simple hairstyles for long hair


  • The most common options for everyday hairstyles for long hair
  • Braids and cornrows relevant than ever

Long flowing hair - it is at least a source of pride and women, but in everyday life this hairstyle is not always appropriate.

To make your image fashionable and elegant, there are everyday hairstyles for long hair. While doing them is not difficult, time spent at least, and the result is impressive.

The main thing - to want to practice a little bit and enjoy the enthusiastic views of others. In order to successfully perform hair to long hair, it is to determine the goal. There are many options:

  • hair, picked up;
  • braided braids;
  • strands into a ponytail;
  • stab beam, etc.

Methods and techniques can be used separately or combine them to create a wide variety of hair styles, from romantic and modest to creative and daring.

The choice of options is particularly affected by the type and structure of the hair. Hard or soft, thick or thin, and, of course, straight or wavy. For the formation of curls hairstyle styling products used stronger fixation, but for smooth and slightly wavy used foams and gels average fixation.

 weaving every day
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The most common options for everyday hairstyles for long hair

The simplest and most common way of styling long hair - is cleaved hairpin hair at the nape. But even with the apparent ease of the hairstyles you can use different variations. For example, leave on each side curls framing the face, or the individual strands entwine itself tail. Straight hair can be screwed and curly divide and elevate the styler. You can only clean up the back of the hair, picking them from the parietal area. And if you do the roots a little bouffant and release the sides of the forehead a few thin curls, you get a romantic version of the hairstyle. In this way you can even go on a date or a holiday.

The usual ponytail can also be elegant and interesting hairstyle for every day. It is important to determine the place on his head, until smooth hair combed and highly collect them. Bond tail can be invisible rubber band, then to entwine their own hair. For this strand is separated, wetted styling products, is wrapped around the base of the beam, and the end of its output to the occipital part and fixed stealth.

For the business woman is more appropriate in the form of a twisted hairstyle rear hub. It is possible to make the volume a bit podchesav hair before slaughtering. With business suit looks good as "shell", which, if decorate decorative pins could be an evening hairstyle.

 simple hairstyles for each day for long hair
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Braids and cornrows relevant than ever

Braids are relevant in our time than ever before, there are many options for weaving and every season there are more. The most common weave braids spikelets, French, Greek and others. The hairstyles weave flowers, ribbons, scarves, beads and other ornaments. Braids are perfect for many occasions. The main thing - to choose the right option and pre-workout, so you spend on creating hairstyles for several minutes. Today it is very fashionable to weave braids cascading from mild negligence and rastrepannostyu.

Before you start creating a braided hairstyle, you need to remember how a traditional Xhosa. It's very simple: three strands lie alternately on one another, obvivaya each other and intertwined. It is this technique provides the basis for the creation of unusual modern weaving.

The most common option - a French braid, tightly adjacent to the head. The people also called spike. Modern women use the flat version of the spit, zigzag weave, turnout, as wreaths, triple, multiple, etc. If you adapt himself, then braid French braid will be no more difficult obvchnoy. It needs only a hairbrush and rubber bands.

Feminine and gentle braid looks a rim framing the entire head or part of it. Such netting will look good both on direct and on curly hair. At the core is the same hairstyle French braid, but the variation is called Greek. Many famous beauties appear on the red carpet with such braided on his head like a true Greek goddess.

Braids look great on any type of person suited to the romantic dress, business suits or jeans. With these hairstyles women look irresistible and at work, and at the party, and on a date, and any celebration . You can combine them with a bang, with a multi-colored painting, with ribbons and other supplements. Even if some kinds of asymmetrical haircuts braid will look simply delicious. To add an image, you can long earrings or a stylish necklace.

 Most recent hairstyles for long hair

 Beautiful voluminous hairstyles


  • Small steps in the creative success
  • Hairstyles for different types of faces
  • Classic eternal
  • Oh, those curls!

