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  • Armchair with cover
  • Wicker chairs

All those who have a house or a small suburban area, knows how important it is to create a welcoming atmosphere not only in the home but also around it. Great idea for the garden - a hanging chair that not only decorate the area near your home, but will also become a great place to relax - always a pleasure to spend an evening in the air in a comfortable environment. Let's talk about how to perform a chair with his hands.

 Suspended chairs with their hands
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Armchair with cover

The first version of the outboard seats - with cover. No difficulties here and there in particular, will need a little time and a small arsenal. First of all, useful to the hoop of steel (∅90 cm) and good strength of the fabric and a half to three meters long. In addition, the purchase or Non-woven fabric dublerin, alternatively you can take the pants braid. It will take eight-meter sling and iron ring through which a chair is attached to the ceiling. Also useful metal buckles (4 pieces) and sewing supplies, centimeter and scissors.

The first stage - sewing bag. Carrying his own hands cutting, be very careful, take your time - because of carelessness you have to change everything again. If you have not decided on the exact size, you can leave allowance little more - they can always be cut.

So, take a segment of fabric and cut out of it two squares of equal size: the length and width of one and a half meters. Each part consists of four times. Note the central angle of the fourth part of a circle whose radius is 65 cm. The labels are beginning to draw the line and cut out a circle on the same parameters. Now turn from the circles formed by four centimeters inside and draw a line.

The second step - mark up the holes for slings. We carry it on the first lap. Fold the material four times and iron. Focus on the folds. The first two lines to be the inclination angle with respect to the fold and forty-five degrees and the other two - thirty. Noting the corners, expand the circle and iron it again. Now there are axes which are pointers to the locations of the slots under slings.

On axes formed check all slots. A rectangle with a height of fifteen centimeters, width - ten. Inside these boxes to do the layout of the letter Y, it is for her and have to be cut. Fold the circles together and make sure that equity yarns of different parts do not match, then the case will keep better shape. The markup placed on top of the circle. Now put them together and make a cut at the first and the second circle.

The fourth step is bent "petals" on the wrong side of the hole. Obkleyte fleece rectangle or Dublerin - it is necessary to ensure that the fabric is not crumbling. Then Do the full notch that otstrachivaem on the edge of the retreating a few millimeters.

The fifth stage - retreating slightly from the edge (four centimeters), it is necessary Sew the two circles together, leaving an opening to insert the hoop. Oversize incised, giving it a jagged shape around the perimeter. Now we need to turn to the outside cover and razutyuzhit. Then you need to cut and strip syntepon sheathe their hoop. This is best done in two layers. Ready steering frame, insert the cover. Now sew circular parts, moving to the edge of the ring. Staple need at a distance of seven centimeters from the edge.

The next step is to turn inside out the edge of the hole, which is not yet sewn - it is left specifically for the insertion of the hoop. Then incised allowances and pinned them together from the front; they should not distort the overall geometry of the circle. Now sew the edges and Stitch them on the sewing machine, stepping back a few millimeters. Again, move the hoop to the finished edge and baste cover on semisantimetrovom distance.

We are nearing completion. Cut siptepon in the slots and slide it inside the cover and record all threads. Hiding seams, baste slits on the sides. Then you need to strengthen the cover to the frame. This can be done prostegivaya his own hands on the ready-made blueprint. After every five stitches tighten the knot. Another series of stitches are sewn at a distance of six or seven centimeters from the previous - dense fabric should be free to gather in soft folds.

Now cut a sling for four two-meter pieces, and it ends oplavte over the fire. Pass the end of the lines in the slot and fold to form a loop. Cleave needles prostrochite. This operation must be repeated for each sling. And at the end of the free ends of the sling is threaded into the prepared pre-buckle, and then - in the ceiling ring and once again in the buckle. This will help to regulate the height of the chair. The ring also will collect each of the sling in one common suspension.

