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  • Causes of Molluscum Contagiosum
  • Symptoms of molluscum contagiosum
  • Diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum
  • Treatment for molluscum contagiosum in children
  • Treatment for molluscum contagiosum in adults
  • Prevention molluscum contagiosum

Today, molluscum contagiosum belongs to a form of skin dermatoses. Shellfish are considered parasitic viral disease characterized by both local precipitation and common on the mucous membranes and the skin surface in the form of small spherical bubbles with a hollow in the center.

Molluscum contagiosum is a chronic disease. Causing damage to the skin, the infection can stay in the body from 1 month to several years. Usually the rash seen from 6 to 9 months.

Contagious dermatosis is a purely human disease, it does not carry any animals or birds. Infection of humans occurs by contact with healthy people already infected.

The causative agent of the disease is a virus related to smallpox. The virus replicates in the cytoplasm of cells. Shape rectangular or oval rash.

 causes of shellfish on the skin
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Causes of Molluscum Contagiosum

As already mentioned, the causative agent of the disease is a virus molluscum contagiosum, which many experts attribute to the smallpox virus.

Modern medicine today does not allow until the end to get rid of the pathogen of the viral disease due to the fact that he remains in the structure of DNA. Of course, it is possible to avoid the recurrence of molluscum via strengthening the human immune system.

As a result of decrease in protective immune responses due to the action of unfavorable factors it molluscum contagiosum is activated due to this there are various clinical manifestations of this disease.

Place skin lesions of molluscum contagiosum virus depends on how the infection occurs.

An adult usually infected through the entry into sexual contact with a carrier of the virus, so the place of localization, of course, will be sexual (external) agencies, the perineum, pubic area, it may result in lower abdomen and hips (usually the inner surface).

Molluscum contagiosum in children can affect any area of ​​skin, you can not determine the place where he has shown, as in this case, infection occurs through everyday (this situation is suitable for adults who are infected asexual).

In most cases, the disease occurs when the human body is weakened as a result of some disease, which involves a very high risk of infection of the person with impaired immune systems. The disease can be developed, and the presence of HIV infection (this situation usually occurs in adults who were infected through sexual contact).

When implementing a disease in human skin (epidermal cells), the formation of elementary bodies (oval incorporation in the top layer of the skin). As a result, increasing the size of the calf to become mollusk skin surface. Outside these rashes appear as nodules, within which there is a granular mass. At the confluence of these tumors can take the skin area with a diameter of 2-3 cm. Of course, their spread usually occurs alone, but occasionally can be a group.
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Symptoms of molluscum contagiosum

Infection usually occurs through sexual contact, but also has a place and home mode of transmission (use of towels patient). Very often, the infection becomes a place pool, especially for young children.

Before the advent of neoplasms in the skin may take from a few weeks to a few months (on the skin area on which there is a tattoo, latency can reach 7 months). Clinical manifestations - is dense knots, in certain cases, with pearly shades, wearing a painless character. Most often it is sporadic education that only then can grow to a very large area of ​​the skin. These nodules may have a variety of sizes, from the seed to a large pea (can occur the formation of giant tumors, but in very rare cases). To open the knot enough to put pressure on it with tweezers, and you will find a lot of white granular or slightly yellowish color, which included many mollyuskoobraznyh cells. Large tumors are in their mid-dent with a small hole.

There are cases of itching of the skin, characterized by a large presence of tumors. There is a high probability that another can join some kind of bacterial infection, which in turn will lead to severe inflammation.

 symptoms of molluscum contagiosum
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Diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum

Forms of molluscum contagiosum are distinguished for their development:

  1. Step typical development (pronounced characteristic signs of viral diseases represented by a small number of tumors that occupy a certain area of ​​skin, are close to each other).
  2. Stage of development of generalized (tumors grow larger, they hit the skin, which are at different and quite far away).
  3. Stage of development of complicated (there is the presence of pathogens, which accompany the underlying disease). The symptoms of this stage vary the appearance of skin inflammation around tumors. Because tumors pus and they start to bother the patient, in most cases, complicated development in people with HIV infitsiey, the spacing of infection most often occurs on the chin when shaving.

