newborn baby

Any pregnant woman look and bated breath waiting for the birth of his remains. In her imagination sweep picture of cute little angels. However, those crumbs which the mother sees the delivery room, there are often very far from her mother's expectations. But it will take a month - and the other kids will change beyond recognition. So, what happens with the crumbs newborns in the first month of life? What should be the care of the newborn baby?

Features bathing a newborn baby

As a rule, the first night after discharge from the hospital comes to a momentous event for all young parents - bathing a newborn baby. In that case, if the baby is not the first in the family, swimming does not cause particular difficulties for parents. But if the first crumb in the family, young father and mother are confused. Any little thing frightens them - a newborn baby cries or hiccups, but they no longer know where to run for help. The first month of a child's life becomes a real baptism of fire, and a test of strength. It is for them and the necessary information is listed below.

For bathing crumbs in the first two weeks of life until the umbilical wound healed completely, you should use only boiled ode in which it is desirable to add a little potassium permanganate. But beware - the water should be barely noticeable pinkish hue. By the way, pay attention to the following - in any case do not add directly to the broth in the tub. Manganese tends to cause very severe burns not only the mucous membranes, and skin. And even more so soft, like a newborn baby.

In order to not in any way prevent this, doctors advise to plant potassium permanganate as follows. Stir a few crystals of manganese in some - a small container, fill with water and thoroughly dissolved. Then pour the solution from the tank of manganese in the tub, but only through a gauze fabric! This measure is necessary in order to completely eliminate the possibility of getting undissolved crystal of manganese on the sensitive skin of a baby.

By the way, parents should pay attention to another very interesting aspect. It is widely believed that the newborn child should bathe in herbs - chamomile, thyme and others. However, pediatricians, without exception, extremely negative attitude towards this practice. This is explained very simply - without exception all herbs are very potent allergen and can trigger allergy attacks crumbs.

Crust color

Almost all parents of newborn children are faced with the phenomenon of a crust on the head of the crumbs. They have a kind of yellowish scales, and grow very quickly if they are not clean. Crusts are growing with incredible speed and by the end of the first month of life, the whole head is covered with crumbs of a crust of solid high.

What causes these crusts - is not known, even to doctors. However, doctors still roam to the version of the allergic nature of the occurrence of this phenomenon. Or, as a second option - the body's reaction to the transit crumbs newborn intestinal dysbiosis, which will be discussed a little later.

In order to avoid the proliferation of mass crusts, parents will have to make a little effort. About fifteen minutes before bathing, apply on the scalp little crumbs boiled oil, pre-cool it to room temperature, and after dente crumbs on a warm cap. Bathing the baby, rub the head with a soft sponge, and then gently rub the towel - most scabs fall off easily. Just do not get too much zealous and rip off the crusts from head violently - under them can be wound.

Chair newborn baby

As a rule, in the first days after birth crumbs allocated first feces having almost black color and viscous consistency. In medicine, the first chair baby is called meconium. As a rule, complete purgation crumbs of meconium occurs within the first two days. But it is often the crumbs begins transient intestinal catarrh.

It is characterized by a state of crumbs of the following symptoms:

  • Increased stool - the frequency of bowel movements can reach about twenty times a day.
  • Specific stool consistency of the child. Cal becomes uneven, has specks of mucus, lumps.
  • Discoloration of the chair. Perhaps the emergence of green or white specks.

In that case, if there are no crumbs of health problems, this state passes its own, without any - any foreign intervention. The chair of a newborn baby becomes normal yellow color, pasty consistency and the typical fermented smell.

Transient bacteria overgrowth

As everyone knows, a newborn baby is born with an absolutely sterile gastrointestinal tract. In order to populate the gut of the child's microflora, which is necessary for its normal functioning, you need at least a few weeks.

Moreover, in most cases in the intestinal microflora Check takes a certain imbalance - opportunistic bacteria multiply much more active than, for example, because the necessary crumbs to the normal process of digestion lactobacilli. This condition is called transient crumbs dysbiosis. Attentive mother always notice symptoms of dysbiosis with your baby:

  • Kal newborn baby has a dark green color.
  • Baby chair has a liquid and frothy consistency.
  • The kid is suffering from intestinal colic and increased gas production. The child may show pronounced signs of anxiety - crying, prim legs under him, refuse to eat, sleep poorly.

