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  • Natural beauty comes from the depths of our "I"
  • 10 Tips to preserve the natural beauty
  • How to preserve the natural beauty in adulthood

Do you think that is natural, the natural beauty of a woman? It can be defined in different ways by many people. This harmonious arrangement on the face of the eyes, nose and lips, or a good figure, or, perhaps, a special state of mind of a woman? Its essence? What does the beauty of nature? In every culture, the beauty of a woman is defined in its own way, including in this case the image of the natural attraction features ethnicity woman.

Natural beauty comes from the depths of our "I"

In our society, there is also a certain idea of ​​how a beautiful woman should look like. And, above all, natural beauty:

  • Pleasure to others and brings joy to the woman. Any of us literally blooms when he feels to his attention.
  • Today, beauty - it's not a perfect person or a certain type of figure. Fashion clothes and make-up quality is also not taken into account - we're talking about the natural beauty of the woman by nature. The natural attraction begins when a woman behaves as an individual. Inspired face, eyes full of life, rich spiritual world and full power over their mental energy - all this is also an attractive woman.
  • In addition the title, it is also a body that radiates health and vitality, and well-groomed appearance: tightened figure, beautiful hair, clear skin, nails neat ...

How to emphasize their natural beauty? Believe me, it's not so difficult, you only need to persevere.


10 Tips to preserve the natural beauty

  1. Be itself

    We are all beautiful in their own way, and the natural beauty of every woman. It is important to feel comfortable and to accept yourself for who you are. If you live in harmony with yourself, you'll be relaxed and happy in every situation, and people will sympathize with you. Be true to yourself and believe in yourself! Work on your personality, and it will increase your natural attractiveness.

  2. Eat wisely

    The state of your skin depends on how you eat. "Feed" your skin with all the beneficial nutrients that are necessary for it to radiate health and filled with vitality. Healthy skin color is very beautiful. Simply reviewing your diet, you can greatly affect the condition of your skin, hair and nails. You add luster eyes, and you yourselves will become to feel much better, because it will feel a burst of energy. But the health of the body is very important for your natural beauty!

  3. Exercise regularly

    Even a simple half-hour walk at least three times a week is enough to keep on our toes all the muscles in your body. A class exercise will help pull the body to make it more flexible. What could be more beautiful than a toned, flexible female body? In addition, the exercise will improve your blood circulation, which in result will give your skin a healthy, radiant complexion. And yet, a healthy diet, combined with exercise will have a great impact on the mechanisms that control the aging process of your body. The aging of the body and especially the aging of the skin noticeably slow. So you can stay pretty much longer.

  4. Take good care of the hair

    Hair should be a special subject of your pride! Proper care will make them soft, elastic and shiny; and their appearance can work wonders in improving your self-esteem.

  5. Watch your posture

    A simple change in body position can instantly improve your appearance, and above all else, and take away the pain in the neck and back. After the head - quite a difficult part of the body, and if you do not keep your back straight and your head - held high, you thereby increase the tension in the neck, shoulders and back. And stooped man looks much older than his years!

  6. Improving the quality of their gait

    Do not forget the grace and plasticity; the way you move, speaks eloquently about how you perceive yourself .  Listen to our advice: add a little sensuality in your gait .  Remember how in "office romances" taught her to walk Lyudmila Prokofievna charming secretary? But Vera right: the woman who possess gait "from the hip" and "plastics Panthers' any man seem incredibly beautiful; "Men do not pass such a woman! "Do you want to learn this and you walk? Then work out .  Put your hands on your hips, thighs and let it start moving .  It must be diagonal, with a slight turn of a trunk during walking .  When pushed forward right thigh, left shoulder should turn slightly forward, as if to meet his thigh; but when you step left foot forward should turn right shoulder .  You should feel a slight twist in the waist .  Try to move smoothly and a little sensual, this plastic will enhance your natural beauty .

  7. If you smoke - stop!

    Smoking is not only harmful to health, it also significantly accelerates aging of the skin, it contributes to premature fading natural beauty of women.

  8. Pay particular attention to skin care

    If you have it dry, because it is this type of skin is often prone to the appearance of early wrinkles and sagging. Include a humidifier in the room where you spend time more often, use moisturizing skin care, if necessary, consult a beautician or a dermatologist.

