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Despite the fact that the most anticipated New Year holiday, he always comes suddenly. Even yesterday, we just thought about the gifts, and today we congratulate each other at a table. Who is he comes from a song from the children's cartoon "Tell Maiden, where it was .." or "Well, hare, wait a minute ..", and for someone sneaks up from behind a corner enveloping wave of fun and asking: "Well, not waiting for? ".

And those who do not have time to prepare for the holiday again take part in the annual reality show "Catch 24" hours, and then sit at the holiday table completely exhausted, but with a sense of accomplishment.

And so I want to believe that there are still people in the Russian land, which for the holiday are prepared in advance, and the day before New Year slowly crumble vegetables for a loved one, "Olivier", slicing carrots into sticks, and of potatoes, making chic snowflakes casually coming up with New Year's competitions and humming under his breath "in the forest was born herringbone ...».

For those who have not forgotten the importance massovika entertainer on Christmas carnivals and we have prepared a script for another fun, which involves the testing of knowledge of the New Year film. However, you can compete not only on the length of the list of films that managed to recall both teams. To complicate the competition is easy - just call to offer movies in the order of the screens, or alternating genres.

"Carnival Night", "Enjoy Your Bath", "Magicians", "Frost", and so on ... "Three Wishes for Cinderella" - this film is a fairy tale-like, not only here but also in the Czech Republic, the home of the founders.

If such a game was held, for example, in Connecticut, on New Year's corporate party of one of the factories, the films on the list would be required to "A Christmas Carol" and the cartoon "The Polar Express." Amazing film, which was five times nominated for an Oscar and won the Golden Globe - "It's a Wonderful Life", he is now the leader in the national charts, but took him back in 1946.

All part of the fun of Christmas comedy "Home Alone" loved and welcome both abroad and in Russia.

 Russian Christmas movies

Hits of Russian cinema

Once the boxes with blue screen appeared in almost every Soviet family, there was a tradition - every year for the New Year to present a new film. Some of them are long forgotten and gathering dust on the shelves of storage, and some became pearls Christmas movie. That's the best films broadcast during the Christmas holidays - this good tradition enables us to further plunge into the holiday atmosphere. These brilliant films that are impregnated with the spirit of the era, not so much. "Carnival Night", after which came "Irony of Fate" is always recognizable and desire, even if their stories are not so relevant, but as true masterpieces of cinema art delight us every year.

Carnival Night

This musical comedy directed by Eldar Ryazanov went on television screens in 1956 and immediately became the favorite of folk comedy phrases from which went to the quote. The plot is easy comedy - all want a fun-filled carnival in the club, but the director is planning to hold an extraordinary New Year's Eve a serious event. But Lena Krylova has managed to gather active young people around him, and they circumvent the ban Ogurtsova, yet satisfied with this cheerful holiday.

Carnival Night 2

This film was shot in 2007. A similar plot, but instead Ogurtsova club runs one courgettes which, as the former head of another bureaucrat. In the New Year's Eve Ryazanov decides to visit the club, which hosts the first Carnival night and although Monsieur Kabachkov flattered visiting celebrities, his idea of ​​a sequel to the first Carnival Night, sees no enthusiasm, believing himself a pleasure to deal with the program. Ryazanov leaves, leaving the squash to deal with shooting and he "understood" by adding ditties propaganda and changing costumes ...

old New Year

Comedy, which for many years was only Moscow Art Theater, filmed in 1980. The story is that the neighbors decided to celebrate Old New Year, invite friends. But Peter Poluorlova gathered intelligent society, and to Peter Sobeykinu came to visit the people of the working class. Naturally, the interests of both companies different that almost leads to conflict. Although between these people a huge gap, but a joint meal and warmth brings them at least for one night. Pasternak's poems and music interspersed Nikitin actors play, making it more expressive.

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath

In the courtyard of the end of 1975, and the old tradition of friends before the new year are sent to the bath. As usual, drank, ate. And most of all hurt the one who always kept a sober lifestyle, his friend instead of "loaded" into the plane flying to Leningrad. The taxi driver takes him to an address that is identical to its location in Moscow, even the key to the apartment is suitable. He comes, and is located in an apartment here appears a young woman - a real owner, to which must soon come girlfriend and future husband.

The Irony of Fate. Continued

30 years have passed since the first meeting Zhenya Lukashin and Nadia, she went to Leningrad and married Hippolyte. In the yard in 2007, the tradition of going to the New Year to the bath is preserved, but the company appeared Konstantin - the son of Eugene from a new marriage, which also ended in divorce. Uncle Pasha and Uncle Sasha, decided to arrange a surprise, but rather to repeat the story of thirty years ago, just fluster bones as when his father - and he flies to St. Petersburg, to supposedly reconcile Nadia and Eugene. But now in the street Builders 12 apartment 25 house lives the daughter of Nadia and Ippolit, who is also named Hope. And again girlfriend, waiting for the bride and unexpected turns of fate.

