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Each wants to be fashionable lady and at any age. And if the lady is not only of fashion, but also needlewoman, you can almost always follow the fashion! Because our gold pens can work wonders and create trendy clothes literally from scraps and residues that other lady (which is not needlewoman) simply throws.

You certainly already guessed, we are talking about a form of needlework as a patchwork. Clothing patchwork allow you not only to stay in the trend, but also to prove to myself (and others!) That you do not just needlewoman, but also very economical hostess. Today patchwork so popular that replicated by most fashion designers. And the fact that the forces of professional tailoring is often quite feasible, and with the help of hand Maida. Manual work has always been valuable, but now even elevated to the rank of exclusives. Therefore patchwork returned from oblivion and turned from a utilitarian classes in arts and crafts. If sewing and knitting - your horse, try to engage in the manufacture of clothing unique patchwork.

A method of sewing

Quilting called patchwork came to us from good old England. But in our country patchwork was known and popular (though mostly in villages and small towns). The essence of this technique is cross-linking of the individual colored patches in the entire web and in the manufacture of various products for home (blankets, curtains, tablecloths) and clothing. The technology is fairly simple, but it requires perseverance, accuracy, and artistic flair.

In today's needlework patchwork (or rather, his ideas) and culminated as one of the techniques of knitting. Knitted patchwork no less popular than the quilted fabric. In this technique, you can produce and traditional patchwork quilt and knitted clothing, from socks and finishing coats and cardigans. By the way, modern fashionable knitting machinery friform, based on the same principle as the patchwork. In short, for the manufacture of fashionable clothes in the style of patchwork, you only need to know how to cut and sew, or master the art of knitted or crocheted (not much difference).

 Clothing patchwork

A little bit about the possibilities

What gives us the garments made patchwork? Good mood, a sense of uniqueness and own irresistibility. This alone is enough to light up the idea and sew (or link) for something sort of in the style of patchwork. True, it is necessary to be patient, go through a bunch of various schemes for patterns or come up with something very very exclusive.

And what can be made of patchwork clothes? First of all, as a patchwork sewing technique is appropriate for summer dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, as well as any children's clothing. Crochet patchwork approach to create exclusive socks, stockings, fashionable jumpers, knitted coats and jackets. But, by the way, a dress or a skirt, too, can be attributed, not to sew!

Now on top of clothing. Brother by sewing a coat or jacket can be only in the case of impeccable tailoring possession. Therefore, if you are far from the AU in sewing, it is best to practice on children's clothes. Remember, impeccably stitched thing is not to look like sewn by hand. But knitting is just the opposite! Knitted Hand Maid, and it should look handmade - that's the value of it. However, coats and jackets patchwork - not the prerogative of the garment factories or fashion designer. Get plenty of effort, perseverance and accuracy! Believe me, you will discover the same.

Technology patchwork

If your intention is to make yourself patchwork clothing, you should learn about the technology of its manufacture. Taking as a basis patchwork, first come up with ornament (pattern diagram), and then purchase the appropriate fabric and cut out these patches. Do not forget to (according to the art of patchwork) previously prepared cloth, wash it and ironed. Then proceed with the cross-linking of patchwork-fabric. When the canvas is ready, you can begin to cut out part of the future of clothing, and then, and proceed directly to her sewing.

Knitted clothing is done a little differently. As with conventional knitting clothing first knit separate parts (front, back, sleeves and so on), and then combine them in the finished product. Only knit these parts vary in color (or invoice) thread immediately vyvyazyvaya patchwork pattern. For simple and light products (tunics, T-shirts) are best used needles, but pullovers, sweaters, jackets and other "serious" things more convenient to crochet.

For clothes patchwork, it is desirable not to use a large variety of colors of fabrics and yarn. Much more profitable to look patchwork Clothing made of parts similar (or identical) in color but different in texture and pattern. Avoid excessive brightness and diversity, so as not to be like exotic birds. Everything is good in moderation.

Clothing patchwork

A sense of proportion should not you change not only in the manufacturing process patchwork clothing, but also in the process of putting it. It is desirable to choose a dress sandals and accessories dull, and they have to be monotonous. But the make-up in this case, let's say just a bright and catchy.

Remember that clothing patchwork - in itself is a jewel. So avoid more jewelry and avoid wearing clothing with the jewelry. Be very careful patchwork clothing can easily become a tasteless kitsch, if you do not know the steps. However, do not be afraid to be original and bright. By following the basic rules of style, you will be able to look amazing! A patchwork fashion you do this will definitely help.

 Patchwork clothing: be bright and fashionable!

