breathing exercises for asthma


  • What is asthma?
  • Exercise therapy: role in the treatment of asthma
  • An exemplary set of breathing exercises
  • An exemplary set of exercises at an exacerbation of the disease and sparing mode polupostelnom

Bronchial asthma - the most common chronic disease of the respiratory system. In recent decades, the treatment of asthma achieved impressive successes.

In addition to drug treatment, physiotherapy (physical therapy) in bronchial asthma is the most important way to preserve lung function and quality of life of patients.
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What is asthma?

Asthma - a chronic disease in which there is inflammation in the walls of the bronchial tubes. This inflammation leads to swelling of the mucous membrane, the appearance of viscous mucus in the lumen, periodic spasm of bronchial smooth muscle. These changes cause narrowing of the small airways (bronchial obstruction) and the main symptoms of asthma: shortness of breath or dyspnea, cough with sputum difficult, the occurrence of wheezing in the chest.

Often the cause of inflammation in asthma are allergic to house dust mites, animal dander, pollen; genetic predisposition, certain medications. Sometimes the cause of asthma is quite difficult to establish.

It is well known that infection is not a cause of chronic bronchitis with asthma, asthma therefore not treated with antibiotics; There are special anti-inflammatory drugs.

For the bronchi in asthma is characterized by a state of high reactivity (hyperreactivity). They react spasm of any external stimulus: dust, smoke, cold air, pungent odor, contact with allergens. These irritants called triggers asthma and can cause attacks of breathlessness or coughing. Asthma can get sick at any age, but most often affects children and young people.

 Training in bronchial asthma
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Exercise therapy: role in the treatment of asthma

Since asthma is an inflammatory disease, and its main course of treatment - anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator therapy, the role of exercise may be underestimated doctor and patient. But even the most modern drug therapy without sufficient physical training in asthma with age lead to deterioration of lung function.

Therapeutic exercise - it is a system of physical exercises that stimulate the vital functions of the human body. Physical education in many diseases develops endurance, muscle strength, coordination, enhances adaptation. Physiotherapy in asthma may be helpful to patients of all ages, with different forms and stages of the disease.   The main thing - the correct selection of an exercise program tailored to the individual characteristics and preferences of the patient.

Exercise asthma contribute to the improvement of ventilation and gas exchange. Physical education helps to improve blood circulation in the lungs, prevents the development of emphysema, helps to restore elasticity and mobility of the chest, improves the drainage function of bronchi. It is known that in asthma due to violation of the mechanics of breath and a chronic lack of oxygen disturbed function of other organs, particularly the cardiovascular system. Regular physical exercise has a normalizing effect on blood circulation, increase tissue oxygen utilization.

Exercise therapy for asthma pursues major goals:

  • improve respiratory muscle function and mobility of the chest;
  • normalization of respiratory mechanics;
  • improved drainage of the bronchi in the increased production of bronchial mucus;
  • general aerobic exercise, increased physical endurance;
  • improvement of psychological status and quality of life of the patient.

To strengthen the breathing muscles, improving the ventilation of different parts of the lungs and bronchial drainage function use a special set of breathing exercises.
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An exemplary set of breathing exercises

  • Starting position is standing. Carry forward bends, arms hanging freely. Inhale through your nose, exhale mouth through a tube folded lips during the tilt. Exhalation must be 2-3 times longer inhalation.
  • Starting position is standing, hands should be omitted along the body. Doing breath, raise the brush to the axilla. On the exhale, pull your hands up and then relaxed lowered.
  • Starting position is standing, arms down. Take a deep breath, exhale and bend the right leg, helping himself with his hands, pull the knee to the chest. Was repeated for the left leg.
  • Starting position is sitting on a chair, his back to keep straight, pressed to the back, arms at your sides. Breathe, exhale operate tilt to the side, sliding his hand down. Repeat to the other side.

Exercise of the complex is performed by 5-6 times, it is necessary to monitor the depth and rhythm of breathing, Blowing 2-3 times more inspiration.

There are special breathing exercises own methods in bronchial asthma. The most famous of them - gymnastics KP Buteyko and AN Strelnikova. To master them, especially the Buteyko exercises better under the supervision of an experienced instructor. These exercises are directed mainly to improve the respiratory mechanics.

Not only exercise can improve the drainage function of bronchi - contribute to this special breathing simulators, for example, Frolov's trainer.

Contraindications for breathing exercises for asthma is the only asthma status. Even severe exacerbation should not be an obstacle to affordable physical activity. As you know, resuscitation and intensive care hospitals, after removing the patient from life-threatening conditions, proceed to "activate", starting it with breathing exercises. Naturally, this should be done under the supervision of a physician experienced instructor and exercise therapy.

 complex exercise therapy for asthma
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An exemplary set of exercises at an exacerbation of the disease and sparing mode polupostelnom

  1. Diaphragmatic breathing. Starting position reclining on the back (planted with high pillow). Calmly breathe in through the nose, raising the stomach; exhale mouth, the stomach at the same time a little bit drawn.
  2. Starting position is sitting on a chair with back support. On the inhale lift arms bent at the elbows to the shoulders; making the exhale, bring arms.
  3. Starting position is sitting on a chair. On a breath dissolve hands in the parties; exhale bend forward and down, his arms to the floor.

Exercise is repeated 5-6 times, preventing exhaustion of the patient.

With the improvement of the status of the complex include exercises for small muscle groups of limbs, followed by a more active movement involving medium and large muscle groups. Be sure to make a pause for rest and relaxation of muscles, observe the state of the patient. Any exercise must be performed on the exhale (flexion and extension arms, torso). Exercise therapy in exacerbations of asthma should not include exercise associated with straining and prolonged breath-holding. The optimum ratio of breathing exercises and bracing - 1: 1.

After restoring lung function physiotherapy includes general developmental exercises that improve blood circulation, strengthen the muscles of the back, legs and arms.

In remission can be used to exercise dosed resistance, small weights, with shells and projectiles. In addition, mandatory aerobic exercise: walking, jogging, biking, swimming, depending on patient preferences and tolerance of the load. In remission complex breathing exercises recommended to perform daily aerobic exercise and general developmental gymnastics - 3-4 times a week.

Aerobic exercise is preferably carried out in the fresh air, while avoiding contact with asthma triggers. So, people with pollen allergy can not exercise outside during the flowering plants-allergens, people with increased sensitivity to cold should not go for a jog in the chilly, windy weather. In some patients, bronchoconstriction cause the smell of chlorine in the pool. Therefore, the specific form of aerobic exercise for each patient must be chosen individually, can be replaced, depending on the time of year, the weather and other conditions.

Patients with bronchospasm provoked by exercise or inhaling cold air, can be used 20 minutes before exercise bronchodilation inhaler. If the need arises in the inhaler during each workout, you need a revision of the general plan of treatment and the intensity of the load during exercise.
Correctly chosen drug treatment of asthma allows the patient to maintain an active lifestyle and well tolerated dose exercise. It must be remembered that regular exercise - a necessary condition for well-being and lung function in patients with asthma.

 Physiotherapy in bronchial asthma