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  • Pancakes on kefir pastry with mushrooms and onions
  • Pancakes with milk and mushroom stuffing
  • Pancakes on the water with meat and mushrooms

Some housewives of only one word, "pancakes" throws in a cold sweat. Many products simply do not turn out - the output is too thick, then burning and removed from the pan. A few near misses, and would-be chef refuses to cook this delicious and delicate dish. But in vain, because all takes practice - you may find a bad recipe, make the dough too thick, or made another mistake.

The reasons can be mass, but it does not mean you have to deny yourself the pleasure to try this delicacy. Our tips will help you prepare an incredibly juicy and satisfying dish with different flavors of mushrooms in combination with vegetables, chicken and cheese. If this is your first culinary experience, do not be afraid to fail - not for nothing that they say that "the first pancake is always lumpy"!

Pancakes on kefir pastry with mushrooms and onions

Stuffed pancakes with mushrooms can be eaten at any time of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner without harm to its shape. If you think the dish is too dry, water it with sour cream, cream or mayonnaise. This offer does not suit you? Then we recommend to prepare a delicious delicate cream sauce with the addition of onions, fragrant spices and garlic. In fact, the usual options to diversify dish weight: you can "play" with the filling by combining, for example, mushrooms with chicken, and the next time replace the meat with grated hard or processed cheese. Each recipe is unique, so there is something to experiment.


For the dough:

  • liter of yogurt average fat content
  • Eggs - three of them
  • Five grams of sodium chloride
  • 20 milliliters of oil
  • two cups of flour (product advised to sift, then the dough will more airy and delicate)
  • soda - one teaspoon
  • a small piece of butter - for frying

For filling:

  • one large chicken
  • Half of pepper
  • fresh parsley - optional
  • Salt and spices
  • bulb onion
  • vegetable oil - for frying
  • 150 grams of fresh mushrooms

For the gravy:

  • ¾ cup boiling faceted, but not too hot water
  • two large spoons of sour cream
  • Wheat flour - eight grams
  • salt

Cooking method:

Pancakes stuffed with mushrooms and chicken in cream sauce will give pleasure to each member of your family. Thanks kefir dough turns out very soft and airy, well removed from the frying pan and browns well. If a pet is often home this dish, we recommend to buy a special dish with non-stick coating, which should be prepared exclusively pancakes.

So let's start with the preparation of dough. To put all of this pre-specified in the prescription products from the refrigerator, since they must be at room temperature. Then pour the yogurt into a small saucepan, lightly salt it, then enter the whisk eggs. The resulting mixture was send on a slow fire and heat, but do not bring it to a boil.

Now, in a glass of boiling water, dilute soda and stir until it is completely dissolved, and pour the liquid in future tests. At the end, add the vegetable oil. You just have to sift the flour and put it to the other ingredients. Thoroughly mixing them, get rid of lumps. To do this it will be much easier if you use a mixer or blender. Several whipping cutlery, and the mass becomes perfectly homogeneous. Note that it should not be too thick - it is necessary that the density of the dough was like a fat sour cream.

When the deal with all the preparations, the resulting mixture, cover with a lid and set aside fifteen minutes. She needed time to brew. Now heat the pan, brush it with butter and begin to bake products. Do not put too much dough, otherwise the pancakes turn out too thick and ugly. Suffice half ladle - in this case, it all depends on the size of the pan.

Fry pancakes for two to three minutes on each side, turning them gently a wooden spatula. Then shift the dish on a separate plate and proceed to the next item - so you need to use up all the dough. If you do not plan to dish stuffed stuffing, then promazhte each pancake butter - then they will not be too dry.

As long as the product cools, we do offer other products. Rinse fillets and mushrooms, after removing them from the film. Then cut above ingredients into small cubes. As for the pepper, then it is necessary to remove the core and carefully processed under the tap, cut into medium pieces and peeled from the husk of onions and greens with a knife chop as finely as possible.

Now heat the oil in a skillet and place it in the vegetables. Add a little salt and any seasonings such as oregano, basil or thyme. Cook stuffing to a quiet fire, do not forget to stir it occasionally. At the end, enter the chopped chicken and stew for about fifteen minutes. The resulting mixture should be cool - once that happens, go to the stuffing. The procedure is very simple: take a pancake, which lay in the middle of one and a half tablespoons of the filling, then wrap the edges. Just so did the rest of products. That they did not cool down while you make the sauce, remove pancakes in ovenproof dish and put them in the oven, turning it to the minimum.

It remains only to prepare the gravy. To do this, mix sour cream with boiled water and pour the liquid into a small container. Stir here a few pinches of salt, wheat flour and simmer, stirring constantly with a spoon. Five to seven minutes, turn off the burner and let the sauce cool. Serve it on a table with pancakes in a separate piala. You can add some fun gravy recipe, adding a clove of crushed garlic with the help of the press and the chopped dill. These ingredients make the dishes taste more vivid, and the flavor - rich. Bon Appetit!

 pancakes stuffed with mushrooms

Pancakes with milk and mushroom stuffing

If you decide to make pancakes with onion and mushroom, or other savory filling, then add to the dough sugar is not necessary. Everyone has their own taste, so proceed at its own discretion. Also, remember that the lack of mushrooms - not a reason to delay the preparation of meals. Just replace any mushrooms - for it is most suitable white or, for example, oyster mushrooms. Let's get down?


