New Year holidays

Christmas vacation with his entire silence always seem unexpected, especially after the noisy New Year celebrations. As a result, the long-awaited vacation put most of us to a dead end, because we absolutely do not know how to manage their own recreation, but rather to organize it yourself.

For those whose bank account is made up of six figures, preparing for the Christmas holidays will not be difficult. They can afford to spend a vacation on board the airliner Arab sheik, where in addition to the standard VIP service is not only bowling, but also a swimming pool. Here, you and Tina Turner, and Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carrey. However, such a pleasure will cost about 700 thousand euros. Although the absence of such a sum for the Christmas entertainment - not a reason to be sad, because you can find lots of other ways to diversify the pool except holidays in the clouds.

Most importantly, try to stretch a little brains after Christmas libations, and silence the voice of the stomach, which naturally wants to script "sofa-bed refrigerator," and between these points - the TV or VCR. It's not the best, but not the worst idea since even if you succumb to the call of the stomach, then any amount of food come to an end and, therefore, attacks to the nearest supermarket is inevitable.

Teenagers playing snowballs or famously skated to the sound of songs and the light of lanterns and quite yet kids who came into the yard, accompanied by mothers and grandmothers, certainly will plunge you into the atmosphere of the Christmas holidays. So, if you have enough courage, you're with them, enjoy frost and ice rink, skating slicing is not worse than in school.

Of course, part of the Russians spend the New Year holidays in a drunken stupor, buying deposits Antipohmelin in drugstores and supermarkets before going to work. However, such a scenario could seriously harm vacation health, and the following year will have to be treated.

Christmas holidays in Russia

When, if not during the holidays to visit old friends and relatives. There was enough time for a friendly chat over a cup of tea with Tula gingerbread. Visit a museum, theater, invited his old friends, but just go bowling or to the skating rink - in the hustle and bustle of working is sometimes difficult to find the time acceptable to everyone. During the holidays you can have time to visit several children elkah that suit and museums, and theaters, and shopping malls.

Left on vacation homes can be seen empty even deserted streets. And in areas already accustomed to traffic jams, you can not see a single car. The fascinating spectacle to watch as the car emerges from the haze of snow, and then swishing tires, disappears like a mirage in the desert.

Leaving the city, you begin to appreciate even more the silence of the snow-covered river and forests, as if drawn in black ink on blue canvas of the sky. Especially nice to get out of town a small company, so as not to spoil their noise sounds of nature. And lo and behold, almost every citizen magically opens the talent to cook kebabs.

And in the New Year holidays can participate in the championship on winter sports holiday, which is carried out in a park in Moscow. Zoos also open their doors, canceling health days, and some do January 1st Admission is free - it's a great reason to visit the zoo as a family to see how to meet the new year the birds and beasts. Of course, some of them hidden in warm cages, but the penguins and polar bears happy frost and do not hesitate to viewers, swimming and ride with.

And a week from December 31 to January 7 for those who are not afraid of the cold, work the hole, swim in the Federation which organizes hardening. Ice hole located near Strogino Moscow River. This is really a real Siberian tradition, which add health and temper the immune system. Wherever you are in the New Year holidays, in Moscow or outside of Moscow, turning off the TV, you can always find entertainment for the soul.

New Year holidays abroad

Home is good, but if you want a change of scenery and enjoy the feeling of complete strangers - go to the New Year holidays abroad. Surely the walls of his home for the whole year rather tired, so why not leave their homes at least temporarily.

Proposals for rest during the holidays do not count, all available from London, where the secular parties, prim fayfokloki and cheap pubs with excellent ale mixed together and ending January deep-sea diving. Czech Republic, with its villages, or from Karlovy Vary hot springs where you can swim in any frosts - the choice is yours only.

If you're one of those people for whom the New Year - it snow, mountains and après walks, not a warm beach with a tropical cocktail, then walk to the conquest of Mont Blanc or Elbrus fits perfectly; You can even skip to the Austrian ski resorts. As for the ski resorts, the choice here is great - most importantly, attend to the permit in advance to a planned vacation is not passed in a dull atmosphere of a city apartment.

And if you start searching for a tourist company in advance, during the holidays, you can visit several countries for its unique route. Do not miss Finland, where the northern lights sometimes several times a week - important to know where and what better place to watch it. Where else on the roads of this city you will see reindeer, and once on the outskirts of a magical forest with white frost mosses and lichens. And only come from Finland postcards postmarked Arctic Circle. Snowy reindeer safaris, or simply try snowshoeing, strolling up to the Museum of refrigerators in Tampere.

