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All women, without exception, tend to look good, and not the last role in importance, although the last of the sequence is played in this perfume. After all, they are the final touch to the female shape, which makes it a truly "tangible".

Recently, very popular theme in women's conversations became perfumes with pheromones. And no wonder - the Internet, a host of announcements, positioning them as a tool that will paint "your life the most bright palette of feelings and give an incredible self-confidence! "

Some people believe that with the help of the spirits with pheromones can not only restore the biochemical balance, but also arouse very strong tide of human sexual desire, and that the spirits with pheromones - is quite original and scientific instrument in bringing together gender and harmonization of their relationship.

But what is the effect of perfume with pheromones really? And in general, what is this amazing product - perfume with pheromones - reviews test them in the majority claim that they really can attract the attention of men, and that the more beautiful half of humanity is necessary for happiness?

The history of perfume with pheromones

Winifred Cutler, a biologist who is the creator of this pheromone, so still and keeps its present composition in absolute secrecy.

Pheromone - a fragrant volatile substances that produce in small quantities, almost all representatives of the animal world, and which defines the behavior of individuals of one species during courtship. That is, it turns out that pheromones are called biologically active substances of the highest sexual desire in men.

The signals detect pheromones special organ in the nose, and when he feels this is the pheromone, it sends a specific signal to the brain sex.
Hence we conclude that the real perfume with pheromones attract attention to their owner from the opposite sex. Of course, the most relevant are such spirits with pheromones for women.

By the way, the word "pheromone" in Greek and sounds like "attracting hormone". A true natural smell of pheromones is most similar to the smell of musk.

Action spirits with pheromones still many question, but a number of experiments that were carried out by scientists from different countries, only confirmed that the man immediately uniquely respond to women's perfume with pheromones.

The first perfume with pheromones began to produce a US company Erox Corp. So in 1989, she presented a perfume fragrance market Realm. The sale of such spirits was accompanied by an advertising campaign that explained to the women how to use perfume with pheromones. Then there were the opponents and supporters of perfume with pheromones - the reviews were in fact very different at first, as a very enthusiastic and totally disappointed. In any case, the spirits themselves who were to the same elite perfume with pheromones, left no one indifferent. Therefore perfume containing pheromones, firmly entrenched in the global market of perfumes.

Although there have been critics and the actual merits of the perfume of perfume, some women say they would be happy to use the magical power of perfume with pheromones for women, but the smell of it is not suitable.

For this reason, in the following years manufacturers' flavor of love "focused on the fact that these spirits could, and grasp and appreciate. They released a perfume with pheromones, which have different perfume compositions and poured perfume pheromones in various well-known brands, and even offered a perfume with pheromones, odorless and colorless pheromone potions are proposed to apply directly to the skin or added to personal care products.

Today you can easily buy a perfume with pheromones: pharmacy, offices of luxury perfumes and even online stores offer a wide selection of spirits with pheromones. Because of this diversity, you can choose, for example, oil perfumes with pheromones, or to give preference to, so if you like that better, perfumes with pheromones odorless. Of course, there is always a desire and goal is to find the best perfume with pheromones, and in fact the effect of pheromones perfume with high quality will be the same and efficiency. While it is still not fully understood all work whether perfumes with pheromones. Or, to paraphrase toward women's perennial problems, help you win the spirits with pheromones chosen. It would seem that in nearly 20 years as the first of them learned about the effects of perfume with pheromones had already formed a clear opinion of consumers. But not so easy as it seems. So where lies the truth about perfumes with pheromones.

Secrets of perfume with pheromones

 Perfume with pheromones

In various scientific and popular literature has a lot of information about this successful synthesis of pheromones animals. After all, the main secret of perfume containing pheromones is that they do not contain human pheromones, because such substances have not yet opened, and so synthesize them, and even more so in the present industrial scale is not possible. Although scientists continue to search for sex pheromones man, and, of course, as soon as they are opened, they will create new best perfumes with pheromones. And until that happens, we can only assume what exactly is contained in the proposed advertising bubbles which perfumes with pheromones actually, and only what are called the best pheromone perfume but do not have to do with them.

In the best case, perfume with pheromones high price segment contains in its composition androstenone or related compounds. Although there is nothing wrong with that, because in the course of the experiments found that many women androstenone cause quiet sense of confidence in your partner. And some also perfumes with pheromones helps to believe in their own strength, to become self-confident.

