Baubles of the tapes


  • A brief history and applications of baubles
  • Technique weave Baubles 2 tape
  • Weave the simplest original and Baubles round of 2 tapes
  • Square Fenichka 4 tapes
  • Bracelet type of satin ribbons with the addition of beads

Any handy people who respect themselves and want to grow in their craft, must be able not only to embroider, knit and weave Baubles of ribbons. At first this may seem like a complicated process, but over time, you gain experience and this activity will take you a minimum of forces, as a result lead to the delight of your family and friends.

There are various schemes and methods of weaving baubles. But it was easier to learn, first take 2 satin ribbons and braid bracelet of them. Then, when you understand the principle, you can gradually increase the number to 3, 4 or more.
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A brief history and applications of baubles

Weave strips of something similar to modern Baubles was originally the idea of ​​Indians. They laid the foundation for this kind of needlework and weaving first to create a circuit. Every self-respecting Indian must have had at their disposal at least three woven bracelet. This was considered a symbol of its kind!

In ancient times these baubles of 2 strips were used as special symbols of reconciliation and friendship. A witch doctors, sorcerers and shamans, making such gizmos, began talking to them health, love and wealth. It was believed that the one who will wear a charm Fenichka of ribbons will be fully draw on something that she spoke. Officially fashion bracelets braided ribbons went with 60s. Then baubles were first worn as an indispensable attribute of a hippie, and later adopted it for themselves and teenagers.

Baubles today are just the accessory that can be worn by both girls and boys. Many well-known designers, even predisposed to add them to your outfits.   This is a truly versatile accessory, because they can be worn as bracelets on the hands (especially fashionable among young people wear today from 3 or 4 bracelets on her arm), as a decoration on your bag or clothes, you can make them key chains and laces for mobile phones. Another very nice would look ordinary hoops hair trimmed Baubles of 2, 3 or 4 strips. A stitched together such baubles can be used as material for bags, hats and plaid.

 weave Baubles of the tapes 2
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Technique weave Baubles 2 tape

First we need to decide what color you want to see the finished product. It is best to choose two bright satin ribbons and match colors. The length of the strips should not be less than 1 m, but not more than 3 m. And one more advice for beginners to masters: Choose not too wide ribbon (up to 3 cm). So it will be much easier to learn weaving in no time.

Connect the ends of the strips and make a small loop. Try to tie it most carefully and firmly, as this will depend on the density and quality of the product. After that, take the free ends of the ribbons 2 and take on the eyelet of each of them (this will resemble the "ears"), with nothing tying. Then gently slide the one "eye" in the other, and tighten all the tip of the tape. Gradually make the "ears" and tighten one another until the tape ends. Note that it is important to alternate colors, and do not tighten the ribbon is very tight. At the end of weave Baubles make a strong knot.

As a result, you should get something similar to the braid 3 of the series. This Fenichka can be attached to clothing, to the hoop for hair, but you can just decorate it any objects. Here it all depends on your imagination.
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Weave the simplest original and Baubles round of 2 tapes

Take 2 satin ribbons discreet colors up to 1 meter. One ribbon is completely fold in half, and the second - so that was the tip of up to 15 cm. Then we take the long end of the second ribbon and then in turn we move it through one end of the tape folded in half, then in another. I should get Fenichka similar to two interconnected series of chess. She then contracted into a knot at the end, after which one end is connected with another beautiful bow. Fenichka ready!

And another option. Take 2 different color satin ribbons length of 3 meters. Lay them on a flat surface crosswise and fix the middle by means of a conventional pin. I should get cross of 4 tails. Then we shift these tapes together through one another so as to obtain two color box, which subsequently need to firmly pull the knot. When the contraction is necessary to ensure that the ribbon is not folded in a square. However, if you want to do a fairly dense Fenichka, you can pull the ribbon strongly. Then you have something like a folded flower. Then we start all over again to shift the remaining pieces of ribbons and pull them.

All this needs to be repeated as long as you do not weave along the length of the desired string. When a cable is ready, carefully pull the bottom half of drawstrings at the opposite end of the ribbon and tie tightly. You can tie a bow, but it is possible and simple knot - to your taste. This Fenichka looks very original in the form of a bracelet on her arm.

 Fenichka round of 4 bands
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Square Fenichka 4 tapes

Get 4 satin ribbons can be all different shades, but it is desirable sustained in one color. The width of the tape - up to 2 cm, and the length - 3 or 4 meters. 4 Take the ribbon and tie together into one, leaving a margin of 10 cm. Flatten all 4 tape crosswise to the side, up and down. Fold the tape in the first loop, then cover it right, the second ribbon, which also bend in the loop. Then we take the third tape and overlap it second. The fourth tape is already folded left to right and pushes through the eye from the very first tape. All tails 4 strips are pulled together, and then it turns out pretty nice surround the square. If in the process of tightening the belt crumpled, straighten them.

