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  • Pancakes "Cheese" on milk
  • Pancakes "Delicious" with raisins and cottage cheese
  • Pancakes with soft cheese filling in the oven
  • Pancakes from kefir dough with pears and cheese

We all know the Carnival - a holiday known for its broad and popular festivities with dances, songs, sledding, burning at the stake of stuffed animals; but the most important thing is the preparation of tender golden cakes. But the pancakes - one of the most loved our meals, and we prepare them not only on Shrove Tuesday. It can be attributed to the popularity of pancakes and a huge variety of recipes. For example, you can make pancakes with cottage cheese and add fresh fruit or berries. Be creative as you like, all at your fingertips.

Wonderful dessert pancakes on the basis of obtained with ice cream, strawberries, pears, apples, bananas, oranges, even some use. All recipes are different and dissimilar. We can only choose from a variety of culinary delights the one most suitable for the spirit and the taste for you. Note that depending on the test, gravies, toppings and varies the amount of calories and dishes.

If you do not have a sweet tooth, try to cook pancakes with milk and meat, minced meat, mushrooms, chicken, cheese, or, for example, fried liver with onions. The mass of options, but today, we still offer to dwell on desserts. After all, such dishes are always uplifting, make at least a few minutes to forget about the problems and see the world in new ways.

Some girls say that the number of calories contained in a dish, stem from cooking pancakes. All fixable, because if you want you can make the product easier and more useful. But more about that a little later, and now we will look simple, but incredibly delicious recipes, to learn that the power of every man, both novices and pros in this cooking art. Pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese - a light, delicate and at the same time, a hearty breakfast for the whole family. So why not to please themselves and their loved ones?

Pancakes "Cheese" on milk

Want to treat cottage cheese pancakes from their relatives - spouse, children or perhaps your parents? Then the first thing you need to master the preparation of tender and succulent dishes. The aid is offered the following recipe. It is a simple and relatively economical. The dough can be made different - many prefer to mix it into yogurt, serum or water. We will tell you about other ways: to prepare the foundation milk. Serve dessert with honey, homemade berry jam, sour cream or without anything. Whichever you choose gravy anyway pancakes with cottage cheese will turn out very tasty, you'll see!



  • 500 milliliters of milk
  • five eggs
  • teaspoon sugar
  • Ten grams of vegetable oil
  • a glass of flour
  • salt


  • 500 grams of cottage cheese
  • homemade egg (yolk only need)
  • small spoon of vanilla sugar
  • 18 grams of a conventional sugar

Cooking method:

Beat eggs well, then add the sugar, a pinch of salt and warm milk. Gradually pour the flour, stirring constantly until until lumps will remain. Before baking add vegetable oil. Pancakes fry in a pan. The filling is done as follows: cottage cheese with sugar is necessary to introduce the yolk of one egg and vanilla sugar. Finished products stuff with cottage cheese and roll. The resulting dish is to fry in a pan with the addition of butter or cream to serve. Bon Appetit!

 pancakes with cottage cheese

Pancakes "Delicious" with raisins and cottage cheese

This recipe even more delicious than the last! We offer to cook pancakes with cottage cheese, adding to their sweet golden raisins. Make the dish is not difficult - the procedure is quite simple and fast. You can replace the cheese curd shopping - vanilla or fruit with dried apricots. Then do not even have to spend time preparing stuffing - will only add to it a little raisin. I would like to say to all women: do not need to count how many calories are in the dessert - one or two pancakes, eaten for breakfast, no way will affect your figure, but definitely lift the mood. So be sure to write down the recipe and treat yourself to your favorite.


