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Monthly during pregnancy - another myth or a pathology associated with the violation of women's health? For many, there was a steady stereotype that it is the absence of menstruation is a sign of a possible pregnancy. But here there is quite the opposite phenomenon, when they can go monthly, and at the same time there are strange for such a case the processes in the body. And as a woman she is at a loss when the doctor informed her that she is pregnant and is on the second or third month of pregnancy.

On the one hand. On the other hand, if the pregnancy is planned, and the woman during pregnancy are monthly, it can not cause her anxiety. How this phenomenon threatens the health of the woman and the fetus? This is a real problem or is nothing special - the usual commonplace? On this and the other will be discussed later.
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Monthly in pregnant women - myth or reality?

Before we understand the nature of this phenomenon as a month during pregnancy, it is necessary to say that it occurs in 10-20% of pregnant women. What is the reason? From various studies the nature of menstruation during pregnancy and different approaches. For example, if account were taken only mild to moderate bleeding, then on statistics such phenomena were observed in every fifth pregnant woman. If taken into consideration only the strong bleeding and moderate bleeding, the statistics show the existence of such processes at every tenth of a pregnant woman.

Different approach in accounting due to the fact that the weak bleeding that occur in the future childbirth, besides, if they rarely bother, doctors accepted as the norm. Such processes as stipulated above, occur in every fifth expectant mother and occur within the first 3 months of pregnancy.

And if periods may cause panic and anxiety in the future mothers, is an experienced physician such a phenomenon can not disturb. At least until then, until they were examined and tests were taken in a pregnant woman. And the stories that the whole pregnancy was held together with monthly, may be the whole truth, but only partly. The fact that such bleeding is not an indication or menstruation associated elements as the latter phenomenon in its full sense can not flow from a pregnant woman. Then what is it?

 Physiology month
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Physiology of menstruation

In order to understand the cause of the above processes, it is necessary to disassemble and determine what is the process of menstruation. Under menstruation aware of the menstrual cycle in women, during which the uterus rejects mucosa. Otherwise, this layer is called the endometrium. The phenomenon of rejection and causes bleeding in women.

Bleeding in women during menstruation caused by the following reason. Said the mucous membrane that covers the wall of the uterus, is riddled with lots of blood vessels that provide it with an excellent blood supply. When a monthly cycle and other processes in the ovaries, the mucous membrane is extremely sensitive to them. Specialists such sensitivity is linked directly to female hormones. Thus, it is found that when there is an increase of the follicle is accompanied by the release of estrogen. In turn, estrogen stimulates the process of increasing the uterine lining in size. During ovulation the corpus luteum is formed which replaces the follicle. This process is associated with the female hormone progesterone.

This female hormone, progesterone, contributes to the accumulation in the lining (endometrium) of nutrients. Simultaneously with the accumulation of the hormone that prepares the shell to accept a fertilized egg.

But if fertilization does not occur, after some time, estimated at several weeks, the female body stops production of progesterone with the termination of operation of the corpus luteum. Once the amount of this hormone decreases, the mucous membrane atrophies and stratified. At the same time laid bare the blood vessels and is their injury. As a result, part of the mucosa, a fragment thereof, mucus and blood vessels are formed of bare menstrual blood. Many women notice that their menstrual blood is somewhat different from ordinary blood. Now I understand why.

In that case, if the egg is fertilized, the corpus luteum remains active. This activity continued throughout the first 3 months of pregnancy. This means that during this period the female body continues to produce the hormone progesterone, ensuring the safety of pregnancy at this time.

Since fertilization occurs by sperm, the process of rejection of the endometrium occurs. The mucous membrane was not rejected because of the occurrence of pregnancy in women. If under these conditions a woman has bleeding, it is in any case no monthly in the truest sense of the word.

We are talking about a possible rejection of the mucous membrane and, as an undesirable option, abortion.

For this reason, if a woman is in a position and it appears monthly, you should immediately consult your doctor. Meditate in this situation about the miraculous properties of the organism is not necessary. The reasons for the joyful surprise is not perfect.
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Causes of menstruation during pregnancy

Therefore, bleeding during pregnancy is not a sign of monthly or manifestation. As indicated above, the cause of bleeding may be in the fact that the process of rejection mucosa (endometrium), whereby the process is interrupted pregnancy. But this is not the only reason that can start so-called monthly in pregnant women.

 cause for concern
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When there is no cause for concern?

The reason for the slim, short-term bleeding in pregnant women may be due to the fact that through the wall of the uterus properly implanted a fertilized egg. As a result of the implantation can cause bleeding, which mistaken for a month. For a selection of pregnancy is not a threat, but because of its short duration, the slim and painless, it does not give women the troubles that she experiences during the traditional critical days.

For such a case it should be noted that the separation will take the form of a few drops of blood, which the expectant mother can be seen on sheets and which appear very rarely. If the selection does not meet those characteristics, then it is a different case, and other causes.

Another reason is these monthly hormonal changes. The body of a pregnant woman may produce bleeding during periods, which should be monthly if the pregnancy was not. Such isolation is quite mild, not accompanied by pain in the abdomen, in the absence of other problems do not pose a risk of miscarriage.