Of course, this condition is very worried and oppresses not just a tiny baby, but his parents because look at how your child is suffering from pain - not for the faint of heart.

In most cases, like the child runs by itself, without outside interference. However, doctors still prefer a little help to him and prescribe treatment to help normalize microflora much faster than if it occurs naturally and, accordingly, the kid feels much less discomfort. To stabilize the intestinal microflora tend to physicians use supportive therapy - preparations containing lactic acid bacteria necessary child.

Neonatal jaundice

Sometimes moms crumbs newborns faced with the following situation. The first two - three days at his mother admires the crumbs, not noticing anything unusual. And then suddenly he discovers that the skin crumbs acquired a yellowish tint, and whites of the eyes may acquire even a distinct yellow color. And this phenomenon is found not so rare - about half of all cases.

What is called a yellow tinge to the skin and mucous membranes? During fetal development in the body at the crumbs produced the substance as fetal hemoglobin. It is vital to the fetus, since it is responsible for the delivery of oxygen from maternal blood to the placenta and, respectively, to the fetus. After the crumb is born, the need for fetal hemoglobin disappears and the body of the child begins the process of replacement, whereby fetal hemoglobin is excreted crumbs, and in its place comes mature.

In order to leave the body, fetal hemoglobin destroyed, while stressing the bilirubin, which is yellow. In the event that for some - any reason yet immature baby's liver does not have time to deduce this most bilirubin from the body, it begins to be deposited in the skin and mucous membranes, which, as a result, and acquire the same yellowish hue that scares all the young mothers without exception.

In the event that for a newborn zheltushki very heavy, and the analysis of blood shows that the level of bilirubin increased too, doctors may decide on the need for special treatment. Kids can even take my mother to the children's ward, but to be honest, lately this happens less and less.

The medical sources of information often found that neonatal jaundice lasts about two weeks. However, as practice shows, in fact zheltushka held no sooner than a month. There are certain recommendations to parents whose crumbs suffer from this disease:

  • Walking with your baby.

It is known that ultraviolet rays have a devastating effect on the bilirubin - under their influence he quickly breaks down and excreted from the body. Therefore, doctors recommend as much as possible to be with the kid on the street, without covering his face. If you believe in people's signs, and worried that prying eyes can harm the baby, choose to walk the deserted places. By the way, do not forget about one more detail - UV rays penetrate through a layer of clouds, without any - any obstacles. Walking useful in cloudy weather, no less than in the sun.

  • Poite crumbs waters.

As a rule, if the crumb is perfectly healthy and is breastfed, the first few weeks, doctors do not recommend dopaivat crumbs with water. But if the kid newborn jaundice, dopaivat not only possible, but necessary. However, not too zealous and poite child some water from a bottle - in the first place, the child may be abandoned because of the nipples of the breast, and secondly, because of the large volume of water the baby will eat less milk and, accordingly, poorly gaining weight. Vodichku crumbs should be given a teaspoon, no more than one spoonful every hour.

Note that all the above measures are necessary only if the newborn jaundice expressed strongly enough. If the disease has greased the symptoms and does not bother the baby and the mother, any measures taken do not need to jaundice in the newborn child without a trace disappear on their own.

 Bathing a newborn baby

The weight of a newborn baby

Losing weight of a newborn baby is a very popular cause for panic huge number of young mothers. About the second day, doctors diagnosed in the newborn child a significant loss of body weight - roughly around five percent. Of course, the mother can not help but worry about his crumbs, but in fact these concerns in almost all cases completely unfounded - the weight of a newborn baby very quickly return to normal.

This weight loss is explained simply. The intestines of the child is fully exempt from meconium which, as already mentioned, very dense and has a large mass. And, besides, in the first few days the child eats very little, which is also reflected on the weight of his body. However, this loss is completely normal physiological weight and should not be cause for concern.

