Genital Warts


  • Warts on the genitals: the path of infection
  • Symptoms of genital warts and diagnostics
  • Prevention of disease: how to avoid infection
  • Methods for the treatment of genital warts

Today, experts in the field of medicine were able to register a few dozen types of the human papilloma virus, which can attack the genitals of men and the ladies. Some of them can proceed quietly and did not deliver any significant inconvenience. Others are identified by the presence of genital warts in humans. Every year, the risk of contracting this disease increases several times.

That warts are located on the genitals? Can I get rid of them yourself? Because of what they appear? Generally, this term is meant the formation of small surface genitals. Often they have a skin tone. It should be noted that HPV can affect not only the formation of warts on the genitals, but also in other parts of the body.

Warts on the genitals: the path of infection

Warts located on the genitals, are the top three diseases that are transmitted from person to person. To catch this disease can be at full sexual intercourse (vaginal or even anal sex). Avoid this at a sexual relationship with a patient is extremely difficult.

 unpleasant genital warts

Symptoms of genital warts and diagnostics

As a rule, the first month of this unpleasant disease does not manifest itself. Corporal growths on the skin of the fair sex are beginning to emerge only after one to three months after possible infection with genital warts. Recognize at the presence of the disease can only be a person who is closely monitoring its intimate hygiene.

Any growths should arouse suspicion of the fair sex on the development of a venereal disease. Usually they have a solid or a pinkish hue. Warts can appear on any part of absolutely genitals people. Well, if these excrescences are placed on the outside of the area (on the penis, vulva, scrotum, anus, etc.). Then the woman or the man may notice them yourself.

In the worst case, genital warts are located inside the vagina or cervix. To suspect their presence contaminated the fair sex will be able to slight bleeding from the genital organs, and unusual discharge. External warts almost does not cause discomfort to man. However, they can cause itching of the skin.

Specialist can diagnose the disease only after examination of his patient. Sometimes doctors applied to the affected area with a special solution, which turns the warts white. Thus he confirmed the diagnosis.

It should be noted that the detection of genital warts Dr. appoints his patient a number of analyzes and tests in order to verify the absence of some other sexually transmitted diseases. Typically, a person examined for such a dangerous disease like syphilis.

Prevention of disease: how to avoid infection

As mentioned above, genital warts are among the most common sexually transmitted disease that can catch everyone. That is why it is very important to carry out preventive measures to avoid acquiring such an unpleasant disease.

Since genital warts are transmitted sexually, a person must secure their sexual relations. Do not forget about such contraception, like a condom, which is able to minimize the risks of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Unprotected sex is admissible only if the person is fully confident in the health of her sexual partner. Anal sex should also take place with the use of a condom, as the anus is also exposed to genital warts.

Never and under no circumstances should you have sex with someone who is infected with genital warts. Even sex with a condom in such a case can lead to infection. Be sure to tell your partner about the presence of the disease, if any. Such measures will not be allowed to prevent infecting another person.

 genital warts treatment

Methods for the treatment of genital warts

Self-medication in this disease may not only be ineffective, but also more dangerous. It will aggravate the existing situation. In any case, the man who found himself in the genital warts or suspects their presence should seek qualified help from a skilled health worker. The doctor diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment. Currently there are several types of drugs that can rescue the patient from the unpleasant disease. Picked medicines for the treatment should be only after the tests, with the prior approval by the patient and the doctor.

The first thing a person faced with this trouble, you need to try to remove genital warts, which are the cause of the onset of symptoms. Lack of treatment often leads to an increase in tumors in the genital area.

Usually, the patient is required to go through several treatments to overcome this disease. It should therefore be used to record the names of medications and treatments to repeat them in the future or, if they were ineffective, inform your doctor.

Treat external genital warts (warts) can be achieved by the use of designated gels and ointments. Such funds are applied to the affected skin in a few days, then made a little break. To choose the drug again, you can not.

Remove genital warts and can be surgically removed. This method is considered to be the fastest. It is recommended that it be done only when other methods have proved ineffective. But there are a number of contraindications, which you must always remember.

As soon as possible is necessary to remove genital warts pregnant the fair sex. These measures will help prevent infection of the child with this disease. If future mothers struck a large area of ​​the genitals, it is assigned a cesarean section to avoid the appearance of excessive bleeding during vaginal delivery.

Thus, treatment of genital warts should start with the first months of their occurrence. Time taken measures to help prevent the development of more serious diseases (eg, cancer of the cervix), which often develop on their background.

 Neoplasms genitals: the dangerous warts

 the smell from the vagina


  • What every woman should know
  • Why do I get the smell
  • Why there was a problem: bacterial vaginosis
  • How dangerous bacterial vaginosis

Unpleasant smell from the vagina - is a serious sign that you do something wrong. Even if he did not at first accompanied by itching, inflammation, redness, rash or pain, the fair sex should immediately without delay to seek help from a specialist. Remember that even a one-day delay can lead to tragic consequences, including infertility. Plus, the earlier you start treatment, the better.