Long hair look luxurious, if they are well maintained. Sometimes, the thought creeps into his head to change the image, the image, because with long hair much trouble. Not every girl to have the patience necessary procedures for hair care and visits to expensive beauty salons - a blow to the family budget.

You can learn to make your own hair, saving time and money.
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Small steps in the creative success

Good artists and stylists are experienced. The main advice - to have imagination and desire to create another masterpiece. To begin to tell you about what accessories are needed to create hairstyles.

  1. Combs. Round styling when using a hair dryer. Combing wet hair comb better with a few teeth. For everyday use we recommend to buy an oval massage brush.
  2. Styling: paint, foam and wax. Foam is suitable for thin and split ends. It contains polymers that will give your hair volume. And to secure the hairstyle using wax. It also performs the function of bulking.
  3. Decorations for hairstyles. Indispensable in the art of hairdressing kit consists of invisible, pins, rubber bands (different diameter), clips and various kinds of pins. In friendly company is to add the necessary devices such as hair dryers, straighteners and tongs.

Arsenal assembly can now proceed directly to the installation.

 options volume on pilings long hair
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Hairstyles for different types of faces

Before you begin to carry out laying, we recommend to study the shape of your face. Straight fit long hair chubby women. Curly girls to face with an oval face shape. Owners of a narrow face fit hair Cleopatra. Long hair ladies are very full, big-boned. If a woman stands forehead, then it certainly will approach the direct or oblique fringe. It is worth mentioning the popular hairstyle ladder. It looks quite nice, but there is a drawback - split hair.
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Classic eternal

Spit out of fashion for many years. Variants of this type of hairstyles are vast. A distinctive feature of the spit - the ability to make a hairstyle daily. Braids are an integral part of wedding hairstyles. This suggests that the popularity of the braid is growing. Not for nothing in ancient times was a Xhosa maiden proud to toe.

Spit - is primarily a comfort, beauty and romance. They go for almost everyone. Do not worry about the thickness of your hair, you can put a braid and long hair. We tell you about some of the techniques of weaving braids:

  1. Comb your hair. In order for our spit a smooth, use a rectifier. Then zacheshite hair back.
  2. Take a comb and smooth movement separate strand from temple to temple a thickness of 3 cm. Divide into 3 equal parts. The left strand hold the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, and right on the same principle divide the right strand.
  3. Getting splicing. Put the right strand over the middle to the left side and shifts in the left hand with the left strand of hair. Central lock, hold the bottom right hand. The left strand is intertwined with the right, grabbing his right hand. Thereafter, the strands must be swapped. Tighten the elastic hair, not to beat out of the hair.
  4. On the right of the head hold the lock and connect the other already finished strand. Above average binded right strand and aim to the left side. Keeping a lock of his left hand.
  5. Similarly to the paragraph plait the hair on the left side of the head.
  6. Continue splicing process until both sides will not remain tails. Then braid braid as usual.

 classic greased back hair

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Oh, those curls!

It is impossible to imagine the female heroine of the novel without the chic curls. Classics paid great attention to the description of the heroine, the object of her toilet, figure and, of course, hair. Curls have never gone out of fashion. Of course, they were not always at its peak, but were popular at all times.

Curled locks in various ways: tongs, using heated rollers or curlers. Least of all have a past injury. Forceps are used to dry hair curler only. Wet hair is best to cheat on curlers, and they always wind the middle of the front and back of the head. To create a casually flowing hair, apply to wet hair a little foam or other styling and rubbed his hands. For the best surround effect tie the strands in the flagella, walk around in them for about 2 hours, then remove.

You can try this option. The well-dried hair, apply a little foam. Divide into strands and twist the tongs from the roots to the tips. Fix for 20 seconds, then remove the lock of hair and spray on the varnish of strong fixing.

Options great variety of hairstyles. Create voluminous hairstyles for long hair just . It is enough to demonstrate a modicum of imagination and patience. Now you can proudly show off their luxurious voluminous hair in public. No man does not remain indifferent, the attention of guests at any celebration will be focused on you.

 Types of hairstyles for long hair