New Year Traditions

Features of the New Year has in every nation, knowing the tradition, you can diversify your celebration. Meeting the New Year in different ways, you can be sure that whatever your company, family or is noisy friends, a holiday never lost a sense of novelty.

There are common tradition, without which the New Year - this is not New Year. Obligatory fireworks, lights, noisy festivities - earlier in the fire burned down all the bad, and the noise to drive away evil spirits, but now it's just a way to make the celebration more colorful. Under the new year, even Christians permitted divination and other superstition, because this holiday is associated not only with the biblical tradition, it is also present and pagan roots. Therefore, tell fortunes and make a wish for the coming year - one of the brightest and most cheerful holiday traditions. And of course, the great feast on New Year's table, the better - because then the whole year in the house will be prosperity and abundance.

Christmas traditions in Russia

In the Russian tradition of celebrating the New Year were formed relatively recently, and they did not let the oldest in the world, but the Russians are quite happy with Santa Claus, who always comes to visit with his granddaughter Snow Maiden, generously endowing all gifts. Especially enjoyed the tradition kids who are waiting with bated breath not so much gifts as miraculous appearance of Santa Claus, lights magic garland on a Christmas tree.

Adults also love to dig in the bottle of champagne in the snow to find him on the eve of the Old New Year. And invariably salad "Olivier", without which the New Year's table does not look festive, but the jelly as festive dishes came from the traditions of Russia, as it was this dish in any amount you can save the winter frosts. And, of course, the Christmas tree, which represents rather than wood, and folk festivals and children's matinees in kindergartens and schools. And let every year scenario to oust the evil character is repeated, after which the world is becoming a holiday begins, we, Russians, never a dull moment on the eve of the New Year.

The traditions of other nations

But it is possible to move away from our traditions and celebrate a holiday "like them", the good choice is wide, it remains to find out, but as they go Christmas caroling. Indian New Year festival of Diwali is inconceivable without that again personalize the victory of good in a fight between good and evil. If you meet the New Year with friends, do not forget about the Bulgarian tradition of Christmas kisses when the festive table lights go down for three minutes - this time, you can kiss the one you want and be sure of secrecy. Puerto Rican tradition is hardly suitable for Russia, but if you are celebrating a holiday in the pool, remember that kids, distributed around the water with squeals and noise, drive away evil spirits. In Italy, still believe in the legend, according to which the water in a river stops for a moment and becomes golden.

If you choose copper tube, then fit the Australian tradition, which made use of any objects giving sound, ranging from the usual bells and whistles ending in churches. Noise is intended to ward off evil spirits from houses, tourists who celebrate New Year's Eve in Australia, argue that not every human ear can withstand such an attack sound. But the Australians are not willing to slow down the volume of the cacophony and trained every year, adding more sound effects.

In Japan, there is a similar tradition, but with more structured noise - only 108 beats bells on New Year's night, and after the last strike the Japanese go to sleep, as in a dream comes cleansing and renewal.

Many of the traditions associated with superstition, as in the UK for the New Year it is necessary to carry out the old year, which opens the back door and followed the wires to invite the new year, opening the front door. In this case all you need to get done at the last minute of the year until the clock strikes midnight. It makes it very difficult to sync if the company is not well-coordinated.

Generally in Europe reigns single custom in which the first guest to be a man - giver coin, bread and coal, so that the next year was well-fed, rich and warm. And if earlier it was kind of guessing, now try not to disturb the guests expectations of the owners.

Another Japanese tradition promises that the more smiles and laughter will be New Year's Eve, the happier will be the coming year.

The British and Irish inter alia, preserved and ancient culinary traditions. In Scotland for New Year's table is served round sand cake with tucks around the edges, it is decorated with sugared almonds, marzipan, or simply chocolates that are laid out in the form of national symbols - the Scottish cross, crossed over the sea arm or branch of heather. Drink night taken punch, which includes sparkling wine or grape wine, tea, sugar, lemon juice. Not to observe part of the punch - it should only cook in the silver dish.

