Montessori group - intelligent assistant

The first significant achievement of the children - always something to be proud parents. However, as one is proud of the first read a book, solve the example, others consider great progress just to sit, take the toy, say a few words. Especially important are the subtle, at first sight, reaching for mothers 'special' children, whom doctors diagnosed "mental retardation."

Any achievement of such children - almost a feat, the result of a collaborative effort between the child, parents, teachers. Modern techniques allow early development will socialize these children, give them a chance then to get a normal education. Best of all special needs children responsible Montessori method, teaching the kids to think for themselves. Initially, the method was calculated on the children, the mentally backward. Time has proven the effectiveness of a technique talented Italian educator Maria Montessori. Later Montessori system was used for all children. Italian teacher blur the line between normality and retardation. Psychiatric defects - the question of the cultural environment. The potential - it is proper education.

 Montessori group - intelligent assistant

The main advantage of the Montessori groups - self-selected activities. The child gets the opportunity to develop his pace suitable for individual schedule. There is no mandatory exercise, pre-drawn plans. All guides the pupil himself. Enough to consider the child's being unreasonable. The child's brain can separate the "wheat from the chaff." Adults tend to underestimate children. Children's minds, uncomplicated excess baggage of useless information, able to quickly remember everything that happens. The half-hour thematic game selected crumbs on their own, will be useful hour lesson with instructor costly. Grown-up child sooner or later have to let go. So, a group of Montessori method focuses on the future. Accustomed to think, solve problems, be responsible for the actions cub become mature, full-fledged, successful member of society.

Sculpture, beadwork, quilling develop tactile, spatial thinking. Classes in painting, music inculcate a sense of beauty. The alternation of intellectual and physical development of the baby will not strong smart Fortress. Preschool development centers practicing the Montessori approach, will be an optimal solution for busy parents.


 Montessori group - intelligent assistant

 Ortopedichsky mattress for health and recreation of the Child

All mothers know that the key to good health of their baby is strong and peaceful sleep, and for that you need a good mattress. Indeed, the quality of a mattress affects sleep duration and comfort. Having bought a cheap low-quality mattress, you will save money, but will harm the health of your child. Do we need such a sacrifice? Moreover, that the online store you can buy cheap mattresses and good quality - this spring and springless mattresses with orthopedic effect. Both types have their advantages, so to say which one is better is impossible.
Contemporary orthopedic mattress spring effect, in turn, are divided into two types - with dependent and independent springs.

Classical variant - when the spring unit and connected with pressure on one of their neighboring deformed. In the latter case, each spring is in its pocket and operates independently of the others, that is isolated from them. This type of mattress is best adapts to the body, so is considered to be more successful. Prices are slightly higher mattresses. There is universal models, which on the one hand dependent spring, and on the other - independent.

The optimal price-performance ratio are mattresses DreamLine Switzerland. Currently, the production of mattresses established in the south of Russia and the Moscow region. All products are characterized by environmental friendliness and safety, as is made only from environmentally friendly raw materials.

What are the advantages of mattresses DreamLine? First, all products are certified and passes quality control, which performs the Moscow All-Russian Design and Technological Institute of furniture.

Second, the mattresses are a four quality control system - when you receive the materials for the production, when cutting material, assembling products and packaging of finished products. The factory produces a wide range Drimlayn springless mattresses for children. Having bought your child a mattress, you have nothing to worry, as all products for children this company hypoallergenic because it is made only from natural materials.

For the filling of mattresses of this production uses the most advanced materials, ensuring maximum utility and comfort effect when used. Dreamline Company continuously monitors all the latest developments in the production of mattresses and other sleep products, and constantly improve the quality of their own products.

 Ortopedichsky mattress for health and recreation of the Child

 Children's clothing via the Internet

The acquisition of children's clothing can become very real problem if you live in a not too big city, where there are many shops selling clothes. This leads to the need to periodically ride in the big city to buy clothes for the children, but not always such an option is available to everyone. The easiest way, of course, to buy children's clothing to those who live in big cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg. Moreover, residents of megacities have the clear benefits as children's clothing wholesale in Moscow, as a result, its cost is much cheaper than retail.