Come Look at Me

The film was shot in 2000. Sophia Ivanovna for many years does not get up from the wheelchair, her only entertainment - look out the window, cut and paste paper figurines and sometimes listen to Dickens, who reads her daughter Tanya. It seems that in this old apartment while stopped, though the years, and with them life, slowly and inexorably pass. And maybe, two single women lived for many years in this cozy stasis episode, but one New Year's Eve Sophia Ivanovna was going to die. But she wanted to die, just making sure that Tatiana happy. And so, in an old Moscow apartment incredible things began to happen ...

New Adventures of Masha and Vitya

Good musical tale of how Santa Claus asking for help from two Soviet children - Masha and Viti. It was necessary to save his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, who was captured by Koscheyu immortal. Although the film was shot in 1975, the adventure of children and their meeting with Leshim, Baba Yaga and other villains from Russian fairy tales are still interesting. The storyline is that children are prepared for the holiday, having learned poems and songs, along the tree and hung garlands, and here comes a message about the abduction ... Maiden songs from movies like today's kids and remind parents of their childhood.

 Popular Christmas Movies

Zigzag of Luck

The film was shot in 1968. On the eve of the new year, a young photographer Oreshnikov secretly borrowed from mutual fund money on the lottery ticket. And he won incredible sum in those days 10,000 rubles. Now his comrades' court judges. And who knows what would have ended the story, if not condoning New Year's celebration.

Sirota Kazanskaya

Photographed in 1997. The film is about the teacher Nastya, who knows nothing about her father, as her parents met at the resort and since then have not seen each other. But she has a mother's letter to her father, who had remained undelivered. By publishing it in the newspaper, Anastasia did not expect that it will come not one, but several potential fathers. And before the New Year's Eve Nastya, her fiancé, and all three "fathers" to solve the difficult task ...

Poor Sasha

Also filmed in 1997. This is not a Christmas comedy, but a real detective. My daughter wants to rob his mother, who was living the life of a business woman, completely forgotten about his daughter. The film tells that both adults and children just need warmth and love. In this tale there is a place and a mother's love and the love of man to woman, who appears out of nowhere like a magic prince and then the mother and daughter begin to feel protected.

Train Romance

2003. Alex, being a very charming and romantic, decides unconventionally to explain like a girl in love. Because of circumstances, the Muscovite not only manages to confess her feelings, but gets into an adventure, as a result of losing a job and an apartment. So, quite by accident, Alex becomes a persona non grata for the law enforcement officers who are hunting him. And now, many years later in the New Year's Eve Alex accidentally meets the one you loved. And old love does not rust, and it takes the unthinkable and risky decision ...


2004. Successful businessman Sergei Petrov loses everything: money, power, family, and even the position of the apartment. And meaningless walks down the street, he meets his former classmate - a petty thief Kulemu. Kul takes him to the employment service, where he was offered a job "Listener". The duties include daily listener to hear curses and insults that family members Fedulova hesitant to say to each other openly. A little later there is another family member Fedulova - daughter Marina, pushed by a negligent husband. The new series of "hearing" is gradually coming to an entirely different level. And, when it would seem, troubles and misfortunes Petrov and Fedulova peaked, miracles begin to happen and most importantly, the miracle happens in the New Year's Eve.

New Year in November

year 2000. All kinogeroi when it has participated in the "Blue Light". This is the captain of the icebreaker "Arktika" Trofim Semochkin, Capitolina, Nikolay Vasin last captain of the hockey team and Yefim Kakhovsky - an aspiring composer and part-time captain KVNschikov. On the eve of the new year we decided to re-invite characters thirty years ago for the captain's table. And now, on the eve of the show on TV screens, viewers have the opportunity to learn all the secrets of the TV and the kitchen to see how the show was filmed. Comedy or melodrama, a genre of the film is ambiguous, but the heroes have to deal with the most unpredictable problems which are sometimes funny, sometimes sad.

Christmas Romance

2004. This romantic musical melodrama about love and fidelity to help overcome any difficulties. New Year's Eve two friends ballerina Anna and artist Sonia choose gifts for their closest people. But Sonia gets into trouble, her friends and family are trying hard to help the young artist and only New Year's miracle is able to save her ...

