Very often there are situations when the critical days come suddenly. They may begin at the wrong time and spoil the long-awaited meeting or event. How to be in such cases?

You can certainly try to independently calculate the cycle. However, very often personal calculations are not quite accurate and the likelihood of critical days are not "scheduled" very high.

Company Hibercon Technologies has developed a unique application Ooops! under IOS 7 and above. It will be a real little helper for every modern girl. This application allows you to calculate the menstrual cycle with maximum precision.


You can download Ooops! iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPod touch. Your special calendar will now always at your fingertips!

What is the features and advantages of this application?

  • Firstly, it has a nice design. Regardless of the personal preferences of the girls like each design. Stylish and modern appearance of the application sets a positive way.
  • Secondly, it is worth noting that such a program can easily understand any lady. Even if you do not consider yourself advanced user gadgets, any difficulties you will not occur. In addition, the program Russified, so the English-Russian Dictionary is not required.
  • Thirdly, such a program is able to provide very accurate information. You mark on your calendar the first day of the cycle and the next month, know when to wait again. Thus, you can protect yourself from unpleasant moments that may arise.
  • Fourth, the application Ooops! It weighs very little - only 3.2 MB. You will not need to free up space on your gadget, removing the record or photograph.  7

We recommend that every girl to get this app. If you go with the times, appreciate every moment, you prefer to look ahead and predict the future, then Ooops! - This is what you need! With him you never have to feel uncomfortable, and to say "oops" in confusion.

With Ooops! you can always keep track of unexpected surprises your body!

 OOOPS! - Your personal assistant

 various means of contraception


  • About Contraception
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Intrauterine devices
  • Physiological methods
  • A method of sterilizing

Family planning is the foundation of modern society and demographics. Some modern women postpone childbearing process at later dates. Career development, financial constraints impose its imprint on the time of appearance of children. Therefore, in the foreground plays the role of contraceptive choice.

It is up to the competent selection method or drug depends on a woman's health.

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About Contraception

Prevention of unwanted pregnancy in different ways and is contraception. It can be used by mechanical or chemical means. There is a lot of modern contraceptive methods which avoid unwanted consequences. For example, abortion adversely affects the overall health and bad for the future planning of the child.

When selecting a suitable method of contraception can be guided by the Pearl Index. It reflects statistical data on the number of people who came up one or the other method. Thus, it is possible to know the effectiveness of contraception.

The choice of contraceptive method depends on several factors. The presence of chronic diseases, age, sexual preference, a desire to have children in the future - all this affects the choice of a suitable formulation. In addition, many pharmacological agents avoid diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

These protections can not be universal for all. Some couples contraceptives change from time to time, others - found a way that satisfies them and use them constantly. Selection of the desired product is purely individual character. When choosing a method is recommended to consult a specialist. Perhaps this doctor will be able to pick up the necessary funds.

 examination by a gynecologist
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Oral contraceptives

Combined hormonal drugs taken orally in the form of special tablets, capsules. They are designed for a specific woman's cycle. Apart from the fact that they protect against unwanted pregnancy, these drugs also well regulate the menstrual cycle. They are highly efficient, due to the fact that inhibit the process of oocyte maturation. There are pills that can be used after sexual intercourse.

Each preparation contains a different amount of hormones. Thus, many tablets have increased estrogen content. Specialists prescribe them those girls who by blood tests seen an increase in "male" hormones. These drugs normalize hormone levels, reduce pain during menstruation, help to cope with polycystic ovary syndrome, reduce the incidence of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. However, you must pick up contraceptives careful not to harm your body.

These oral medications have a number of contraindications: vein thrombosis, coronary heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, pregnancy, breast-feeding, disease, and others. Take the pill should be strictly according to the instructions, you can not interrupt the reception. If for some reason was missed the day of admission, you should use an additional other means of contraception.

It is believed that oral contraceptives affect body weight. However, modern and well-chosen drugs to minimize the degree of adverse effects. Therefore, a large number of women are choosing is hormone pills as a reliable method of contraception.

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Intrauterine devices

The funds are a special form of plastic that is placed in the uterus. Among the many women know the term "spiral", which got its name from the spiral form. Modern means of release in the form of the letter "T". IUD contains copper or hormones, which affect on the endometrium and sperm motility. These drugs are considered to be highly effective, as they prevent the full fertilization. But their use is recommended for women have given birth.

In addition, after 5 years is recommended to replace them. They also have contraindications: inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, pregnancy, endometriosis, and others. The introduction of an intrauterine device should be supervised by a doctor after the procedure is necessary to make US vagina.

To intrauterine devices are special gels, suppositories, creams, which suppress ovulation. However, these medications do not protect against various diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Tools can sometimes cause side effects: uterine bleeding, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. When the first symptoms should contact your doctor.

Examples of these drugs include condoms, a diaphragm, cervical cap. They are made from an elastic latex. For greater effect, these contraceptives are recommended to supplement other means (eg, intrauterine candles).

 Emergency Contraception
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Physiological methods

These methods of contraception are based on the calculation of the most favorable days for sexual intercourse. Thanks to them, some girls calculate the days when ovulation occurs. One such method - the rhythm or calendar method. To properly calculate the dates of the days, you need to know the length of the menstrual cycle. Typically, ovulation occurs 14-15 days after the onset of menstruation. 5 days before and after the middle of the menstrual cycle is considered the most likely to conceive. Therefore, at this time it is necessary to observe additional methods of birth control (such as condoms). To properly calculate the days menstrual cycle should be regular. Its duration is usually about 30 days.

The method of measurement of basal body temperature helps to know whether women ovulate. For this every morning without getting out of bed, you need to measure the temperature in the rectum with a normal thermometer. Generally, a mid-cycle temperature may rise to about 0 to 4 degrees. This rise will mean the beginning of a period favorable for conception. However, this method has no great effect, because the temperature rise can be associated with disease or other factors.

Interrupted intercourse is another popular way to prevent conception. It involves removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. However, this method brings psychological and sexual partners discomfort. Moreover, the likelihood of conception in this method of contraception is still large.

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A method of sterilizing

There are male and female sterilization. This surgery is highly effective as a contraceptive method. After the procedure the return of the reproductive function is possible, but unlikely. This surgery is recommended blocking the men and women who absolutely do not want to have children of their age exceeds 35 years.

There are a number of contraindications for the procedure: psychological abnormalities, infectious diseases, the presence of a tumor.

When choosing a means of protection should consider carefully all options. In order to make the right decision, you should consult with your partner and to consult with qualified professionals. After all, how much is the right decision depends on the health of men, women and children.

 Methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy