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  • Beauty, health and shine - you deserve the best
  • The purity and freshness
  • Eyes - mirror of the soul
  • High quality and reasonable price
  • Rules applying cream or what every woman should know

Nivea - a global company that produces high-quality and low-cost products that are ideal for women of any age. For the first time on this brand became known after the greatest scientist and pharmacist Lifshets invented the water-oil emulsifier. This innovation has turned the world of the cosmetic industry, as up to this cream did not have moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. Today is difficult to meet someone who does not know about the Nivea.

Beauty, health and shine - you deserve the best

The company recently released a new line of Nivea cosmetics, and they immediately relished the fair sex. Moisturizer different special manufacturing technology, which allowed to create a product with reflective particles.

But this does not mean that after application of Nivea Visage your skin will sparkle like it liberally sprinkled with sequins. Flickering only occurs under certain conditions when the sun's rays fall on your face at a specific angle. This highlights are subtle, because they coincide with the tone of the skin.

By the way, those who regularly use this moisturizer is no need to apply tonal basis. This is a huge plus for those who do not like walking around with a ton of makeup. Now you will look natural and feminine, not as if you are wearing a clay mask. Shimmering particles contained in the Nivea Visage, hiding all the shortcomings, while your skin is smooth and refreshed.

Moisturizing Face Cream nurtures and nourishes all the necessary elements that prevent premature aging. Another advantage of the line - the color alignment. You no longer need to hide small defects, Nivea will do everything for you.

The purity and freshness

Another new line of beautiful skin that deserves your attention - a peeling-gel Visage. Before you apply the cream, the person is required to be cleaned from the remnants of makeup, dust and dirt that clogs the pores and does not allow them to breathe. Suffice it to mix a small amount of water, lightly beaten him in the palm of your hand, and you can wash. The active ingredients and fine granules remove dead skin particles, which contributes to further the renewal and growth of cells.

 Beautiful Skin Nivea

Eyes - mirror of the soul

The skin around the eyes - very thin and delicate, so it is particularly in need of daily care and proper. Remember, be sure to wash off makeup special tools to do a light massage and, of course, moisturize. By choosing specific products, special attention should be paid to its properties.

By the way, it is important to remember that in the area of ​​the lower and upper eyelid can not apply the usual cream. Otherwise you risk earn inflammation. It is unlikely that you will want to go with red and teary eyes. This can happen even if you use cosmetics carefully.

In addition, Nivea Visage contains components that prevent the appearance of dark circles. After all, everyone knows that the problem should not mask, and addressed at an early stage. Frequent use of tonal resources can lead to wrinkles and excessive dryness. Hydrating Eye Cream line of beautiful skin will help you forget about this trouble once and for all.

High quality and reasonable price

Use a face cream Nivea Visage can and young girls (starting with 22-24 years), and women well over sixty. After five to ten minutes after applying your already beautiful skin transformed before our eyes: will not be seen fine facial wrinkles, smooth out the bumps, equalized color. However, even on the hottest day you will not feel dryness, tightness and discomfort, as the active ingredients will not let moisture evaporate and will nourish your face for a long time.

But radiant and beautiful skin - is not the most important in the care, the main thing - to protect against UV rays. Direct sunlight not only lead to rapid aging, but also cause cancer. Therefore, experts recommend to put a cream Nivea Visage winter and summer before going out.

 Nivea cream beautiful skin

Rules applying cream or what every woman should know

Firstly, Nivea only be applied to clean skin, otherwise no effect on its use will not be. Wash off makeup using special tools, carefully wash with warm water and blot excess water with a dry towel or paper towel. Wait until the person is dry, and only then proceed to spray. Moisture, dirt and grease - it is not the best friends of cosmetics.

Secondly, it is a little pre-heat it to better and more quickly absorbed. It is enough to hold it between your fingers twenty or thirty seconds. Do not forget to wash his hands with soap and water, as a person can be touched only with clean hands.

Apply cream thinly and evenly, rub and pat force in this case is not worth it. One can only gently massaging with fingertips T-zone and cheeks to stimulate blood flow to the surface of the epidermis. The skin under the eyes must not be subjected to such loads, otherwise there will hated wrinkles.

Incidentally, the upper eyelid cream should be applied once per day, preferably in the morning. At night, these treatments is not recommended, otherwise you risk wake up with swelling and bruising. Avoid eyebrows and the area where the hair grows or guns as some active ingredients can stimulate their growth.

Despite what some experts say about the need to change the creams a couple of months, it is not necessary to do so. In fact, the skin is not accustomed to the components and the use of compositionally different means may cause allergic reactions.

And last but not least - always test the purchase of products in a small area of ​​the body, even if you use it constantly. Improper storage, malfunctioning of your body, and many other factors can cause an allergic reaction. As a result - your skin is covered with spots. To avoid this, always follow the instructions that are included.

