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Papilloma can occur in almost any person - both adult and a child. In most cases, if the papilloma and a small size, a person simply does not pay attention to it - do not worry, okay. However, this is the time - if there was one papilloma, sooner or later, will be the second and third. Of course, if no begin appropriate treatment.

And get rid of warts by yourself you are unlikely to succeed. No, of course, using the recipes of traditional medicine, you can remove from the skin papilloma, but still very high probability that there will papilloma elsewhere. So how do you break this vicious? Let's deal together.

All of papilloma

First, you should make sure you are dealing precisely with papilloma. In principle, it is not hard to do - look papillomavirus is very specific - small benign tumor color, resembling papilla. Of course, it is only small in the beginning, then papilloma increases in size, and moreover, if it is not, one can merge with neighboring neoplasms, forming a whole colony.

The most common papilloma oblyubovyvayut place where the mucous membranes go into the skin - the corners of the lips, genitals. In addition, the vulnerable inner thighs and shoulders. But elsewhere the appearance of warts is also not uncommon. You can find anywhere, sometimes in the most unexpected places - on the face, the palms, the soles.

Papilloma there a reason - they are the result of the body's human papillomavirus. And, as you know, successfully get rid of the papillomavirus can be used only if eliminate the virus. Therefore, strictly speaking, the treatment should be comprehensive - the removal of the papillomas and antiviral therapy. All other attempts to get rid of papillomas may be a temporary measure and no more.

Interesting fact - doctors say that papilloma virus infected more than 90% of the adult population. Of course, in most cases the virus for a long time does not manifest itself - for the time being. While the immune system is working smoothly, the virus is almost no chance to shine. But immunity is a little loose, as it is activated.

Infected can be anywhere - in direct contact with a human carrier of the virus, through everyday - objects of common use, showers, locker rooms, swimming pools. Enough, even the slightest, not visible to the naked eye damage to the skin, the virus entered the body. Well, after the appearance of papillomas - only a matter of time, sometimes very short.


Treatment of papilloma

The first thing you need to do is find a papilloma - to go to the dermatologist. First, the physician should make sure that it really is a papilloma. Secondly, the doctor will choose the appropriate course of antiviral therapy to you that destroy the human papilloma virus. And thirdly, your doctor may suggest a few ways to remove warts:

  • A liquid nitrogen

The essence of this method of wart removal is as follows. Doctor with a special applicator to put on papilloma liquid nitrogen and leave for a while - it turns a kind of frost. Papilloma tissue damaged and begin to die. Initially formed a bubble with a water content, which is 10 days, dries and falls off. Ideally, on-site papilloma should not remain a trace.

  • Electricity

Electrocoagulation is also quite effective in removing papillomas, leaving no scars. The procedure itself is virtually painless and takes only a few minutes - with the help of a low-frequency current doctor damages blood vessels that feed the papilloma. As a result of its tissue and begin to die within a few days of papillomavirus will be over.

  • Laser beam

Laser removal of benign tumors to date, the most popular. What other matters, and it is clear - the procedure is painless, bloodless, papilloma disappear immediately, scars on the skin remains. In this procedure, there is only one "but" - the price is quite high. But health - not on what you can save. Right?

 What is a papilloma

Folk remedies for removing warts

As practice shows, very few people agree on removing warts your doctor. Who does not want to spend money, someone has no time for a visit to the doctor. But more often it is only an excuse - in most cases, people are simply afraid. And to cope with papilloma own. And, in fairness, it should be noted that often they do it. We offer you some of the most safe and effective traditional medicine recipes that will help get rid of the papillomavirus. But remember - the visit to the doctor would not be able to avoid, because he has to prescribe antiviral treatment.

And another very important point, which I would like to remind - essential to comply with the proportions and technology of preparation of an agent, apply it only to papilloma and do not make the procedures more often than recommended. Otherwise you risk damaging the healthy skin around the warts. And remember - folk remedies NOT be used in the case of papilloma settled on mucous membranes!

  • Garlic

Garlic - the first assistant in the fight against any tumors on the skin. But remember that garlic can damage the skin, so protect it. The easiest way - any fat cream, applied to the skin around the papilloma thick. And the most reliable - adhesive tape. Cut a hole in it such a size that it climbed papilloma and stick to the skin. Everything is ready - the skin is protected and free access to the papilloma.

Clean two or three cloves of garlic, chop them carefully and attach the resulting slurry to the papilloma minute 20. Normally, you should feel a slight tingling. But if the discomfort is too much, rinse immediately garlic, and next time before applying the slurry, add a few drops of any vegetable oil. This procedure must be repeated every other day for a month. As a rule, it is time enough to get rid of papillomas, but if necessary after a week break course of treatment can be repeated.

If a lot of warts on the skin and they are located heap, you can try garlic cake. Clean few cloves of garlic, add a little flour and knead the dough. Shape the cake out of it, apply to the papilloma and secure - you can with the help of a bandage and plaster can be. The cake should remain on the skin for at least two hours, so it's best to do this procedure every night for two weeks. Typically, such treatment helps to get rid of even the biggest of papillomas.