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 patchwork quilt


  • Getting Started
  • Making quick squares
  • Connection squares
  • Making duvets

If you're just starting to learn the technique of patchwork, it is desirable to start with a simple but large items. To work the best use of cotton fabrics. So we offer you to sew patchwork quilt squares of the fast. By the way, this method is mastered patchwork, you can quickly and easily master is not only blankets, bedspreads or blankets, but less overall things (pillows, pot holders and so on.)

Getting Started

First things first, you must determine the size of blankets and colors. Of course, it is desirable to use a tissue combined colors, but as an exercise in general can take any lengths of cloth. And for this we need is a blanket Cuts because we sew it from long strips of fabric that "transform" in patchwork squares. In addition, we will need a piece of fabric (size blankets) to the wrong side of the blanket and the same size otrez syntepon and cloth trim.

So, for the patchwork quilt cotton preparing three different colors, scissors, thread, pencil, ruler, square (or template-square) and a sewing machine. If you do not already know how to skillfully handle a sewing machine, you prepare well and pins with a needle or thread for smetyvaniya details.

Prepared cotton need to start to soak in hot water for about ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse it well with clean water. Not bad, and it would be podkrahmalit cloth. To do this, dissolve the starch in cold water (a tablespoon of starch per cup of water), in a separate pan, boil two liters of water, pour in boiling water starch solution and then remove the pan from the heat.

When the water has cooled slightly, rinse it in cotton and leave to dry by hanging on a rope or cloth on the bar. More wet cotton otgladte hot iron on the common thread, and that the fabric is not stuck to the iron, caress it through a dry gauze or thin cotton cloth.

That, indeed, is all. The fabric we have prepared, and now begin to create the fastest squares from which the blanket and sew patchwork. By the way, a master-class manufacturing quick squares in this way the artist was presented to Elena Folom'eva Gatchinsky Festival 2010.

 patchwork quilt

Making quick squares

For starters take two different colors of fabric and cut out of these two bands of equal width. Then add up the wrong side of the band, grind them well otutyuzhivaem seam. Then we measure the width of the resulting parts to cut out, and a third band (the third cut) of the same width plus seam allowance. Fold this strip with the first workpiece front side and back sew both sides. The result is a two-way "hand" - one side of the two sostrochennyh bands, the other one the whole band.

After that we expand our calico sleeve on the table and cut squares out of it. To do this, line-square impose on the fabric, turning a square corner down and aligning the extreme (diagonal) corners with the bottom line of the seam. Cut the part of the strip on the right side of the line (diagonally fabric strip, from right to left). We move the line to the left and up, combine extreme angles to the line the top line. At the same time the right corner of the line must lie on the intersection of the previous cutting line with the line of the seam. Again, we make an incision on the left side of the square left to right. Once pushed down, combine, cut off again - up, combine, cut off. And thus cut into sleeves of the two-sided triangle.

Expanding triangles, you will see that you get two kinds of patchwork squares, made of three different fabrics. It is these squares we will add to our manufacturing patchwork quilts.

Connection squares

For the manufacture of products used in a variety of patchwork patterns. Those squares that turned out we allow to make a diamond pattern in in the form of zigzags, triangles in the form or in the form of scales. Try different options, expanding our fast squares and choosing the picture that you like best and fits your conception of a blanket, made in the style of patchwork technique.

Choosing drawing, you can start linking the squares. First sostrachivaem squares longitudinal strips (width of the square) and iron out seams. Then, ready to grind down the strip turns into a whole cloth and then smoothes the seams well. The front side of the blanket ready!

 patchwork quilt

Making duvets

For our patchwork quilt using any suitable fabric, which will be its seamy side. But the best way for this to take otrez calico, muslin or staples. Now, spread on the table a piece of lining fabric face down, put him sintepon and laid on top of patchwork fabric (face up). Then baste or shear each other all the details and stitching quilt on the sewing machine: it is possible on the Limits of squares, but you can on the Limits of the resulting figure.

You're cut out border. For her, cut off a piece of cloth from the band width of eight centimeters in length and a little more than one side of the blanket. Fold in half edging (in length), press out is applied to the front side of the blanket, combining an open border with the cut edge of the blanket and sew. Next folded the free edges (departing from the blanket) edging to its underside, wrap the edging on the wrong side of the blanket and sew the front side, making a line on the canvas patchwork. Also, trim and other parties blankets.

However, for the border, you can use normal or sheathe inlay patchwork quilt in any way you like. You can, for example, sostrochit for edging strip from the remains of the three fabrics used for quick squares. It is possible to take only one of the finishing of fabrics, and it is possible to make edging of any other tissue. By the way, for baby blankets as a fringing can sew ruffles. But it depends on your taste, your ability to handle a needle and thread, on your mood and imagination. Successful start!

 Patchwork - a blanket of "fast" squares

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