Nuremberg attractions

Nuremberg - after Munich, the second largest city in Bavaria, at the same time is the most important industrial and commercial city in southern Germany. Here, in a modern and buzzing life in a hurry, but to plunge into a completely different, a special atmosphere, you just get to deprive the old part of the city. Having a walk, you will see that the old attractions of Nuremberg opened for tourists a lot of interesting places, famous not only in Germany but worldwide.

Palace of Justice

In the west of the old city is the Palace of Justice - landmark of Nuremberg, known in history as a venue for "Nuremberg Trials", which lasted almost a year - from November 20, 1945 until October 1, 1946. It can be said, was the final greatest tragedy of XX century the Great Patriotic War . In the Palace of the hall №600 court was the former leaders of Nazi Germany, and behind the Palace stands the house where awaiting sentencing criminals were kept.

Castle Kayzburg

One of the most popular attractions in Nuremberg - a Kayzburg Castle, built by Henry III in 1050. The history of the entire city started from here. He is one of the largest medieval castles in Germany - the real pride of the local people. Kayzburg situated on a cliff of weathered sandstone, surrounded by a five-kilometer wall with 80 towers, the oldest of which is pentagonal Fuenfeckturm, built in XI century. During the Second World War the castle was severely damaged, but then it was carefully restored, and today visitors show hall and chapel of the emperor, the Knights' Hall and the Palace fountain. This landmark towers over the city of Nuremberg - it offers a breathtaking view of the city.

 Nuremberg attractions

Marktplatz Nuremberg

The most famous market square in the whole of Germany is the Market Square is in Nuremberg. It annually hosts a Christmas market. Today, the area - the main decoration of the city, but you can not forget the tragedy that occurred in this place many years ago. In 1349, the day of St. Nicholas there were burned 600 Jews from the ghetto.

Beautiful fountain devyatnadtsatimetrovoy column in the Market Square - landmark of Nuremberg, which is very popular among tourists. The fountain is decorated with 46 stone figures, arranged in four tiers. Each tier and each figure has a certain value. On the wrought-iron fence and hung a gold ring, it is believed that if at second-hand, you get lucky.

Museum of Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Durer - recognized the great painter, engraver, sculptor and goldsmith. He was born and lived for 57 years in this city. The last years of his life he spent in the house, which is now named after him, today there is a museum - is another unique attraction of Nuremberg, dedicated his life to the talent and creativity. On the ground floor of the museum exhibited the press, with the help of Dürer was producing prints. Also, tourists can admire and appreciate the unique collection of paintings and graphics of the titan of the Renaissance. In this museum are held periodically theatrical performances, exhibitions and concerts.

Married Carousel

At the exit of the subway Lorenzkirche unusual fountain was built, called "conjugal Carousel." This is perhaps the most unusual sights of the old Nuremberg. Each side of the "carousel" - a scene that represents a certain aspect of family life. Fountain Sculptor Professor Weber said that the creation of the miracle of his inspired poem "Bitter-sweet married life," the author Hans Sachs.

 Sights Nürnberg Germany

Church of St. Lorenz

In Nuremberg, even from a distance clearly visible church of St. Lorenz, is recognized as the largest Gothic church building in Germany. It was erected on the remains of the ancient Romanesque basilica in 1260. The church has two bell towers at 80 and 81 meters high. The most amazing in this building - superb stained glass window "rose" with a diameter of nine meters! It is located between the two early Gothic towers. Unfortunately, many lavish interior were either lost or sold to repay the debt the city. But, nevertheless, even in the Second World War, managed to retain many church treasures they hid in the basement of the city. The building of the unique attractions of Nuremberg was then completely destroyed. In 1952 it was restored in its original form. The choir of the church, there are three special masterpiece sculpture Feith Stoss "Welcome Angels", gilded candelabra and Shrine.

Landmark Theatre Nuremberg

In Germany, there are three particularly popular and big theatrical project, and the Nuremberg State Theatre - one of them. It involved more than five hundred actors from almost fifty different countries. History of the theater began in 1905 when he was elevated to the Opera House, recognized as the most beautiful theater building in Germany. Its silhouette is easy to see in the urban landscape. In 1959, the theater was expanded: specifically for chamber concerts built a new building. Then he built another building, so-called "blue box" designed for premieres of new plays. September 16, 2003 the theater finally got its present name and won the right to the title of one of the most interesting sights of Nuremberg. That day between Bavaria and Nuremberg signed an agreement to merge theater companies.

