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There are stereotypes that laid somewhere very deep in our consciousness. And they first come to mind when it comes to, for example, a good housewife, mother of many children, or a teacher, working women or women directors. These stereotypes and lacking when it comes to men. But not always these stereotypes come into conflict with such a tough life, as in the case of a woman in business. Here, the conventional symbol for career growth - a lonely woman with a male character.

In ancient Greece, it was easy. The woman had already had the right to choose, but the choice was not great and categorical: or she gets married, or engaged in any other business. Even Greek mythology holds a clear distinction between women's career and family. For example, the famous warrior Athena remained a virgin because it was forced to completely abandon his personal life. Were her days interesting? Probably, yes. After all, on account of this lady many victories, adventurous adventure and extraordinary trophies. Only here the descendants of their future generations, she never left on this earth. But can we say that a woman's career Athens did not work? You can not.

But the wife of Zeus - Hera ever wondered what is more important than career or family? Simply make your choice consciously. She was an excellent mother and a housewife, without feeling the slightest craving for adventure. Zeus's wife was satisfied with my life? Probably yes. So can we consider it a failed career as a female? Hardly.

Today, times have changed. But echoes of the past, despite the endemic emancipation, and still being felt. And the attitude of society towards trying to make a career woman ambiguous. Many believe that it can not become a caring mother and a good wife. Is it so? What nowadays chooses modern woman - family or career?

 career or family

Psychology career woman

Psychology and sociology - is a relatively young science, which a little more than a hundred years. However, they have already paid enough attention to the study of a woman trying to combine work with a happy family life, and what comes out of it. According to studies, women's desire to combine the concepts of family and career is much stronger than the desire of men to share with women the care of the housework and child-rearing.

The researchers argue that many family women at the present time work, not thinking to overcome some stages of career development. They go to work for a variety of reasons: because of the lack of money, due to an excess of free time, due to the fact that I want something useful to do. After all, children have grown up, and feel financially dependent not everyone wants.

But the goal is not burdened with children and husbands of working women are quite different. They are defined as career aspirations, goals and objectives. And so, what kind of a place under the sun want to take. And these women are increasingly delaying marriage to get an education, and, standing firmly on his feet, to create a financial foundation for the future family. In some cases, they rush headlong into overcoming stage career, because trying to start a family was unsuccessful, and spiritual wounds - very deep.

As a career woman is not at the expense of his personal life?

After all, "going to work" and "make a career" - this is a completely different concept, for both strong, and for the fairer sex. Only men, making a career are usually strong rear - caring wife who decides for him almost all the domestic problems. A business woman should take care of the family and still make progress in professional activities. Therefore, they often remain single.

The magazine «Vogue» conducted his own sociological research, surveys and a half thousand readers from twenty to fifty years, in order to find out what the modern British business woman. We conducted a similar survey in the Russian edition of the magazine. It turned out that almost all the main characters of career growth in Russian and English will give the same. They look great, well-dressed, prefer expensive jewelry and stylish, not cheap shoes. Most of these women are not married, have no children, or do business after the children rose to their feet.

If one of them has a full family, then it is usually a redistribution of social functions. In the main part of such marriages is a woman has a family, because she knows how to do it better, and the man is the household. Unfortunately, not every family unit can achieve such understanding. Husbands are often jealous of their wives to success, especially if they have the same profession.

Men carry a very painful fact that women earn more. That is of no understanding, mutual respect in such a family we are not talking. It turns out that his wife's business career can sometimes serve as a litmus test to detect latent defects marriage. As a result, the wife faces a choice - family or career? Sacrifice for the sake of earning less than ideal relationship, or achieve success alone? But the happiness of each of us want!

 Career and Family

Women's careers and women's happiness

In one of the colleges of Russia conducted an experiment, which was attended by one hundred and fifty students and the teachers. They had to make the first choice between career, family or a family with a career together. The result was disappointing. Over 55% of women preferred a career, about a third - family. But only a tenth of the wants and make a career and a family. It turns out that even very young girls have to understand that the role of combining professional work and caring hostess is very difficult.

Modern Russian women are more likely to combine work and care for the family. Can not she is, of course, with great difficulty. At the same time, she was in the kitchen - a great cook and dishwasher, and at work - conscientious and promising employees. But still you need to give birth and raise children, to do with them lessons, wash, iron, and take care of yourself! What sort of women's careers, it would seem, can we talk about ?!

Maybe. If a family has a mutual understanding, support and trust of its protagonists. And then everything will be fine, no matter who was the main cash earner. Just very often, unfortunately, people marry hastily, paying tribute to fashion or the demands of society. And after some time, when there is no harmony in the relationship, they begin to regret his choice.

The desire to make a career based on such flimsy basis, does not bring satisfaction. In this situation, women's desire to overcome one or another stage of career is not the desire to realize their inner potential. It seeks to create any external attributes of prestige and success, or creates the appearance of a flurry of activity to cover the emotional loneliness, pain, anguish. Of course, no characters career will not save a woman from disappointments, boredom, neurosis and depression.

Psychologists are advised not to take life indifferent, do not go with the flow, do not commit acts of on-demand fashion or society. Every day, every moment should be aware that we do. Life - an activity that continually changes its purpose. It is easy to understand: whether I do what I need? Is this someone I can trust? Do I want to do exactly the case, and not some other? If you approach his fate with such offered by psychologists, yardstick, you can stop in time and change the activity. Do not miss the right person is not a stranger to warm, to observe and eliminate the coldness in the relationship with my boyfriend and avoid many other errors.

Because in the arsenal of the modern woman you have everything you need not to wonder - career or family, and to successfully combine work with happiness and understanding in the family. It is not true that the self-sufficient woman is doomed to loneliness. However, the construction of a happy family requires considerable effort. What here to speak about the women who are engaged in business or any other business? Even if grandma happy to help babysit children, even if the family has enough money to cook and a maid. ... All the same, there are other difficulties, whether it is the jealousy of her husband, jealous of the success or something else.

A woman who wants to combine a career in his life with his family in the first place, it is necessary to weigh well and understand exactly what it expects. And then to act in accordance with their expectations and desires. Most psychological family problems arise from the fact that they have no real clarity. In addition, it is prevented and stereotypes, which we discussed above.

Who said that a strong woman needs a strong man there, and if there is no such, it is forced to be alone? Society? But our personal happiness does not depend on society! And the career is not necessarily that the woman refused this happiness, and look for a life partner, relying on the opinions of others, or does it not looking. Because physicists and poets - a good combination. A two physicists, as two equal charged electrons - they repel each other. And if a woman, by the will of fate - a physicist, the lyricist should be the man. But to treat it should be, as the lyrics. Otherwise, do not be a harmony.

And let's throw aside all stereotypes. It used to be difficult to find a sample of women and held a happy wife and mother. And now you can write a book about how to make a career woman is not to the detriment of the family. Question sufficiently studied psychology and recipes are very simple. You just have to understand who you are looking for and why you need one. Because, doing something for the men, we really are doing it for themselves. And vice versa.

 Modern Woman: family or career?

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