with chickpeas

Traditional pilaf with lamb and chickpeas

The benefits of chick peas can talk for hours. As mentioned above, it is rich in proteins, which is why it is often used for the preparation of the Vedic and vegetarian dishes. After all, people of a particular religion and adhere to the views, do not eat meat. Nut, which is a source of vital nutrients for humans, makes up for their loss.

It contains magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, minerals, B vitamins and iron. However, this does not mean that the chickpeas is only suitable for vegetarian cuisine. Meat lovers can add it to salads and main dishes. Right now, we offer the first master recipe, which is perfect for when you need to feed a large group. Pilaf with juicy lamb turns insanely flavorful and incredibly delicious.


  • 200 grams of chickpeas
  • a little more than 0, 5 kilos of rice Round
  • 800 grams of juicy, fresh lamb
  • two large onions
  • 560 grams of orange carrots
  • clove garlic
  • sharp chili
  • Ten grams of salt
  • four grams of dried cumin

Cooking method:

Whichever recipe Oriental cuisine you take, such dishes always have one feature - they involve the use of a large number of spices. Arab, Turkish and Asian dishes are often very fragrant, with a sharp taste. Not every body is able to cope with such food, so if you have a bad stomach, it is better to give up these products, otherwise the risk to find yourself in a hospital bed: it may be worsening.

We offer a versatile recipe that fits all. Specially add a little cumin and garlic, they will give a light aroma of savory food, while the taste remains intense and restrained. Getting cooking: about a half hour before the main procedure of cooking pour peas cold, purified water. Figure rinse thoroughly and soak in the same way. With such a simple way of croup much faster to reach the fire. This recipe involves the use of lamb, but if you want to cook a meal diet, take the beef or chicken.

Cut the meat with extra strands, then chop it into large cubes three by three centimeters. Remove the onion peel and chop it into thin half-rings. Purified carrots, rinse and cut into strips. To cook rice, best to use a metal kettle, but if that is not found in your house, it does not matter. Take a frying pan or a pan with a thick bottom. Place the dishes on a small fire, wait until it is sufficiently warmed up, pour the oil into it. Once it starts to sizzle, put the onion and cook, stirring occasionally until dark golden, almost brown.

Now here is add the lamb. The recipe is divided into two parts, or rather, the dish has two stages: frying and stewing. Therefore, in the first stage, all ingredients are prepared in high heat, and after that - approximately in the middle of the cooking procedure - the flame will have to be reduced. When the meat is covered with a crust, and change the color to a dark, pour into a bowl carrots. Hold the dish on the plate five to eight minutes. Once the vegetables soften, fill them with hot water.

Now rinse the chickpeas under the tap, dry it and place together with the garlic cloves peeled to the above ingredients. This also enter pepper, pre-cut into thin slices. Then lightly salt the dish, maybe even a little overzealous with this product. After then, when you add the rice, the latter will absorb the excess salt. Cook on maximum heat for about ten minutes, then remove and discard the chile and garlic.

Recipe gradually nearing completion, there was one small thing. So pour in zirvak - so called lamb, fried with vegetables - washed and dried fig. With a spoon evenly distribute it across the bowl, make a few holes in it, through which the steam will go out. After about seven minutes, return the dish in garlic and pepper, then sprinkle pounded with a mortar zira. Optionally, add rosemary or barberry. It's time to reduce the fire at this stage pilaf will languish.

If you notice that the ingredients burn up, so in the beginning you have added enough water. Correct the mistake and do it now. Cover the bowl with a lid and leave the dish for half an hour. After this time, gently mix the pilaf and set the table. This hearty and fatty dish best served with fresh or pickled vegetables, do not forget about the greens, it blends perfectly with the meat. If you wish, you can prepare a light vegetable salad, the recipe of which is available on our website.

 pilaf with chickpeas

Uzbek pilaf

We offer to evaluate another recipe "masculine" dishes with chickpeas. At this time of the pilaf includes not only vegetables and lamb, but also soft golden raisins. Berries give your creation juiciness and savory, slightly sweet taste. Attention to pilaf turned crisp and tender, always in advance - for an hour, and preferably two before all the preparations - soak in cool water rice and chickpeas. Then be sure to wash them, otherwise the dish can get cloudy. As for spices, there is one chef who decides how much and in what quantity they add. A standard set of spices for Uzbek pilaf - is cumin, cardamom or turmeric, pepper, barberry. Now, let us act, not talk.