  9. Say "no" sunburn and solarium

    Excessive influence of sunlight on the skin causing the effect, which is called photo-aging - it is fine lines and uneven skin tone. Avoid exposure to the sun between ten o'clock in the morning and four o'clock in the evening, when the sun is particularly strong effect on the skin. If you need to get outside, be sure to wear a protective hat, shirt or blouse with long sleeves and sunglasses. Use sunscreen cosmetics with SPF15 or higher.

  10. Treat yourself!

    Take time for yourself to do something you will enjoy. This is especially important if you are constantly busy and lead a busy lifestyle. Then you just have to select the day to relax and unwind. Visit the spa, swimming pool, sit with a friend in a cafe, listen to music by candlelight - in a word, do what will allow you to take time out and enjoy the peace and bliss. Forget about your problems and relax, because your natural beauty fades if you are overworked!

And most importantly, what I would say: never forgotten that nobody is perfect! Does not present itself to the demands are too high and do not compare its appearance with images of pop divas and movie stars! They were in the hands of talented make-up artists and stylists, and their image in the photographs were embellished by a sophisticated computer programs. So that's what you're trying to be very far away from the natural beauty! If you saw their idols without makeup, you would be convinced that they are just ordinary people. Same as you.

 natural beauty

How to preserve the natural beauty in adulthood

Natural beauty does not have to fade with age. Gorgeous leather and attractive body is still real, even for those women who are over fifty years old; need only fulfill tips, which we now present.

The main problem lies in the fact that with age our body slows down the production of collagen that supports the skin and makes it supple. Therefore, the main attention should be paid to the prevention of sagging skin. How to apply nature a helping hand?

Stimulates the production of natural collagen

  1. Vitamins. Vitamin C, together with vitamin E helps the body produce collagen. Since collagen is produced by the body during the first two hours of sleep, it makes sense to take these vitamins for an hour before you go to bed. In general, the daily dose of vitamin C is necessary to considerably increase a good result - in two or even three times.
  2. Careful skin care. You have to remember that after menopause, your skin needs to use resources intended to combat the effects of hormonal changes in the body. You should acquire the care is for mature skin; These means comprise components necessary for maintaining and recovery of collagen and elastin in the skin, thereby improving its elasticity and density, and also provide skin cells with essential nutrients.

Moisturizes the skin

Drink plenty of clean water! Surely you've heard it a thousand times before, but it really need your skin. Imagine a balloon filled with water instead of air. When it is full, the surface of the elastic and tight, and if the ball lightly to press, it is springy and smooth out the dent easily. And if you let go of a little water? The surface will be not so thick; the ball becomes soft, and on the surface there are wrinkles and dents. The larger issue of water, the more it becomes flabby and wrinkled his face, and he was no longer springy when pressed with your finger.

But with your body and what happens is the same as with the ball, when the body is not getting enough water. This example will give you an idea of ​​how important the role of water in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and maintaining your natural beauty.

Do exercises for the muscles of the face

It is important to maintain into adulthood in good shape not only the muscles of the whole body, and facial muscles. Due to the elasticity of muscles are preserved precise contours of the facial oval. A lost muscle tone contribute to the appearance of nasolabial folds and sagging skin on the cheeks and chin. Facial features gutter, giving your age, and sometimes adding it.

A person always grows old before starting the aging of the body. Facial muscles lose their tone quickly responding well to stress, tension and excitement. It is easy to fall into the habit frown, scowl, to bring together the eyebrows, and this leads to the appearance of wrinkles, which each year will become more visible. It is therefore very important to learn to relax the facial muscles:

  • Open your mouth as wide as you can, rounding the lips. You should feel that the cheeks, chin and lips tightened with maximum force. Then close your mouth and relax. Repeat several times. This exercise greatly relaxes facial muscles, improve blood circulation, relieve tension and stress.
  • Take a deep breath and as you exhale, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue as far as possible. Widely open eyes and direct gaze upward. Relax. This exercise relieves stress from the muscles of the face and neck, improves blood circulation and stimulates the eye.
  • Vigorously you pinch his cheeks. This will improve blood circulation.

When Sophia Loren asked what is beauty, she said that this is something that is inside the woman, and this is reflected in her eyes; it is something intangible, not physical. Remember these words, and look for the beauty in itself!

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