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  • Preparing for the dyeing
  • Eyebrows at home
  • Care eyebrows after coloring

Absolutely every woman knows that a nice, neat curved eyebrows give the face a special attraction and charm. Well-defined eyebrows desired color - this is the element of your image, which will make the facial features more subtle and refined. Of course you can every day to tint eyebrows special pencil, carefully drawing the line right shape, and in the evening to find the time to wash off the makeup. But most girls prefer to have long lasting stain-resistant, because in our crazy time every second counts - so why waste time on these procedures every morning? For many of us much easier to go to a good beauty salon, where the master professional stain gently eyebrows in the right color. But if for any reason you do not want to go anywhere, you can paint the eyebrows and at home, alone.

Painting of eyebrows at home - an important and responsible process. For a start will have to visit the shop of perfumes and cosmetics, to choose and buy the right paint for the eyebrows. The choice of colors is not too small: disposable and reusable paint, powder or a special gel. Primary colors: black, brown and gray. Do not try to save on paint for the eyebrows and buy a box of questionable products that have expired. The consequences can be very unpleasant, ranging from instability dyeing, finishing burns and loss of hair. Also, do not use hair dye, as it can damage the structure of the eyebrows and damage delicate facial skin.

Paint the eyebrows to match your hair at home, you will look natural and fashionable. But if you are a natural blonde, then lighten the eyebrows does not necessarily - owners of blond hair is recommended to paint eyebrows on one tone darker. Fair-haired girls suit all shades of brown - the closer to the color of the hair, the better. Burning brunette perfect black. And for good terracotta red and golden color. Do not forget to give the correct shape eyebrows. This can be done both before and after dyeing.

Preparing for the dyeing

Before beginning staining perform the test for skin sensitivity. With a cotton pad, apply a bit of coloring agents on the outside of the bend arm, wait twenty minutes. If during this time no skin irritation occurs, this means that the paint for you. Eyebrows are contraindicated for people with inflammatory diseases of the eye.

The tools required for staining

  • Instructions for dyeing, which is attached to the paint for the eyebrows;
  • Clean brush eyelashes or cotton swabs to apply paint;
  • Glass or ceramic dishes for cooking small paint (Note: in any case, do not use metal utensils, because the paint contains an oxidizing agent);
  • Rubber gloves or cellophane and a towel to protect your hands and clothes from paint;
  • Any fat cream to protect the paint from the skin around the eyebrows;
  • Cotton pads or wipes to remove excess paint.

 painted eyebrows before and after

Eyebrows at home

Painting of eyebrows at home begins with the preparation of the paint on the attached instructions. Protective gloves can be worn directly or immediately before the procedure. In the dishes you have prepared, it is necessary to squeeze out a little of the coloring agents - about two milligrams. Then add to the paint eight to ten drops of an oxidant (hydrogen peroxide), it may be replaced by a single tablet gidroperita dissolved in one teaspoon of boiling hot water. All components are thoroughly mixed to form a dough. Do not be surprised if the first use of paint original color mixture will turn bright: paint darkens when interacting with hairs of eyebrows. The finished paint must be used immediately.

Fat cream lubricate the skin around the eyebrows. Brush or cotton swab enter a small amount of paint and gently put on a thick layer of smooth brow. Try to avoid getting paint on the mucous membrane of the eye. If this happens, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water. Stand to paint a maximum of fifteen minutes, then remove the remnants of dry cotton pad.

Concluding the procedure should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water eyebrows. If the paint still gets on your skin, you need a cotton pad soaked with fat cream, brush and lightly massage the stained areas. If this method does not work, use a liquid hand soap. If the small hairs that go beyond the line of the eyebrows, color, they can pull out with tweezers.

Now that you know how to paint eyebrows at home and will be able to experiment with color. Eyebrows procedure should be repeated about once a month, depending on the growth rate of hair and quality paint that was used.

Care eyebrows after coloring

Immediately after staining the eyebrows, apply a mixture of oils that are beneficial for the skin and hair (by the way, this procedure can be carried out daily at bedtime). The mixture was prepared as follows: five grams of castor oil, ten grams of sunflower and five grams of burdock oil together in a small container. It is best suited for this purpose from the tube of mascara used: wash it thoroughly to cleanse the remnants of cosmetics and pour a mixture of oils. Massage oil to rub into the skin of the eyebrows, a thin brush comb your hair in the desired direction.

If you have very sensitive skin and hairs on the eyebrows tend to fall out, we advise you to compress the following oils:

  • Half a teaspoon of flaxseed oil;
  • Fifteen drops of castor oil;
  • Two drops of camphor oil.

Mix the oil in the above proportions, and the resulting mixture is slightly heated. After that, we take the cotton strips, impregnate them with a mixture of warm oils and put on eyebrows. For best effect, you can put a compress over the parchment paper and hot dry cloth.