  • 900-1000 grams of pulp of lamb
  • 1 kilo of rice (you can use any product: Round or long-grain, parboiled or regular)
  • 75 grams of chickpeas
  • 650 grams of white onions
  • two small (without top) tablespoons of sea salt
  • 55 grams of raisins
  • six large pieces of carrot
  • Three heads of garlic
  • black pepper - optional
  • 200 ml of vegetable oil
  • four pinch of coriander and cumin as much
  • saffron

Cooking method:

The traditional recipe of eastern pilaf usually includes mutton. The meat is quite fatty and very satisfying, so not everyone loves him. If you too belong to this category of consumers, you can step back a little from the rules and use more gentle products, such as beef or pork. For rice, it is better to buy steamed, and failing this, take the usual good quality barley. Dishes are advised to choose metal, heavy with thick walls. And ideally, of course, you need to cook pilaf on fire.

Chickpeas itself is quite hard, so his pre-dipped in cool water. To chickpeas softened, it will take about six to seven hours, so it is best to soak in advance, for example, the night and in the morning there will be only cut the ingredients and cook them. By the way, if you want to quickly cope with the dish, be sure to do the same with rice - fill it with purified water and let sit for about 120 minutes. Krupa swell much faster and reach the fire.

Now, remember the recipe and follow the instructions. Gently with a knife, remove the peel carrots, then cut it into strips of medium thickness. Onions product, pre-peeled, chop into small cubes. To dish came gentle, be sure to remove all the excess with the lamb: film, veins and fat. Last is clean aside, he will still come in handy. Now, chop the meat very large pieces, and already directly after cooking pilaf to cut it into small cubes. This recipe is particularly useful if you dish simmer in a cauldron over a fire. Then the lamb is not exactly usohnet, on the contrary, will incredibly juicy and tender.

Being accepted for the cause, turn the burner on high and red-hot dish, then pour into it a little less than ½ cup of oil. Use the purified product is odorless, for example, cotton, otherwise the dish may be slightly bitter. Pour half servings of onions, fry until golden brown hue. Some housewives are added to the recipe fat of tail, but this option for fans of fatty foods.

We offer lower calorie foods and harm due to the use of scraps with lamb. Add them to the onions and Brown the. Dish will flavorful, satisfying, but at the same time gentle and rather fat. These cracklings remove with a slotted spoon. They can be added in the future pilaf or put on the table in the form of snacks. In this case, sprinkle with salt and serve foods with strong alcohol. Surely this savory meat especially men rejoice!

Now turn the meat. Note that often with the tab in the cauldron duralumin it begins to be burnt. To avoid this, take into account a small piece of advice: good grease a hot dish with oil, pour into it a handful of chopped onions, and only then the lamb. If you are cooking in a cast iron pot, then to resort to such a method is not required. Product Fry over high heat for about 20 minutes, stir occasionally. Then add the remaining onions; when it brighten and become more transparent, enter the carrots. It's time to put the kettle and boil water, which is needed for further cooking.

The washed chickpeas flip it to a little stack. Then pour it into the previous ingredients, level mass of a spoon. Pour over raisins cool water, then dry it with a towel and enter zirvak. Pour all the boiling water so that it only lightly covered all products. Now we need to prepare for the future pilaf seasoning. This is done as follows: in equal proportions connect in deep piala salt, ground red and black peppers, can add some dried tomatoes, coriander and salt.

Remember, all of these fragrant ingredients in the recipe, especially individual. So do not be afraid to experiment and come up with their own combinations. Rub the seasoning in a mortar, the resulting dry powder pour in boiling zirvak. Now, in a separate plate grind saffron, dilute it with a spoon sauce pilaf, stir whisk and pour into a bowl. Saffron give the dish an unforgettable aroma and distinctive hue.

