Office hairstyles for long hair

"Hair influences how is the day, and in the end - and life." (Sophia Loren)

Long beautiful hair - the pride of every woman. With thick, gorgeous hair, so just hit the surrounding variety of hairstyles! But this - ideally. The reality is that the owner of luxurious hair rarely indulge yourself with exquisite new hairstyles. They are every day repeating the familiar childhood rituals: someone grabs the tail krabikom someone stabs a constant beam, well, someone stubbornly leaves hair loose. However, in today's world, a working woman can not always afford to freedom in the choice of hairstyles, in many major companies, there is a certain dress code. And because many female employees have to create office hairstyles for long hair that will look not only in business but also feminine and stylish.

There are some basic hairstyles for the office, ideal for owners of long hair. We will talk about three of them: it is a roller, Xhosa and ponytail.

 Office hairstyle

The famous "ponytail"

Did you know that there are 80 ways to do Bole hair "ponytail"? After having long hair, you can fantasize limitless. Fashion on the hair appeared in ancient times, its popularity is inflamed, then it subsides, replaced by complex and sophisticated ways styling. But time passes, and a ponytail again returned to its rightful place - the lovely fashionistas head with long hair. How many hairstyles can boast of such vitality? We are only two ways to look at creating a hairstyle: a ponytail on the top and "stylish ponytail." Incidentally, the need for such hairstyles thick hair, if they are rare, it will not "horse" and "mouse" tail!

For the cauda equina at the top need to straighten your hair (you can use the iron is). Then gather the hair into a ponytail at the crown and secure with a rubber band or another hairpin. Then you need to carefully combed hair small comb to smooth all the hairs fall out, and sprinkle with varnish. It is not forbidden to use a spray to impart shine.

Stylish ponytail - a great hairstyle for office, the establishment of which does not take too much of your time. Just collect hair in a ponytail, and, holding one hand nacheshite roots. Now release the hair and secure with a rubber band tail. Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston appeared with the hair on the red carpet. Why do not you shine in my office with a tail?

 Office hairstyles

Sophisticated "Roller"

Another popular hairstyle office - roller, or as many call it, shell. This hairstyle really looks like a shell because of tight plait hair swirling. The French general called haircut "banana" - you know what considerations. The famous roller will make any woman of refined and elegant, with a hairstyle can safely appear in any, even the strictest office. And if you show a little imagination to think of ways and hair accessories, after the working day is quite possible to go to the theater or any other event, without changing hairstyles.

To create a roller comb hair thoroughly and reassemble in the tail, without fixing rubber. Lift the hair up and screw them into a bundle. Now fold the tail so that the top was a small loop, and hid under the tips of the roller formed. Secure invisible hair pins or bobby pins with beautiful stones and crystals. Gently comb the hair in the front to avoid the "roosters" and dropping out of unruly strands. Fix the finished hairstyle hairspray.

Another option to create hairstyles: Take the tail of the hair, not all, but only a part. Strands from the temples and forehead just fix at the time of any hairpin. Once you Construct shell of the remaining hair on the previous scenario nacheshite collected strands. Then lift up and backcombed hair, giving strands orderly, secure them to the top of the roller. You will receive a lush, elegant hairstyle, which will be the envy everything office mouse, and men look at you in quite a special way.

 Office hairstyles for long hair

Long Spit - a girlish beauty

With braided hairstyles you can write a whole book. What is the most popular hairstyle for women with long hair, starting with the Kievan Rus, until the present day? That's right, Spit. But modern office ladies could not just three standard braid strands in a braid, and weave "French braid", "basket", "fish tail" and so on. Remember, though, the image of Yulia Tymoshenko - her famous "basket" won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. On the Fashion Week in Milan and Paris in 2006, almost all the models paraded "with ripe ear" trim around their heads.

However, unlike previous versions of office hairstyles, make complex weaving itself is quite difficult - not every woman is capable of such a feat. It's great if the "hand" you will be a relative or friend is able to quickly and accurately prepare the hair for the return to work. That's just it happens not often, but because it is really the very least learn how to weave one reception, which most accurately fits your image.

One of the simplest types of weaving (except a standard braid) is a hairstyle "fishtail". At first glance, it seems quite complex, but once you practice a few times before the mirror, and the triumph of the office is guaranteed!

Divide the hair into two equal parts. Now separate one thin strand from the left side and perekin'te it right. Also, separate lock on the right side and perekin'te it on the left side of the hair. Try to keep the thin strands are overlapped with each other. Do not forget that the delicate strands should be the same thickness. Carefully continue braiding to the desired length.

There is a saying: "Long hair is a woman - is still the car of a man." And in order to keep your hair are a delight, and you, and others, to care for her. Office hairstyles there are so many, but all of them will look attractive only if the hair looks healthy and well-groomed. So use a good makeup and hair regularly visit the hairdresser to give your hair well-groomed appearance. And do not forget about the hair accessories - they sparkle office hairstyles in a completely new, attractive light.