The dough for pancakes with cottage cheese:

  • 500 grams of sifted flour
  • eggs - two pieces
  • tablespoon vegetable oil
  • a large spoonful of sugar
  • salt
  • a glass of milk

For the cheese filling:

  • 100 grams of raisins
  • 500 grams of cottage cheese (calories can be reduced by using low fat dairy products)
  • 15 grams sugar
  • 100 grams of sour cream
  • teaspoon vanilla sugar
  • salt - place as you like

Cooking method:

You must first beat the eggs, then add to it a pinch of salt and sugar. This also enter the warm milk, then gradually pour the flour, continuing to stir constantly. Before baking, add the vegetable oil. Heat a frying pan and sauté well on each side of the product. Pancakes come out thin and gold only in the event that if you pour a little test - no more than half of the ladle. To mass well spread out over the entire surface of the dish, gently rotate the latter in one direction and then the other.

Cooking pancakes made of curd almost come to an end - left to make delicious toppings. For this purpose it is necessary either omit the dairy through a meat grinder or grind it through a sieve. Raisins should pour boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Then carefully rub the cottage cheese, golden berries, salt, sugar and egg yolk into a homogeneous mass. Put it on the midway of each product, wrapping it around the edges. The resulting pancakes with cottage cheese is recommended before serving fry for a while in a pan with a little butter. Then they pour melted honey liquid or cream and enjoy the results of the culinary art.

If you are very sensitive about their figure and experience of the extra weight, remember a few simple rules. So, to reduce the amount of calories contained in the dessert, have a little change and improve the recipe. Firstly, it is possible to knead dough in milk and water. Secondly, going to the supermarket, choose a low-fat product, and then eliminate the yolk. Try to replace it with a light cream that will prepare more elastic and soft ground.

If pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins - is a standard breakfast in your family, of course, over time, will want to change. We provide an improved recipe, not making stuffing with berries, but with dried apricots and bananas. In general, fresh fruits perfectly combined with cheese, so you can safely add the kiwi, oranges or, say, a mango. Do not count the number of calories eaten, just enjoy the delicious and healthy food.

Pancakes with soft cheese filling in the oven

No matter how many calories pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins, a few pieces of this delicious delicacy in no way violate your forms. This recipe is ideal for the true lovers of the sweet teeth, and dried fruit - golden offer to bake sweet products with dried apricots, prunes, for a variety of add quite a bit of raisins. The stuffing is usually put sour cream, but if you are cooking a dish for your baby, be sure to enter a few spoonfuls of condensed milk. And to reduce calorie dessert, you can knead the dough on the basis of ordinary water, but it is, as they say, an entirely different recipe. Understand how delicious pancakes with cottage cheese are obtained, it is very easy - just cook them than now, and let's turn.


The dough for pancakes cottage cheese:

  • ½ kilo of sifted flour
  • eggs - two pieces
  • half a cup of milk
  • sugar - add to your taste (remember, the less sugar, so, consequently, fewer calories)
  • a pinch of salt
  • olive oil or other vegetable oil - a few milliliters (useful for frying)

Filling for pancakes cottage cheese:

  • 80 grams of prunes
  • 20 grams of soft raisins
  • half a kilogram low fat cottage cheese
  • 70 grams of dried apricots
  • salt - optional
  • 200 ml condensed milk

Cooking method:

First we need to beat the eggs in a solid foam, gradually podsypaya them sugar, and in the end, add a pinch of sea salt. Everyone, let alone a woman, want to look attractive, so many women find the number of calories contained in a particular dish. If you are dieting, you put the preparation of pancakes with cottage cheese for later. This recipe is more suitable for kids and real sweet tooth, indulge in desserts. After filling includes evaporated milk, several kinds of dried fruits - here the number of calories, as you know, is large enough.

Back to our test: after carefully vzobete eggs and pour into the mixture slightly warmed milk and enter the pre-sifted flour. The product gradually pour out - two or three spoons - or form lumps. Whisk constantly working actively stirring the mass. Just before baking, add a little vegetable oil. Then pour 0, 5 ladle dough on a well-heated pan and cook the first product.

Baking pancakes with cottage cheese - a delicate matter, but it comes with experience. The first cakes can come thick and ugly. If the dough is badly lagging behind the dishes, try to warm up the pan, pour into it one-half cup of salt. Then brush with oil and try to make another product. You'll see, everything will turn out. While your golden creations will cool down, get stuffed.