  • Onion

Another great tool for removing papillomavirus - the most usual onions, which operates more smoothly than garlic. Peel half of small onions, finely chop it and put in a deep dish. Pour the onion apple cider vinegar and leave for about two hours - in the end should be a soft bow.

Onion Mash with a fork so as to obtain always mashed. Apply it on papilloma, the top cover with plastic wrap and leave on for 30 minutes. Then rinse the skin with plenty of cool water and lubricate any baby cream. Suffice it to repeat this procedure every day for one month. This treatment will allow you to get rid of even the inveterate and large papillomas.

Sometimes, if the tumor is located in such a way that you injure his, it may become inflamed. In this case, it would be the ideal means of onions with aloe. Cut a quarter of small onions, pour the apple cider vinegar and leave it for three hours. Then pour the vinegar, onion remember a fork and add three tablespoons of cooked mashed potatoes in advance of aloe leaves. The resulting mixture was put on papilloma, cover with gauze cloth and leave for two hours.

Then wash the skin with cool water, wipe and apply a thin layer of baby oil. The same procedure must be done no more than three times a week. Of course, the treatment will take much longer - about three months.

 Papilloma: causes and treatment



  • Causes of boils
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis boils
  • Location location - head: causes, symptoms and treatment
  • Complications due to incorrect treatment of boils
  • What can be done with boils
  • We treat boils in the hospital, what should the doctor do
  • Prevention: how to avoid the appearance of boils

Furuncle - inflammation and suppuration of the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues. An abscess may form on any part of the body, but most often it appears on the neck, in the armpits, groin, on the face, chest, knees, buttocks. If time does not pay attention to this problem, boils can greatly increase in size. In very severe cases the patient is subject to an emergency hospitalization, as without surgery in exacerbations can not do.

Causes of boils

Note boils do not appear where there is no hair (the soles of the feet, hands). The disease occurs when the bacteria get inside the hair follicles through the channels. When they are clogged, bacteria proceed to proliferate. Naturally, your immune system begins to fight the infection, while stressing the white blood cells. The place where there is an inflammatory process, swells, reddens and swells. Inside the cavity formed pus. If the boil is not open and not completely remove the contents, it will hurt badly.

But before you start fighting abscess, it is necessary to find out why it happened. Otherwise, in the future boils again will appear on the body. After all, if you do not eliminate the cause of the disease, the consequences can be unpredictable, until the formation of carbuncles. Thus, it can be:

  • Weak immune system and exhaustion

Perhaps the body of the sick person simply can not cope with the bacteria get inside. It should be noted that the deterioration usually occurs during the winter-spring period, when particularly strong shortage of vitamins. Often, this also happens after suffering serious illnesses. Do not forget that long-term exercise, constant fatigue, stress - all this leads to disruption of the nervous system. As a result - the boil on the body.

  • Neglect of hygiene and skin irritation

If a person does not pay enough attention to personal hygiene and to clean, for example, once a week (or even rarer). If it is rough synthetic clothes that t skin. If it comes into contact with chemicals, it may appear boils.

  • Failure of the sebaceous and sweat glands

Excessive sweating leads to irritation. The salt remaining on the body, eats away at the skin. Through microcracks bacteria that are actively multiplying in such a favorable environment for themselves, are beginning to penetrate the follicle. Therefore, if you do not want to cut then from underarm boil, do not forget about deodorant and antibacterial agents, which are sold in pharmacies and stores.


Symptoms and Diagnosis boils

In the initial stages, we often do not pay attention to the boil, since taking his usual spot. Thinking that he will soon take place, the girl, in the best case, wipe it with alcohol or even left alone. In the worst - they start to squeeze. Remember once and for all, if all the pus formation is not removed, the boil more quickly and more will be developed. And if that happens, it can only help the surgeon.

Therefore, it is important to learn to distinguish between acne and boils. So, first the person begins to scratch the skin. After some time, there are unpleasant pain. Itchy red portion and gradually swells. The next step - the formation of an inflamed nodule. Furuncle becomes purple-red color and slightly drawn up. And the longer you wait, the worse.

After 3 days of education in necrosis of tissue. Then boil begins to ache unbearably. Associated symptoms: severe headache, malaise, fatigue, fever (up to 38 degrees). If an abscess appeared on the knee or in the joint, any movement will cause discomfort. Cases of inflammation of the lymph nodes, which are located near the affected area.

If all goes well (and this happens, but rarely), then formed necrotic core of a few days later starts rejected by yourself. In its place, a small wound that may bleed slightly. A little more - and all the pain, swelling, inflammation pass. The main thing - do not bring in this period the infection.

The average whole process takes up to 12 days (minimum - 8). In the same case, when there is a complication of pyo-necrotic process can go beyond the follicle. Then boil should be removed with a scalpel, but only in a specialized institution.

  • Furunculosis

Often patients do not appear on the body of a boil, but several. If this happens all the time, you should immediately consult your doctor, as evidenced by the formation of a more serious illness. It should be a complete examination, get tested. And only then can we start treatment.

  • Carbuncle

This disease is characterized by inflammation of the hair follicles of several nearby. And if you can go boil yourself, carbuncle can only be removed surgically in the clinic. Postoperatively, the patient must be properly care for the wound to prevent inflammation and repeated suppuration.

