obstructive bronchitis in adults


  • The causes of obstructive bronchitis
  • Symptoms of obstructive bronchitis
  • Treatment of obstructive bronchitis

Obstructive bronchitis in adults and occurs very frequently. The disease is characterized by lesions of the bronchial mucosa and inflammatory processes, directly affecting the lung tissue. Due to the fact that the inflammatory process progresses, there is a sustained disruption of ventilation. This condition does not present any threat to human health and life. But only if the treatment is started, and to find the right time.

It's about this disease, and we'll talk today. After all, if a person has the necessary information, he can immediately take corrective action. After all, any delay may result in the development of various complications - including pneumonia.

The causes of obstructive bronchitis

As is known, there is no smoke without fire. And there is the disease if there is no reason, provoking its development. This is true of obstructive bronchitis - there are a number of reasons that could lead to its development. These reasons include:

  • Frequent colds

In the event that acute respiratory infections, SARS and other respiratory diseases are your constant companions, do not be surprised if you "visit" sooner or later will regret the notorious obstructive bronchitis. Its development tends to weaken the constant colds lungs susceptible to any influences.

  • Diseases of the nasopharynx, flu

And chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, and this insidious disease, like the flu, also negatively affect the state of the lungs and bronchi person. And they have a high probability may trigger the development of obstructive bronchitis.

  • Smoking

What prevents the Ministry of Health, we know probably every smoker. But, unfortunately, very few people it stops. And a very good reason - smoking affects the lungs rather aggressively. Nicotine and other combustion products contained in the tobacco smoke, the mucosa have a strong lung irritant. And obstructive bronchitis in this case - one of the most innocuous of complications.

  • Environmental risks

Residents of big cities often rural people suffer from obstructive bronchitis. This is not surprising, since the environmental situation in metropolitan areas is poor. A dirty air - is a direct factor provoking the development of such a bronchitis.

  • Unhealthy working conditions

All of the above is true for people forced to work in hazardous conditions. And this applies not only miners and carpenters who are forced to breathe the coal and wood dust, but the library staff, hospitals and clinics, hairdressers and paint shops - in short, all those people who inhale mikrochastichki any kind had no substance. For them, obstructive bronchitis is almost habitual state, unfortunately.

  • Genetic predisposition

Unfortunately, heredity can not be written off in any case. And if your parents had repeatedly obstructive bronchitis, do not be surprised if sooner or later it is diagnosed and you. Moreover - in such cases often have the chronic form of the disease.

 treatment of obstructive bronchitis in adults

Symptoms of obstructive bronchitis

To time to see a doctor, you must know the basic symptoms of obstructive bronchitis. By the way, the doctor should treat at the first symptoms - do not waste time. Because the symptoms of bronchitis appear not at once - about a week bronchitis can occur completely asymptomatic. So, by the time when symptoms express themselves, the disease is already in full swing.

  • Shortness of breath and sweating

It is considered that the main symptom of bronchitis is a cough. However, doctors say that it is not so - primarily obstructive bronchitis makes itself felt the advent of severe shortness of breath and sweating. Shortness of breath occurs at the slightest load, as, indeed, and sweating. Sweat is usually sticky and cold - the most sweaty palms.

  • Fatigue and weakness

Shortly after the disease a person begins to rapidly lose strength - the slightest effect for the patient is a serious burden. It is enough to get out of bed and go for breakfast, and the feeling is like a sick man unloaded the coal wagon. And without the proper treatment of the condition will get worse in the eyes.

  • Coughing

But even without a cough or bronchitis, one can not do - no chronic or acute obstructive. The patient noted human cough, sputum production, are generally not difficult. But not so simple - the cough is so strong and exhausting that literally robs a person of rest and sleep.

Similar symptoms are observed in case acute bronchitis. In the same case, if the disease took a chronic form of the flow, a sick man complains of shortness of breath. As a consequence, can develop a shortage of oxygen - hypoxia. Of course, this phenomenon should try to avoid, so as to treat a person will be much harder.

 obstructive bronchitis in adult treatment

Treatment of obstructive bronchitis

As mentioned above, the treatment of obstructive bronchitis ignored in any case impossible. Otherwise, acute obstructive bronchitis can turn into pneumonia and even asthma. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to heal as quickly as possible. And the first thing a person should do - is to consult a doctor.

The doctor will conduct a full investigation and clarify the diagnosis - after acute obstructive bronchitis is not so difficult to confuse with many other lung diseases. And if that happens, the treatment will be chosen wrong. Appeal to the doctor reduces this risk to a minimum.

The doctor will select a suitable course for you medication that will not only help to stop acute bronchitis, but also to get rid of him. You should not attempt to pick up the drugs - treatment on the advice of friends or advertising can only aggravate the condition of the sick person. And in the best case it will take a chronic form of the disease course.

But from a sick person it depends largely on the extent to which an effective treatment will be. Firstly, the period of treatment is necessary to eliminate any aggressive factors - exposure to air pollution, cosmetics, household chemicals. In addition, while the treatment lasts, you must completely give up smoking. Of course, this is not so easy, but acute bronchitis often completely discourages get a pack of cigarettes. Perhaps this is a great chance to quit smoking? For health, this habit does not add to absolutely anyone.

Second - in the diet while the treatment will last. Acute obstructive bronchitis has on the significant burden, so the diet should be as gentle. No eating, fatty, fried, spicy and salty foods. Prefer soups, porridge and milk products.

In the acute stage of the disease the patient man must comply with bed rest. However, as soon as his health improves, doctors recommend a walk in the fresh air. These walks have a significant positive impact on the health of the sick person - particularly in the morning when the humidity is high.

By the way, about the humidity - inhalation obstructive bronchitis create miracles. In case you have a special inhaler, no problem. But if not, do not despair - it is possible to use the means at hand, proven over the years.

For example, inhalation of vapors of the ordinary potato. To do this, wash a pair of mid-sized tubers, put them in the water and cook until tender. After that, a little cool - about 50 degrees, bend over the pot and cover your head with a towel. The duration of inhalation - not less than 15 minutes. In the acute stage of inhalation should be carried out at least three times a day.

In addition to potatoes for inhalation can be used decoctions of herbs such as peppermint, chamomile. Prepare a broth as follows - just put in a saucepan three tablespoons dry raw materials, pour a liter of water and bring to a boil. The broth is ready, you can begin to inhalation.

In that case, if the treatment of obstructive bronchitis was initiated in a timely manner, forecasts a very, very favorable. Typically, the disease disappears permanently. To do this, obey all the recommendations and prescription of a doctor, take care that the human body does not have any negative effects. Still, try to quit smoking - because the share of smokers account for about 80% of all cases of diseases such as acute obstructive bronchitis. Be healthy!

 Obstructive bronchitis in adults: symptoms and causes