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  • Traditional treatment of papillomas
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of

Papilloma, of course, not so much stuff, like warts, but still pleasant enough. Therefore, you must get rid of them - at least for the sake of their mental health. After all physical, as a rule, it is not in danger. Is that with the exception of situations where the papilloma occurs in places where it can injure clothing.

Wise to seek help from a dermatologist, although many people prefer to get rid of warts using the recipes of traditional medicine. In fairness it should be noted that these recipes are often very effective. But unfortunately, they help long - existing papillomas disappear and in their place come new very soon.

The explanation is very simple - neoplasms arise from the fact that the body is the human papilloma virus. Therefore, the most reasonable to cure the virus, and then themselves papilloma. As you know, deal with your own virus is unlikely. Therefore, at least once visit the dermatologist. A popular recipes use both cohorts. Although, as a rule, conventional therapies are so effective that any additional steps not necessary.

 treatment of papilloma

Traditional treatment of papillomas

First the doctor will prescribe examination, talk with a patient and carefully examine it. Then, with all the characteristics of your body, your doctor will choose the antiviral therapy, which in the worst case, suppress the activity of the vital activity of the virus, and at best, and did destroy. Similar products in any case can not be taken without a doctor's prescription, but otherwise you run the risk of harm to your body.

After treatment, your doctor may suggest surgical removal of warts. You should not be afraid of this - modern medicine makes it possible to save people from a variety of benign lesions, including warts, completely painless and fast. Most likely, the doctor will offer you several options to choose from, and will talk about each of them, but it does not hurt to read in advance.

  • Cryolysis

For such a tricky name hides removing warts with liquid nitrogen. To completely remove papillomas enough just one procedure, and it is not too expensive. Due to these factors, this method was very widespread.

  • Electrocoagulation

This method implies a removal of tumors by means of electric current. The people, by the way, this treatment is called cauterization. It is not clear - why, but the fact remains. Recently, this treatment of papillomas applied less and less, because after him may remain traces.

  • Treatment of warts by laser

Laser removal of tumors by far the most expensive procedure, but also the best. Neither pain nor any scars on the skin just does not happen. So if you are determined to remove papillomas, laser treatment should be considered first.

 papilloma treatment

Folk remedies for the treatment of

If a radical treatment of papilloma you do not decide after antiviral therapy can try folk remedies that will help remove existing papillomas. All these funds are practically safe, unless you do not have an allergic reaction to a particular component.

  • Garlic

The easiest way - is garlic. Peel one or two small cloves garlic, chop it very carefully and attach to each papilloma. Top best cover wrap with plastic wrap or even a gauze cloth - is to strengthen the effect of garlic. Do not be surprised - most likely you will feel a slight burning and tingling. Worry about it not worth it, if the discomfort is not too strong.

After 15 minutes, rinse and wipe garlic papilloma cotton pad soaked in vegetable oil. This procedure must be repeated once a day for one week. If during this time to get rid of warts fails, take a break in three days and repeat the treatment.

  • Oak bark

Place in a saucepan three tablespoons of chopped oak bark, pour a half cup of boiling water and leave for a day. Then drain the water, and in the pulp of oak bark, add one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Thoroughly mix the mass and place it in a sealed container to be stored in the refrigerator.

Three times a day, apply a thick layer of mass to papilloma necessarily covering it with the plastic wrap. Such compress papilloma should be at 30 minutes, and then it is washed off by warm milk .... Treatment should continue for at least three weeks, even if the papillomas disappeared much earlier. If they do not disappear, to treat this means further makes no sense.

  • Medical tortilla

If a lot of warts, treat them much more difficult. But do not worry - in folk medicine and in this case stashed recipe. To prepare the tools you need flour, water and a few crushed cloves of garlic. Mix the garlic with the flour, add a little water and knead the dough from which the cake shape desired size. Apply this cake to the places of accumulation of papillomas to two hours a day - and just a couple of weeks they will disappear.

If all of your tricks are useless, still go to the doctor. Otherwise, you can treat papilloma very long.

 Papilloma: the treatment of traditional and folk remedies

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 remedy for warts


  • Folk omens
  • Traditional recipes of warts

Warts are able to spoil the mood of anyone. It is not surprising that people are trying to get rid of them in any way. And given the fact that the problems with warts were not yesterday, traditional medicine has accumulated a lot of different recipes. And many of them can be successfully used in our time, at home.

Just remember that traditional medicine has a right to exist only after your visit to the doctor. And just in case the doctor will allow you to use a particular recipe. Strictly follow the recipe and cook it according to the selected remedy for warts and follow the recommendations for use.

Folk omens

As described below hardly a recipe for warts - rather, it is the people's superstitions. And there is no scientific basis for a no. But ignore them still not worth it - you never make jokes? In the fight against warts without exception means are good. Of course, within reason - do not start to burn warts hydrochloric acid. So:

  • Potatoes

To eliminate the warts, you will need one medium-sized tuber raw potatoes. How should I wash the potatoes, cut them in half. These halves - slice - all the good rub on your body warts. Then add the potato halves and firmly tie them in half and thread.