How to add dried fruit - a private matter. If you plan to feed the pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins your baby, put a little more, because all children love the sweet. So the first thing to do is to mix the cottage cheese with chopped dried apricots and prunes, then lightly salt mass, if necessary. To raisins did not spoil the taste of the product, fill it with boiling water and soak in water for about ten minutes. Drain excess liquid and dry the berries well, using a towel or napkin. Mix them with the remaining ingredients. Mash with a fork until smooth, then it Stuff each piece and roll up their tube or triangle.

Put the pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins on the processed butter pan. Cut them into two parts, pour condensed milk and send it in the oven. The oven temperature should not exceed 160 degrees, heated dish is not more than fifteen minutes. The food will appeal to everyone: kids and adults. If you are concerned about the amount of calories, just eat for breakfast a few pieces of dessert. As they say nutritionists around the need to comply with the measure. If desired, the dough can do on the water, do not use condensed milk, replace it with a fragrant jam or honey. Each recipe deserves attention and has its own characteristics. Enjoy your own baked pancakes with cheese in the oven!

 pancakes with cottage cheese recipe

Pancakes from kefir dough with pears and cheese

If you add a delicious dessert, juicy pear, you will be able to surprise the seemingly familiar pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese. Surely the dish will be even more delicious and quite original. In this recipe includes chocolate, which is required for the gravy. Naturally, this will give the dessert a few extra calories, so if you are worried about your figure, you can use any other sauce or do without it. Enjoy pancakes with cottage cheese or invite his favorite to visit friends. The company with the delicacy required to pass an evening of fun and satisfying.


  • 500 milliliters of warm yogurt
  • 12 grams sugar
  • homemade egg
  • vanilla sugar
  • Two grams of salt
  • 0, 5 small spoon slaked soda
  • 250-270 grams of sifted flour
  • refined oil - for frying

Filling for pancakes tender:

  • -ounce bundle of not too fat cottage cheese - two pieces
  • Three big juicy pear
  • Brown sugar
  • tablespoon brandy (can use liquor or other spirits)
  • 20 grams of butter
  • sour cream - to taste


  • Tile milk or dark chocolate
  • granulated sugar
  • cinnamon
  • 35 milliliters of milk

Cooking method:

First, let's look at some of the nuances. Firstly, sauce for pancakes with curd can be done both in milk and water. In addition, chocolate is sometimes replaced conventional cocoa powder, which allows to save money. Thanks kefir products obtained tender and thin, well-baked through. Let's start: a little warm the milk product, then pour into it the usual and vanilla sugar, a few grams of salt. In a separate bowl, sift the flour, enter it slaked vinegar soda. Then whisk, beat egg and combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Knead to measure liquid homogeneous dough for tender pancakes with cottage cheese. Make sure that all lumps dissolve.

Red-hot pan of oil-treated, then pour on it a little bit of the mix and fry on both sides of the product. Similarly prepare pancakes and others. Gently fold them slide on a flat plate and let cool. In the meantime, should do filling. To crush cheese, pour sugar in it and rub the product with a conventional fork, then enter here the cream. Washed pears dry, remove them from the midway, cut into cubes and fry with brown sugar in a pan. At the end, pour into a bowl of alcohol and boil for some time under the cover plate. You turned karmelizirovannye fruit.

Stuff each pancake curd and gently roll it. Then place on a beautiful dish, garnish with pears on top and pour the sauce. The recipe of its preparation is simple: Melt the chocolate at a minimum the fire, then enter in a bowl milk, pre warmed in the microwave. Optionally, add the sugar and ground cinnamon, cook to medium density.

We wish all of culinary success! We hope these recommendations will help to diversify your menu - cook pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins, fantasize, and supplementing them with sweet sauces and gravies. In general, live with taste and pleasure.

 Pancakes with cottage cheese: a delicate breakfast for the whole family

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