Quite convenient today is the acquisition of children's clothing online at various stores, however, not every one is different really high quality of service and a decent quality of items offered .  If you decide to try the service online store, which is used by your friends or relatives for their children, then clearly there is nothing to fear, it is quite possible that this is the establishment of value for money on children's clothing will be a really worthy .  Online children's clothing stores tend to specialize in retail trade, while some of them have to offer and wholesale .  It is worth noting that, for example, clothing for teenagers Wholesale has a very low cost, as a rule, such purchases are made on a group of consumers, which may include your friends or acquaintances, as well as foreign persons who, among other things take over the organization Joint purchases .

Very popular are the joint purchases from abroad when the order is in a foreign shop, which sells children's clothes, is just a group of individuals. In this case, one can really decent save on shipping, moreover, children's clothes from abroad are really decent quality. Be sure to note that the dimensional mesh of foreign children's clothes in any case will be different from Russian and vary by country. Each site that sells children's clothes, be sure to provide you with the approximate size of the table. You always have the option to contact the store by phone or e-mail, but it is desirable knowledge of the language of the country where you make an order.

 Children's clothing via the Internet

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 baptism gifts for baby


  • A gift from the godmother
  • Godfather Gift
  • Other gifts godparents and guests

Baptism - is a ritual, which takes place most kids. Therefore, sooner or later you will find yourself in the list of invitees to such a celebration. Did you visit the festival as a guest, but perhaps as godparents. Of course, no holiday is complete without gifts. No exception and christenings.

Of course, you have a question - how to choose a gift for the baptism of their children? Choosing a gift for the child - not easy, and even more so in such an important day. I'd like to gift not only to give pleasure to your baby, but also brought tangible benefits. And it is very difficult to do - as a rule, children are the most enjoyed toys. But toy bored very quickly - so a children's psyche.

Moreover, christenings - this is not New Year and birthday. For a long time there are certain traditions on this occasion - they also need to consider when choosing a gift. As you can see, not an easy task. But do not despair - there are no hopeless situations. Let's try to figure out what to give your child.

A gift from the godmother

Orthodox traditions are very clearly define the gifts that should buy godmother. Without fail Mom buys baptismal set, which includes:

  • Kryzhma

Role kryzhmy can play a nice big towel or a special baptismal towel, which is embroidered in the center of the cross. Typically, such baptismal towels are sold in the church benches. But sometimes they can be found in stores, specializing in children's products.

And if godmother loves needlework, she can sew kryzhmu hands. Of course, for these purposes must be used only natural fabrics, pleasant to the touch - because the crumbs after the font will be wrapped in this towel. And, of course, do not forget the decoration - a beautiful braid can be very useful. After baptism - it is a holiday!

  • Baptismal shirt

No less noteworthy and baptismal shirt. You can buy a ready-made, but you can do on their own. For example, in winter you can use a warm flannelette baby's undershirt or blouse, in the summer the same time the material has to be subtle - for example, cotton or flax.

If a vest or blouse, you need to properly decorate it. On the back can be embroidered cross and the initials of the baby. Do not neglect it - baptismal shirt kept all his life. And raised the child will certainly remember you fondly.

 the baptism of baby gifts

Godfather Gift

Do not remain aloof and dad. Gifts godfather is also very clearly defined:

  • Cross

Cross - an indispensable attribute of baptism. He dressed crumbs in the church, during the sacrament. Which godson to buy - it's up to you. If you allow the financial capabilities, you can buy gold cross. Well, if this is not possible - it does not matter, silver or copper cross perform its function just as good. The main thing that the cross was donated from the heart.

Sometimes the question arises - to be a cross on a chain or on tesemochke? Basically, here, too, it all depends on your ability. You can buy a chain - in the extreme case, if the child is too small, it will be able to wear it when older. And if you decide to use tesemochku, get it in the church shop - they sell tesemochki different lengths, with a convenient clasp.

