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Tragically, our children occasionally get sick, and if an adult has to say about his indisposition, the child at an early age will not say anything. Even older children are not always able to objectively assess their condition. Therefore, we recommend you to continuously monitor your child and to scrutinize all unusual phenomena. And one of the most common problems with children's health is a cough. This cough is a symptom of various diseases. One such disease is bronchitis. This is what we discuss in this article.

Obstructive bronchitis in children can be severe, especially if run disease. Usually, it begins quietly with occasional coughing, which is not always recognized as a symptom. In addition to coughing in the early stages of the disease obstructive bronchitis with symptoms suggestive of the disease are absent, but after a very little time, the following signs:

  • Coughing

With the development of lung disease cough develops into a strong exhausting cough. Particularly strong cough exasperates the child at night, nearly depriving him of normal sleep.

  • Runny nose

Runny nose parents hardly surprised - to spout snotty brats used to everything. However, in some cases, a runny nose may indicate not a banal SARS, but about bronchitis.

  • Redness throat

In addition to the common cold is often accompanied by redness of the throat, bronchitis. Therefore, if your pipsqueak complained of a pain in the neck, be very careful - cough can occur at any time.

  • Fervescence

Increased body temperature - is also quite frequent companion bronchitis. The reason is very simple - the inflammatory process and cause hyperthermia.

What is obstructive bronchitis?

First of all you want to parse the very concept of the name. "Obstructive" comes from the word refers to the obstruction and in translation - the constriction or spasm of the compression, the term bronchitis (bronxit) derives from the bronchial tubes - the name of one of the pulmonary department in the human body. So if you combine these two concepts, the obstructive bronchitis - a spasm or bronchial constriction, thus, accumulated mucus can not go outside than hinders breathing processes.

If you set a pediatrician diagnosed obstructive bronchitis treatment should be started immediately and send it to the weakening of the bronchial spasm, the body that would be able to deduce the phlegm. During this treatment we advise you to support the immune system, ie, "Lift" it with additional drugs. Such drugs include: interferon; Viferon and a number of other immunostimulatory agents.

Bronchitis in children may be associated with several types of cough: dry cough, sometimes with a strong whistling and wet cough. For each of these types has its own specific cough medicines. Therefore, consult your doctor, with the help of the drug will reach the best result. Do not rely only on their strength and knowledge in the treatment of a child, improper treatment can lead to overflow of the disease in more severe stage or the appearance of side effects elsewhere.

Especially dangerous recurrent obstructive bronchitis. It takes a lot harder, and the health consequences can be much more dangerous. First, the child is largely deteriorating lung function, causing the baby bronchitis occur more and more often. Secondly, the immune system suffers. In - Third, in severe cases there is a risk that will develop asthma. So leave bronchitis can not be ignored in any case. If the child began coughing, be sure to pay attention to it.

Improper or inadequate treatment of the disease, it may spill over into the chronic form, which will entail constant problems in the general well-being. These problems include: insufficient ventilation pulmonary system, so that there is a constant shortness of breath with little stress, acute cough, bronchitis and others.

 obstructive bronchitis in children


There are a few general guidelines when obstructive bronchitis in children:

  • Treatment of this disease should be fast and efficient

When the common cold, many of us until recently avoided the use of antibiotics, as they violate the intestinal microflora. In this case, this principle should be avoided. The effects of obstructive bronchitis in children can be very negative. To help with the restoration of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract will come to you such drugs as: Linex, bifidobakterin or liquid bifidobacteria.

  • The appearance of wheeze in the bronchi is excessive accumulation of mucus, which the body can not bring yourself

In this case, it should be a little help. To do this, thin out mucus. Most effectively cope with thinning inhalation. Inhalation Do not use cough suppressant, they just hurt, just should not be used coniferous inhalation, as they overwhelmingly provoke another attack of cramps and cough. Inhalation should contain alkaline solutions, which may be mineral. If there are no allergic reactions to these solutions, they may be added to ethereal oil. It is best to consult a doctor regarding the use of a drug for inhalation.

