Photographer for wedding

Which is better - to take photos cheaper and save or overpay, but get super shots? Guarantees to no one that the way a photographer would work better cheaper. Photographer for the wedding - a man whose professionalism can only be estimated on the finished work. And the prices that it sets to his work - the concept is very subjective.

What should we look for when choosing a wedding photographer? An important aspect - is the name of the photographer. Many, of course, can be said that the name does not mean anything, but try not to agree. The man who has earned a good reputation, will do everything to maintain it in the future. That is, the name of the photographer, can, and will cost more, but it is guaranteed not to fail. The status requires him to punctuality, stability and reliability. Such a person is turned out a lot of useful links. "Brand" is always more predictable in quality, even in the market of wedding photography.

But the quality of photographic special value for the customer should not have. A professional will be able to create a masterpiece, using a minimal set of equipment, as an amateur will not save the car and modern equipment. Hence, the main criterion of choice - it is the work of the photographer. Please check your portfolio, if you like - ask for detailed reports of several shootings. So you can judge the skill of the photographer. Of great importance is the experience and quick reflexes. After the wedding - a celebration of the dynamic and sometimes surprises. Photographer for the wedding should be able to quickly navigate the situation and act right. Lack of experience can lead to the fact that the photographer confused and miss the moment or miss the interesting situation that in the sequential shooting is simply impossible to repeat.

For the end result to please you, the picture before unsealing should be handled. The complexity of the treatment depends on the skill of the photographer to the wedding and generates price. By handling include changing the format, correct lighting, selection of authentic colors, correction of the skin, change colors. But around the need to know when to stop, too distorted picture look unnaturally and aggressively.

It is not necessary to abandon the printing of photos, thinking that you will be able to print them on your printer. Wedding photographer has special equipment and photos will appear on the order of magnitude better than printed at home. Some photographers offer the production of photo books. It is a creative process that requires much labor. The cost of the photo book will depend on its complexity. Call, specify your questions and let's meet, in person, we can determine the volume of our cooperation and to find out all the details. Ready to work with you.

 Photographer for wedding

 what to do to keep the family strong and united


  • Learn to respect and understand each other
  • Become their children best friends

Divorce today are nothing new, the number of failed marriages is growing at an alarming rate in our country and around the world. It used a hundred years ago, to marry once and for life. Now, put a stamp in the passport of divorce is as simple as go to the movies or to the store for bread. Neither you fight for relationships or love and mutual respect. The slightest problem, and - bam, divorce! And not talking about compromises and attempts to keep the family together, but would not stop to feel the modern emancipated woman. In the end, it's a lot easier than trying to understand the other person and learn to see the true causes of discord in the family.

In many ways, this behavior of young (and not so) helps people imposed by numerous media desire for freedom from any shackles and liabilities. Say, do not tolerate next to him unworthy men forward to freedom and independence! But when we played the wedding, husband, and certainly seemed worthy, and loved ones, and the most expensive in the world man. Really for the marriage, he changed so much, or are you influenced him not the best way?

Fortunately, not all bad: there are couples who sincerely wish to build a strong family, that would be a reliable rear, able to withstand all the blows of fate. If you dream about, to keep the family for years to come, check out our tips. Perhaps they will help you strengthen the family bond.

 what to do to keep the family united and strong

Learn to respect and understand each other

Respect for each other ... It seems to be a truism, but just not all people take these words seriously. Usually, at the beginning of a romantic relationship issue of respect for your partner is not worth as both lovers too busy with each other. The first problems often arise when people begin to live together, because a joint life - a beautiful ground for the manifestation of all the negative traits. First love is fast, and if the relationship is based only on passion or material benefits, then after 3-4 years after the wedding couple have hard times. Romance veil fall from the eyes of the spouses, and they see each other in a true light, with their shortcomings and "cockroaches" in the head.

Not just love and desire a man, you need to learn to respect it and take this for what it is. Unfortunately or fortunately, alter a person's character is almost impossible, especially in the age of reason. And why? You yourself have chosen and loved it, so it makes no sense to resent. Some people initially have the ability to respect your partner in any seemingly most insignificant little things, but many have to learn to be tolerant to the shortcomings of its second half. All in all, then you need to - to understand the man and take all his complexes, fears and addictions. Something certainly can be corrected, but most need to learn to respect a man and find the pros in his behavior

Many women do not even try to somehow curb their dissatisfaction with a partner or try to negotiate with him. These years are hoarding their negative emotions, arrange terrible scandals, that in both cases is not beneficial relations. So it turns out that people do not live and suffer, tolerate each other for the sake of wealth or for the sake of children.

To avoid such a scenario, and keep the family together, it is necessary to consciously cultivate a respect for its second half. Nowadays, it is not fashionable to say that the role of women in the family is not only to lead the husband and insist on its decision in any situation. Sometimes the gentleness and understanding can help more than aggressiveness and assertiveness. Hurtful and harsh words, sometimes reckless, can deep enough to hurt the partner, and leave the wound in his heart, which will be difficult to heal. But many of us are often cut in judgment, not worrying about the feelings of men.

In addition, the husband and wife should be able to talk to each other. And not just about the work and life, but also about their feelings. If you are dissatisfied with something or, on the contrary, you are filled with joy - why not talk about it with her husband? You'd be surprised, but honestly communicate with each other can not every couple. Often, people just keep silent about their problems, believing that everything is clear without words. In fact, your significant other may not be aware that you have the soul cat scratch because of him that the cause of your bad mood rooted in his actions. He only sees your daily annoyance, and he starts to show negative towards you.

Most couples seek the advice of a psychologist, it is possible to establish their relations only through regular and completely frank conversation that they "prescribe" the doctor as a primary therapy. So in order to make the family the most friendly and strong, should make it a rule as much as possible to talk to your partner, discuss the slightest problems and resolve them immediately by means of compromise.

 you need to do to keep the family strong and united

Become their children best friends

The concept of a united family includes not only the relationship between husband and wife. If a family has children, then chat with them plays an important role in creating a harmonious internal microclimate. Unfortunately, most of today's parents are paying very little attention to the development of friendly relations of trust with their children, believing that we should not "go down" to the level of communication with the child on an equal footing.

Of course, losing parental authority is not necessary, but also to practice purely authoritarian style of parenting is also impossible. If you never tried to communicate with their children on an equal footing, then, before you establish a relationship with them, will have to win their trust. To do this, start to gradually change their behavior and a little bit closer to the children, until they begin to see you as a friend

Busy with daily cares and problems, adults often forget that children need attention, love and affection. Good food, neat clothes - are not the only indicators of child care. At a young age, children perceive household well-being for granted and expect you much more security tokens. Give them more time, the interests of their businesses and unobtrusive advice on how to proceed in a given situation. If your advice will not seem like a severe reprimand or a notation that the children certainly will listen to them and improve their behavior. Once you establish relations with children and feel their love and trust, life will shine with new colors.

Of course, you can still give a lot of advice about how to keep the family united and strong throughout life. However, every minute of respect, the ability to understand each other and hard work to create a trusting relationship with the children are the "three pillars" on which rests the most successful modern families. In addition, the importance of a general climate which is created by the aspirations of all members of the family to turn it into a safe haven from all the ills of life, where you will always support and every assistance whether good or bad you did.

 What you need to do to keep the family strong and united