 New Year Traditions

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 Christmas tree

As the theater begins with a hanger, so the New Year begins with a Christmas tree. Its starting to choose and dress up well before the holiday, and once in the house appears elegant beauty, it is clear that the New Year's miracles and joy will not pass by this house. No wonder we choose the most fluffy tree, because the more she needles, the better it drives away evil spirits. Barbed beautiful dress up the whole family, because this is a special ritual, when the New Year's toys and ornaments carefully taken out of the box and carefully hung on the Christmas tree. Usually, at this moment recall the highlights and interesting history of previous New Year's celebrations.

History of the Christmas Tree

Christmas tree in our homes came with a light hand of Martin Luther, that he extended the tradition in Germany, where the first Christmas trees have spread to Europe, and then and in Russia. Peter, moving celebration of the New Year on January 1, do not forget about the European-style home decoration, telling every home in the New Year's Eve have juniper and other coniferous decorations.

But this entertainment was available only to wealthy citizens, as the incomes of farmers were not allowed to even buy the wood for the stove, not to mention the Christmas sweets and fur-trees. Initially tree suspended from the ceiling - so advised the Germans to install barbed lady Russian boyars; exactly when she went downstairs, no one remembers. And New Year's Eve Santa Claus gifts to the boyars of small gifts and sweets, farmers also much easier to have fun - they are dressed up in the clothes available, they sang songs, and wondered caroling, but always cooked porridge in the river water, remembering Basil the Great, patron Svinarov.

After the October Revolution, the tradition to put the Christmas tree has become closer to the people, they dressed up improvised Christmas toys, live Christmas trees placed in courtyards, gardens and schools, at home and at work, and a story in which Vladimir Lenin and Nadezhda Krupskaya, dress up a Christmas tree at home home, called to visit all the kids, remember that each of us. Then the tree briefly disappeared from view, while there was anti-religious campaign, and only returned in 1935, however now the trees came to be called the official New Year's celebrations, arranged for the citizens of Soviet Russia. During the year it was launched production of Christmas decorations and, meeting in 1936, each family was happy and well-dressed Christmas tree fluffy Soviet Christmas toys are still many stores as a memory of childhood. Today, you can decorate the Christmas tree as you like, regardless of fashion and political trends, this festival becomes a more original and interesting.

 Christmas tree

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 How to survive the loneliness


  • What is loneliness?
  • How to move the loneliness?

Loneliness ... Well, who among us does not know what it is? I gave the guy left a loved one, my husband decided that he needed another woman. And yet. And it has already crept into the house, settling in all its corners. It crept into the soul, depriving it possible to enjoy. Make the world a dreary and gray. And you do not know where to go and how to survive alone. And life seems meaningless and empty. What to do?! Before you look for the answer to this question, let's understand what loneliness.

What is loneliness?

Loneliness - a problem that arises in the life of many people, not just once or twice. It appears when you lose the dear people, when you go away from the close, when you betray friends ... Any of these losses provoke a state of loneliness that oppresses, crushes, driven to despair. However, from time to time, many of us experience this condition even if loved ones are close by. It happens so that the man was alone for a long time, do not feel lonely. It turns out that loneliness is not so easy as it seems at first sight? Perhaps before you learn how to survive the loneliness, you need to understand whether you are faced with it.

Yes, apparently, it is not so simple. Someone in this state falls into depression and starts to blame for their problems around the world. And someone feels not only easy, but even quite happily. For some, loneliness is a very painful experience, for others - comfortable and in some cases even desirable circumstance. This means that the cause of loneliness had not external, but internal and psychological. In other words, loneliness is nothing else but a state of mind.

