types of hairstyles for short hair


  • Four of a Kind: timeless classics
  • Short hair and curls
  • Bob Haircut: for brave fashionistas
  • Haircuts for round face owners
  • Options for short haircuts for oval faces
  • Haircuts for full girls
  • Hairstyles with bangs
  • Short hair: rules installation and maintenance

Almost all girls dream about long, luxurious and thick hair that look delicious, being a loose or gathered in a conventional tail. However, no less beautiful can look and short hair, if they find the right haircut or styling. Such hairstyles mass today, and about the most popular of which we'll talk today.
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Four of a Kind: timeless classics

At the heart of any short hairstyle is always a penalty - a versatile haircut, suitable to almost any type and hair color. Its owner can choose how thin and more dense, heavy hair. Rack can be made on the straight and wavy hair, the main criterion - the shape of the head.

For example, if the shape of the face is round, it is advisable to choose a graded punishment. But the square formed in the shape of a ball, hide too high cheekbones. The girls, whose face has a regular oval shape, fit a square with a unique oval circuit. An experienced hairdresser will always be able to choose the right kind of a penalty directly to your face, concealing its possible shortcomings and making it more sophisticated.

 name hairstyles for short hair
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Another no less popular haircut for short hair, which helps to give a good head of hair volume. In addition, it looks "ladder" is always very bold and dynamic. This choice really fashionable girls. Mowing in the form of a ladder adjusts the shape of the face, making it more feminine, and features - smooth and soft.

Hairdressers recommend a similar hairstyle those girls face shape which most non-standard, rather than the classic: square, round or triangular. It's just a salvation for the weak and thin hair, which need to be restored. All due to the additional volume which allows thin hair look magnificently. This will relieve the haircut and thicker hair.
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Short hair and curls

It is a mistake to believe that the owner of a beautiful curls can be just a girl with long hair - delicious curls can be done on short hair. Generally, usually those girls whose hair is straight, dreaming of big hair, and those who are born with such curly hair, and then suffer with their rectification. The paradox!

Choosing curly short hair, approach to processes outside the box, creative. However, prefer hairstyles that do not require the difficult daily packings, - it is unlikely you will enjoy every morning to "fight" with her hair, to get the desired result.

Again, graduated strand - perfect. Please note that small curls look better with a short neck. If the hair is naturally curly have a structure that will look remarkably aforementioned haircut "ladder" or "cascade".
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Bob Haircut: for brave fashionistas

Bob Haircut remains at the peak of popularity from season to season - is an excellent choice for those who like to experiment and, at the same time, prefers stylish classics. History of the name goes to the beginning of the twentieth century, when the dancer Irene Castle - a fan of short skirts - and created a scandal for those times short hairstyle - Castle-bob. Since then, the haircut loved by many girls!

For short hair there are many kinds of hairstyles bob. It may be more feminine, delicate pattern or, alternatively, a non-standard types of haircuts and youth. By the way, Bob choose not only the girls, this hairstyle suits and men. Generally speaking, the master cut hair just above the chin and around a couple of centimeters below the cheekbones. If short hair density deprived if they are weak and dull, Bob will give them the right amount, and special balms, sprays and styling products can help you with this.

The shorter the bean, the more it looks defiantly. Typically, the length is completed in the area of ​​the neck that allows not aggravating circumstances hair. For fine hair perform a similar cut carefully to avoid damage to their delicate structure. Do not use a hair dryer - to achieve the necessary volume is possible and without it, dry your hair with a towel.

 simple hairstyle for short hair
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Haircuts for round face owners

All models are developed for individual hairstyles face shape - in any case, it should be. But the girls, whose face is round, you need to choose a short cut that lengthen the face oval, slightly narrowing it down. The most appropriate option - layered haircut, the emphasis is - the volume at the crown. The strands framing the face contour, cascade down her cheeks, making the face look narrower.

Asymmetry - perfect for chubby girls. By the way, asymmetrical haircuts today at the peak of fashion trends. The technique is simple: do ragged ends that need to go on the cheeks. Additional effects bangs hairstyles, which is also carried out in an asymmetric manner. It may be oblique, torn or thinned.
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Options for short haircuts for oval faces

The girls, who by the nature of the person has the correct oval shape, you can only envy. This form should be properly selected to emphasize stylish haircuts, options which, in this case the mass. The girl with an oval face can choose any hairstyle, symmetrically or asymmetrically, various options bangs, and can also experiment with colors.
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Haircuts for full girls

Speaking of short hairstyles, it should be noted that they are ideal for larger women. These hairstyles on the general background plump physique can favorably present the face, forming a harmonious, complete and fashionable image. Curls - the most suitable hairstyle. They allow you to mask some problem points, make the image more feminine and softer, focusing on her lips and eyes.

Remarkably, if short hair is naturally curly have structure. Hairstyle will balance the shape of the face: the chin becomes narrower, and the person as a whole looks much thinner. If the hair is straight, your choice - Bob, which was mentioned above. However, remember that in this case the hair length should not be shorter than that to the chin.

 model hairstyles for short hair
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Hairstyles with bangs

Bang - the element that allows you to correct any face shape or hairstyle unsuccessful. Probably every girl at least once in life to try on various options bangs, trying to find the most suitable. Bangs can be long or short, straight, beveled, raised - the options are not counted. It allows you to break if the geometry of the face specific asymmetrical zone. Typically, longer bangs are owners of an elongated face and longer hair, but short hair and can be advantageous to look with bangs.

If you, for example, angular face, his form softens bangs-Triomphe. Especially such an option suited to girls who suffer because of the strong oily hair or because of their weakness. Removing such bangs to the side, you'll always look neat, stylish and well-groomed. If the bangs slightly profiled, would give the effect of thick curls.

Ragged asymmetrical bangs - an option that is suitable for many types of face and hair color. This fringe is making art any confusion, it would seem, classic cut. Torn bangs will look more stylish and youthful, regardless of whether it is thick or less frequent, short or long.
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Short hair: rules installation and maintenance

The easiest way to put the hair of any length will enable foam or mousse fixing, by using which you can tweak a little hair or up or down. Sometimes it is enough simply to lay the right fringe. In the case of a narrow face is required to give more volume throughout the hair.

Very carefully handle thin short hair. If thick hair still able to move too hard overload styling products, then this is not about the subtle tell - owners of such hair should not abuse gels, lacquers or foams. It is best to lay a short thin hair using curlers and hair dryers. As soon as you notice that locks in curlers dry styling is complete!

To the resulting form on thin hair kept longer, can be sprinkled on the roots of a little polish. Podsushivaya hair, pull them up, directing the hot air from the top. Take care not to overdry hair, because then about the beauty and health of hair will have to forget. If you have used styling products, hair dryer or curler, you somehow apply to hair damage - even combing their misuse can damage, not to mention the chemicals.

Do not forget to pamper your hair masks based on natural ingredients. Several times a week apply caring natural oils. Hair best coconut, olive oil, apricot oil. No less useful wheat germ oil and macadamia oil. After shampooing balm always use that will facilitate combing and consequently minimizes damage to the hair.

Short hair can look just as delightful as long, it is only important to know how to highlight its beauty. Daily grooming hair, experimenting with hairstyles and haircuts, you will always be at a height - do not deny yourself the pleasure to be different, and you delight yourself and others your images!

 Options for hairstyles for short hair: current trends