Repeat all over again as long as until the end of the ribbon, and then easily pull together all 4 tape and secure. This Fenichka of 4 ribbons looks very elegant, but it should be treated with extreme caution. It is rather the volume on all four sides, so it's best to use it as an object of decoration, and do not wear myself. For example, a Fenichka decorate curtains or tulle. Very nice it will look Fenichka as a keychain on the bag. Another win-win application - decoration of wall paintings frames.
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Bracelet type of satin ribbons with the addition of beads

But for this there is a certain scheme Baubles weaving - everything here is very simple. Take the tape length you need, back about 15 cm from the edge. Thread the folded half silicone thread the needle and tie together the ends of the thread. Then clearly thread the needle in the middle of the tape so that it fits on the front side, and left in about 2 or 3 cm from the front and. In the puncture needle tape must pull together. Then strung a bead on the needle, without removing the thread and tighten it well. Thereafter, repeat the procedure, alternating stitches strapped tape with beads.

Make sure that the length of the stitches was the same, otherwise the band will not sufficiently accurate. At the end of the thread is cut and its ends bind several times. Leave a small tail to the nodes are not isolated. The tips can be hidden inside the last bead - then it will be a little much, where it ends weaving. Just before that sear the ends is required to prevent their spontaneous outbreak.

It's very simple, but at the same time festive Fenichka. Alternatively, one can take both three or even four ribbons of different width, and superimpose one over another. Then get a broader and rich Fenichka of 3 tapes. By the way, decorated with flowers, it is perfect even for the wedding together! Many even prefer it to use as a garter for the bride - and beautiful, and unique at the same time.

 Options weaving baubles of satin ribbons

 beautiful curtains made of beads


  • Decorate your home
  • Where to begin?
  • Enjoy result

If you want to make your home a really nice and comfortable place, there is no better way than to fill it with original furnishings, which are made by hand. To carry out this very difficult, but the benefits of such a lot of things. First, you save money that can be spent for other purposes; Second, you get an exclusive thing that no one else; and thirdly, made piece of furniture really makes your apartment or house is much more comfortable, because in this job you put your soul.
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Decorate your home

A very good choice in this case will be the curtain of beads, hand made. They look beautiful in interior or window openings and niches, attracting the attention of ease and grace. Swaying, they fascinate their translucency, and dim lighting are truly magical sight!

So if you are in doubt, listen to the opinion of experts: make curtains of beads with your hands is easy, and you get pleasure from the process of creation.

 beaded curtains for the kitchen
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Where to begin?

So, what is necessary for you to get started? Take the cable length from 2 to 3 m and a thickness of not more than 3 mm, otherwise it would be too wide to stringing beads on it. Alternatively, one can also use nylon thread or narrow ribbon. In addition, we need the beads themselves and their dimensions and the material from which they are made (plastic, glass or wood), you define yourself, depending on the style of your interior.

Cord with a small stepping stone along the length we will need, if we do nodules on our future curtains. These nodules will share the beads strung on a cord, and create additional decorating pattern. you can easily calculate how many centimeters of cord you can go to the nodules by measuring the height of your room or interior doors opening, which will be placed curtains.

Before you begin, draw a plan for your future products, consider the main details of its location and attachment. To begin assembly of our curtains better with the lower end on which to hang a decorative sinker to strings with beads are not confused with each other and hung straight. Cords can decorate separating knots and beads fix Krimpen, who, like beads, available in the shop of accessories for decoration. A well-chosen items will allow you to make a curtain of beads with your hands so that the result was a real piece of decorative art.

 Curtains made of beads for children's rooms
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Enjoy result

Dialed thread can be hung separately, it is good to see get the item. you can immediately assess the design and appearance of the decorations and adjust some details, if necessary. As additional decorative elements for these curtains are also advised to use glass beads or other similar items. The main thing is that the thread with the decorations looked naturally and harmoniously, because you do not ordinary curtain and decoration, which will pay attention.

Fix the ready-made curtains can use cornice or special clamping device. Note that the thread is securely held in the mounts. You agree that if you make a curtain of beads with your hands, but part of the decoration will always fall out of the fastenings on the floor, it will spoil all the impression of your work. You may want to think about what to do as the clamping device himself.

When your creation is ready and is in place, you can fully enjoy the fruits of their labors. A stylish product that is not like what is sold in the store, not only decorate your home, but it brings warmth and comfort. And each time, thinking about how you worked on its manufacturer, you will feel a sense of satisfaction from the quality of the work performed.

 Curtains made of beads: how to make jewelry with your own hands