 Foreign Christmas movies

Foreign Christmas movies

It is well known that the United States - the country ratings, and movies, especially Christmas, decided to rank in the Top 10, Top 20 and so on. But the ratings do not always provide full details of the audience with respect to the film so that the same tape someone thinks too 'soap' or saccharine, and someone is willing to every year to watch the New Year it is a movie. As they say, everyone has his own taste. We propose to understand and resolve, and a New Year's foreign movie reaches your hits.

For several generations of American film "It's a Wonderful Life" has become a classic, although it denounced the FBI as "a film which undermines the ideology." If you have not watched the film, it is required to look at, at least, to find out what could undermine the foundations of the free American.

The Americans, unlike us, are well aware of their best Christmas movies, and no Christmas is complete without a corporate quiz Trivia. Many companies organize competitions whose quiz will be better than in Russia, probably the only scenario of Christmas events are similar success.

Santa Claus

1994. Scott Calvin, a top manager of the company for the production of toys, except in the toys did not succeed in his life for anything. His wife Kyurson flirting with a friend psychiatrist, and then did away with his son. Scott is seen less frequently with the child, and the son begins to forget. On Christmas accidentally pushes Scott Santo from the roof and now to top manager faces a difficult task: to dissolve all the gifts. Did someone give up at least for one night to become the son of the Santa Claus? To see the continuation of this story - see the whole movie from beginning to end.

Santa Claus - 2

Scott got a taste and moonlights as Santa for 8 years, but he's still a lot of their cases. And now, on the eve of the next Christmas disappointed Scott says that because his son has grown a real bully. In addition, the contract requires that Scott got married, as by law Santa can not be idle. Christmas, ongoing care, son tomboy and searching for Mrs. Claus - not an easy task, so Scott decided to resort to double that transformed the life of the whole of the North Pole into chaos.

Santa Claus - 3

2006. Scott decided to invite relatives to visit, even if the position of the existence of Santa Claus and the North Pole declassified, he shines in big trouble. But Santa need when ever stay at Christmas with his family, and his wife will soon have to do Scott's dad. As a result, when a big company in the collection, the villain Jack Frost makes every effort to deprive Scott Christmas and personally manage the entire North Pole. But he is opposed to all the family, headed by Scott and the chief elf Curtis.

Surviving Christmas

2002. Millionaire Letman Drew, who had lost the taste for life, the will of fate turns out to be in the house of his childhood. That lives in the house a new family does not bother Letmana, he simply invites them to spend the money for his family, because it is better to celebrate Christmas in a foster family than alone. But not all members of the little family embraced the new rich relative cordially, and as it turns out the whole family Valko it's time to see a psychiatrist.

Christmas with the Kranks

2006. Spouses Luther and Nora Krenke life so tired that they decided to forget about Christmas and just skip it once in your life. No festive meal or elegant Christmas tree or Santa Claus - anything that reminds of Christmas. And on the eve of the couple go to the Caribbean to get a good rest. As a result, things are going so far as they had planned.

 What Christmas movie to see

Gift for Christmas

1996. The father is always busy at work, so all the family holidays is overdue. Before Christmas he was late for the competition Karate, very frustrating than his son. In exchange for peace, Pope promises to give for Christmas "turbomena" super-toy, which dreams of every boy. In the hectic working he forgets his promise and on Christmas Eve begins a marathon shopping.

Alone at home

1996. Kevin MakKlistera accidentally forgotten at home and at Christmas, he was alone in a huge mansion. Eight-year boy did not upset - he was the main man in the house. But the thieves who decide to rob a family of Kevin, naively believing that no one is home, inordinately surprised to see instead of ornaments is not luminous garlands, and ingenious traps.

Goodbye, Dr. Freud

2003. A few days before Christmas, the protagonist of the film release from prison, where he was on a false denunciation. And though it's a comedy, the plot is twisted is no worse than any detective. As a result, the hero is a rogue. The moral of the film is not the victory of good over evil, and that the laws of love conquers all, even the laws of psychoanalysis. A Christmas night as always are better than ever.

Year Without Santa

2006. Excellent comedy for family viewing in the New Year holidays. Santa offended and angry, he had gone for a whole year for vacation. But especially interesting reaction to the absence of Santa's a boy, what in fact the whole film full of good songs and vibrant scenes.

Grinch - Stole Christmas

year 2000. Grinch, green, hairy, and no one else similar Ktograde nobody liked. And he had no choice but to leave the city and settle fun at a very lonely and cold mountain, digging a cave there. Grinch favorite pastime was to sit and hate the whole world and most of all he loved to hate Christmas. But every year, the hatred grew more torture as ktogradovtsy continued to have fun. Grinch decides to start the meanness of his life - and to steal a Christmas tree and presents, while ktogradovtsy dreaming Christmas dreams.

Flight to Santa Claus