Usually the diagnosis is enough usual consultation dermatologist, in rare cases for analysis is taken from the contents of existing tumors.

In the absence of inflammatory processes of the skin, located next to the tumors, their limitations, and the presence of depression in the middle of tumors with a small hole through which starts to come out grainy white mass, quite easy to make the correct diagnosis. In the case of taking the content of the neoplasm for examination under a microscope can observe the detection of dead cells in a small amount against the backdrop of a very large number of cells in the form of clam. Through research it can be argued that the formation of the cells takes place in the depths of the epithelium, and filling the cells the virus is due to their increase in size and the ability to push aside its core.

Localization of tumors shellfish in children infected through everyday, and adults with sexually transmitted infection are markedly different. In children, it is almost always face when the skin in adults shellfish most affects the genitals, abdomen and anus.

Often people confuse the disease with symptoms of chicken pox and syphilis varieties, so you need to necessarily go to the doctor, who will prescribe medication already.

 treatment of molluscum contagiosum
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Treatment for molluscum contagiosum in children

Places localize mollusk in a child can be quite diverse: it can be the skin of hands, neck, face, inner thighs and even genitals. Feet and hands never affects the molluscum contagiosum virus.

Since the virus molluscum contagiosum no specific symptoms, except for tumors in the form of nodules, it is confused with warts, or manifestations of measles and rubella. These diseases can be very easy to distinguish the tumor pressed on with tweezers: the infection of the skin contagious mollusk from its center comes out grainy white mass.

Typically, this viral susceptible children attending pre-school. Transmission of the virus occurs by household (clothes, toys, hygiene, swimming pools), or body contact (in the gardens frequent cases of outbreaks of the disease).

Early detection of tumors in the body of the child will not let them spread to other areas of the skin. It must be remembered that the reproduction of tumors possible after its removal, therefore need periodic examinations of the baby's skin.

Children rarely do recover, therefore, it is possible the formation of giant knots, which is why should consult a dermatologist so that he appointed treatment. Only after consultation and examination of the patient's doctor, you can start some action.

It should be carried out removal of tumors (laser, liquid nitrogen, Volkmann spoon) with the use of anesthetics. Then it will be possible to continue treatment with antiviral agents, and certain processing areas of the skin, which previously were nodules in order to avoid re-occurrence of them. All must appoint a physician.

After it was made the removal of all tumors, should be mandatory to wash all clothing baby, bedding, and personal hygiene items to process and toys. Before the healing is necessary to limit the contacts of a sick child with other children.

 laser removal of shellfish on the skin
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Treatment for molluscum contagiosum in adults

When the diagnosis of the virus in an adult patient doctor may suggest waiting until the body recover itself. This offer takes place in the absence of malignant or benign nature. The body of a patient with normal immune systems can itself overcome the symptoms of the disease for six months.

Where the stage of the disease (symptoms) and the immune status of the patient can not wait for self-healing, the following treatments:

  • squeezing the contents of tumors, and then scraping his spoon Volkmann (after treatment, the skin is treated with iodine);
  • treatment of tumors with antiviral ointments and immunomodulators;
  • Remove shock;
  • moxibustion nitrogen;
  • the appointment of a course of antibiotics (used for severe cases of the skin);
  • laser removal of shellfish.

All treatments are selected individually by your doctor.

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Prevention molluscum contagiosum

Basic preventive measures are based, of course, the timely diagnosis of the disease and its correct treatment, in connection with the need to conduct regular check-ups of the body. The preschool is obligatory regular change of bed linen, and parents should monitor the implementation of the rules of hygiene child at home (linen, use of personal washcloths and towels, daily obligatory shower).

In adults, the main preventive measure is to ensure the health of the sexual partner. In case of infection it is necessary to refuse sex.

 Molluscum contagiosum: causes, symptoms and treatment