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  • Pickle beef with pearl barley
  • Pickle with ribs and grits
  • Fish soup with cucumber and

Advantages Multivarki already appreciated by many housewives. This kitchen appliance is an improved pot powered by electricity. Thanks to the integrated timer, he can control the cooking time, and maintain the desired temperature. Now, without any problems in one pot can be put out vegetables to make porridge, soup, stew, steam fish and burgers. At the same time you do not have to wash the mountain of pots, dishes and pans. Agree, a huge saving of time, energy and water.

Such a universal device even help sterilize jars needed for winter preparations. One of the great advantages is that it does not take up much space, the products do not burn it - in general, the pros, as they say, on the face. So today we will learn to cook flavored pickle in multivarka, you'll see how easy it is. Lead a healthy lifestyle and do not eat meat? Then you will certainly suit the recipe vegetable dish with barley. Babies contraindicated fatty foods, so if you plan to cook soup for your child, do it with rice, cucumber and chicken. This pickle get a very gentle and easy. In order not to waste time, move from talk straight to the point.

Pickle beef with pearl barley

It is worth noting that in the pickle multivarka will prepare a little longer than in a normal pan. But all the action - and roasting vegetables and cooking of soup - take place directly in the device. That frees you from washing dishes and a huge number of saves power. In addition, the kitchen will remain clean because of Multivarki nothing boils and spills, grease does not splatter. And thanks to the non-stick coating products are not burnt. So forgetful mistress can not worry about your soup even if you are distracted for five minutes, the vegetables are spoiled, so the dish will come to glory. So, we offer you the first recipe for true carnivores.


  • one large onion bulb
  • sweet pepper, and bay leaves are added to the individual discretion of the chef
  • 480 grams of juicy beef (optional, you can change the recipe and use other meats, such as pork)
  • two small carrots
  • Six pickles
  • 200-250 grams of potato
  • cucumber pickle - on request
  • homemade vegetable oil - for frying
  • 1/3 cup pearl barley

Cooking method:

For a start, we offer master classic recipe, according to which the soup is boiled meat and barley. We used beef, but before it was decided to prepare a broth from the kidneys of young calves, lambs, rarely added even turkey. By the way, a little advice for the future: if you decide to make a pickle with chicken, his best season with rice or buckwheat. It is believed that this cereal is most suitable for this recipe.

So back to our dish. To prepare a delicious soup, first rinse under the tap beef, lightly dry and chop her middle-sized pieces. Then clean the bulb from the peel and chop it into cubes. At the bottom of Multivarki pour a little vegetable oil and place bulb vegetable. Activate the "Baking" and set the cooking time to 40 minutes. Close the appliance lid and cook the onion until translucent state. When it is tender, and change color, enter the meat and stir a few times.

If you want the soup came out a bold, try a slightly different recipe: replace beef pork or add 30 grams of lard. Now it was the turn of other ingredients: Purified carrot strips rub on a grater or chop into cubes. Using a knife, remove the peel potatoes, wash and cut its medium pieces. Send multivarku carrots and continue cooking under the lid tightly closed. About seven to ten minutes before the end of a given program is available to vegetable and meat weight of the potatoes and pour all the hot water. Then enter the barley and cook soup until multivarka itself is turned off. Keep in mind, the fluid should be added almost up to the top mark.

Once the program ends, and a beep sounds, set the mode of "quenching" and continue to cook for about an hour pickle. Meanwhile, pour cucumbers in cold water, then pat dry with a paper towel and rub on a grater. Half an hour later enter them into the soup along with the bay leaf, pepper and your favorite herbs. As you can see, the recipe does not involve the use of salt, because if the cucumbers themselves quite salty, the above ingredients would be superfluous. However, if necessary it can add. After switching off the appliance let the authentic five or six minutes, then pour the soup into bowls, season with sour cream if desired, sprinkle with fresh herbs and serve. Bon Appetit!

A traditional recipe first course necessarily includes brine - ideally it is about 1/4 of the total volume of liquid. Cucumber soup concentrate makes a gentle, he gives it a special salty taste and, if desired, and mutes the fat content. Today, many dishes have undergone a slight change, so if you want to cook a dish with brine or prefer to do without him, it's up to you. In any case, the soup will be a very appetizing.

 pickle with barley in multivarka

Pickle with ribs and grits

Soup and cucumber pickle - a dish on the fan, which nevertheless it is very popular among many gourmets. Most people associated with pickle "dish from my childhood." Prepare it can with rice, yachkoy, buckwheat and barley. Krupa is selected depending on from which products you cook soup. Let's look at an appetizing recipe for a hearty dish of ribs and kidneys.