  • Be sure to wash the nasopharynx

Optimum will be silver-containing drugs to fight the common cold and reproduction of bacteria and viruses. Directly wash performed as saline, mineral water, and products containing silver. To restore nasal breathing used vasoconstrictor drugs - tizin, oxymetazoline, and more. Nasal drops should not be used for a long time - it can lead to atrophy or hypertrophy of the nasal membranes.

  • If the child has high fever, you need to comply with bed rest until the normalization of temperature

Diet during this period should be dairy - vegetable, rich in vitamins, drink, - tea, juice. Hot milk with "Borjomi", - plentiful. Antipyretics should be given only when the body temperature exceeds 38, 5 ° C. The most optimal formulation in this case - paracetamol. Aminopyrine, antipyrine, phenacetin children can not be given. Not recommended aspirin and analgin - they can give negative side effects.

  • Not the least role in the treatment of bronchitis played massage

To remove residues of sputum effective vibrating massage. In addition, the doctor may prescribe, and postural massage. Very often, parents ignore massage, assuming that no significant effect it will bring. However, this is not so - massage helps the lungs and bronchi cleansed of mucus.

Massage action is very simple - certain movements and the impact to the chest physician makes the phlegm from the bronchial tubes and separated, respectively, to go outside. Moreover, massage can help get rid of the stale even cough. Therefore, massage is very effective and chronic bronchitis.

But for this it is essential to make professional massage. It is unlikely that parents will be able to get a massage yourself properly. So if a pediatrician named your baby massage for the treatment of bronchitis, yet do not give up on him. Because massage can really help your child cope with the disease much faster.

  • Treatment of bronchitis always only complex

Doctors prescribe vitamins that support overall health. And the food is worth paying attention. Power sick child should be both easy, so as not to overload the body, but also nutritious. After all, the body must have the strength to fight the disease. Therefore, be sure to discuss your child's nutrition with your doctor.

If the fever lasts more than three days, and respiratory failure increases, the treatment becomes more severe - can be assigned to the antibacterial and antiviral therapy. Medication appoint a doctor - in any case do not self-medicate!

 obstructive bronchitis in children

Bronchitis in Babies

In the event that developed bronchitis in infants, parents should exercise the greatest care. Small children, the most vulnerable to bronchitis and carry much heavier. And the reasons for the development of bronchitis in children are sometimes much more serious. For example, sometimes the perpetrators of bronchitis are the amniotic fluid, which fall into the bronchi baby at birth. Moreover, this complication may make itself felt for quite a long time - until about the end of the first year of life.

Of course, to cure bronchitis in a child is not more difficult than in older children. However, remember that infants up to a year to treat bronchitis alone in any case impossible. No one can predict how the body will react to the baby or other treatment, so it is not necessary to experiment. Moreover - no matter what reasons led to the development of bronchitis, doctors prefer treatment of bronchitis in infants up to a year to carry out only in a hospital.

How to prevent disease?

Parents are very important to remember that the prevention of the disease - a much more sensible solution than its treatment. And the prevention of bronchitis is very simple. It consists of several stages:

  • Increasing immunity of the child

As is known, the main defender of man - this is his immunity. The child is in a very interesting position - his immune system is not yet functioning fully. It is therefore necessary to carefully monitor the child's immune system, strengthening it in every way.

  • Hardening of children

Strictly speaking, this follows from the previous paragraph. What can strengthen the immune system of the child better than the hardening? However, remember to comply with the measure - go to extremes not worth it. Tempering should be gradual and stepwise. It is not necessary to pull the baby out sweaters and pour cold water in the cold.

  • Timely treatment of SARS and ARI

About half of all cases of bronchitis, he is nothing but a complication of a common cold and SARS. Therefore, you must start to treat cough immediately after its occurrence, without postponing. This is the best prevention of bronchitis.

The appearance of the child hoarse cough, shortness of breath, whistling while breathing - very worrying signs. If this happens, you should immediately consult your doctor and make every effort to eradicate the disease. Health child entirely depends on the parents, their attention, diligence and careful care.

 Obstructive bronchitis in children: treatment recommendations symptoms

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