Toy Museum

For more than six years of Nuremberg is famous for its toys, it is sometimes called - the city of toys. Toy figurines of fired clay were made here already in the XIX century. A doll houses and doll dishes, so popular today, too, were first made in Nuremberg in the XVII and XVIII centuries. The Toy Museum contains exhibits ranging from prehistoric times and ending the day today. They occupy more than a thousand square meters of exhibition. It is because of this sight in Nuremberg, Germany can call this capital toys. Lydia and Paul Bayer began collecting toys in the early twenties of the last century, in fact, their collection, and based the entire museum. Especially for children on the upper floor of the museum's playground and at the weekend at the Museum of Toys presentations of movies and shows with new models of toys.

 Nürnberg Germany attractions

The German National Museum

Speaking of museums in the city, it should be noted attention of the German National Museum, recognized as the largest and most famous museums of art, history and culture of German-speaking countries .  Can you imagine the scale! More than a million artifacts stored in the museum, one can trace the history of Germany from its origin to the present day .  Among the exhibits of the German National Museum, you can see paintings, sculptures, design objects, toys, plastic, musical instruments and a lot of other interesting and informative .  The museum is proud of its unique treasures, primarily sculptures of famous German creators of art images from the Kaiser already mentioned by us Albrecht Durer, gun shows, the famous Globe Behaima Martin, and the only collection of historical puppet theaters .  This place is one of those that I can be proud of Nuremberg - attractions devoted to the whole of Germany, located outside the walls of the museum!

Church of Our Lady

The main temple is considered to Nuremberg Church of Our Lady, built in 1352. It is held annually before her main Christmas celebration not only of Nuremberg, but the whole of South Germany. Every day on the main market area of ​​the city, exactly 12 hours, all raising their heads to look at the church. At this time, around the statue of Charles IV, seated under the clock, seven elegant parade of figures is repeated three times. The spectacle is truly exciting. These are the hours and the altar, built in the XV century, made famous Church of Our Lady Nuremberg for the whole world. This landmark Nuremberg certainly worth seeing!

Well, here's a walk on the old Nuremberg is coming to an end and you will surely get hungry. Be sure to visit one of the local cozy restaurants, try the delicious sausages and enjoy a glass of freshly brewed German beer - and you will feel that life is good, because the world still remain such wonderful cities like Nuremberg and its unique attractions bring us a lot of positive emotions!

 Nuremberg Attractions

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 Avila - St. Peter's Church


  • The main attractions of Spain
  • Museums of Spain - a dream of intelligent traveler
  • Resorts of Spain - seductive tourist attraction

Spain - a country once owned half the world. The last powerful empire, is now a country with a rich history and traditions. For many, it is now filled with unforgettable guitar chords, passionate flamenco clatter of castanets. But Spain - it is also the oldest memo, and architecture, one of the world's finest museums, the road paved by the ancient Romans ... Attractions

Spain picturesque, multi-faceted and are presented in a wide amount of map of Spain with the sights simply dazzles with its diversity. After all, not every modern country has so many features that reflect its essence, life and history. There is something to see, for every taste and budget.

Sightseeing in Spain can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • major historical architectural structures,
  • museums,
  • Holiday coastal areas.

 Segovia - Cathedral

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The main attractions of Spain

Even following the map which is where the major attractions of this beautiful country, it is impossible to see everything. Therefore, it is much better to explore the most interesting "objects" and, after noting them on the map, embark on a journey.

Roman conquerors actively supported the development of the Spanish cities, encouraged arhitekttorov and created roads and communications. For example, Barcelona has kept a chess order structures from the time. On buildings still adorn the mosaics and frescoes of Roman painters. But, of course, a masterpiece of landscape design - is, undoubtedly, created by Gaudi, Park Guell. Hand Gaudi also belongs to the project of the Cathedral of the Holy Family.