 Nivea - beautiful skin

 how to reduce breast


  • The methods that will help you achieve the ideal forms
  • Gymnastics for breast reduction

Long legs, a slender waist and beautiful breasts - three basic concepts which make up the ideal female figure. The first two, no one is in doubt, but the third creates a lot of controversy among women and among men. Last inclined to say that the beautiful breast does not have to be big, as long as it fits in the palm of a man's. And as the palm of our men are different, and presenting them to the beauty of the chest is also not the same.

To men like women go to any tricks. Dye their hair, doing makeup, change eye color with colored lenses increase the bust size or try to reduce chest. But not everyone knows that breast reduction is possible without surgery. There are various diet, massage, exercise. In this article we will talk about exactly how to reduce breast without surgery. It is indeed possible, the main thing to believe in yourself!

 how to reduce breast

The methods that will help you achieve the ideal forms

Breast reduction quickly (ie by means of operation) is shown only to those women who have a very large and hypertrophied breasts. In other cases, no doubt, breast reduction can be achieved by an independent.

  • Breast reduction can be achieved through diet. The chest contained a lot of adipose tissue, and hence changes in weight have a clear effect on its volume. If you lose weight for one kilogram, you lose twenty grams in the chest. But there are nuances: rapid weight loss can lead to sagging skin, exactly what you do not like. That's why, along with diet to reduce the breast certainly do massage, apply the mask to help you maintain the elasticity of the skin and its elasticity;
  • Breast reduction and possibly using essential oils. For this method it is necessary to prepare a mixture of jojoba oil (about 25 0 ml.) And grape seed (approximately 4 0 ml.). To the resulting mixture can add 4 drops of rose oil. To reduce breast rub the oil mixture into the skin with light circular movements. This massage is to be done twice a day. At the end of the month you will be able to see what your breasts reduced in size without losing elasticity;
  • For a breast reduction, there are special packs. You will need 50 grams of crushed poppy heads and half a liter of water. These ingredients should be mixed, simmer on low heat slowly for about 10 minutes under the lid and insist 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth should be filtered, obmoknut there are several layers of cheesecloth. Putting compresses can at least every day;
  • How to visually reduce the breast? Thanks to a special bra every woman faced with this problem, it may make her breasts even seemed to size or two smaller. Such special bras are called minimizers. He straps are wide, and the sides have support and corrective insert. All this helps to visually reduce the big breasts, as well as maintain its shape, avoiding the effect of flattening. If you wear a bra, you are not only visually reduce the big breasts, but also reduce the load on the spine.

 Breast Reduction

Gymnastics for breast reduction

Breast reduction can help, and gymnastic exercises, after which necessarily need to have a massage. So you not only achieve results in this case, but also completely podkorrektiruete figure. Breast reduction, maintaining its elasticity and shape is possible thanks to aerobics. It does not take long, just a half-hour lessons - and breast reduction is not will seem a distant dream!

Sports for breast reduction are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the chest and the displacement of fat from the breast. If you do not have time to go in the gym, then you can make simple but effective exercises for breast reduction at home. The main thing you need - faith in yourself. Well, some sports equipment.

So, how to reduce the breast at home? Just add their morning exercises more of the following exercises:

  • Reducing the size of the breast will exercise, for which you need the kilogram dumbbells. Lying on your back, your arms with dumbbells apart, and then pinch them on the chest, without bending at the elbows. And then several times. First 10-15 times in 2-3 sets. When you can increase the load, but only gradually;
  • Push-ups. In carrying out this exercise, remember hands! They need to arrange as much as possible. To breast reduction has become a reality, this exercise must contain at least 15-20 regimes;
  • Her hands folded on chest level so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Now with the power of push with one hand to the other. At the moment of pressing Freeze for a few seconds, then exhale and relax;
  • The following exercise is to reduce the breast is somewhat similar to the previous. Only now stand up against the wall and lean on her arms, pushing as hard as possible. Fix in this position for a minute, then relax.

At the end of exercise to reduce breast massage is a must. He will not allow sagging and sagging skin. Do massage with essential oils (as described above), or simply rub the breasts with circular movements. By the way, this massage will not only reduce the breast, but also will give a boost, a good mood.

Some precise beauty ideal woman does not exist, exactly the same way as there is no ideal female bust. It is not surprising that women dream of how to increase and to decrease the breast. Needless big bust gives its owner a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, despite the admiring glances of men, women often think about breast reduction.

So, before you ponder the question - how to reduce breast size, you need to understand exactly, but really it's so important for you? If yes, then start acting! These tips will help you reduce the breast to achieve their goals. As you can see, you can reduce breast without surgery, for any operation to correct appearance, can bring harm.

 How to reduce breast without surgery

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