hair straightening


  • How is the permanent hair straightening
  • The advantage of permanent straightening
  • The procedure costs
  • How to care for hair after the procedure

Beauty, as a rule, requires sacrifice. The fair sex, with this in mind, go to any deeds, just to change something in their appearance. Especially goes to the hair. After all, a woman, as you know - being unpredictable. Today, she loves curls, and tomorrow it is in that no matter what dreams get rid of them. Permanent hair straightening can turn this dream into reality. Now there is no fear that swimming in the summer at the beach or wet weather turn the terrible shock of hair, which is bristling on all sides, and even in the morning you'll look as though he had just visited a beauty salon.
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How is the permanent hair straightening

This procedure takes a long time (5-8 hours) and requires the master of good faith and diligent. The essence of the procedure is to modify the structure of the hair, i.e. to convert them from a curly lines. For this purpose, special formulations for rectification, which change the structure of curls by breaking disulfide bonds. For the first time this procedure has appeared in Japan before that none of the methods of hair straightening is not given much lasting results. New program on Japanese straightening and was called "Straight and shiny."

Generally available to the master there are 3 types of composition for straightening. They are used, depending on the structure of the hair and on the desired composition of the force of impact. After all, for curly, thick and coarse hair, you will agree, we need a stronger structure than for colored or weak.

Permanent hair straightening consists of several stages. First of all, the hair shampooed deep action. After that, they are dried and lightly apply a special rectifying part. After 15-20 minutes, wash off makeup. After this you can see how the hair will gradually straighten up and become more obedient. Next thermofilter applied spray and gently each strand special electric iron tongs (utjuzhkom).

After this procedure is applied to the lock-up, kept it the necessary time and also wash. Dried hair. Immediately after the procedure you may notice that her hair became longer. However, this does not mean that they instantly grew just straightened hair due procedure the entire length. The hair becomes silky smooth, shiny and healthier.

Duration of treatment depends on the length and thickness of hair. It may conduct two masters at the same time, significantly reduce the time.

 application of funds for hair
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The advantage of permanent straightening

Of course, first and foremost advantage is that the woman is not required after the procedure to spend hours laying, suffering from utjuzhkom or using expensive styling, hair is already looking great.

The procedure is absolutely harmless. The structure includes means for rectifying basically just caring and healing ingredients. To those include: panthenol, wheat proteins, betaine, cationic polymers, vitamin C-DT, pH control system, the essential oils.

A further advantage is that the permanent hair straightening able to cope with any type of hair, even the most rigid and unruly.   After the procedure, you can not be afraid that locks reattach. They long remain flat without pushatsya and look healthy and natural.
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The procedure costs

Permanent straightening - process is not cheap. However, do not skimp here, much less carry out the procedure at home. Even if you buy all the necessary means, the right to perform its own would not be able to, since it can only make a high-class specialist.

The exact cost of the procedure can not be called because it is associated with many nuances. It may depend on the structure, length of hair, the expected effect. Also, the cost varies on how the master himself evaluates his work. Even regular grooming salons in different costs in different ways. After 6-9 months, we will have to invest in a correction, but it is usually much cheaper.

 consolidate the results
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How to care for hair after the procedure

Making permanent (chemical) extension, it should be remembered that it is now the hair must be carefully looked after. Of course, nothing of the supernatural you do not have to, but some rules do exist.

  1. In the first 2-3 days are not recommended to use rubber bands or barrettes, hair should be at rest, so as not to disturb their new structure. Also at this time, do not wash your hair.
  2. Shampoo and balsam care master selects individually.
  3. At least 2 times a week to do conditioning.
  4. During drying, you can not use a hair dryer, hair should dry naturally.
  5. To comb to gently using a wide comb with smooth teeth (preferably from a natural material).

However, no matter how good the procedure, you should know some of the nuances. Firstly, it is impossible to do permed hair and the sick. Second, after a permanent straightening strands remain straight forever, curls will only regrown hair. Therefore, if again want to have wavy locks have to wait until they grow back. In this regard, the procedure should be treated with great responsibility, so you do not regret the lost curls.

