papilloma treatment of folk remedies


  • Treatment of chicken eggs
  • Treatment of warts with the help of celandine
  • Treatment of warts using walnuts

Papillomas harmless enough - they may not threaten the health or discomfort, do not deliver. More precisely - do not cause physical discomfort. But psychologically they poison the lives of so many people. And so on warts usually try to get rid of as quickly as possible. But doctors in a hurry, not all, preferring to use the recipes of traditional medicine.

And in fairness it should be noted that in most cases they do it. So if you are still wondering if it's worth doing, drop their doubts aside. We offer you effective and completely safe for health recipes of traditional medicine. Of course, the safe only if you strictly follow the recommendations and ensure that you have not had an allergic reaction to any component parts.

And do not forget that to avoid a visit to the dermatologist at least irresponsible. Despite the fact that the papilloma - it is nothing like a benign tumor, it is in extremely rare cases, it can become cancerous. Furthermore, this problem - the result of the presence in the organism of human papilloma virus. And often get rid of warts is possible only after a special anti-viral therapy. So it is best to use the popular recipes as an aid, not a primary means.

 papilloma treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of chicken eggs

Chicken egg helps to get rid of even numerous papillomas. But it can be used only by people who are not prone to allergic reactions. External application can provoke allergies even if you have no problems eating the most eggs. If in doubt, conduct a test - on a small patch of skin in the elbow, apply the selected tool and leave for 10 minutes. If an allergic reaction is observed, we can safely use the selected tool.

  • Egg powder

To make this means you will need to shell two eggs, a band-aid and medical cotton wool. Red-hot oven to 250 degrees, spread on a baking sheet and place the shells in the oven for about 30 minutes. Then, when the egg shell has cooled, chop it as closely as possible - ideally using a grinder to a powder.

Place the egg powder in a glass or plastic container, sealed. Vata tear into small pieces, prepare a band-aid. Every papilloma liberally sprinkle egg powder top coat wool and secure with adhesive tape. Wearing such a structure requires about two to three weeks, changing every three days. As practice shows, these warts disappear after the first course of treatment.

  • Chicken protein

If papilloma still small, you can try to get rid of them using chicken protein. Break the egg, pour the contents into a cup - then cook pancakes. Well, or omelet. Take a cotton swab, soak it in a protein that was left on the walls of the shell, and then thoroughly lubricate papillomavirus.

Repeat this procedure three or four times a day, and if desired, and more often. About a week later papilloma significantly reduced in size. But in any case, do not relax or stop treatment - it should last as long as the papillomavirus completely gone. Typically, this requires three to four weeks. And the sooner treatment is started, the sooner disappear papillomavirus.

Treatment of warts with the help of celandine

Papilloma, as, indeed, and warts are afraid of fire celandine. We offer you a few time-tested recipes that will not leave on your warts disappeared. But note - celandine is aggressive enough, so can damage the healthy skin around the warts - try to avoid getting ready means.

And remember - any grass can trigger allergic reactions, so watch closely for the reaction of the organism. Well, at least the first few days - sometimes an allergy makes itself felt at once. If you let the matter take its course, attempts to treat papillomavirus folk remedies can turn into serious problems.

  • Juice of celandine

During the summer to cope with papillomas simply because to find fresh celandine - no problem. Yes, and the treatment requires almost no effort - tear the plant and delivered on a stalk juice thoroughly rub each papilloma. The first week wipe papilloma juice every three hours, the second and third week - three times a day. About a month and think you will forget about this trouble.

  • Celandine tincture on alcohol

It is rare, but still there are times when a simple juice of celandine helps. Do not despair - try a more potent agent. Cut celandine and place in a glass bowl three tablespoons, pour half a glass of water and half a glass of vodka. Close the bowl and place in the refrigerator for about five days. Do not forget during this time, periodically shaking the infusion.

Then it can drain, but, in principle, this procedure is not obligatory. Twice a day, morning and evening, to make compresses - soak a piece of cotton in the infusion, attach the papilloma, cover with plastic wrap and secure: it is possible with the help of a bandage, is possible by means of adhesive plaster. Duration compress - 15 minutes.

Then rinse with cool water papillomavirus, let the skin dry and lubricate the usual children's cream. Treatment should last for three weeks - after that survive only very persistent warts. The only disadvantage of this treatment - is that alcohol is very dry skin. And if you have already a very sensitive, it is better to abandon this method of treatment.

  • Celandine extract

This tool is sufficiently strong, but gentle. Preparing it as follows. Cut 150 grams of fresh celandine, place it in a small enamel container and fill the cup of boiling water. Once the water has cooled to room temperature and bring the infusion to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until the boil until most of the water - should be no more than the fourth part of the original volume.

Cover the pan with a lid and wrap in a towel, leave for 10 hours. Then, using a gauze fabric strain the broth and do not forget to press himself celandine. Receive funds pour into a glass jar and store in the refrigerator only. Every morning and every evening to make compresses - a gauze napkin and soak for 10 minutes, attach to the papilloma. Treatment should continue as long as the papillomavirus completely gone.

 unpleasant papilloma treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of warts using walnuts

If we talk about the treatment of warts by folk remedies, not to mention the walnuts. They cope even in the most severe cases, when all other means have failed.

  • Ointment on walnuts

This tool has a very special smell, so not everyone likes. But if you do not have to regularly go to work, this treatment has the right to be. For the preparation of ointments, you will need three shelled walnuts - ideally unripe. Skip walnuts through a meat grinder or chop using ordinary mortar, add a little bit of conventional kerosene - is to obtain a homogeneous creamy mass.

It is this mass and is used for the treatment of papillomas - apply a thick layer of the funds required to cover the top with plastic wrap and leave for about 30 minutes. This procedure is sufficient to do once a day, at bedtime, for no longer than one week. Although, in fairness it should be noted that last longer and do not need - papillomas disappear.

  • Infusion of the leaves of walnut

Put in a thermos 50 grams of fresh walnut leaves, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for at least one day. Get infusion wipe papilloma five - six times a day, for two to three weeks. Please note - means not so potent, so it is best used as an adjunct in the treatment of the main folk remedies.

  • Walnuts with honey

Sometimes it happens that papillomas tend to inflammation. In this case, it is best to try to get rid of them with the help of honey and walnuts. Incidentally, in the treatment of various diseases folk remedies honey is used very often. But, unfortunately, many people completely forget that honey can cause a very severe allergic reaction. Therefore, if you are not sure that you do not happen to this trouble, be sure to check your body's reaction to honey.

The very means of preparing not so difficult - clean from the shell 5 large walnut, carefully chop them and add a small amount of any of honey - you should have a mass of creamy consistency. Every morning and every evening, lubricate papillomavirus thick mixture. Top it necessarily cover with plastic wrap, to enhance the effect. For convenience, you can lock the wrap - an adhesive plaster or bandage, as you prefer. It must be at least one papilloma hours. Self treatment long enough - about one month.

If after a month of intensive treatment you will realize that papilloma categorically refuse to leave their homes, stop independent struggle. Simply go to the dermatologist who will choose the best way to remove warts. And just a couple of days you will see how the enemy will be defeated. After all, the victory is yours, is not it? And what this means, you have, in fact is not so important. The main thing is not to harm the health, choosing a method of treatment. And no one else will pick it better than a doctor.

 Papilloma: Treatment folk remedies

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