phimosis in children

All parents want their kids only the best. The best clothes, the best toys, the best food, the best care - all these tend to give your mother any crumbs. However, very often in pursuit of the highest goals, adults grossly err towards their kids. And the most common mistake is a widespread perception of parents that the child is an exact copy of an adult, a greatly reduced size. And the reason for these errors is often a phimosis in children.

And it is this misconception leads to the emergence of standard errors in the care of the baby. This problem is particularly acute for those lucky mothers who gave birth to boys. Women have a very clear idea about how the penis should look at the man. However, only few of them have a clear idea about the appearance of the penis in a small child. And his appearance is radically different from the appearance of the penis in men, which can not scare young and have not yet experienced mother.

Doctors children's clinics have long ceased to be surprised mothers who in the first few days after discharge from the hospital with a completely mad sea resort to them in panic fear complain that their crumbs of disruption of the normal structure of the penis. Doctors with a kind smile on his face calm the woman and sent her home, settle down and come to life.

To our dear readers have not been put in such a comical situation, they should be prepared for the fact that the penis of the child does not look like a grown man, and afraid of the committed is not necessary. The fact that the penis is underdeveloped little boy is perfectly normal and natural. After all, none of the parents do not come to mind to wonder and worry about the fact that their tiny crumbs leg on which shoes size 43 will be clearly too big? The same goes for the penis - the growth of a boy of his penis will grow and evolve.

The only problem regarding the penis, with which many young mothers do not have to face so rare - the so-called phimosis. This condition does not pose any threat to the life of the baby and his general state of health (with few exceptions), so there is no need to call the brigade "first aid" or take the crumbs to the hospital immediately, without looking at the clock. Treatment of phimosis does not apply to indications for emergency hospitalization of the child. Mom should not panic. Just in case, if you were any - any doubts, write the child to the doctor - a pediatrician, who will examine the crumbs and tell my mother about everything that interested her.

What is phimosis?

So, what is the phenomenon of children phimosis? Doctors call phimosis foreskin narrowing, at which expose the head of the penis becomes extremely difficult or impossible in principle. Phimosis penis may have a different nature of origin:

  • Congenital phimosis.

This form of the disease occurs as a result of the features of fetal development of the baby. It occurs often enough - about two out of ten newborn boys. The share of congenital phimosis accounted for approximately 70% of all cases of phimosis.

  • Acquired phimosis.

In this form of the disease the cause of its occurrence is a trauma of the penis, or that is much more common, acute inflammatory processes in which the foreskin is involved. It is also sometimes found scarry phimosis in children, which also belongs to the group of acquired disease.

Congenital phimosis

As mentioned earlier, in most cases it found a congenital phimosis. That is why we will tell about it in detail. Incidentally, the narrowing of the foreskin in mild form is inherent in all boys, without exception, to about three years of age. But not in all cases, doctors give a diagnosis crumbs "phimosis" and see it as a pathological process.
Around the end of the third year, those loose spikes, which are between the foreskin and the glans, destroyed their own, without any - any outside interference. With this ring foreskin expands to its normal size and thus the glans penis starting denude without - any difficulty.

In the same case, if indeed crumbs phimosis, not age-related physiological feature, doctors also install and type of disease:

  • Atrophic phimosis.

In this form of the disease the skin of the foreskin has a very fine structure, it is very tightly covers the glans penis. And bare his thus simply can not.

  • Hypertrophic form of phimosis.

In that case, if the child has a skin of the foreskin is elongated and hypertrophied (despite the fact that a lot of skin, the ring is still too narrow and does not allow bare die), doctors say about hypertrophic form of the disease.

Major mistakes parents

Since phimosis is a common disease, certainly on every playground sure to find some "experienced" moms who are eager to share their experiences with the as yet inexperienced mothers how to treat phimosis in children. The most favorite board that word of mouth passed mother is recommended to stretch the skin of the foreskin after each swim crumbs.

However, to do this on their own, without consulting a doctor and resolution - the surgeon in any case impossible. Do not rely on other people's advice and experience of others. Firstly, you do not know what consequences it has turned to the child, and secondly, all the cases of phimosis is very individual. What a relief to one child to another can cause irreparable harm. And the fact that it is necessary to your child, a doctor must decide, and no one else.

By the way, if we talk about and stretching the skin of the foreskin, not to mention the fact that most doctors - pediatricians around the world have extremely negative attitude to such practices. Such actions often lead to the fact that the injury occurs is extremely delicate and sensitive flesh. As a consequence, frequently develop various inflammations, scars are formed.