 Permanent straightening - the best way to make your hair straight

 beautiful oblique fringe


  • How to choose a model for yourself oblique bangs
  • Options oblique bangs for long hair
  • Haircut and styling

The easiest and perhaps the most effective way to change your appearance - it is to choose the right and beautifully cut bangs. Most owners of long hair do not want to change the hairstyle, making hairstyle - with luxurious curls are always very sorry to leave. But beautiful stylish bangs is very easy, and grow it again is not difficult.

Fashion on the perfectly straight bangs, slightly covering the eyebrows, in the past, and today few people choose such a model it.

A lot of owners prefer long hair oblique bangs, especially since they can be of different types.

The main advantage of such a bang is its excellent compatibility as with any hair type and length, and any face shape.

 oblique fringe fashion
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How to choose a model for yourself oblique bangs

For the owners of luxury long hair stylists have developed many options instantaneous change hairstyles using oblique bangs. It is not just a whim of fashion, but also a great opportunity to hide shortcomings looks favorably stressing its advantages. This stylish addition long hair always looks unique, feminine and modern.

If you have an oval, round or rectangular type of person, then you can select the oblique long bangs - in most cases it sheared to the lash line, which visually make your image more youthful. However, the owners of the round type of person a similar model should be selected carefully enough.

In order to visually lengthen the face, you can choose to rough "ragged" edges - this model will give your image of sexuality and make it a little cocky.

You should know that people who have small neat features, excellent shortened oblique fringe, while the longest of its kind of not only accentuate this feature, but will hide most of the face.

Several large features can be visually reduced and slightly lengthen the face with a long "torn" bang, one end of which will reach the lower edge of the ear.

Slanting bangs can safely choose those with long straight hair, but if you prefer curls, this choice may not reflect your style.

 an oblique bangs
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Options oblique bangs for long hair

Short oblique bangs can, without hesitation, choose cheerful mischievous individuals. This model always looks stylish and cheerfully, helping the owners of instantly "throw" a few years away. Therefore, if you are young body even though the soul, feel free to experiment by choosing that option - it is exactly what was missing to your appearance.

For girls who are the owners of long, but not very thick hair, an excellent way out will be a multi-layer oblique fringe - this variant hairstyles will help refresh the face and visually make the hair thick. Stack can be both smooth and casually - change the look of your mood!

Provocatively extravagant option - "Torn" oblique fringe - is not suitable for everyone. As a rule, to create this kind of razor used instead of scissors, strongly milling strands, leaving some of them very long. With this technique to produce a "ragged" effect. This hairstyle will emphasize your commitment to sport and youth style, but if you - a fan of the classic style, you combine this with strict hairstyle clothes will be very problematic.

Do you dream to be like film stars? Then choose a very long oblique bangs - these models are very popular among Hollywood actresses. Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz and many others simply adore this soft feminine variant - it is placed a beautiful wave, and it comes down to the chin or below.

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Haircut and styling

Oblique fringe looks impressive and beautiful only if it accurately and properly trimmed . Make it can experienced master. However, if you have decided to cut it, you must consider the following:

  • To get the desired result, you should stock up on very sharp scissors, razors, pins and clips. Once the hair is removed and the area determined bangs, you can start trimming
  • When clipping the hair should be dried. Carrying on wet hair, you can make a mistake in length, and after drying the bangs will be much shorter than you would like
  • "Ragged" effect can be created by cutting out, the hot shear and sliding sections
  • Shears shearing should be kept upright. We must not cut their hair across the forehead, and at a selected angle, trying to cut very smoothly

There are several ways laying oblique bangs. To emphasize its shape, the hair first dried hair dryer, and then pull the hot utjuzhkom in the direction in which it should be based.

Laying "torn" bangs usually done using hair mousse. It put his fingers into strands and compress them into a fist. To this kind of bangs looked spectacular, there are several strands, causing them to gel or multi-colored hairspray.

However, even if you have no time for folding, slanting bang in conjunction with long hair will look great and without any manipulation! Slightly asymmetrical parting, gathered in a ponytail long hair disheveled and slightly oblique fringe without any effort will give you the kind of stylish, confident business ladies.

 Oblique fringe - a stylish addition to long hair