By the way, many moms always ask the same question. How to consider weight gain? From the weight of which was at the birth or on the weight at discharge from the hospital? Doctors answer to this question is clear - from the birth weight and the weight of the discharge is not worth paying much attention, if weight loss does not exceed 10%.

Cases of blockage of the sebaceous glands

Also, very often newly minted mom asked the doctors that in the white spots are on the face of the crumbs. Eruptions like the white nodules are located mainly in the nose, cheeks and forehead. There are similar rashes due to blockage of the sebaceous glands.

These nodules can occasionally become inflamed and swell. In that case, if your crumbs they also become inflamed, you can wipe them with a cotton swab, dribbling in an alcohol solution of calendula. However, once again it is necessary to remind the young mums that children's skin is very delicate and sensitive, it can easily burn. So do not burn rashes pure alcohol solution of calendula - it must first be diluted with clean boiled water in a ratio of one to one.

No other treatment of blockage of the sebaceous glands in the crumbs do not require - about one and a half - two months rashes disappear. Many mothers make a serious mistake when they try to squeeze out the contents of these nodules. This is by no means impossible to do - you cause pain to his crumbs, and most importantly, the risk to enter the pathogenic bacteria that can cause a strong inflammatory process, down to an abscess that requires surgical intervention.

Sexual crisis

Often the newborn babies can be observed the following: the mammary glands are sealed and substantially swell the boys there is swelling of the scrotum, and the girls may appear bloody vaginal discharge. It is natural that such events do not seriously frighten a young mother.

However, in reality, such a state newborn baby is due entirely to natural causes. During birth and during breast-feeding crumbs to the body of the mother's body gets a huge amount of hormones. They cause crumbs and similar phenomena.

No treatment of newborn babies this state requires. The only thing you need to do in the event that the newborn baby observed bleeding from the vagina - is to wash away the chips with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. To learn how to cook it, it was written above. In no case do not try to squeeze out of the swollen breast fluid! This can lead to serious complications.

Erythema newborns

Sometimes newborn babies have encountered such a thing as physiological erythema. It is characterized by erythema reddening of the skin, which is caused by the fact that the vessels of the crumbs is greatly enhanced, and blood flow is enhanced significantly. The characteristic red color skin starts to get in the first hours after birth. Increasing redness lasts a few days, reaching its peak in the second - the third day.

Physiological erythema requires absolutely no treatment and resolve spontaneously, around 7 - 10 day life of a newborn baby. The only thing that doctors recommend for young mothers to do it every day to spread naked baby for taking air baths. Bath should last about 60 minutes, but this time, it is recommended to divide into 4 receptions.

Be sure to check the temperature of the environment - remember that it must not be lower than 20 degrees. Newborn thermoregulation system is still immature and imperfect, so the low-temperature air does not exclude the possibility of hypothermia crumbs and as a result, the baby can get sick.

Toxic erythema occurs a little less, but also quite often. Toxic erythema characterized by the appearance on the skin of a newborn baby red pimple-like blisters with liquid contents inside. As a rule, toxic erythema is not an independent disease, but occurs as a complication of physiological neonatal erythema. Typically, such a complication arises in the case the child overheating, or skin irritation, such as strong rubbing with a towel.

When toxic erythema, as well as in physiological, doctors prescribe newborn crumbs air baths. It is also very useful with a solution of potassium permanganate bath. But in no case do not attempt to diagnose and treat the disease. Danger of toxic erythema is very great risk to her background pyoderma. Pyoderma characterized by the appearance on the skin of many festering rash.

Urinary crisis newborn

All wastes from the fruit of his body were removed by removing the placenta. And after crumb was born, he has to deal with this problem on their own. In some cases, if the buds mature enough crumbs, they can simply not cope. As a result, uric crisis occurs, which manifests itself by the following features:

  • The urine is very concentrated - has a rich shade.
  • Urine salts often precipitate as crystals of salt.
  • A child at the time of urination is showing signs of anxiety - Sucitu feet, crying. Pain arises from the fact that salts of urine passes through the urethra, injure and irritate it. Most often it is noticeable in boys.

To resolve this painful condition of the child need to drink as much as possible.