Persian cyclamen


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Few remain indifferent to the flowering houseplants. And amateur growers necessarily trying to fill up his collection at least one such instance. However, most often, they prefer some simple and unpretentious in the care of the flowers. Therefore, usually in the windows in our homes adorn all kinds of geraniums so violets. But to grow, for example, gloxinia, fuchsia or cyclamen dare not everyone. This is especially true of such plants as the Persian cyclamen.

The thing is that it blooms, of course, stunningly beautiful! However, after flowering, this type of entering a period of rest, shed their leaves and loses decorative. So this period of rest, many inexperienced growers confused with the death of the plant, and therefore just lost the leaves emit a tuber. But even the more experienced lovers of houseplants do not always know how to properly maintain tuber and achieve re-flowering cyclamen. This fact scares many people who want to get this chic flower. But just something and need - to know the rules of care for plants and strictly follow them. We offer you a short educational program on this subject, and along with a small certificate of spectacular and bright Persian cyclamen.

Biological portrait

Persian cyclamen is also known as the Alpine violet and Dryakva. This is a separate species of plants of the genus Cyclamen, belonging to the family Mirsinovyh. Klubnekornevoe is a perennial herb with a maximum height of thirty centimeters. Persian cyclamen tubers not exceed fifteen centimeters in diameter and are characterized by the presence of a single point of growth. The leaves of the Persian cyclamen can be colored from light to dark green in color and have a distinctive pattern on the surface of silver. The plant has no stalk and its leaves grow directly from the bulbs, and therefore are called basal. Form cordata leaves, and the amount ranges from five to ten centimeters in diameter.

During the flowering plant to flower stalks appear long, towering above the rosette of leaves and topped with delicate flowers. Persian cyclamen flowers have five petals, the bottom of which is folded back. Therefore cyclamen flowers resemble moths circling over the green bush, giving the plant a special decorative effect. The color of flowers varies from snow-white to maroon.

In the wild, the Persian cyclamen grows in Iran, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean. Persian cyclamen is known since antiquity. According to ancient chronicles, this plant was grown in the gardens of ancient Rome, along with violets and daffodils. Ancient and medieval healers use cyclamen tubers to treat sinusitis and rheumatism, as well as an antidote for bites of poisonous snakes. Currently, drugs are cyclamen tubers are used in homeopathy.

 Persian cyclamen Care

Varieties and hybrids

Today Persian cyclamen presented a huge number of varieties and hybrids, which differ in color, shape and size of leaves, texture, color and size of flowers, as well as compactness and size of the bush. Among the different varieties of Persian cyclamen can be found specimens with fringed petals, with very fragrant flowers and plants are a standard size, undersized and dwarf. Here is a list of particularly popular varieties of Persian cyclamen.

Lines of standard varieties (tall plants)

  • Decora. Prized for pastel colors. Leaves of plants of this line have a distinctive marbled pattern and flowers painted in soft subtle colors.
  • Firmament. It is of interest and value as a line of early-flowering cyclamen. Prized as for the large size of the flowers.
  • Rex. Line cyclamen compact size with decorative sheet having a silver marble pattern.
  • Ruffled. Different flowers with wavy petals.
  • Swetheart. Prized for ornamental leaves and flowers of strong fragrance.
  • Triumph. Line large-varieties with decorative leaves.

Lines undersized varieties (up to 22 centimeters)

  • Kaori. Line dwarf plant with very fragrant flowers. A distinctive feature of flowers - bright contrast seredinka.
  • Mirabelle. The line of small-leaved varieties with flowers of various colors.
  • Puppet. Miniature plants with very fragrant flowers.
  • Tiny Mites. The line of the smallest varieties of cyclamen is presented with a variety of color flowers.
  • Turbo Laser. Average height varieties are compact, fast growth and abundant flowering.

Plant Care

Proper care cyclamen - is the key to its successful cultivation. First of all, it is necessary to avoid mistakes when buying flower. For example, you need to carefully inspect the overhead base tubers for the presence of rot. This should be done by gently pushing leaves and inspecting protruding above the soil surface of the tuber. As a rule, cyclamen acquire at the beginning of flowering - in September and October. When it is necessary to acclimate the plant and provide him with the most proper care.

For example, it is important to choose a comfortable location. Cyclamen are light-loving plants, but can not tolerate (or transferred with difficulty) to direct sunlight. Therefore, for this flower to choose the place, well lit, but sheltered from direct sunlight. The ideal place for cyclamen will sills eastern and western windows. On the north window flower will experience a lack of light, and on the southern lights would be excessive. Nevertheless, even the south window can be adapted for a place for a flower, but it should be pritenyat from direct sunlight.

Proper care of cyclamen means not only loyal to the regime of lighting, but also a comfortable atmosphere in the room. The air in the room should not be dry and hard. This flower grows very poorly in a stuffy room, and drafts reacts painfully. Therefore, when airing rooms Cyclamen need to take out of the room and not have the flower pot near the hot batteries and radiators. For the same reason cyclamen bad feeling in the kitchen.

By the way, the temperature in the room where cyclamen grow, should not be too high - this flower can not stand the heat. The optimum temperature for the contents of the Persian cyclamen - not more than twenty degrees day and night about fifteen.

Caring for cyclamen against watering reduced to a timely and moderately moist soil. Mode is selected for each plant individually. Here much depends on the size of the flower, and on the size of the pot, and the location of the plant. The main condition - not pereuvlazhnyat soil and avoid stagnation of water in the pot. Lack of moisture flower carries much lighter than its surplus. Therefore, it is necessary to water the cyclamen as drying topsoil, and after watering sure to wipe dry with a bottom of the pot and pan.

For irrigation use only-settled or filtered water at room temperature. Keep in mind that excessive watering will result in tuber rot and death of the plant. Furthermore, in constantly wet soil could be got pests - cyclamic sublevels or gnats. In order to maintain the required level of humidity of the flower must be periodically sprayed.

 beautiful Persian cyclamen

The rest period

After the flowering period the Persian cyclamen enter into a resting phase. First, the plant gradually resets flowers and then leaves. By the beginning of a period of rest in the pot is only a tuber. Many inexperienced growers take this state for the death of the plant and throw it. In fact, only need to provide the appropriate conditions for recreation flower.

To do this, the beginning of the termination of flowering gradually reduce watering. Then plants remove all the dead flower stalks and leaves and give the soil in the pot dry completely. After that pot with a club to move in the dark and cool place, but you can not remove it in the refrigerator. Nor should completely forget about the flower, as the processes of life he did not stop. So sometimes you need to be watered resting tuber, maintaining soil slightly moist.

The first signs of recovery from a period of rest - the emergence of new shoots. At this time, the tuber should be transplanted into a new pot, replacing it soil. When transplanting the upper third of the tuber is necessary to leave the ground. After transplantation should resume care of a flower on all the rules.

It is worth noting that although the Persian cyclamen is able to bloom repeatedly for several years, flowers on it with time becomes smaller. Therefore, in two or three years of life cyclamen should be propagated by dividing the usual tuber form a new complete plant. Ripple can flower and seed, which is a gentle and effective way. The collected seeds are sown in the ground and covered with steamed saucer. The soil in the pot with the seeds moistened very carefully and sparingly. After the first sprouts dish clean, but on the stage two or three true leaves of the seedlings into individual dive pots.

So get new copies of this luxury home of the flower that will allow him to live practically forever. The main thing - to provide proper care cyclamen. Good luck!

 Persian Cyclamen - Growing and Care