New Year holidays in the Czech Republic prefer those whose motto is "beer and circuses", well, where as not in the Czech Republic can enjoy frozen beer or smoked beer, which gives a strong bitterness.

Tips experienced traveler also an excellent tool for selecting the country's New Year holidays, especially if you are lost themselves among the variety of proposals about the rest.

 New Year holidays

 New compositions


  • New Orchid
  • Romantic composition with flowers and marshmallow
  • Naughty Christmas tree
  • Candlestick made of fir branches

How to prepare your home for New Year? This issue is beginning to occupy our minds are excited pre-holiday bustle since the end of autumn. And why? And because it is from now on sale there are Christmas decorations and gift baskets, and offices and shops glittering with tinsel, garlands, dressed up Christmas trees and Christmas songs. By the way, about the songs ...

You agree that the atmosphere of the holiday and its external surroundings were and are a very important part of any celebration and New Year's - especially. Of course, entirely change the whole interior of the apartment for a single day of the year is hardly possible. But this is not necessary, because the whole is made up of little things. And such a great and original Christmas trifle become compositions that can be made of fresh flowers and pine limbs, supplemented with fresh fruit, candles and Christmas decorations. And, you can make something out of scrap materials or use for this purpose their handmade skills and do this "something" basis Christmas composition. However, let us consider with you in detail how to make original Christmas composition with his own hands.

New Orchid

Naturally, the chief guest in any house during the celebration of New Year's - Christmas tree. Dress up like a Christmas tree all: adults and children. And how to decorate? Purchased balls and tinsel - are not the only objects of decoration Christmas beauties. It can be man-made ceremonies in toys and garlands or even make decorations of flowers. How to do this original Christmas decorations with their own hands? To create a New Year flower we need:

  • of aluminum wire in two colors;
  • two-tone decorative thin wire;
  • Floral capacity;
  • Floral tape (teip tape) in two colors;
  • fresh flowers orchids;
  • artificial aspidistra (floral tape, plastic or polypropylene).

We will do just two Christmas ornaments. Let's start with the decoration floral containers - special flasks, into which water is poured. To do this, wrap them artificial aspidistra, fix it on the container decorative wires. Because of the usual floral bulb we got a beautiful containers for flowers. Then we fill our flask with water and insert them prepared flowers. Do not forget to change the water in the flask from time to time, then the flowers will remain fresh longer.

Next, make two wire frame in the shape of stars and rays are slightly bent, the stars took the form of a shallow bowl. On one of the skeletons do a little hook for decoration which later will be fixed on the tree. Now connect the two chassis together so that between them remains some distance. Thus, we have to surround the star. Flowers prepared cones gently inserted into the received stars and fix them with a decorative wire. To attach the hooks from wire belt. Decoration is ready, it can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Notice that this composition can be used a variety of colors ranging from exotic orchids to the usual pinks. A wire can be painted with spray paint or wrap ribbons. Christmas tree, decorated with fresh flowers, impress your guests and will be pleasing to the eye all the New Year holidays.

 New compositions

Romantic composition with flowers and marshmallow

Want to New Year's Eve at your table stood some original decoration? Then you fit the composition in the romantic style. A snow-white or creamy vanilla air marshmallows turn your flower arrangements in delicious sweet pine Christmas decoration. For the manufacture of a Christmas composition with flowers and marshmallow, we need:

  • regular cutting board of wood or plastic;
  • a small piece of Floral Foam (floral sponge);
  • film food;
  • tape;
  • irises (or other fresh flowers);
  • candles;
  • pine branches;
  • marshmallows;
  • nail polish.

Candles for this composition can take the most ordinary, cheap. Turn plain household candles in fantastically beautiful Christmas candles can be using nail polish and a stencil. Or use for these purposes Christmas-tree tinsel, rain or satin ribbons. To start a small piece of Floral Foam in water to moisten and wrap in plastic wrap. This will be the basis of our composition. Place it on a cutting board, which wraps and ribbons decorate floral sponge using needles: some fragrant spruce branches cut to size and inserted directly into the Floral Foam.

The central element of the composition should be irises (by the way, gorgeous irises can be made of corrugated paper) is blue irises set the tone of the composition. We cut them to the desired length and strengthen in Floral Foam. Near Floral Foam set candles. They will help to create a special atmosphere of magic New Year's Eve.