What every woman should know

If a girl or woman is completely healthy, look after themselves and to observe basic rules of hygiene (bathing twice a day, to wash after each bowel movement), a distinct unpleasant odor from the vagina should not be felt.

In this case each of the fair sex will also be observed minor release - this is normal. The number and intensity depends on many factors, including the arousal, stress and the cycle. As for the color, they must be either transparent or slightly whitish. Note: they do not have to smell!

Normally, precipitates must be not more 1, 5 ml. Where does this fluid? It is that lactic acid which is produced by purification of the vagina from pathogenic bacteria. Without it simply can not function properly our bodies.

What you should be alerted? Consult your gynecologist should immediately if suddenly there was an unpleasant "fishy" odor. Remember that cleaning the odor and the use of funds in this case does not help. Next symptom that may appear - it is bloody, purulent, yellow, greenish discharge, which can also be unpleasant smell. In some cases it is all accompanied by severe itching, burning, both in the region of labia and the vagina.

 unpleasant odor from the vagina

Why do I get the smell

The causes of vaginal odor is actually very much. Independently, it is impossible to understand if you are not a practicing gynecologist. But even the doctor can diagnose his patient only after examination and laboratory investigations. The doctor will take a smear, ask you to give blood and urine tests. And only after the results will appoint a full-fledged comprehensive treatment. Gonorrhea, trichomonas, chlamydia, staphylococci, E. coli - it is only a small list of things that can cause odor.

Do not try to get rid of the problems with the help of folk remedies, as only make worse. Firstly, the odor may be a symptom of inflammation, infections etc. As long as you play doctor, your disease will progress. Second, doing baths, lotions, and douching, you only distort symptoms. The doctor will be much more difficult to diagnose.

Why there was a problem: bacterial vaginosis

Often the smell of vagina is observed at dysbacteriosis when disturbed flora. This means that those most useful lactic acid bacteria are responsible for the production of lactic acid, will not be able to cope with the task. As a result, pathogenic bacteria begins to multiply. And once you catch a cold, be nipped by the frost, become infected and recover, as the inflammation will not take long.

In addition, due to the low acidity of the vagina are not self-cleaning, so there are accumulated metabolic products of pathogenic bacteria that manage to breed. And then it appears that very fishy smell, which many complain of the fair sex.

What to do if you have bacterial vaginosis? Only one way out - to be treated. After all, you can pass the infection to your partner. Naturally, with the proviso that it is weakened immunity. And that in the future again be faced with such troubles, you should find out why the disease occurs. Thus, the reasons may be the following:

  • Excessive love for hygiene

The girls, who all too often look into the bathroom, doing almost every day douching only harm themselves. The fact that so you simply washed out microflora. After all, not only washed away the harmful bacteria, but also useful (lactobacilli). Remember that you need to wash twice a day, instead of every five minutes. Use of this can only be special gels for intimate hygiene, rather than ordinary soap. If we neglect these rules in the future, you may receive an unpleasant odor from the vagina.

  • Abuse of contraception

No, if you are using a conventional condom (quality and expensive, of course), nothing wrong with you, certainly not going to happen. Here we are talking about contraceptives, which contain preservatives. It is better not to indulge in such protection, because then have to deal with vaginal dysbiosis.

  • The use of antibacterial agents

Another reason may be killed lactobacilli - the use of tablets and suppositories that are inserted into the vagina. It's one thing when you use them in a period of time prescribed by a doctor, and the other - when treated independently. But even if you have registered them, but after a few times you feel worse, be sure to tell the doctor. He will prescribe other vaginal medications which does not so much affect the microflora.

  • Self-treatment with antibiotics

What has been said about what to use antibiotics without consulting your doctor, you can not. But despite the warnings of doctors, people still continue to be treated at random. And maybe you are lucky and help. As a result - and the problem of the female, and the gastrointestinal tract. However, the disease from which so persistently treated, does not go away. On the contrary, there is a complication - an unpleasant odor from the vagina.

  • Immunosuppression

It is a hormonal drug, radiation therapy for tumors, antifungal medications. All this is completely kills the immune system. As a result of this treatment, you should immediately start taking vitamins and drugs to put himself in order. But with Badami and similar products should be careful as to ensure a positive result in this case, no one can.

  • Intrauterine device

The smell from the vagina may appear at the girl, which is spiral. Firstly, the foreign body is not always properly perceived by our body. Secondly, because it increases the risk of inflammation, worsening of the general state of the fair sex. It is better to choose another method of contraception.

 the smell of the vagina

How dangerous bacterial vaginosis

As you know, if the unpleasant smell from the vagina, you need to immediately go to the gynecologist. Perhaps the visual signs of inflammation there. As soon as the tests will show that you have a problem with lactobacilli and pathogens. Independently determine the cause, you can hardly.

And what will happen if nothing is left untreated? Begin serious inflammatory processes that affect the vaginal mucosa, then it will all be extended to the female genital organs. As a result, you can earn infertility, and in pregnant women it would lead to the threat of miscarriage.

 Atypical odor from intimate places