As a result, the situation will only get worse - a harmless physiological phimosis, which is a very high degree of probability would have gone unnoticed without any - any foreign intervention, develops into a pathological form, to eliminate that doctors have to resort to surgery.

Self-medication is also extremely fraught with the emergence of the serious complications, it jeopardizes the health of crumbs - parofimozom. Paraphimosis - a sharp, pronounced swelling of the glans penis, which is caused by the fact that the head is restrained foreskin and causes a disturbance of blood supply to the tissues of the penis. In that case, if the child is not given immediate medical help surgeons, the consequences of this complication are irreversible. In addition, this state is accompanied by severe pain - a child may even fall into a painful shock.

We are watching the baby

As mentioned above, the existence of phimosis individual and depends on the physiological characteristics of each specific child. And if one kid physiological phimosis will disappear on their own and without any - any problems, the other boy may need as soon as possible to receive quality medical care.

And that mother should carefully monitor the condition of their child, and at the first warning signs refer to a pediatric surgeon. So, consult your doctor if you notice the following symptoms of phimosis in children:

  • Difficulty urinating.

Constantly watch the how the act of voiding your son. In that case, if the baby during urination showing signs of anxiety - Sucitu feet, crying and urine trickle allocated unevenly, in small portions, can be suspected of excessive narrowing of the foreskin. If you notice the above symptoms in your child, as soon as possible crumbs show local doctor - a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon. The doctor will examine the crumbs and decide how to proceed.

  • The foreskin.

Also, mothers of young boys should regularly monitor closely the condition of the child's foreskin. The appearance of redness or swelling is always evidence of inflammation of the foreskin. The child in this case may very worried during urination, since the inflammatory process typical pain while urinating.

Noticing the above symptoms, parents should as soon as possible, seek medical help. Otherwise, if the treatment is not started immediately, the inflammatory process is very likely to spread to the urethra and bladder. In the event that crumb already knows how to talk, he can complain about pain and malaise. But parents crumbs left to rely solely on your powers of observation. For example, if the child is almost all the time keeps the handle in shorts and it is not typical behavior, it may well serve the symptom of inflammation.

Intimate hygiene

By the way, talking about the causes of phimosis, we can not say that yet another very common factor that triggers the development of phimosis, a violation of the rules of personal hygiene. Many people, even the most responsible by virtue of ignorance believe that over the genitals of boys do not need so much meticulous care, which is required for girls. As a result, hygiene, associated with caring for a baby genital organs, reduced only to the replacement of the diaper and overall bathing baby. But, of course, such care is not enough. And, indeed, he and care - that can not be named.

The doctors - pediatricians are urged to be paid to personal hygiene of boys as much attention. The child should be thoroughly wash away during each diaper change, or at least special wiping Wet baby wipes. In that case, if the baby pokakal, genitals also need to wash, preferably with soap.

Pay attention to this seemingly simple point is wiping the child. In no case should not rub the boy's genitals with a towel, because it is very high risk of traumatizing the delicate skin.
Simply wet the skin a few times and dry with a clean towel. Such a measure may also help prevent phimosis in children under one year.

Tranquility for

Very often it happens that phimosis does not cause absolutely no problem: the child's right urination, there is no sign of inflammation of the foreskin and certainly no ill effects. However, my mother still can not find a place, worrying about their precious crumbs.

In this case, for their own peace of mind, we can recommend the mother to consult a doctor - a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon. Doctors Explore your crumbs, tell you about the features of its current state and give the necessary recommendations relating to the care of the baby and further action.


Concluding the discussion on this delicate subject, as the narrowing of the foreskin, I would like once again to summarize, to bring together and organize all the information that may be useful for those young mothers who grow up sons, albeit as yet quite tiny, but still - still men.

  • Until about three years, almost all the boys there is a physiological narrowing of the foreskin - phimosis physiological in children is completely normal.
  • In no event it is impossible to engage in any self-been - otherwise, after listening to various "good" advice, baby mama risks only worsen the condition remains. Treatment of infantile phimosis is a purely medical prerogative. Do not trust the most valuable thing that can only be - child health, non-professionals.
  • In that case, if you notice redness, or swelling of the foreskin, pain, you should immediately seek medical help. If medical assistance is not provided in a timely manner, too great a risk of serious complications.
  • Treatment of phimosis in children is a well-established pattern, and is not particularly difficult.

As you have seen yourself with proper and regular care for the boy no problems arise. And if they suddenly appear, it can be eliminated as soon as possible and easily. Therefore, the specific reasons for the excitement of the parents, usually does not happen. Our team sincerely wishes young men of good health. Have your kids bring you a happy trouble.

 Phimosis in Children

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