Location location - head: causes, symptoms and treatment

  • Furuncle on the eve of the nose

The disease usually occurs as a result of scratching the surface of the skin at the site. Staph infection very quickly penetrates through hairline cracks and begins to spread. After a while, a person can develop teeth, whiskey, eye, sometimes much fever. Possible spread of edema and other areas of the face. The nose (the tip of the wings and) at the same time greatly swollen, and boil - increases. If you do not start on time treatment, pus can get into the blood vessels.

  • The boil on the nose

As in the previous case, the boil appears because entering a staph infection. Symptoms almost the same: fever, swelling, redness, pain, swelling. The disease lasts several days, with the condition is getting worse.

  • Furuncle in the ear canal

It arises as a result of improper care, scratching or damage. First, there are unpleasant sensations in the neck pain, gums. When chewing or talking symptoms may increase. When pressed on the cartilage of the ear, where the boil, you may feel a sharp pain.

 What is a boil

Complications due to incorrect treatment of boils

Firstly, it may cause blood poisoning (due to infection). If not properly treated, when you yourself are trying to squeeze the boil begins purulent inflammation of the lymph nodes. Especially dangerous is education, which are near the veins. In some instances, an abscess that appeared on his face, is fatal. Even a boil can cause the formation of metastases in the internal organs (liver, kidneys).

Therefore, in no case do not self-medicate. It should be noted that even an ordinary pimple cosmetologists do not recommend squeezing hands and improvised tools (nail file, blades, etc.). Trust your skin only experienced professionals who understand the problem.

What can be done with boils

There are a number of rules and restrictions related to the disease. Often, the fair sex to forget about them and act at random. This negligence is not only difficult to diagnose and treat, but also leads to tragic consequences.

So, after the skin formed a boil, immediately go to the clinic and make an appointment. Under no circumstances should you treat it with iodine, brilliant green and other coloring products. Otherwise, the doctor is difficult to estimate the size of the abscess and the area of ​​its distribution.

Also, do not squeeze the boil, especially if it is located on the face. Firstly, you can not completely clean out the pus. Second, you risk damaging your skin and bring an infection in the blood. And it is fraught with more serious complications, ranging from meningitis, brain abscess ending.

Note that you can not even picks open a ripe boil. In no case do not use self-piercing and cutting items. Do you think that alcohol is completely disinfects the skin and tools? This is the most common mistake that we usually assume! Doctors have sterilized all in a special solution to ensure complete safety. For some types of infections are not destroyed by usual peroxide or 90% ethyl alcohol.

Remember once and for all: if you did not have complications, should become evident boil itself. And once that happens, put a scar on a piece of gauze and secure it with tape. Change the bandage at least once a day, at least. Avoid moisture, try to keep the water from falling on the area of ​​the body.

Wadding, non-sterile cloths, pieces of cloth, etc. it is better not to put on the boil. You should also be careful with ointments, as they can cause irritation or inflammation. And do not forget the next day to consult a surgeon. He will examine the wound and prescribe you medication. But in any case, do not drink antibiotics at random! They can harm your health.

If you or your relatives are not the body formed bacteremia (multiple boils in a small area), do not try to treat it. Here, even the folk recipes and pharmacy medicines do not help. Only the surgeon's scalpel to deal with this problem.

If you work with food or people who take sick! Firstly, on legs any disease transferred into hundred times heavier. Secondly, it is a violation of sanitary norms. Think, would you like to eat bread or cake, baked by the hands of such a person. Was it nice to you, if the nurse covered with ulcers, work with your child.

 boil tips

We treat boils in the hospital, what should the doctor do

Initially, the doctor examines the boil and damage the surface to reveal the disease site. If you need surgery, the patient is given a local anesthetic and begin to gently open the boil. Once the pus is completely out, the drainage is done. In the early stages, patients are treated as outpatients.

If exacerbation occurred, the patient stays in the hospital under expert supervision. Also, you can put in a surgical ward, if a boil was formed on the face and cause swelling. The patient is prescribed a certain time to bed and given only a liquid diet.

Prevention: how to avoid the appearance of boils

Now you know that a boil and how to fight it. But you will agree, is much easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. To avoid further recurrence, first, start to eat right. Eat as much more than citrus, as they contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

Avoid fatty, spicy, smoked food. If the boil again appeared on the body, try to eliminate some of the menu meat dishes: pork, lamb. Replace them with poultry and fish. At least once a week, completely clean the intestines. This can make an ordinary salad raw carrots, beets, apples, cabbage, and olive oil. Well, if you're drinking every night for a drink kefir, sour milk, sour.

To boil does not appear on the neck, arms or legs, wear comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics. Get rid of synthetic products which causes irritation. By the way, erasing items in the machine, or place it in extra rinse to completely wash the powder.

Observe the rules of personal hygiene! Often boil formed on the site where the accumulated dust, dirt and sweat. Take a contrast shower in the morning and evening. In the hot season look into the bathroom more often. At work, use antibacterial wet wipes.

 Furuncle: what it is and how to fight it?