The highlight of our composition will marshmallows. Have you ever paid attention, regaling marshmallows as it is beautiful? The composition of our Zephyr will play the role of snowballs, carelessly scattered on the board. Therefore we decompose marshmallows chaotic, but tasteful, placing it between the branches of pine needles, ribbons and candles. By the way, instead of cutting board you can use a beautiful crystal dish, or even a mirror in the frame: a romantic Christmas and your composition will look just magical!

 New Year composition with his own hands

Naughty Christmas tree

Who said that Christmas trees have to be conventional? Of course, it has happened that in the New Year in our house is a green pine tree. But today, the fashion creative tree or even small tabletop Christmas trees and Christmas compositions, which have become the center of such a Christmas tree that's naughty. Let's try to make them? For creative trees, we need:

  • paperboard;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • sticks for barbecue
  • soft thick wire,
  • Scotch,
  • paper (either unnecessary or newspaper);
  • tinsel;
  • small Christmas toys.

To start from a cardboard cut out cone - a quarter of the circle with a radius of fifteen to twenty centimeters. The top of the cone cut away and turn a cardboard pattern to surround the cone-kulechek. The edges of the glue that held the cone good shape. Now, from the same cardboard cut out the bottom - a circle equal to the base of the cone - and do it in the center of the small holes of the trunk of Christmas trees.

Cut the wire length twice the height of the cone. Three Sticks BBQ and wire piled in one bundle, aligning the ends of the one hand, and sealed with tape. Insert barrel cone so that the wire is passed through the hole at the apex of the cone. Now fill the internal cavity of the cardboard cone paper at the same time locking the trunk of Christmas trees on the central axis of the cone. Then we put on the bottom of the barrel and attach it to the cone with tape.

And now the most pleasant moment. We start decorating the Christmas tree, tinsel and wrapping her decorating small toys. Turn after turn screwed onto the cone (pre-lubricated with glue) tinsel, since its founding and ending with a tail of wire. Wire tail bends downward, as the tip of the cap from the gnome. At the end of the tail can hang the ball, bell, pine cones, bells. A few small toys placed on the tree, and if you want to supplement its decoration bows, beads and generally anything (in mood and taste). Also close tinsel (or green floral tape or corrugated paper) and the bottom of a barrel.

Pot for tree-sluts do from any suitable container, which is filled with plaster or sand. Fasten the Christmas tree in a pot and decorate it to your liking: ribbons, corrugated paper, organza, tinsel. That's it - the foundation is ready. And then to make any New Year's composition, adding to the foundation, for example, fresh tangerines, candles, live or artificial flowers, gift packaging dummies.

Candlestick made of fir branches

Another version of the New Year's composition, which can become self-adornment or the addition of other compositions. For this we need a candlestick:

  • pine branches with small needles (spruce, fir, larch, juniper);
  • dry grass (hay);
  • newspaper;
  • ready to plug in small candlestick;
  • glue;
  • sewing thread;
  • wire;
  • decoration items (beads, ribbons and so on.).

First, the paper is wrinkled, forming a ball of her right diameter (ideally no more than fifteen centimeters). And wrapped around the ball of thread, sealing it, and giving a more or less flat shape. Now obkladyvayut newspaper ball dry grass, while continuing to wrap its threads. So we attach the hay to the ball, and he will do even tighter ball. Compacted and increased ball with a dry grass, fix the thread and do in the ball recess candlestick hay and newspaper should be easily crumpled and compacted.

We put in the deepening of the candlestick, crush the ball from the bottom, making it resistant and proceed to the decor. In using an adhesive (glue gun) is glued to the ball pine sprigs. This can be done in different ways. You can glue the branches so that the ball will be disclosed in the coniferous' hands. " You can divide the branches into small pieces and make the ball-hedgehog, branches sticking ezhinyh like needles. You can close the edge of the branches of the candlestick, and you can leave them free of branches. Finally decorate balloon ribbons and beads.

Important! All materials used for this candlestick, burn well! So be very careful and cautious when using pine candle as Christmas decoration.

As you can see, to make his own New Year's composition is a snap. Use the pine branches, candles and flowers, hand-made decorative candlesticks and all the attributes of the New Year. May be completed with such compositions Christmas balls and Christmas angels. In general, fantasize! Let your New Year's composition will be the exclusive decoration and part of the overall holiday decor. Good luck!

 Christmas composition, or alternative holiday decor

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