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Fat in Russia loved for a long time. This product is not only delicious, but also useful, it has long been proven by doctors. What could be better than coming home in freezing weather after a walk, pour yourself a bowl of borscht fire, drink a glass of iced vodka and be sure to bite her a slice of rye bread, which is a thin piece of delicious fresh salted lard with garlic. To learn how to add salt bacon, we describe below.

Homemade snacks, such as salted bacon, Russia always valued very highly. Methods for the preparation of such products, there are very different, but Recipes discord and the most popular are simple variants of preservation. You can, of course, to take the path of least resistance and to buy a product in a store or on the market, the benefit of a big choice today. However, much more interesting to pickle it. To learn how to do it with your hands, written below. It is especially interesting to those who want to learn how to pickle bacon at home.

Before pickling in fat, you have to first choose the right. It should be particularly careful, as This product does not pass the heat treatment.

So you need to buy only the freshest bacon. It is desirable that it was a veterinary stamp. The product, which can be in the home to salt should be not more than three centimeters thick, soft, pliable. Skin fat should be completely shaved and properly burned, and the color of his pale yellow, almost white. Needless does it have to be pure white, may be pale pink hue. On the good fat can be judged by how it responds to pressing a finger. In good fresh food will be concave, if the product is stale, the concave quickly disappear. The smell of bacon should be pleasant, without any impurities, from which after pickling will not be able to get rid of.

 Ingredients for pickling fat
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The first method salting

Fresh produce only be stored in the freezer, and salty foods can be stored in the refrigerator. Nevertheless, we should not forget that the salt product quickly absorb surrounding odors, so store it in the refrigerator for more than 5 days is not necessary - it will not be as tasty and tender. It is recommended to keep in the refrigerator for a piece of the product which can be eaten within a couple of days. For example, if you plan to put on the table in the New Year, that to this day it is very tasty and tender, if on that day to take care in advance and get the product from the freezer to the refrigerator on 29 December.

About how to pickle bacon, it is written a lot of articles, and we will tell you about the most simple option that is best suited for those who only understands the basics of cooking. 1 kg of product is cut into pieces of 4 cm thickness, gently washed with cold water and dried with a paper towel. The pieces are put into a glass, enamel or plastic utensils. How to put the pieces depends on the amount of dishes, they should not be adjacent to each other too tightly. Between bacon stacked favorite spices - bay leaf, garlic (fresh or dried), or sweet pepper, some herbs.

According to this recipe now need to boil water in a separate bowl (about 1 liter), it dissolves in a glass of salt, then all it is necessary to cool and strain through cheesecloth brine. Salo strained brine is poured and left for a couple of days, the temperature should be room temperature. There is no doubt that within 2 days will be happy to taste homemade products. Pickled so the product can be stored in the refrigerator as you like, but it's better in the brine, while entertainment will always be fresh, tender and incredibly tasty. Preferably stored in banks salty bacon.

 Different recipes salting bacon
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Salting by dry method

Homemade bacon salt and dry process, it turns out very tasty and spicy. This method will be interesting for those who want to learn how to pickle it with the garlic easily. Pros of this recipe lies in the fact that the process is not difficult, and fat do not even need to wash with water. The product before salting should be carefully scrape with a knife to clean it from dirt, thus do not forget about the skin. Brushed product is sliced ​​to a thickness of 4 cm, and now it needs to be on all sides how to rub salt. This salt should not feel sorry, because excess fat is not to overdo it and will not come out.

For this recipe is better to take large, so-called rock salt. Once the product is in good faith rubbed with salt, it is sprinkled with black or red pepper. Now the most important thing: to rub with chopped garlic, it can be potoloch. Add a small amount of spice cumin or other spices to taste. The product is wrapped in wax paper and put them in the freezer. It can serve up within 7 days. No doubt every day salty bacon this way will only be tastier and more tender.

There is another way fat dry salting process, in this case, there is the opportunity to taste the product within 3 days. It is cleaned and cut into small pieces (taken kg fat), heavily rubbed with coarse salt, allspice or black pepper, garlic (it must first potoloch) and put into the dishes for salting, the pieces should fit snugly to each other - in such conditions the product prosalivaetsya faster . On top of the dish with lard laid a large plate, it should fit snugly into the dishes for salting, the gap between the walls must not exceed a few millimeters.

Now you need to put a plate on top of the press, in this role, you can use a large glass jar, pre-filled with water, but you can use a large heavy stone on the condition that he did not break a plate. It is necessary to keep the fat at room temperature for a couple of days and 2-3 days later you can enjoy the great taste of salty bacon. This homemade treat for sure will impress even the most discerning gourmet. Such salty fat is not terrible, if store it in the freezer oiled paper. This fat can be home in the morning to cook delicious omelette.

 salting layers of bacon
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As the salt layers of fat

Homemade bacon with garlic turns out very tasty, if the salt layers.   Recipes such salting usually prefer the older generation, so it is also called "granny way" salting. How to pickle bacon with garlic? We need fat, cut into pieces 5-6 cm thick, and they have to be with layers of meat. 1 kg of the product will require 4 cloves of garlic, coarse salt, black pepper, and bay leaves for flavor.

Salted bacon as: fresh produce thoroughly clean, scrape with a knife and dry with a paper towel. At the bottom of the big banks poured a layer of salt 1, 5 cm, add spices (bay leaf, pepper) and garlic squeezed. Before you lay the bacon, each piece must be properly roll in salt on all sides. Then a first layer of fat is placed on top again poured salt, but lower than it was at the bottom of the jar, spices are added. And so to lay fat and salt with spices layers, not forgetting to add crushed garlic. Then the bank closed the lid and left for a few days, but it should ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. In the process of salting the product will give off juice, obtained a delicious pickle. Bank should be every 2 days to turn to fat prosalivalos evenly.

Before you have fat, you need to put the bank on 1 day in the refrigerator. Fat should be washed, dried and put in the freezer. Then it is cut into small pieces, and enjoy the taste. Such fat is perfect crumbly boiled potatoes and black bread.

 Easy salting bacon
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Recipe salting bacon in Hungarian

This recipe will also be able to easily perform in the kitchen any hostess. A large piece of the product thoroughly rubbed with salt and put a couple of hours in an enamel bowl. Then you need to carefully clean off the salt from the surface of fat and how to rub it with different spices as long until the surface turns red. Now this piece you need to hang it to dry. To do this, choose a well-ventilated place.

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Useful tips for pickling

Here are some useful tips to help you during the salting.

  • The thicker the skin, the fat will be tougher. Product with a thick cloth is recommended for cooking different dishes.
  • To fat was softer, it is necessary to salting hold 12 hours in the water.
  • For fine polishing of fat, and especially iodized salt does not fit, you must use only the largest.
  • If salty bacon to keep the light, it quickly turns yellow.
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