In addition to the architecture of the Romans in Spain attended and Arabs. Well it is noticeable in the famous Granada. A small cozy town, which displays a map of Spain with the sights, keeps the flavor of Moorish conquerors. There is an unparalleled Red Palace walls which change their hue during the day depending on the light. The interior of the castle match for luxury and bling East.

If the map Travel starts in the small town of Toledo with its many attractions, it is imperative to visit. The whole city is a reason included in the UNESCO list.

The capital Madrid combines so many notable features that you can not even choose his business card. If a card in your hand, you need to rush out to explore this wonderful city as quickly as possible, without wasting a minute.

Center of the city is considered to be the Puerta del Sol square with three statues and ancient House of mail, which adorn clock with four dials that usually ring in the New Year night, announcing the coming of the Spaniards of the New Year.

On the same square is a monument to the goddess Cibeles, one of the many symbols of the Spanish capital.

This area, with its unique architectural ensemble is better deserved to map areas of the world. Here are the Palace of Communications, the Maritime Museum with interesting documents and the structure of the ships of the fleet of Spain and the famous Puerta de Alcalá close, at the Independence Square.

Barcelona as the center of Catalonia has retained almost all its architectural gothic style. The main attraction here - the Cathedral of St. Eulalia. This Gothic building, uniting in a single ensemble of three buildings - the Casa del Kanones, Degas and Casa de L'Ardiaka.

 Segovia - Roman aqueduct
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Museums of Spain - a dream of intelligent traveler

If a map of the country to arrange all the museums, then to visit them, or at least explore, and not enough holidays for 10 years. They are so varied and unusual, full of beautiful architecture and rich interior. Visit at least some of them should not even those who normally do not spend time on museums. Here are some of the most remarkable and beautiful museums that offers a map of Spain to visit the sights:

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona. The most extensive collection of paintings of well-known and respected artist here. The museum is located in the old Spanish quarter in five medieval castles and before it is 3, 5 thousand works of the famous genius.

Prado Museum. This is an old park with a castle inside. More than 5 thousand paintings from the private collection of the royal family gradually settled here. The structure itself, as well as those exhibits that it exhibited undeniably a masterpiece.

Museum of Santa Cruz. From an architectural point of view it is of great importance, as it was built in the 16th century as a monastery hospital.

The National Art Museum of Catalonia

Is housed in the National Palace, he joined the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Art of Catalonia. The building was renovated in 1992, before the summer Olympic games. Then put in order the fountains that are located in front of the building. Now here every 15 minutes, shineth extraordinary fountain show, accompanied by classical music. The spectacle is truly indescribable beauty.

Museo Thyssen-Bormenisa. Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bormenis managed to collect an extraordinary art collection of impressionists and expressionists, European and American paintings of the second half of the 20th century. In 1993, the Spanish royal family managed to buy a collection of the relatives of the deceased baron.

Reina Sofia. It was created like the Tate Gallery in London and the French Centre Georges Pompidou. This museum is mainly specializes in sculpture. However, there is exhibited Pablo Picasso's famous painting "Guernica."

 Toledo - The Puerta de Bisagra
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Resorts of Spain - seductive tourist attraction

As seen on a map, Spain, being the Iberian Peninsula, it has a long coastal curve. which provides it with the crowd PARTICULAR tourists who prefer sedentary relaxing on the beach under the bright sun.

Costa Brava (the so-called wild coast) starts near Barcelona and extends along the entire province. This is one of the best resorts in the country is famous for its clean clear water, beautiful scenery, alternating with cozy bays with rocky shores.

Playa de Aro is famous for its golden beaches and folk festivals, in which pleasure dipped foreign tourists.

Costa Dorada Salou - the golden coast of southern Spain. This created a unique environment for water sports.

The main attraction of Salou - a monument to fisherman - like the Spaniards cheerful about hard work of their ancestors.

Noteworthy here stylized Catalan village with Catalan Maziya recreate the interior life and the instruments of agricultural labor.

A cultural center and historical attractions Salou - Torre Vella castle built in ancient times to protect the population from pirates threatening the sea.

All the Costa del Sol, Malaga extends around - the largest most important tourist area of ​​the country. All the major resorts are located here.

 Spanish attractions