That's it - the chair is ready! This is the simplest version of the chair that you can do with your hands, because here at the base, there is only one hoop.

 wicker hanging chair with his hands
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Wicker chairs

The second option - hanging wicker chair, in which basis - two hoops that are braided cord in the art of macrame. To make a chair with your hands, you'll need two hoops of metal (35 mm pipe), a backrest hoop (110 cm), the second - for the rest (70 cm). Furthermore, it is useful polyamide cord, the thickness of which - four millimeters. It is best to purchase a cable with a special polypropylene core which, when knitting creates a very dense knots. Need and slings (twelve meters) and a pair of thick cords to fasten the ring.

If we talk about the size of hoops, they may be less than the originally specified parameters that are limiting. Cord better to buy at once in full to avoid any discrepancies in its texture or color. Everything needed for the manufacture chairs are there? Getting Started!

First of all you need to weave hoops. On the meter pipe takes an average of forty-meter cord. Lay the turns are very tight, smooth, well-pulling. Within the next twenty-turns required to attach the winding, twisting loops tight until it stops. Note that the surface of the sheath should always be smooth and strong, because it is attached to it, and mesh seat and back seat. To work better to buy a pair of gloves.

Now, we begin to weave the net on the hoop, double loop attaching it directly to the braid. In this case, a circuit weaving "checkerboard pattern", which differs flat nodes. Do not cut off the ends of angles, because of which will then need to make a fringe. The extent of the elastic mesh will depend upon how tightly when the cord was stretched. Even if the ring is deformed in a dense weave, it is then possible to compensate for the same tension nodes, respectively, to recover the shape of the hoop.

Next is bound finished rings hoops in the chair. On the one hand you need to throw in the hoops by durable coil cord special. And at the other end to insert two wooden rods of the same size. At the ends of the rods make cuts that will not slip hoops. This is what will provide the desired backrest. The length of the rod should be installed, paying attention to the height of the backrest.

Now circuits. If you decide to make a chair to give your hands, then you have to learn weaving. Well, if you do macrame, - for you it will not be difficult. Choose any pattern - on any chair will look great! Cord attach the top of the back, and the net is attached to the seat. Tighten cords better bottom on the ring. The overall design is enhanced by dense cords by which connects back and seat. By the very same chair attached slings, and then it can be placed in the garden.

The above two ways to allow easily do with his hands hanging chair original form, spending a little time and money. Now you can always spend time with a cup of tea or a book in the fresh air, and your guests will be pleasantly surprised by this unconventional piece of furniture in your garden.

 Original ideas: hanging chair for the garden

 pillows with their hands


  • Decorative pillow-cushion
  • Winter cushion
  • Pillows not for sofas
  • The old-new
  • Cushion from the remnants of fabric
  • A few tips

Probably every real mistress loves to make the interior of his house all sorts of decorative items to a room sparkle with new colors and became more modern. It can be all kinds of ottomans, vases, pictures - anything. Today we will talk about one of the ways to decorate the room - on the pillow. It may be of bed or sofa, or simply decorative. Let's look at how to make the original cushion with his own hands, using a minimum of available tools.
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Decorative pillow-cushion

Cushion-cushion will help you relax and unwind, and will be refined decoration of your apartment, adding a oriental flavor. Make it is not difficult, besides its cushion is always better to purchase - so no one will, and it will look original.

  • Cushion

The first thing to do himself roller. For this fit a simple foam. Pieces of foam roll and just need to sew them on the long side (you can contrive to make with the help of machines, but also with your own hands you do this pretty quickly). Use dense thick thread. The second way to make a roll - to form a hollow cylinder made of pieces of foam (better to take thin). Inside the cylinder is necessary to put any woolen items that you no longer need. Just roll them evenly inside the cavity.

  • Case

It is necessary to cover densely sitting on the roll, because of its size should be slightly smaller. Measure the width and length of all the details for the roll and add to them a couple of centimeters to the joints. The resulting pattern and fold along the half, the front side should thus be inside. Make at each end of the line, leaving the middle neproshitoy. It will need to sew the zipper. Remove the cover and sew any decorative ribbon or cord tight.

