inner harmony

Did you know that the brain of musicians working harmoniously than other people? It turns out that those who have mastered a musical instrument, a special form of thinking skills. If you are far from the music, do not be upset: learn how harmonious thinking everyone can. Just imagine that your brain - a piano, which has only eight keys. And to them, you can play any tune.

  1. Key № 1. Thought. From your thoughts depends more than you think. They affect the feelings, mood, and as a result of success or failure. Musicians are able to turn off the internal dialogue or change it so that it helps to adjust for a good performance. Shot down during the game, a good musician will not be tormented, and try to finish the melody correctly. The next time, when I started self-abasement, try to look at the situation detached. Yes, you made a mistake. But what to think about their blunders? Much more useful to focus on the outside world and to be fully involved in the process of the game.
  2. № 2. Key Values. If we draw an analogy with music, it is the mood of the whole piece of music. The main thing for a musician - to convey a certain feeling. Similarly, the values ​​- the main motive of human life, its meaning and mood. Try to understand what matters most to you. Throw away everything unnecessary. And most importantly, act in accordance with their values. This is the way to harmony.
  3. Key № 3. Body. Professional musicians know how to cope with anxiety before the concert. And the body - a great help in this case. After your condition depends on whether you go straight or bent posture, breathe deeply or often, smile or frown. By controlling the body, you will control the thoughts and moods. In addition, the musicians know that fingers "remember" the location of the notes. Similarly, your body will remember and automatically plays efficiencies.
  4. Key № 4. Perception. We see what we want to see. For example, if a musician is confident in the public unfavorably, he will see in the audience a lot of evidence of this: dissatisfied and bored faces, empty eyes, yawns. It should initially be adjusted to objectivity. Will this simple exercise: try to see the situation not only with my own eyes, but the eyes of the other participants, and then - through the eyes of an outside observer. Musicians know how to do very well. After all, they are constantly switching from one product to another and speak different musical languages.
  5. Key № 5. «Vi'denie." How do you see your future? You can concentrate on the dream? If you represent a clear picture, it is likely to achieve the desired. The fact is that the brain imagine action and do it in fact - is the same. So, you're already halfway to the target. Of course, in order to draw a picture, you need to think not in words and images. Do not hesitate, creative thinking - fad any musician.
  6. № 6. Key Objectives. People often think about what they do not want. But this is the wrong approach. To achieve something, you need to set themselves positive goals. Musicians to whom the task is always to improve their skills, give a lot of effort to succeed. They regularly practice and achieve their goals, and this is the path to the big dream.
  7. Key № 7. Emotions. Playing various musical works, the musicians easily switch from the emotions on the emotion. This skill can be mastered by everyone, but not everyone is trying. Man is able at any time to focus on any emotion. Imagine how nice to be able to turn off unconstructive feelings? For example, in a moment of irritation to switch from calm. The secret is simple: just click on the other "key": thoughts, body values.
  8. № 8. Key success. Musicians, achieving success, do not forget about it. They know that in the previous experiment, you can seek inspiration over and over again. But most people do not think about the past achievements when taking up a new business. But it is these memories help to tune in the desired way, to believe in themselves and apply the strategy that had once worked.

Scientific studies in recent years suggest that the human brain is very malleable and can change. So, it can be trained. You want to make it work as perfectly as the brain of the musician? Then boldly proceed with the exercises.

Based on the book "Brain Music" publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber".

 Music Brain

The Spanish language is very beautiful and melodic. He ranks fourth in the number of speakers on it. And in today's progressive world, knowledge of Spanish, can be a decisive argument when considering your candidacy for the seat of the new employee. Learning the language will not make you work, if you already own a French or English, because these languages ​​are part of a group of Romance languages. A program Skype can help you with this.

Skype - a program through which you can communicate through the Internet, to correspond with his family, friends, colleagues and tutors. Learning Spanish is no exception. Today there are many companies that offer training services on Skype, which has a number of advantages.

Why learn Spanish on Skype c

  1. Convenience. Engage in Spanish can be at any convenient time, both at home and at work. The main thing that was the access to the Internet.
  2. It saves time, which is very important today. No need to go anywhere, do not wait for anyone, wasting precious time. You yourself are planning schedule of classes and duration.
  3. Saving money. All textbooks, manuals to learn Spanish are available for free. Plus, spending on the road, too, disappear. If necessary, suspend classes on vacation, business trips without missing classes and at the same time not losing money.
  4. Individual approach. With each student tutor for the program has been prepared for him. No need to adjust to someone. You yourself Individual lessons on Skype guarantee an excellent result.
  5. Fun. Access to the Internet makes lessons more interesting a hundred times, and they are easier to remember. It offers all kinds of drawings, presentations, movies in Spanish.
  6. Communication with the world. You choose a tutor. He can live anywhere in the world, maybe even in Spain and to be the bearer of the Spanish language, which even increases the effectiveness of training. For more information about the site

 Learning language through Skype

Education for Skype: What are the disadvantages?

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the Internet connection. If it is not very good, the activity can be broken. In addition, the Internet can not convey the full facial tutor. However, all these disadvantages pale before the benefits of training on Skype.

Choosing a tutor

If these arguments have convinced you, then it's time to look for a tutor. By choosing the tutor must be approached very responsibly, in fact it will acquaint you with a new language.

Spanish Tutor on Skype - is primarily a specialist. And knowledge of the language must be confirmed by a diploma, which is an important aspect. Of course, this does not give 100% - tion guarantee, but a big plus, look at an example of a tutor profiles ..

Worth paying attention to the experience of learning in this area. Man working tutor for several years, has an idea of ​​how classes should take place, what exactly the objectives to be achieved.

Tutor on Skype - it's always eye contact, a moving picture on the monitor, without individual features. This allows the student to open fully, because the air is not present some awkwardness of mispronunciation or if you do not succeed the first time to grasp the meaning of what was said.

Possible courses

Before you start Spanish classes with a tutor through Skype, you need to define objectives and set ourselves specific objectives. Some people need a Spanish to communicate, someone to negotiate with business partners, and someone to travel. Therefore onlyn developed special courses, where everyone can find their direction in the study of the Spanish language:

  • course for fans to travel;
  • conversational Spanish;
  • business course;
  • Preparation for international exams;
  • Spanish for children;
  • general course;
  • intensive course.

Each of these courses requires the allocation of certain tasks. The emphasis is on something definite. Tourists need common phrases to communicate abroad. Bisnesmeny study business Spanish. The general course is suitable for people who have never studied Spanish. The intensive course is popular with people who in a short time you need to master the Spanish language.

What do I need to practice?

All you need to study Spanish via Skype - this is of course the program «Skype», which can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Of course, a webcam and headset. And most importantly, the Internet, can not do without.

The choice is yours! Learn Spanish with the use of modern technology is interesting and convenient! Good luck!

 Learning Spanish on Skype in