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  • The causes of neurotic depression
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Neurotic depression - a form of the disorder, in which moods sick person depends on the surrounding environment. For example, during the day, these people are no different from a completely healthy, and at night they manifest symptoms. This can be aggression, depressed mood, tearfulness, hysteria, etc. Usually complications occur in extreme cases, if time does not pay attention to the problem and not to start treatment.

By the way, to see a specialist to persuade such patients much easier, as they are in most cases are completely sane. Neurotic depression-prone people are open to dialogue, they can think rationally, to perceive the world.

The causes of neurotic depression

In fact, external factors why this or that person emerged neurotic depression, can be set. That trouble at work, constant stress and problems with her husband or children, moving to another city or emigration to a new country, a change of scenery, etc. When a strong man, he quickly and easily cope with the emerging challenges, resolve issues, adapting to a new and unknown. The depression also fall weak, timid, notorious, insecure and reliant people.

Worst of all, if the traumatic situation is repeated too often. For example, when the chief of daily proofreads subordinate to the other employees. In the end, all may end a nervous breakdown, hysteria, tears. And not with the boss, and in the smoking room, the house, etc. Perhaps it will appear on a subconscious level, even if you are not as outwardly respond. So, in the morning you can wake up with a headache, depressed mood and sad thoughts, wondering why you are so bad. It turns out the reason is on the surface, but not as deep as we thought.

 neurotic depression treatment

Features and symptoms of neurotic depression

To begin to understand that neurotic depression - a serious disease, so it is important to provide timely assistance to a person faced with this problem. Otherwise, it can develop into other more serious forms, which is fraught with dire consequences, including death. Therefore it is necessary to recognize the first signs of the disease.

So, in the early stages depression is manifested only in the form of a bad mood, emotional instability, anxiety, worries, anguish, anxiety. Over time there is a violation of sleep, that is, either starts insomnia or constantly sleepy. Often, decreased appetite.

Note: sunken depressed person feels is not always bad, but only situational - depending on the prevailing situation. This often times there has been progress. The patient tries to change things, to avoid, for example, a conflict with the boss. There is no problem - there is no need to be sad. But often we are guilty in occurrence of unpleasant situations that jolt us out of the rut. Expressing criticism of listening to other people's complaints, taking everything to heart - that we harms only himself.

It should be noted that the neurotic depression people not to focus on one thing, you can easily switch. At the same time, and facial expressions also immediately changes: anger disappears, sadness, resentment, is only subject to change. And if you do not come back to the issue of sick of it does not even remember.

Neurotic depression is different from other so that the sick person is not subject to self-flagellation, it is not reduced self-esteem. Although, as always, there are also exceptions. But if this happens, the symptoms are not so clearly defined. Man remains the person that he was before. And all the qualities, both good and bad, do not disappear.

As mentioned above, this person is aware. She understands that there is a problem that can not cope on their own. And even the neuroses it is negatively related to suicidal acts. Only in severe cases all committed suicide. Most of the aggravation occurs in the afternoon or in the evening hours.

With regard to the physiological manifestations, it may be a breakdown, the emergence of problems with the cardiovascular system, heart pain, dizziness, nausea, throbbing, or squeezing pain in the temples and back of the head. By the way, most of us only after the onset of the above symptoms go to the hospital. Psychological changes as we are, as always, ignored.

But that did not happen with the patient, it does not affect its performance. He continues to faithfully execute their professional duties, not shifting his headache to others (colleagues, relatives, friends). Plus, he is optimistic about the future.

How to cure neurotic depression

Treatment should only be carried out in a specialized clinic, under the supervision of professional doctors and therapists. No consultation dubious institutions, staffed by "experienced" magicians, sorcerers, fortune-tellers, remove damage, the evil eye, curses. What the sick hands the reins, but the magic powder will, will not bring any benefits.

In psychotherapeutic branch of the patient first examined to confirm the diagnosis. Then, based on the received analyzes, conduct proper treatment. Normally fallen into depression of a special appoint special anti-depressants, which will relieve most of the symptoms of the patient. Ie after a couple of weeks will be gone in a bad mood, the pain disappears, anxiety. Please note: legal antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics and sedatives are sold in our country only with a prescription!

In addition, also need to be treated by a psychiatrist. At least two times a week will have to go to a specialist who can help the patient to understand that he has a problem, and to identify why he became depressed. He gradually push such a person to solve all the difficulties that will arise in the way. However, that treatment has brought positive results, should be fair, honest, show all your feelings and emotions.

Do not be afraid that the therapist will tell someone about your problem. In our country, it is strictly forbidden. Everything that you tell, just between you and your doctor. Otherwise, you will be able to apply for the doctor to disclose the secret of the court. A moral compensation in this case is rather big.

 neurotic depression treatment

Why not drink antidepressants random

Unfortunately, many of us prefer to be treated yourself. Someone does not trust doctors, someone difficult to take time off from work or leave for family time. But the result of one - such individuals are buying online or from under the counter antidepressants, thinking that nothing in this does not.

The chance that you will pick the right medication and dosage to guess - miserable. And in this case, the treatment only harm. You may be addictive. Psychological, when you will feel that the drug-free life is not the same. Physiological rarer. And, only in those cases where the drug contains a forbidden substance. And if doctors know about it, the ordinary people faced with such side effects permanently.

How to get rid of depression at home

In addition, you can use some of the methods by which our forefathers fought depression. Many of them are completely safe. However, do not forget to pre-consult with your doctor to avoid negative consequences.

  • Infusions and decoctions

The syndrome of neurotic depression persists in using herbal tinctures and decoctions. In drugstores charges having soothing or invigorating effect. Depending on your mood, you can choose suitable for your particular case option. For example, a good help to cope with depression ginseng tincture. It can be how to buy a ready-made or make yourself.

In the second case we take the leaves or roots of the plant (50 g), pour the alcohol (500 g). Transfused all the jar, a tight lid. And left for a month in a cool, dry place - refrigerator or pantry. After 30 days, the resulting liquid is filtered through cheesecloth, folded in several layers. It is recommended to drink 3 times a day, just before meals (15-20 drops).

  • Vegetables and fruits

Bananas bring joy into the house. Enough to eat per day for 1 piece of exotic delicacies to a bad mood more than you ever bothered. However, be careful treatment of bananas not harm your stomach. In gastritis, ulcers, diabetes and the like health problems to experiment with such a diet is not necessary, as there may be exacerbation of the disease.

Perhaps the carrot - the safest vegetable with which you can get rid of depression. You can rub it like grated and make fresh juices. To treatment brought positive results, choose a home carrots grown in your area. Overseas production, though beautiful, benefit from it will be almost no.

  • Sports

Why did our ancestors do not often get depressed? They just had no time to worry, because all day long they worked physically. And insomnia after hanging out in a field of very few people worried. Therefore, if you want to sleep, do not worry about nothing and become confident, join a gym. At first you're just going to fall down, and then completely forget about their problems.

By the way, if the experiences are related to parting with a loved one, change of residence, etc., then this is where you can make new friends and acquaintances. You may need treatment and do not need a psychologist. I do not like to do with the "iron things"? Go to the dance, buy a ticket to the pool. Try to find something you really like.

Now that you know all about what a neuroleptic depression, what her major symptoms, and how it should be properly treated. The main thing - do not be afraid. After all, the most difficult - is to admit that there is a problem that must be urgently addressed. Awareness of the disease - half of success. Now is certainly a victory for you.

 Neurotic depression: diagnosis and treatment