Then two options - to dig potatoes in the ground and wait until it is completely rotted. The second option - put the potatoes in a bag and leave it to rot at home. Unless you enjoy the smell of collateral. So what's better yet to pick up a shovel. Or shoulder - meter pit you do not need. Folk wisdom has it that as soon as the potatoes will rot and wart will disappear.

  • Thread

Yes, you can try to get rid of warts using a conventional thread. Take a 20-centimeter-thick thread, bring alternately to each wart and tie one nodule. Then thread bury or just throw over your left shoulder. And to do that popular wisdom recommends a waning moon. After about two or three weeks the warts disappear.

 Treatment of warts by folk remedies

Traditional recipes of warts

Signs of signs, but also about the real folk remedies for warts and growths should not be forgotten. All recipes are safe for health, unless, of course, you are not allergic to a particular component. Of course, only if you follow all of the recommendations - amateur to anything.

  • Ash

The most common ash is capable of performing miracles. Take a few matches, completely remove sulfur heads and burn them. The resulting mash embers into a powder, and that you will use for the treatment of warts. Before use, dilute the ashes with water so that you have turned monotonous thick paste. Apply it on the wart and be sure to seal the plaster to ash after drying does not crumble - it must remain exactly day, to the new application.

It is not necessary to prepare for the future ash - every morning you must burn new matches and prepare fresh slurry. Within three days you will notice that the warts began to shrink and shrink in size. However, treatment should not be stopped, or they soon will be old form - the entire course should last at least 14 days. If necessary, after a week's break, the treatment can be repeated.

  • Celandine

Equally effective and celandine - it is a great ally in the fight against warts. In winter, the pharmacy can buy ready-made infusion of celandine and three times a day to lubricate their warts. Treatment should continue until their complete disappearance. In summer, the same time it is best to use fresh juice of celandine - just lubricate them warts twice a day for a month. If during this time the warts will not be lost, do a week break and repeat the treatment again.

  • Taraxacum

Since ancient times people are very successfully treated with the help of fresh dandelion. To prepare the tools you'll need 7-10 freshly picked dandelion stems and 50 grams of vodka. Stems finely chop and place in a glass bowl, pour the vodka and place in refrigerator to infuse for two weeks. Then wipe receive the infusion of warts - morning and evening. Treatment should continue for two months - usually this is enough to remove even the most stubborn warts.

  • Vinegar

Note - you will need is vinegar essence, not vinegar. In addition, you need a normal band-aid. The hole cut a band-aid on the size of the wart and stick it. Simply put, the skin around the wart should be protected by a wart and the wart itself for access should be free. If you do not, you can damage healthy skin.

Take the usual wheat white flour and mix with vinegar essence so that you have a stiff dough. Place the required number of tests on the wart and cover the top with plastic wrap and secure with another band-aid. Wrap a bandage or - as you like, because the dough needs to be on the wart for days.

Every morning cook fresh and change it. And do not forget about the band-aid, which has a protective function - it also must be changed at least once in three days, in order to avoid allergic reactions. Treatment should continue for about two weeks. If this is insufficient to eliminate warts, after a two-week break, the course is quite possible to repeat.

Means almost universal - eventually disappear, even the stuffy and large warts. There is one "but" - this method often leaves the warts are small scars. Therefore, to remove warts in conspicuous places it means is better not to use.

  • Lime

The infusion of lemon peel is also very effective, but at times he acts harmless. To prepare means finely chop the rind of two lemons, put in a glass jar, pour half a glass of apple cider vinegar and cover with lid. The tool should infuse in the refrigerator for at least one week. And then use it to wipe the warts - morning and evening. Treatment should last at least a month. And if necessary, you can make a three-day break and then continue. As a rule, 6-7 hours warts begin to take their positions.

  • Salt

If the warts are located on the hands, you can use table salt. Ideally, you need a small linen bag, but in extreme cases will come down and the usual plastic bag packaging. Stir in half a pack a large salt and lower your arms for about 15 minutes. All this time, then polish warts salt such movements as if you lather your hands.

Shake off the salt with it, but do not soak your hands for at least three hours. It is best to do this procedure twice a day - in the morning and evening. But in a pinch, you can do at one time - in this case, the treatment takes a little longer. After about two or three days on the skin will begin to appear watery blisters like burns. In a few days the skin starts to peel off the layers, together with the existing warts.

Despite the fact that it looks like everything is pretty scary, no pain at the same time you will not experience, and the skin recovers very quickly. The treatment itself should not last more than seven days, as will the risk of severe skin irritation. And the control of the doctor in this case, too, does not hurt. Unless, of course, you will find an expert who will agree to such a non-specific treatment.

  • Onion

Clean the head of a small onion and cut it so that you get the pieces slightly larger than the wart. Fill them with apple cider vinegar and put in the fridge for an hour. Then, using a bandage or adhesive tape to secure the warts, leave overnight. Repeat similar procedure every night for 14 days.

As you can see, a lot of recipes and you're sure to quickly get rid of warts. But if after one or two months of treatment have failed, only one solution - to remove the warts surgically. There is nothing wrong - the usual cosmetic procedure that physicians is a common practice.

 The best remedy for warts - what is it?

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