But there are spirits with pheromones to all men without exception?

Of course, all the women are waiting for these spirits will not only have a very pleasant smell, but also to attract a worthy representative of the opposite sex. It is possible that work and perfumes with pheromones, but is likely to further the cause of women already take their own pheromones, and, of course, other advantages.

How to buy perfumes with pheromones?

The question immediately arises, how to choose a perfume with pheromones? First, beware of imitations, because as soon as the pheromones identified in its pure form, it is natural that all the world's perfume company immediately seized on this discovery and undertook to develop the best spirits with pheromones. But they also "joined" and a variety of crooks, who with no less enthusiastically embraced a new trend. Hence spam with offers of bargains and pheromones in its pure form, and oil perfumes with pheromones, etc. at a very tempting price, periodically coming to e-mail, and usually people are women. And, if some of them naively gets in such a fascinating provocation, they have some time on the question: Did the spirits with pheromones, the answer will be extremely negative.

So, where and how to choose a perfume with pheromones, so as not to remain without the coveted flavor. After all, these spirits purchased, as mentioned above, is not so difficult. If you wish, these substances can be purchased directly from the manufacturers. Among Pharmacom, for example. This is one of the renowned suppliers of chemical products, which on its website offers a range of perfumes with pheromones.

Give a definite advice on the purchase of this pheromone perfume is not as easy as it seems. The most mysterious in this regard that with absolute certainty is not known how many actually pheromones contained in the proposed fragrant liquid. Probably, in the bubble that you buy will swim only two molecules of a substance that excites men. If they are all there. Even on the largest and most famous perfume companies can not say with certainty that they use synthetic or natural attractant. Or just write the word "pheromone" in the names of the spirits. It is always part of any perfumes held and kept a big secret, so what about the whole truth about the spirits with pheromones can not be sure until the end.

Action spirits with pheromones

And know that the psychological aspect of women's perfume with pheromones is also ambiguous, because the stimulation, for example, enough strong male sexual desire may give too much effect, because the pheromones affect at all on romantic feelings, but, remember, in the carnal instincts.

Although a number of recent Russian experiments gave still more precise answers to the question about the effects of perfume with pheromones, at the same time, warning and advising how to use perfume with pheromones.

  1. Perfume with pheromones strongly influence the men who are particularly close.
  2. Most perfumes with pheromones, a very pungent odor - keep that in mind.
  3. Do not forget that perfume with pheromones do not help fall in love with a man. They cause only sexual desire, or, in other words, sexual interest. And, as we all know, love and sex are completely different concepts.
  4. There are men, on which even the elite perfume with pheromones do not work, or, for example, such men do not show that they are something they feel, for the reason that they may be the beloved, or simply they are too modest.
  5. Finally, perfumes with pheromones, of course, helps, but their "aid" can be dangerous for women. If suddenly the smell and feel just drunk and did not mentally healthy person.

How to use perfume with pheromones?

 Perfume with pheromones reviews
 Now about the practical side of the issue: how to apply perfume with pheromones? In order to reveal the flavor in all its fullness and power of the spirits with pheromones best applied where the pulse can be felt: in the neck (hollow between the clavicles), the folds of the elbows and on the inside of your wrist. In particular, for example, intimate occasions drizzle a little perfume on the ankle and knee bends.

Only it must be remembered that all perfume fragrances necessarily include synthetic products with scents of amber and musk. Since this is a prerequisite for creating a fragrance - it provides the skin affinity with any flavor. Thus, it turns out that pheromones have in almost all the spirits and help such spirits with pheromones in any case, the difference is only in the greater or lesser effect. In principle, this is not surprising. Women's perfume has always been a special magical attraction for men. So maybe not so important, what perfume with pheromones will work best. After all, in fact, what perfume with pheromones you may take advantage, attractive aroma of your aura will act in any case, the main thing that it was the aroma, in which you feel most comfortable.

Experts-psychologists believe that a long friendship and strong ties are possible only on a firm "olfactory-based": a pleasant smell has the ability to create an atmosphere of intimacy, mutual trust and warmth. What perfume with pheromones will better facilitate this particularly to you, tell your taste and unmistakably feminine intuition.

 Perfume with pheromones

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