If you take note, it is possible to find an answer to the question why we are now taking a different loneliness. When a person is prone to it, by himself, he will not feel abandoned. On the contrary, these people periodically, whether consciously whether tend to retire. People are not prone to loneliness, being without relatives and friends are suffering. For information on how transferred to the state of solitude in the first case, it is not necessary to talk - these people it is sometimes necessary. But the second is much more complicated.

In general, loneliness - this is not a problem. It is a free choice of each individual. Those who are well alone, in such circumstances, be productive and feel better. Why do they need someone to learn, expanding your social circle if they are already comfortable with this? But how to survive isolation to those who do not accept? Those who are alone with yourself feel uncomfortable?

 How to survive the loneliness

How to move the loneliness?

So, you were left alone, and the world just lost all his colorful and attractive. What to do? The friends try to pull you into some kind of a party, entertain, stir ... But all in vain. Funny irritate us, do not attract entertainment, new acquaintances do not cause any interest. You are indifferent even to the whole score. In addition to his tormentor - loneliness. Without even realizing it, you protect, grow, nurture. In this desperate asking yourself the question: the other disaster could do it, and how to survive the loneliness ?!

Whether it is dangerous? Absolutely. If you do not find a way out of this state, and close to a deep depression. And already there without the help of professionals can not do. So, we try to find the cause and eliminate it, if possible. We have already said that the reasons for this - not in the outside world and within us. So let us listen to themselves and to determine what we really lack.

It would seem that the answer lies on the surface. Not enough of a loved one. Well, what's the deal? You go somewhere and try a fun place to unwind. Everything seems to be easy. But ... It is useless! Because inside still remains nothing filled the void. And if you do not define than to fill it, all of your efforts to become a happy person will not only be futile, they may even exacerbate loneliness.

State of loneliness can be regarded as a kind of signal that in our psyche has failed. Initially catastrophic in it there is nothing. From loneliness to quickly get rid of, if you find the right path to liberation from such oppressive mood. But if it is delayed - should sound the alarm. It may be that we have completely lost the taste for life and the ability to enjoy and be happy. And this is unacceptable.

In general, the suffering that we experience loneliness, due to the lack of any information and impressions, followed by tactile hunger. Therefore, a good way to get rid of him - visit fitness club, massage, theater, cinema, dance school. In short, what can positively influence the body and soul. These include trips to the swimming pool, outdoor recreation, travel to other cities, visit some attractions and so on.

In no case should not spend all evening watching TV - it is generally able to loneliness is contraindicated. Looking at the TV screen, we involuntarily begin to compare their lives with what is happening there. And comparing it happens, as a rule, not in our favor. We are, they say, not as beautiful as telediva. And like us much less than film heroine. And luxuries such as a movie, we do not see, as their ears. And so on and so forth. Hence - the decline of self-esteem, lack of confidence and the desire to hide somewhere in the corner. To you, this imperfect, nobody saw.

Alone, you should always try every effort to raise the internal self-evaluation. Well, what if you went on a loved one around you and a vacuum? So, it is time to improve, learn new skills and knowledge, to clean up their own appearance. In short, the time for a complete renovation. Apply for this effort and all his ingenuity. The day will come, and you will realize that loneliness opened in front of you the whole range of options, which you had not even suspected - to want, which did not want to do what they could not do before.

State of loneliness - not a vice and not a drama. It is timeless, the stage of life when you are given a chance to change themselves and change their lives. You should not miss it, wailing and wondering what to do next. If you are not alone, you usually do not have enough minutes to look around and realize that change is necessary. As a result, she puts the fate of a man in front of such a fact, leaving alone with himself.

And if it is inactive, the period of suffering. Therefore, if you suddenly became lonely, do not lose heart, hidden from the world in the four walls. Walk, ride a horse, dance, play sports, visit museums, theaters, swimming pools, restaurants ... And life, as a result, become interesting and colorful. And one day there will be love. And then you have to remember this warmth will grace period - the time of loneliness.

 How to survive the loneliness right?

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