  • Icon

On the day of his baptism, the child should receive as a gift an icon with the image of his Angel - Guardian and / or the name of an icon to the patron saint. And it should be godfather Dad this icon to give your child. Such an icon can also be bought in the temple.

  • All other expenses

That is the godfather must pay all costs in the temple associated with baptism. Therefore it is necessary to know in advance estimated not to be in an awkward situation.

 gifts for the child baptized by godmother

Other gifts godparents and guests

In the event that the godparents will want to give your child anything else, it is best to consult with parents. Do not be shy - now in this family you will become almost native people. It makes more sense to consult with parents, that the gift was actually a place rather than gather dust on the far shelf. Godparents can purchase two different gift. And if they plan to give anything expensive, be quite appropriate to buy a gift for two.

In the event that you are invited to the christening of the child as a guest. You can donate anything - the main thing that the business gift from the heart. Incidentally, it would be appropriate to ask the parents that their child is necessary. And if possible, pre-negotiate with other guests gifts - 3 identical plush bear is unlikely to delight the child.

There are several practical win-win options for baby gifts:

  • Dishes

Ideally, you can give your child a silver spoon or cup. Especially if the gift will be nominal - engrave in our time presents no difficulty. Just a few minutes - and an exclusive gift ready. Chances are your cup or spoon will be the first child's personal utensils. And certainly remain favorite for a long time. And who knows - maybe some time this is the cup or spoon will become a family value?

But in the event that afford such a gift you can not, it does not matter. In any cookware store a huge number of the most beautiful collections of different children's dishes. You are sure to find exactly what you like. A set of dishes have handy in any case.

  • Golden decoration

If you are invited to the christening and girls have the necessary amount of money, it is best to buy some gold jewelry. Time flies, and today the baby will be a girl very quickly. And gold is always true. Therefore, such a gift is always a joy.

  • Educational toys

Always be relevant educational toys - the good, today in stores a huge selection. The only thing you need to pay attention - this is on the child's age. Hardly year-old kid come in handy puzzle. A six year old baby is unlikely to please develops mat. If you find it difficult to choose toys, ask the seller to help.

  • Bed dress

Do not rush smiling - linen and other accessories does not happen more than ever. Of course, it is not a cheap calico sets. Choose a nice bedding or plaid - sure to please parents crumbs such gifts. Do not forget that the baby bedding should be made exclusively from natural materials.

  • clothing

Another gift option that is sure to come in handy - the clothes. At this point everything is limited only by your imagination and possibilities. You can buy a smart suit or dress, but you can do something everyday - sliders, blouses, pants, tights - depending on the age of the baby.

If you decide to donate clothes, be sure to check with the parents in advance the exact size of the child. After all, if you buy odezhku bigger - so bad, the baby sooner or later it will grow up. And if odezhka would be small? So be sure perestrahuytes and consult with his mother baby. Incidentally, it was my mom, you can learn from what clothes will be the most important.

The only thing to give is not necessary - it's the shoes. Even knowing the exact size, you can buy the wrong shoes - for example, the rise of the crumbs is too high. Shoes need to buy only after fitting. After all, the right to pick shoes depends on the health of the feet remains.


If you want to excel particularly original, you can give crumbs ... photoshoot! This gift will surely delight if not the baby, the parents too sure. Of course, such a gift will cost dearly. But believe me - it will be a great memory for life baby! And as an adult, he would be proud to show these pictures to their children.

  • Cash

In that case, if you prefer to follow the path of least resistance, you can as a gift for a child to bring an envelope with money. The article says, such a gift recently gaining popularity. It is no coincidence - the parents certainly much better than everyone else know that you need their child. However, remember that all children's clothes are quite expensive. Therefore, giving an adequate amount of money to avoid being branded as a tightwad.

Remember that a gift for the christening must be purchased with great care and love - then it will bring its owner a small fortune, and you can thus give him a piece of his warm-heartedness.

Going to visit, do not forget the lady of the house and the other children if the baby in the family is not alone. It would be very appropriate to buy small gifts for children and flowers for the hostess. And do not forget to bring the most important thing - friendliness and good humor.

 Gifts for the baptism of a child. Original ideas

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