  • End of the

Especially for the end of the cushion you need to find a couple of strips of fabric, adding half a centimeter to the allowance. The length of the strips should be equal to the circumference of the roller, and the width - the radius of the circle. The short ends to be connected and sew. Now baste ends made to cover and sew them. Crosslinking the most closely to the ribbon.

The last thing that we do - it bends and sews all the raw edges and threaded ribbons and cords kuliske. Now insert the roller into the case by tightening the belt on each side. To more tightly fix it, you need to tighten and fasten tightly cord ends are then hidden in a cushion. Top stitch decoration, which is to your liking. This may be a brush or a large decorative buttons.

 pillow with his hands
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Winter cushion

No less original and beautiful knit, warm and cozy "winter" pillows. They help to create a home atmosphere of calm and comfort. In order to make a knitted pillow need residues or old wool products from it, as well as knitwear. More useful to you crochet hook, which will connect all the pieces of cloth and tie the joints and correct irregularities.

Everything is very simple. Tie the two canvases measuring 72 by 72 centimeters, using any thick filament. It can be different colors and textures - Take your imagination! Fabrics made of? Now sew them together, leaving one side of the non-crosslinked. Fill the pillow wool or synthetic padding to such an extent that it may be comfortable to rest on it, because someone like denser, and someone - a softer version. You can decorate a pillow tassels, buttons and ribbons.
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Pillows not for sofas

Another original cushion with his own hands, which is fairly easy, can be useful not only for the couch or bed, and for any furniture. For example, they can be used for kitchen chairs - is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, and chairs with decorations such new look. In this case, the airbag is manufactured in a standard way, by crosslinking of round or rectangular pieces of cloth, but the color is necessary to select, in accordance with the curtain or shade cloths in the kitchen.

If you prefer to read a book or watch TV while sitting or lying on the floor, then this pillow can also be useful to you. However, it should be a little larger. Many designers use pillows, carelessly scattered on the floor as an original decorative element. For example, pillows and carpet, which blends perfectly with each other - the perfect combination for a living.

 make a pillow with his hands
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The old-new

Maybe in your apartment you have accumulated a lot of old pillows that are not suitable for sleeping on them, or to decorate the room? In that case, maybe they should modernize and make the old for something new? To fill the interior with new colors, first of all, change the pillows on the old cases.

In addition, you can use different applications, which can now be purchased at any sewing store. Such applications easily glued to various surfaces just under the influence of the iron. Decorate kind of pillow simple ribbon sewn on the edge or on the side. If you love to embroider, use your talent to decorate pillow - any embroidery looks really delicious for every pillow!
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Cushion from the remnants of fabric

Perhaps the easiest way to perform a pillow. If you do not have too much time to knit or sew, but you still want to have an original pillow, this method is suitable for you the most ideal. All you need - is small patches of different fabrics that are simply combined together.

A pillow can be composed of striped and plaid fabrics and patches. This suit fabric scraps of old blouses and scarves. Place seam fabric decorated with simple lace or ribbons. You can use the lace or rows of buttons, which is particularly precarious. Here it all depends on your imagination!
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A few tips

All the designers as one said that drawing on fabric decorative cushion should be easy and relaxed. Excellent look floral prints or just plain fabric. The main rule should not feel the difference between the artificial and the natural.

Well look on the pillows shades of yellow and green. By the way, they are perfectly combined with a light cell. However, the color depends on the interior. It is necessary to pay attention to all the details and select the shades so that they harmonize with each other. Play on contrasts - another way to make a boring room brighter.

Please note that color plays a very important. If the colors are too pale, it could depressing impact on all the inhabitants of the apartment - the psychological moment without significance. But too bright colors, on the contrary, will irritate or bore - find the right balance. To do this, just follow the basic rules. If the furniture and curtains are very bright, pillows should be more restrained. If, conversely, the interior calm, bright cushions do.

Pillows with their hands - it's not just the perfect home interior decoration, but also a great gift. Agree, all would have been nice to get an original gift, made their own hands. Pillow surely in any home will not be superfluous! Get the most of your mind and imagination, and you can make a bright decorative element for your home.

 How to make a pillow original ideas