 Painting of eyebrows at home

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 as do permanent makeup eyebrows


  • What is permanent makeup eyebrow and how it is done
  • Equipment eyebrow tattoo
  • Symmetry in the tattooing of eyebrows

Which woman does not dream about the ideal shape of eyebrows, which are not only in harmony with the other facial features, but also make it more expressive? Before the creation of the eyebrows was worth quite a lot of effort. They have to constantly pull out, to sum up, paint it. Today, everything is gone. Now, any representative of the fairer sex can make a tattoo eyebrows, allowing them to adjust and make more vivid for a long time. Such permanent makeup on his face holding from one to five years. How do permanent makeup eyebrow and what it represents?

What is permanent makeup eyebrow and how it is done

Permanent makeup eyebrows a small violation of the upper layer of the skin (less than 1 mm), and the subsequent injection under the skin of paint to create a stable straight lines. This tattoo, unlike makeup not be washed away with water is not affected by high temperatures, resistant to weather changes.

Permanent makeup procedure done in specialized stores equipped with professional machines. Such equipment ensures compliance with all hygiene requirements, high quality and maximum precision lines. Using it allows you to minimize the pain and allows minimal damage to the skin.

With permanent make-up can ensure that the eyebrows will look natural, and follow the procedure to others go unnoticed. This result is achieved due to the fact that the application of permanent makeup is not one continuous line and with the help of small thin strokes. If you wish, you can feather strokes. It uses a special colorants, pigments which are suited to the natural hair color. Thanks to the quality components of the coloring agent, the pigment is uniformly distributed throughout the area and does not cause allergies.

 how to make a tattoo eyebrows

Equipment eyebrow tattoo

Permanent makeup eyebrows can be an ideal option for those whose eyebrows are too light shade and are almost invisible on the face, but can also help to make the look more expressive, if you give the desired shape brows. There are two techniques of permanent makeup eyebrows. First - shading technique: his eyebrows as a result looks absolutely organic and natural, as if they were only slightly touched up a pencil or shadow. The second technique - hair tattooing eyebrows. The essence of this technique is that the eyebrows are drawn bars simulating hairs.

Before applying the tattoo technician will draw provisional line. If you arrange everything, the master will take up the application of the basic "figure." One eyebrow is about 40 minutes. After the procedure of tattooing eyebrows during the week they should be lubricated with ointment, which will recommend a cosmetologist. A few days later formed a crust on the eyebrows is better not to remove, and wait for the moment when it will come naturally.

To properly make permanent makeup eyebrow color is chosen in such a way that eyebrows after mikropigmentirovaniya look most natural. For light-brown hair, usually optimum hue is gray-brown. Fair go color "chocolate" and "bitter chocolate". Blonde and red-haired man to face a warm reddish-brown tone. However, in this case, I can prevent that with time, with the addition of the color red can make light pinkish hue. So after a year and a half have eyebrow tint, and make the correction tattoo.

Tattoo eyebrows never done black. Black gives the blue in connection with the spectral refraction under the skin, and permanent makeup in this case looks like a rough army tattoo. There is a special shade: a complex combination of gray, brown and olive. This tone seems almost black, and does not cause the blue tide.

When choosing colors, of course, be aware that the later will be slightly different shade than immediately after the procedure. To make it look the same as you want, you must choose a half-tone darker paint: it updated the epidermis hide approximately 20% of the color and the tone will be more bright. Natural drawing eyebrows are not always best suited to the type of entity. This is most often necessary to lift the "tails" of eyebrows - when the face looks younger and more open.

As for fashion, then it is best approached with caution. Firstly, the eyebrows "thread" or, on the contrary, broad (perhaps really popular this season) are not for everyone. Second, the fashion as we know, is fickle, and permanent make-up are long. Equipment eyebrow tattoo does not imply a clear line, and soft shading with the device. A clear line in the area of ​​the eyebrows looks unnatural, and the main condition for high-quality permanent makeup is just natural.

 how to make a tattoo eyebrows properly

Symmetry in the tattooing of eyebrows

Eyebrows are always asymmetrical. Task Wizard to make them visually symmetrical as possible - so that anyone who looks at you from the front, it seemed as if the eyebrows are perfectly aligned. In fact, one of them may be a millimeter above or below the other. Eyebrows impossible to draw a stencil - is to do this as a person who would be distorted. After all, the perfect symmetry of the human face does not exist.

After tattooing eyebrows at first will seem bright, but then crust peeled, peel and remains secondary, which will gradually disappear for another week. Secondary color crust hides, and during this period you start to worry that the eyebrows look too pale. Remember that the result of permanent makeup eyebrows can only be assessed after 3 weeks. Correction - if necessary - be appointed no earlier than a month.

Permanent makeup eyebrows lasts about three years. However, if the work is done badly and rudely, he will come much later. However, there is hardly a client, which in this case, choosing between the effect and resistance, bowed to the latter. Errors procedure is the lack of visual symmetry, the curve shape of the eyebrows. In this case, the form is corrected using flesh-colored paint: it overlap those areas that need to be removed.

However, you should be prepared for the fact that the skin at this point would seem to gloss over the foundation. The error is considered and the wrong choice of color - when the color turned darker or lighter than expected. Moreover, if a darker color can always be done, then brighten it - is problematic. But the most outrageous (and still most widespread) mistake - permanent make-up, black color. Blue cast his brows rework long, for several procedures, scoring the black specially designed for the occasion colors, which absorb blue.

 How do permanent makeup eyebrows

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