 Office hairstyle. Trendy hairstyles for business lady

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 hair highlights

Every modern woman who wants to look fashionable and stylish, but not yet decided to radically change hair color, can try to make the weave hair. This procedure will maintain the same color, but make new shades, give your hair extra volume visible, and the individual strands will sparkle beautifully in the rays of sunlight.

There are three major factors that need to be taken into consideration before the dyeing of hair:

  • The original hair color.
  • Color strands future.
  • Technology coloring strands.

Ways of hair dyeing there is quite a lot, but the most popular were and remain: highlights with foils and highlighting hair through the cap.

Highlighting through cap

In carrying out this method of dyeing hair on the head to wear a cap with holes, through which the hook pulled out individual strands. The best way to extract the strands in a checkerboard pattern. The width of the individual strands should be equal to 3-5 mm, and the distance between them is about 1 centimeter. If you plan Streaked wider strands, respectively, and the distance between them should be increased: with a width of 6-8 mm, a distance of 1, 5 cm.

After all locks are removed, you can proceed to their discoloration. To lighten the tone of the strands 1, apply the paint for 15 minutes. For maximum tint, dye is left for 40 minutes. After staining, the strands should be carefully washed, without removing the cap.

Then carefully remove the cap and have washed all the hair with shampoo.

Highlights foil

Another classic, but no less important, is the way to weave hair using foil. First you need to prepare the foil, cutting it into equal squares of about 10x15 mm and brightens paint. Then, starting with the parting, separated strand of the width of 5 mm, and it is applied to the paint. The distance between strands should be about 1 cm. After applying the brightener over the entire length strands, it is wrapped in foil. When all the locks along the parting will be wrapped in foil, it is possible to fall below and is doing the same action with the remaining hair. After the required time, the foil is removed carefully and thoroughly washed with a shampoo paint.

After dyeing the hair is usually followed by toning procedure. It is held to the hair look more natural, and colored strands is not too contrasting with the color of the hair. Mainly used for toning dull pastel colors, they can vary in color, but similar colors.

 highlights on brown hair

Types of dyeing

  • Baliyazh

Such a hair weave is used for short haircuts. Brightening only the tips of the individual strands with foil. This highlighting allows to focus on the structure of the haircut.

  • US highlights

With this weave hair used usually from 2 to 4 tints, but possibly a larger number of tones. When choosing colors, do not forget about their compatibility with each other. This weave gives hair a healthy and natural appearance. To do so highlights on dark brown hair are ideal shades: caramel, beige, coffee and chocolate.

  • Reverse highlights

This is the perfect highlights on brown hair. Reverse highlighting will move from bright colors to a more profound and intense. Selected strands with such weave hair painted in darker tones. Also on blond hair look great honey, wheat, gold.

  • French highlights

In this kind of dyeing hair using a special ink containing ingredients that do not damage the hair, lightening them at once by 3-4 tones. Use such highlights on brown hair to achieve a good effect of glare. In the dark hair highlights the French will be almost negligible.

  • California highlights

This is an interesting highlights on brown hair, in which the individual is not selected strands are wrapped in foil and they are in free contact with the rest of the hair. As a result, highlights strands look natural, and transitions between shades imperceptible.

Normally highlights on brown hair do with gentle colors, so as not to hurt the hair.

  • The bright highlights

Such hair weave there for fans of daring experiments. It is used to advance promelirovannye hair. Clarified strands dyed in any most unimaginable color using the gel, as part of which are sparing components. Such gels are washed off after 4-8 times washing hair.

Using bright colors will make the image of extravagance, and give a unique style, especially if the color of the strands will be combined with the article of clothing, nail polish or color of the car.

The first time the procedure highlighting the bright hair colors better to confine 2-3 strands to not look vulgar and ridiculous.

  • Partial highlights

Hair meliruyutsya only person occipital part remains unchanged. Staining exposed only the upper strand. This allows you to refresh the main highlighting color, without resorting to the drastic change of image.

  • The contrast highlights

For this hair weave 2-3 selected shade of paint, combined with each other. Strands with such coloring of selected different widths. This type of dyeing is more suitable to brunettes or brown-haired. On the bright contrasting strands of hair will look rough and messy.

  • Vanguard highlights

This hair weave, in which only the tips are exposed to staining, and the upper part of the hairstyle remains unchanged.

Do not use highlighting in the following cases:

  • If you just dye your hair or do perm;
  • If your hair is in poor condition - dry and brittle.

As you can see, quite a few kinds of dyeing. You just choose the method and choose the colors that you find most suitable. Be of good cheer!

 What is the hair weave to choose? Types of dyeing

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