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  • Propagation by cuttings
  • Reproduction leaves
  • Breeding seeds
  • Care money tree after transplantation
  • How to attract finance to the house: a few secrets

Money Tree - a mascot of luxury and wealth - can be purchased in any flower shop. However, many people want to grow it yourself. First - this is an interesting process, especially for avid gardeners. And secondly, it is considered that a plant bring luck only if its cultivation to make their own. Today we will learn how to multiply money tree. And since nothing complicated about this process is not, each of you will be able to settle in their home this beautiful flower.

So how do multiplies money tree? There are three ways: by cuttings, seeds and propagation leaves. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Propagation by cuttings

It is believed that to heighten the impact on the financial condition of the house, it is necessary not buy a sapling, and ... steal! So you've got the money tree cuttings (no matter how), now they need a little dry (2-3 days). Then proceed as follows:

  • Prepare a pot with the substrate: it must be a drain to easily pass water and did not allow the roots to rot - abundant watering money tree does not like;
  • For better rooting do teplichku - cover cutting plastic glass;
  • Twice a day is necessary to open the glass and ventilate the sapling;

That's basically it. Once the plant takes root, the glass can be removed. Transplant trees that are propagated by cuttings should be when the roots completely opletut the ground and will be clearly visible from above. For transplant prepare the following mixture: Mix one part leaf, sod of earth and sand, and add peat and expanded clay. Moreover, the drainage (expanded clay) should be located no deeper than two centimeters. In order to prevent acidification of the soil, add the soil crushed charcoal.

 multiplies like a money tree

Reproduction leaves

It is worth noting that the leaves of the plant reproduces more often than cuttings. First we need to get the money tree leaf. Well, then - follow the algorithm described below:

  • Place the leaf in a glass of boiled water (here also add a little crushed charcoal) and put in the shade;
  • Every two or three days, the water should be changed in order to prevent decay;
  • It will take quite a bit of time, and you will notice the first roots. They look like thin white strings;
  • Once the roots are clearly visible, can be transplanted into a piece of ground;
  • Next act in the same way as for cuttings: preparing a substrate and transplanted sapling;
  • Do this carefully, trying not to damage any of the roots. Otherwise, a young plant may not survive.

Breeding seeds

Propagated by seeds and money tree. Yes, troublesome and long, but this plant will be only yours!

  • The soil for planting seeds: ground sheet - one part sand - half of the sheet portion.
  • Seeds are sown in the bowl and cover with polyethylene;
  • Every morning, remove polyethylene (10-15 minutes - for ventilation) and sprayed the ground with an atomizer;
  • Two weeks later, shoots appear. Now, polyethylene can be removed completely, but spraying should continue;
  • As soon as the money tree sprouts a little hardened, they can be transplanted into the shallow drawers. The distance between the seedlings to be not less than a centimeter.

Once the young plants grow stronger and will release at least a couple of leaves, you can transplant them into a separate pot.

So we learned how multiplies money tree. Now let's look at some tricks that will help to look after him.

Care money tree after transplantation

Money tree does not like abundant moisture. During warmer months, watering is done every 5-7 days. With the onset of cold water gradually. In winter only one plant watering every 2-3 weeks. There are repelled by the room temperature. If the tree was to drop leaves, then - you have it filled. It is necessary to restore water balance in the soil:

  • Dry the substrate in a pot full - Check dry wooden stick;
  • The first watering after drying should be plentiful;
  • The next watering is needed only in a week (summer) and 2 weeks - in the winter.

In general, the water treatment should take place according to the principle: "Nedolya better than to pour."

If you're lucky, you can be one of the lucky ones who managed to see the money tree in bloom. Flowering time will depend on what time of year passed reproduction. If the stalk (leaf) was planted in March-April, the flowering will be winter. If the plant is propagated in May, then it will only bloom next summer.

 how to multiply money tree

How to attract finance to the house: a few secrets

Not just multiply money tree and put a pot with a young plant on the windowsill. In order to attract finance necessary also to properly care for them:

  • Jade loves the sun, but we must turn it to the light of the different parties to the tree trunk was smooth and uniformly grown leaves;
  • Prepare a special "magic" water for irrigation: a day insist on her small coins;
  • In the hot season (spring and summer) to make better money tree on a balcony. But for him to get the winter warm and shaded corner;
  • If you want to build the tree of the type "bonsai" as soon as it reaches a height of dvadtsatisantimetrovoy, otschipnite apex;
  • From time to time (for example, once a month) should hang a plant coins and bills - it will symbolize prosperity in the house;
  • Despite the fact that the tree is easily propagated, it is not necessary to give the plant to friends and acquaintances - so you give them their well-being.

Will associated with this plant, there are many. However, the key to success lies precisely in the right breeding. Just so beautiful, healthy and strong plant dwell in the house forever. Believe in the magic power of the money tree, mentally send him financial needs. And even when out of your life disappear all the money problems, do not forget to look after him.

