Naroscheny hair barrette


  • Advantages of overhead strands
  • Without faults too, it was not ...
  • How to attach the strands
  • Care overhead strands

No matter how mundane it may sound, but almost every girl has a desire to change from day to day, but rather to say - every day. Only now when it comes to hair, especially if the length of the poor, the option is not so much. Increase hair? But this is a permanent correction, special care. ... And the natural curls of such procedures suffer. Try to consider simpler and more gentle option - Naroscheny hair barrette. So, what is it and how to use it?

Advantages of overhead strands

The very phrase speaks for itself - it's overhead strands of hair that are attached to the natural hair using bobby pins or special clips. The advantage of this method is the ease and speed of mounting. The procedure can be carried out independently, with no need of special material costs. After having bought one hair barrette, you can enjoy them for a long time without corrections and special care products.

As a rule, hair barrette give a guarantee of two years. Such hair does not necessarily carry everywhere and always, they are easy to put on and remove. Locks can curl, and even paint, although initially, of course, they are selected in the color of their hair. False hair barrette not spoil natural hair, they can be installed a variety of hairstyles.

Hair barrette sold as individual strands or in sets. Advantages sets are evident. Here are selected strands of various lengths - depending on the areas of the head, which would be attached the new hair. Colors varied, the same applies to and length. As a rule, the hair can "grow" in the 30-70 cm. The price will vary depending on the length of the "naturalness" and producer. Of course, better to buy natural hair barrette. They can paint, draw laundries and tighten.

 Naroscheny beautiful hair barrette

Without faults too, it was not ...

With all the poles, of course, there are some downsides.

  • Firstly, the false hair is not recommended to be worn in places of high humidity, such as swimming pool, shower, sauna;
  • Undesirable also lays down to sleep with them, to prevent tangling. If circumstances do not allow to leave the locks, you need to braid them into a braid or collect neatly in a bun;
  • Sometimes, if you wear long hair barrette can be unpleasant, perhaps even painful at fixing. Therefore it is better to let the head rest.

How to attach the strands

It is necessary to make a horizontal parting below the nape. There is mounted a lock with three pins or clips. In this first recorded average hairpin and then the side. When the first strand is fixed, you will need to loosen their hair parted in the middle and make a second at a distance of approximately three centimeters from the first. Then, reattach the lock. At this time you need to pick a lock with four pins.

Next parting is at the tips of the ears. There will also need a broad strand of four clips. Again dissolve the hair to make the final parting at the very top. To the top of the strand is used in three barrette. Now, the most narrow locks (with two pins) are mounted in the area of ​​temples. Top overheads are covered by their hair.

To better to keep the curls, you can comb the roots of your hair, which will be mounted overhead, sprinkle with varnish and then to fix the locks. If your hair is originally curly, then locks and without fleece will stay tight.

 how to strengthen Naroscheny hair barrette

Care overhead strands

With regard to recommendations for care, they are not so much. Hair should be washed in a basin of warm water or a mild moisturizing shampoo for normal hair. Then apply a balm for 10-15 minutes. Wet combing overhead locks can not, squeeze and dry the hair dryer. After washing, they should hang, after drying comb. By the false hair should be treated carefully and gently, then they will serve you for a long time.

Summarizing, we can say that hair barrette, perhaps, the easiest and fastest way to add volume and length of hair. They will not bother, make its possessor to think, "and whether it was necessary to make such sacrifices? "Besides, not everyone is suitable hairstyle with long hair. At any time, such hair can be removed and used only for specific purposes.

They do not harm your hair and scalp, do not require special care and special cosmetics. You can tint the hair and put in her hair, depending on the image and mood. The length may also be selected as the color. Manufacturers offer a wide range of choice in the color palette, material and length.

Today, everything is done in order to help each girl to find yourself a unique style, image and image. You can change almost every day and easily. Try, in fact, to experiment is not scary!

 Naroshchennyh hair barrette - the easiest way to change your hairstyle

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 Hair Styling diffuser


  • What a beast - a diffuser
  • Methods of stacking cone

I agree that not all women have the opportunity to visit the salon every day and do the packing. To tell the truth, many of the hairdresser can not get for months. And it's not a lack of money (although this fact is also off to reset it is not necessary), and the lack of time in the unit. Now many women looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. What do you cry too hands stylist? Believe me, you are not alone. But the mess on his head - that's no reason to be sad. Especially if you have a handy hair dryer and a few minutes of free time. The situation will save hair styling diffuser. It's fast, simple, and written to the hairdresser is not necessary. We intrigued you? Then let's learn.

What a beast - a diffuser

First, let's define what is a diffuser. This is a broad nozzle on the dryer with a long "fingers" on the entire surface. Increasing the area of ​​the nozzle allows you to cover a large surface area of ​​the head, and the original "fingers" lift the hair at the roots. Wherein the diffuser is suitable for both short hair and for long thick strands. What are its advantages? The main advantage of the diffuser lies in the fact that it allows for dry and style your hair at the same time. And this care of hair and beauty at the same time.

Those who believe that the daily styling does not affect the health of the hair, let them try to think about what had to endure daily penalty poor strands. It does not matter if you cheat them on the night of the curlers, curling tease or cauterizing. In any case, they run the risk of eventually become like matted straw. If you want your hair to such a fate? No? Then set aside curling and learn properly laid strands with a diffuser.

 how to put hair diffuser

Methods of stacking cone

Before you grab for a hairdryer and lock with an important air in the bathroom, you need to master minor tweaks stacking long and short hair diffuser. Have you noticed that the nozzle at such a dryer are different? This is the case when size does matter. And hair long "fingers" will not always win. The fact that each of the nozzles is designed for a particular type of hair. We will not go into the jungle of the barbershop terminology, just to say that the longer the hair should be put in the hair, the longer should be "fingers" in the diffuser. As you can see, it's simple. Now for the procedure itself.

In order for execution over their head held correctly and crowned with luxurious hair, please be comb, hairspray, mousse and ... patience, since the first time it is unlikely that it will. Proceed as follows:

  1. Wash your head. Blot with a towel.
  2. Spray spray strands, apply foam over the entire length of hair.
  3. Tilt your head to the side, set the dryer at an angle of 90 degrees to the head. Screw on the "fingers" of the diffuser strand dry. Repeat the procedure until until all the hair is dry. Movement should be light and springy. Treatment time depends on the length and structure of the hair.
  4. Spray paint your hair at the roots first (to keep the volume), then cover the entire hair means entirely.

Before beginning installation, decide what you want to get a result. If the volume of natural, feel free to tilt your head and dry hair, holding a hairdryer with a diffuser directly to the roots. You can help the hair dryer free hand, lifting the hair at the roots and drying them in this position.

If the normal "lyrical mess" bored and want a romantic curls, try to put the hair by a different method. Divide hair into strands and before you bring it to a head hair, twist each strand into a tight tourniquet. Ready? Now dry your hair in this position and enjoy welcome curls.

For short hair styling is somewhat different technology. Such hair better stack by means of a wide cone, since the larger the area of ​​the hot air inlet, the strands will look more natural as a result. Here, the sequence is slightly different: tilt your head and bring your hair to the roots. Slightly turn the head of the diffuser to give the hair volume. Screw locks on the "thumbs up" is not worth a hair dryer, but if you do not want to end up curls.

By the way, after you have seen in the mirror exactly the result that was expected, fix her hair with hairspray. Do not grab the comb, as the diffuser styling without additional fixation - a rather fragile structure. Secured? Now go ahead, to conquer the world with its beauty!

 Hair styling diffuser - beautiful, fast, cheap

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