Peel the garlic, not dividing it into cloves, put the whole dish in. Last leave simmer for ten minutes, then remove the garlic and set it aside. You almost came to an end, we have little time to cook. Once again, rinse swollen rice; When drained enough water, put rice on top of the products. Note that stir the ingredients in any case impossible - cereal on the top. Spend a spoon to flatten it across the surface of dishes. Now, here is pour hot water so that it covered dish about half a centimeter. Try pilaf tasted and, if necessary, slightly dosolit it. At the very end add cumin, as experts note, it is better to rub it through his fingers.

Just a couple of arm movements, and the food is ready. Reduce the heat, leave it to languish for fifteen minutes, then stir again rump and collect her neat pile. In the process of cooking food under steam will accumulate - so he went outside to make the rice a few "holes". Add the garlic, just a little water - about 0, 5-0, 7 cups - after the cover with a tight lid and continue cooking. Note the 40 minutes just before serving stir risotto and remove him from the lamb. The last chop into smaller pieces. Uzbek dish perfectly with vegetable salads, fresh herbs, if desired, can make a special tomato sauce.

 how to cook pilaf with chickpeas

Nourishing vegetable pilaf with dried plums and chickpeas

And this recipe will appeal to those who do not consume meat. Pilaf cooked vegetarian for reasons, it turns out not less appetizing than mutton or beef. Each dish has its own "twist" - so why not get acquainted with interesting dishes and learn something new. Due to vegetables, Nute, gentle prunes and spices, a dish has an incredibly delicious flavor, which is impossible to forget. Serve it with pickles or a light salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.


  • glass (no slides) of rice
  • onion
  • Paprika - on request
  • 200 grams of pre-soaked chickpeas
  • two medium carrots
  • ¾ cup soft prunes (if it has a bone, carefully dispose of them in advance)
  • six cloves of garlic
  • barberry and cilantro - pinch
  • 60 milliliters of olive oil
  • three grams of turmeric and cumin
  • fresh herbs

Cooking method:

There is a time-consuming, but very effective way to wash rice. Experts call it the rule of "seven waters". Take a deep container and about two liters of purified water cool. Pour cereal into a bowl, then pour the liquid and mix well. Fold the rice in a sieve to muddy the water glass, and repeat six times. Note that at the end of the product is washed with boiling water.

Now for the vegetables: first clean the carrots and grate it on a medium grater. Remove the onions and yellow husks transparencies, chop it into small cubes. Prunes should be soft and juicy, so fill it with warm water and leave for fifteen minutes. Then rinse well and squeeze the towel to get rid of excess moisture. Chickpeas also need to soak, but this procedure is quite long. We recommend to carry it in advance, it is better in the evening. Then, for five or six hours chickpeas perfectly softens.

Go to the main stage - frying food. In a well-heated skillet pour the oil and wait until it starts to crackle. Meanwhile, in a large bowl combine all spices, cumin rub your fingers, mix in a mortar and grind and pour into a bowl. Hold on the stove for about 60 minutes, stirring constantly. As warming aroma of oriental spices will be revealed in full.

Pour into a saucepan carrots and onions, fry, then enter the chickpeas and prunes, cut into strips of medium thickness. Race against the clock for five minutes, then drain the rice with hot water in which he washed, and place it to the previous ingredients, here is throw garlic cloves, peeled previously. Take a cup of boiling water, salt it well and pour into a bowl, cook under the lid closed. Note that the liquid should cover the ingredients by only 0, 5 centimeters, or a vegetarian pilaf come too viscous, like porridge. When the water boils, reduce heat and continue cooking for at least half an hour.

At the very end, when the barley is soft, sprinkle with paprika dish, stir and collect the rice from the edges to the middle, forming a mound. Then hold the dish on the stove for a while. Before serving, spread it out in portions of the plates and sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs. Pilaf with peas and plums are not worse than the meat dishes. All recipes are different, and each of them deserves attention. So attached to the east kitchen with us.

 Pilaf with chickpeas, and not only that: the eastern recipes