 Money Tree: reproduction in several ways

 Money Tree therapeutic properties


  • Medicinal properties of the money tree
  • Money tree in folk medicine

About Jade magical properties known, probably, everyone: not for nothing that the people it is called money tree. It is believed that this plant is able to improve the financial well-being of its owner, and generally beneficial effect on energy at home, which is growing. Everyone also knows that in the eastern teachings of feng shui jade tree is considered one of the most powerful talismans, activating a zone of wealth, but that money tree also has medicinal properties, they know not all.

Meanwhile, the plant is widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, bruises and sprains, cuts and burns, and even some internal diseases. By the way, the healing properties of the money tree in many ways similar to those of other popular green healer - Kalanchoe. And what kind of disease cures money tree, we are with you and we will try to find out.

Medicinal properties of the money tree

Money tree native to warm countries. Many varieties of Jade grows in Southern Africa, Australia and Madagascar. At home, the growing conditions Jade tree which is called money tree and used as green healer. Jade tree actually resembles a tree. This woody plant with a thick trunk and dense crown of fleshy green leaves. In indoor conditions seldom blooms money tree. If this occurs, it is only after the fifth year of life of the plant.

It is noteworthy that the money tree is a kind of indicator of the health of people living in the house where it grows. It is like a tree draws negative energy unhealthy organism and begins to wither. But once a person recovers, the tree is also returns a healthy look. In short, even in the energy level is amazing plant is closely related to man.

And the money tree is considered to be a plant filter. That is, it is able to clean the air in the room and thus a beneficial effect on the health of people. But the use of the money tree in folk medicine due to its anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is believed that the strength of its medicinal properties, this plant does not yield kalanchoe and aloe. However, most of Jade used for outdoor treatments. But the fact is that contained in its leaves arsenic can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even loss of consciousness ingestion of juice and pulp of the green. Therefore, treatment preparations from the leaves of the tree of money is possible only after consultation with the doctor.

 the healing properties of the money tree

Money tree in folk medicine

In folk medicine, the juice Jade leaves and cooked gruel of them are used for outdoor and indoor use. For example, the therapeutic properties of Jade is used for boils, cuts, wounds and deep scratches. From the leaves of this tree make pulp and apply it to the damaged areas.

However, several washed leaves are ground to a state of pulp, trying to preserve the juice plant. On the net (or even better, sterile) gauze or folded in several layers of bandage applied the resulting slurry. Covers it from top to another in the same layer and is applied to the wound or abscess. The dressing kept for four hours, and then replaced. This treatment is effective for muscle sprains and bruises.

Jade juice treat cold sores on the lips. To do this, squeeze the juice of washed leaves every half hour and lubricate them sore. Or juice impregnated cotton swab is applied to the affected area and secured medical plaster. When inflammation of the throat (sore throat, tonsillitis) make an aqueous solution of juice Jade. To do this, ten leaves squeeze the juice and dilute it in incomplete cup of boiled or filtered water. This solution rinse the throat about five times a day.

For the treatment of arthritis traditional methods also use the juice leaves the money tree, lubricating them inflamed joints at night. Jade juice relieves pain, itching and swelling of the bites of mosquitoes, bees and wasps. They also smeared bites from four to six times a day.

It is believed that the healing properties of the money tree helps with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Folk healers recommend in these diseases eat two leaf Jade hour before eating, chewing them thoroughly. Infusion of leaves and treat inflammation of the kidneys. To do this, crushed washed five leaves money tree, pour them a glass of hot water incomplete and insist hour. Infusion take one tablespoon for fifteen minutes before a meal three times a day.

Money tree leaves are applied to corn. By the way, "mozolnik" - is another popular name Jade. Only pre-shoot with leaf upper transparent film, and then to apply it to the corn, to fix the plaster and leave overnight. Apply a cut tree leaves money to the burnt places, but only if the burn is not very strong and without blisters.

By analogy with the treatment of corns used leaves money tree while ingrown nails. Cut leaf applied to the inflamed site, cover with plastic wrap and fix plaster. As dry leaves are changing the compress and softened juice Jade nail plate is removed carefully.

Infusion of the leaves treat varicose veins. Half-liter jars filled with green leaves and twigs by two-thirds the volume and top to pour vodka. Bank closes tight lid and insist in a dark place for about a month. Then, from the finished brew make compresses. The same treatment was carried out at joint and muscle pain and swelling.

Helps juice Jade and treatment of hemorrhoids. For the preparation of a medicament leaf juice mixed with liquid petroleum jelly impregnated with the resulting mixture of cotton swab and smeared with hemorrhoids. The procedure is performed only after a bowel movement and cleaning the cold water. After applying the ointment need to lie down for twenty to thirty minutes, and the procedure itself carried out two or three times a day.

So, as you already understood, is used in folk medicine juice Jade, whole or shredded leaves and extracts made from them. Just do not forget that the money tree, as well as other herbs can not only treat, but the harm in overdose or misuse. Therefore, in no case do not self-medicate! No matter how you trust the national media, without consulting a doctor can not use them.

Of course, the healing properties of the money tree repeatedly confirmed in practice, but it does not mean that such treatment is right for you, too, can help. Be prudent and careful when using traditional medicines.

 Money tree - medicinal properties of the plants home

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