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  • What is obesity and how to fight it?
  • Useful tips for parents
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Cute chubby baby, whose hands and feet in the so-called banners, causing tenderness and kind smile. After birth, babies are actively gaining weight - about 9 months. After that, as a rule, children are beginning to move very actively and therefore lose weight. Approximately one and a half - two years in the fullness of children disappear without a trace.

But, alas, this is not always. In some cases, the fullness of the child remains after he came out of grudnichkovogo tender age. What do parents if they are faced with such a difficult problem, as the weight of the child? It is not necessary to pay attention to it, or it's time to sound the alarm?

What is obesity and how to fight it?

Diagnosis "obesity" doctors put in if the baby weight more than 15% greater than the age limit. Of course, with the growth of the baby. But obesity - is a serious disease that can lead to the disruption of the internal organs. And the psychological aspect should not be forgotten - because if there is a problem, it is unlikely to disappear by itself. And the grown child is at risk of becoming the object of ridicule by their peers. Tragically, children are much more violent than adults.

There are several ways to combat this scourge. We'll tell you about the most basic of them, but remember that this information is provided only for general viewing. In each case the weight loss program is chosen only by a physician, taking into account the characteristics of the body of the child, their living conditions, physical activity and other factors.

  • Dietary

Of course, the notion of diet and child labor, and are compatible with lead in the consternation of both parents and all compassionate relatives. However, in most cases, diet is the main condition for normalization of weight. Before the age of three crumb put on a diet in any case impossible, and in 4 - 5 years kiddies obesity is a low-calorie diet. Assigned to it, as a rule, the doctor - a pediatrician or nutritionist.

Diet for children has its own characteristics. For example, reduced calorie diets by decreasing the amount of animal fats, and carbohydrates. But you can not reduce the amount of protein in any case - it must exactly match the normal age of the child. After all, since the protein needed by the body for normal growth. For the child, the best source of protein should be dairy products, meat, fish, eggs. And dairy products must be purchased only with a reduced fat content. And ideally - and at low-fat. Cream well, sour cream, fatty cheeses, fat cottage cheese, butter should be excluded from the diet completely.

  • Exercise stress

Alas, in recent years, even in small children more and more often there is a lack of physical activity, not to mention the children are older. Therefore, this issue parents also have to take under strict control. TV and the computer should be strictly limited in time. Make sure that your child as much as possible moving.

For young children simply more walking and playing outdoor games. But children five years and older, doctors advise to do any kind of sport. How exactly - it depends on the ability and desire of parents of the child. You still can not decide? No problem, try various sports clubs - probably something like your child more. But do not go on about their ambitions - remember that to compete in your child still can not, because they do not receive medical clearance. Anyway, the first time.

  • Medication

Tragically. But sometimes, in practice, there are cases in which the doctor prescribes your child those or other pharmacological agents, the effect of which is aimed at reducing weight. However, to do that is by no means impossible, as impossible to predict what it portends for the child's health. Moreover - as long as the child is 15 years, it is unacceptable to give him even dietary supplements. In that case, if you are faced with a similar situation, in any case, do not start giving your child any medicine. It is much wiser to seek the advice of another specialist, it specializes in the problems of excess weight in children.

Parents need to understand that the "emergency" of weight loss does not exist. All these measures are designed not for one day, a week, and sometimes more than one year. There is a radical change of lifestyle. And pay attention - not only for the child but for the whole family without exception. Believe me, you can not make a baby without tears to eat an apple for dessert useful if you have on your plate is a slice of pizza or cake. And the stories about the benefits of the sport from the mouth of the Pope, lying on the couch, will look not very convincing.

In order to get your child on a diet, exercise and live a healthy life, parents should not only create all the necessary conditions, but also lead by example. Do not keep the house forbidden foods, play sports with the baby, go for walks, hiking - a personal example is extremely inspiring.

 overweight children

Useful tips for parents

There is a lot of advice about how to lose weight. We have tried to organize this information and offer you a really useful tips that will help you keep your child's weight under control:

  • Do not miss the time!

We have already mentioned that it is not necessary to wait until the problem goes away by itself. I would like to remind once again that measures must be taken as soon as a problem to declare itself. Waiting can only make the situation worse.

  • Prepare yourself

Nowadays people increasingly prefer the semi-finished product. This is not surprising, because the crazy rhythm of modern life leaves a household is less and less time. However, semi-finished products are faithful allies of excess weight, because they contain a large amount of hidden fat, starch, flour, and various spices, preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Food is cooked at home, much safer and healthier for any organism, and especially children. It is also necessary to pay attention to the form in which you cook meals. For example, fried need to be avoided. Prefer boiled, baked and steamed dishes. And the soup is best cooked without frying.

  • Watch the contents of the refrigerator

In no case do not bring home the products that you can not have a child - sausages, smoked meats. No regrets throw away from the refrigerator mayonnaise and ketchup, soy sauce. By the way, and your body will not hesitate to tell you "thank you" for such a diet. Even if you have problems with being overweight is not.

  • Make sure that the child drinks

Carbonated drinks and jelly, cocoa, fruit juice should also be avoided. So, what will remain the same - you ask? And will remain very useful unsweetened fruit drinks, fruit drinks, non-carbonated water and green tea without sugar, low-fat milk. All these drinks bring the body to a much greater benefit.

  • Dessert

Of course, leave the child without the sweet - it's very cruel. But what if a child of the menu should be excluded pastries, cakes, ice cream, pastries and sweets? There is a way out of this situation. Almost all the children are happy to eat dried fruits. But a holiday child can treat a small amount of marmalade or jelly. But no more than twice a month.

  • Kashi

Be sure to include the child's porridge on the menu - they are well controlled weight. It is best suited for this purpose, oat, buckwheat and rice cereal. Semolina porridge well as all Quick-cooking cereals, must be excluded from the diet completely.

  • Diet baby

It is important to monitor not only the fact that there is a child, but also for the way he eats. Feeding a baby must occur at the same time - about 6 times per day. The interval between meals should not exceed two hours. Fractional power allows you to save the child from feeling hungry, but at the same time perfectly adjust the amount of food eaten, preventing overeating.

  • Decoration of dishes

As a rule, the majority of mothers spends hours in the kitchen, cutting the ears of carrots and olives - the eyes of a little animals, as long as the dish looked beautiful and happy child Kushan. In the same case, if your child is forced to sit on a diet, these delicacies should be excluded in order not to provoke excessive appetite.

  • Watch out for speed eating

When a child comes to the table, be sure to watch how fast he eats. In that case, if the food is ingested literally "on the fly" satiety occurs later than in the case of slow chewing. As a result, the child is very likely to eat more than is required of his body.

  • Inform all family

Do not be lazy and be sure to warn all the many relatives and friends of the family that your child has a special menu. And kindergarten is required to make a list of foods that your child is in any case impossible to use. Although, in fairness it should be noted that in the garden food diet exclusively.

  • Be consistent!

The most important thing that will make parents - is to learn to say "no." And the child must clearly understand that your not - it's not. Be consistent in its prohibitions and requirements. This will greatly facilitate life. And that is important - not only to you but also to the child.


And at the end of the conversation I would like to mention the fact that parents in conversations with the child must be very tactful. In no case should not be allowed to have the child develop a particular complex. Do not frighten the child by talking about the fact that if he did not lose weight with it, no one will be friends, and the like. On the contrary - the child learn to love yourself for what it is! Of course, the weight of children - it is a problem. But it is quite solvable. And do not make a tragedy. Be healthy!

 Overweight in children. What to do?

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