For the pancakes:

  • 350 ml of warm milk
  • two eggs
  • sour cream - three spoons (cutlery)
  • a glass of fine pre-sifted flour (if the dough is too thin, take a bit more)
  • eight grams of baking powder
  • two small spoons of sugar
  • olive oil - five tablespoons

For filling:

  • 400 grams of mushrooms
  • 20 grams of butter - to grease form
  • large onion
  • salt
  • 100 grams of cheese (we used a solid, but if desired, it can be replaced by fused)
  • black pepper - to taste
  • 15 grams of vegetable oil (needed for frying)

Cooking method:

Please note that the products listed in the recipe should be warm, so in advance - at least for an hour or half an hour - remove them from the refrigerator. Then put in a bowl, beat the eggs and mix thoroughly together with the salt and sugar in a white fluffy foam. Gradually enter the olive oil or other vegetable oil and sour cream. A few times stir and pour the mixture into the sifted flour, which previously needed to add a little baking powder.

Now put the milk on the stove, making the small flame of the burner, and some of his warm up. Then, enter into the future half of the dough, whisk whisk mixture, a mixer or a blender, and then slowly pour the remaining milk in it. Stir a couple of times, and covered with a lid, remove the side for about 40 minutes. Weight have to first brew, whereas pancakes are obtained over the air. After this time, treat the heated pan with olive oil and bake the first pancake. So he came out thin, pour no more than half ladle of dough. By the way, it should resemble the consistency of a fairly thick cream, so if you notice that the mass is too thick, dilute it with a small amount of milk or boiled and cooled water.

Not always good pancakes are removed, in this case, there are two ways to correct the situation. Firstly, before you get to work, pour in the pan table salt height of one or two fingers - it should cover the bottom of the dish completely. Now the red-hot frying pan and keep it on the fire for at least ten minutes, remove the salt, wipe the edges, treat them with oil and bake pancakes. If, however, with the dishes all right - it has a non-stick coating - but the product still stick, try adding a little more oil directly into the dough. Perhaps it will help to save the dish.

Ready-made pancakes Put on a large plate and enjoy a filling. Clean the mushrooms and onion, then both products cut into small cubes. Solid or cheese, depending on what you decide to use, rub strips on medium grater. Fill the mushrooms with hot water and leave for three minutes, getting rid of excess fluid, fold them in a colander and dry. Put the vegetables in hot oil and fry until cooked until the product will become brown and golden hue. It takes 20 minutes to an hour. Do not forget a bit of salt and add freshly ground pepper.

Now you only stuff the product. Once the onion-mushroom mass has cooled slightly, lay it in small portions - one or two tablespoons - to the edge of each pancake, turning them into an envelope. Then shift the product to a special heat-resistant glassware, previously greased with butter. Sprinkle the dish with grated cheese and send it in the oven. Cook at 170 degrees is not more than ten or fifteen minutes. Serve the dish on the table together with sour cream or cream. If you have time, you can prepare their own delicate sauce. There are plenty of recipes - just select the one that most have you like, and cook gravy.

 pancakes stuffed with mushrooms

Pancakes on the water with meat and mushrooms

We offer the most economical dough recipe for pancakes, for which no milk or yogurt or buttermilk are needed. As a stuffing for once used fresh mushrooms combined with pork and vegetables. The dish turns out very hearty, so you can take with you to work. You'll see that after such a meal will significantly increase the ability to work!



  • two eggs
  • 500 milliliters of boiled, cooled water in advance
  • sugar - two tablespoons
  • some salt
  • one and a half cups of flour
  • 20 milliliters of refined vegetable oil


  • 300 grams of pork
  • One medium carrot
  • 250 grams of mushrooms
  • small onion bulb - one piece
  • salt and seasonings

Cooking method:

First, put on a slow fire to cook meat, lightly salted water. Meanwhile, it is necessary to make pancakes. To knead the dough, sift the flour into a bowl, add the salt and sugar. Then, in a separate piala beat the eggs with the oil, the resulting liquid connect with previous ingredients. At the end pour into a bowl with warm water products and mix thoroughly, working whisk first up, then down. By the way, if you have a blender or mixer, use the tool to achieve the ideal of uniformity. Bake in the preheated articles, oiled pan for two or three minutes on each side.

While the pancakes cool down, you must make the stuffing. Cooked meat grind using a grinder. With mushrooms, remove the foil and cut them middle-sized pieces and finely chop the onions. Purified carrots grate. Now, lay the meat in hot oil, cook for five minutes with constant stirring, then enter the rest of the products. Do not forget spices and table salt! Stuffing cool and nafarshiruyte her pancakes.

Finally, remember a few simple rules of perfect dishes. Always sift flour - it will help her get enough air, so that the product will turn out tender and delicate. Note that if you add the dough too much sugar, the dish will come too hard and can be burnt. And the excess salt will make the dish very pale and unattractive. If all these factors are taken into account, you can prepare wonderful pancakes and they please the whole family. We wish you good culinary experiments!

 Pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, for the whole family

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