Next the cause of the discharge during pregnancy is connected with a low level of hormones, which are synthesized by the placenta. Such bleeding may be the first, early pregnancy and are not dangerous to the fetus and the woman. But even in this, at first glance, harmless case it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Concluding, it is necessary to emphasize that as soon as a pregnant woman noticed spotting resembling month, she should immediately consult a doctor. No matter how long have nurtured the fruit, the nature of such discharges should explain medical specialist, not a girlfriend, mother or midwife. The human body is quite complicated to look for simple explanations flowing in it a complicated process.

All admonitions inner circle about the fact that bleeding during gestation - a common enough phenomenon, giving birth should not take the future into account. It is possible that at this stage of such selection is not a reason for concern, and there are women who, with such phenomena, successfully nurtured and bore fruit Zdorovenki kids. But what hope of a successful outcome, if you can get a conclusion and, if necessary, and assistance from a qualified expert? Or is there a desire for carelessness to risk their health and the health of the fetus? It's a rhetorical question.

 ultrasound during pregnancy
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Monthly in pregnant women - a cause for concern

Above it stipulated that the bleeding in pregnant women are, if not a cause for concern, it certainly requires immediate treatment to the doctor. Very well, if the future allocation of new mothers are not alarming symptoms. But you must know that according to statistics from the main part of all abortions, and that up to 80%, accounted for the first 3 months of pregnancy (in those days, in which a woman's menstruation took place before it became to bear fruit).

Among medical professionals on this issue it is considered that any allocation in this period are a strong indication that there is a risk of miscarriage. For this reason, doctors insist that in all secretions of pregnant women, they should immediately seek medical advice and to carry out the inspection.

Can such demands doctors attributed to the phenomenon of reinsurance. Many faced with the fact that the prescribed treatment associated with a stay at home or in a cast, exemption from active movements, with some margin. But this opinion is more subjective, since what he sees a specialist, and that the practice, which he passed, not available a stranger whose mind scraps of information from a textbook on anatomy for the 9th grade.

Opinions of doctors differ among themselves. As mentioned above, periods during pregnancy for various obvious reasons. If future mothers did not have time to readjust hormones, it changes late in relation to the processes that occur within the body of her (we are talking about the appearance of the fruit), it may well observe neobilnye release that do not cause pain. But such acts are allowed in the first month of gestation and are considered quite acceptable. If these phenomena occur in the second month of gestation, it is quite alarming symptom. It is an alarming symptom to the doctor began a serious examination of the expectant mother.

But if there are cases which allow monthly in pregnant women, there is a need in all cases without exception, go to the doctor? This need is. Mistakenly believing blood of the normal allocation process occurring within the body due to a certain forgetfulness or inadequate response hormones, can not see the development of adverse events. For example, such carelessness can cause what is not seen infections or inflammations of internal genital organs.

"Pranks" hormones can be harmless, do not cause any harm to the health of the fetus, not his mother. And may occur serious pathological hormonal changes, to prevent them need medical attention. Bleeding can be a sign of internal injuries or evidence of placental bundle. If there is a problem with the unborn child (for example, there is a detachment of the ovum) or other pathologies of development, one of the signs of becoming bleeding. Medical assistance is required in such cases without delay.

 hormonal changes during pregnancy
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Threatening hormonal changes

As mentioned above, in the course of pregnancy can occur violation of separation of the hormone progesterone, the female body releases when it is not enough. As a consequence of its lack of separation, the uterus may tear away the fruit. If the time to identify the cause of discharge in this case, the doctor prescribes medication that replace this hormone and prevent rejection of the fetus.

Otherwise, when you need medical effect on the action of hormones in a pregnant woman, she observed elevated levels of male hormones. This phenomenon is known as hyperandrogenism, in which the fertilized egg can flake off, leading to an inevitable miscarriage. One reason it is bleeding hyperandrogenism.

The next case is that fetal development occurs outside the uterus. Otherwise, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. To identify an ectopic pregnancy is possible only with the help of skilled care. But her symptoms, which women need to immediately contact a doctor, are very severe pain, accompanied by heavy bleeding from the vagina. Subsequently, such allocation are becoming increasingly lengthy.

In cases where a pregnant woman is diagnosed fibroids or endometriosis, it is likely that the attachment of the fetus was unsuccessful. This means that the fruit is poorly supplied with oxygen, with its development of serious problems and, as a result, the fruit will be lost. The primary features of this process are the so-called monthly during pregnancy.

I do not think that such allocation is possible only in the early stages of gestation. When the fruit has up to 7-8 months, the placenta may block the entrance to the cervix due to its low position. This phenomenon can occur in women who previously interrupted the pregnancy or giving birth by caesarean section. Blood highlight these women indicates placenta previa.

If a woman bears the fruit of 2, then monthly during pregnancy may indicate what is happening rejection of one of the embryos due to various circumstances. Despite this, the second embryo can develop quite normally, without any pathologies.

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Correct behavior: what to do?

As you can see, the above description of the processes that can occur in pregnant women is very different. Their primary symptoms of blood secretions may equally manifest as those who worry about their health and the health of the fetus is not necessary, and those who need urgent medical attention.

The most versatile advice that should be given to all expectant mothers, and who suggests itself is that if future new mother discovered her monthly, you must immediately consult your doctor. This will prevent any unwanted processes that lead to the deterioration of the health of pregnant women and abortion. Good health and a happy motherhood!

 Monthly pregnancy: is there cause for concern?