  • 700 grams of pork kidneys
  • eight grams of sugar
  • 400 milliliters of cucumber brine
  • kilogram of beef brisket with ribs
  • four large potatoes
  • salt
  • two small carrots
  • Onions - one head
  • 220 grams of pickled cucumbers cask
  • two laurel leaf
  • freshly ground black pepper or red
  • Fifteen grams of lard
  • 3/4 cup pearl barley
  • parsley root - at your discretion

Cooking method:

Cook pickle can be different. Today, there are plenty of the most unusual variations on this soup. Lovers of experiments may catch the fancy original "sea" recipe, which includes squid, crab sticks. You can make a dish with bacon and soy sauce, or choose a more traditional option, for example, cook it with beans, vegetables and pickles. We will not deviate from the classical canons and cook soup with kidney and beef brisket. The recipe will appeal especially to men, since most of them love hearty meat dishes.

Getting cooking procedure, first divide the pork kidney with a knife in two equal parts, then rinse them thoroughly under running water and soak in cold water for three to four hours. Then chop the slices of bacon and send it to multivarku Bay purified water. Turn on the appropriate mode and close the lid. As the foam periodically remove it, do not forget a little salt broth. When the meat is ready - after about 40-50 minutes - gently remove it, cool and separated from the bones, cut into medium-sized cubes.

Now it was the turn of the kidneys, repeatedly rinse them under running water, then cook in the same way. To salt the product is not necessary, and when it will become soft and change in color, remove it and chop medium slices. Pour in the beef broth multivarku prepared earlier, here also lay carefully washed barley, and after about ten minutes, enter the potatoes, cut into cubes.

Grate the carrots on a medium grater, and then connect with chopped onions, parsley and Brown the butter in a skillet with. This also add the diced bacon, drum cucumbers. The last is recommended to clean from skin and seeds, then the soup will be more tender and delicious. Simmer zazharku multivarka possible and, in this case, you first need to cook it, and only then add the meat and cook soup. At the request of season a lot spices, then pour it into the soup, try the taste of potatoes and cereals - by the time they have been prepared.

Add the pickle wedges beef, kidneys, and then pour the brine. If you have a little extra time, be sure to not be lazy and boil cucumber water. Once manage, let it cool, then strain through a sieve. At the end, enter into the soup and stir. Meals are served with black bread, sour cream or mayonnaise in bold. This recipe is likely to appeal to admirers of classics. We wish you success in the development of new dishes!

 how to cook in a pickle multivarka

Fish soup with cucumber and

If you like soup, the following recipe you exactly like it. Let's experiment a little bit and move away from the traditional notions of such dishes as pickle. In the classic version, he prepared on the basis of meat broth (chicken, beef, turkey, and so on) with barley. But everything in life is boring, so when you want something tasty and new, can and should retreat from the usual solutions and try unfamiliar dishes. Right now we consider a method of converting a conventional rassolnik in the original fish soup with cucumbers.


  • a little less than a glass of barley
  • two liters of fish broth (we cooked out of the pink salmon)
  • 180 grams of pickled cucumbers
  • 200 grams of cooked pink salmon (you can use any fish)
  • spices and salt
  • Onion - one piece
  • 130 grams of carrots
  • green - on request
  • celery

Cooking method:

Cook a delicious soup at home multivarka simple. First of all, before all the preparations soak barley, after hours wash the area thoroughly and allow to drain. When put in a bowl of the device, pour more hot fish broth. It can be made of the pink salmon, salmon, cod, sturgeon, eel - decide what product to prefer it, because everyone has his own taste. Close the lid and turn on the device the appropriate mode.

While languishing broth, carrots and cucumber cut into cubes, celery - thin slices and peeled onions - semirings. About half an hour enter into the soup raw vegetables, lightly salt it, add spices for flavor. This can be a bay leaf, black pepper and allspice, tarragon, savory or rosemary. Pickle is brewed from 40 minutes to an hour, when it is ready, pour it on the plates, here also lay a piece of fish and garnish with chopped herbs. As you can see, this time we did without zazharki - added to the soup vegetables raw. However, if desired, they can be browned in oil.

Multivarka so versatile and convenient that starting to use it, it is simply impossible to stop. This confirms the growing popularity of all the kitchen appliance. Its advantages are appreciated hostess worldwide. There are many recipes that can be learned, having in your arsenal multivarku, they are all presented at our site and rassolnik certainly among them. So we offer to cook together.

 Pickle in multivarka: simple recipes of hot soup